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Made in the USA

WoodMaxx MX-8800



Product Details


– Proudly Made in the USA!
– USA and International Patents, additional Patents Pending
– POW-R-TORQ™ (Patented Self-contained hydrostatic in-feed drive system)
– Requires only 2 quarts of motor oil!!!
– 20 Minimum PTO Horsepower
– Two (2) Made in the USA reversible chipper knives
– Easy Knife Access
– Clear Vinyl Chip Baffle
– 1200 RPM Flywheel Speed
– 8″ x 8″ Infeed Opening
– 8″ Diameter Infeed Roller
– 200lb.- 24″ diameter Dynamically Balanced Flywheel
– 1/4″ Thick Structural Steel Blower Housing
– 5 Heavy Duty Cogged V-Belt Drive
– Safety Stop Bar/ Speed & Direction Control Bar
– 360 Degree Swivel Discharge Chute
– Automatic Pump Belt Tensioner
– High Flow Flywheel Chamber Ventilation
– Sleek Hydrualic Hoses with Nylon Hose Wrap
– JIC Hose Fittings
– Industrial Grade Bearings
– High Tension Gas Springs
– Tachometer/ Hour Meter (to ensure proper flywheel speed)
– Weight 850 lbs.
– Baked on Polyester Powder Coat Finish
– 3 pt. Hitch Mount- Firs Cat 1 or 2, and also Cat-1 Quick Hitch
– Premium PTO Shaft Included with all MX-series Chippers
– 95 % Assembled upon Delivery (Infeed Bin Assembly Required)
– 3 Year Warranty
– Experienced (Woodmaxx is North America’s #1 PTO wood chipper supplier)
– Spin on oil filter


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48 reviews for WoodMaxx MX-8800

  1. Ron Schneider

    My MX-8800 arrived recently intact and went together as described in the manual. I used it for the first time last week, chipping quite dry material from twigs to 6″. It worked well, was easy to feed and control, producing nice chips. Next I will try some 8″. I am powering it with my Kubota MX5200 tractor and it joins a WoodMaxx SB-72 snowblower I bought last year.
    The manual is comprehensive and well-written, but it does not show the latest hour meter / tachometer included with the machine.
    All-in-all it appears to be a good machine.

  2. Jerry W Hauser

    It took a while for my name to reach the top of the waiting list, but once it did, shipping was prompt. It arrived in less than a week, on a lift gate equipped semi.
    I was looking for a high quality product, Made in the USA, and this is it.
    I had several interactions with Customer Service and always found them to be knowledgeable, patient and highly professional.
    You can’t go wrong with this company, or it’s products.

  3. David Coles

    My 8800 arrived yesterday (Friday) and I had it up and running today!! Works great. It replaced my 17 year old ?chinese chipper? that finally gave out after our February ice storm?. which I am still working on the cleanup. We have 14 acres of mostly forest that got hit hard.

  4. Kelly Downing

    We just got our new 8800; finished assembly and started using it today. Assembly is simple; the two-hour estimate is reasonable. It takes a bit longer if your wife helps. ???? I had to shorten the PTO shaft, but it was a simple task with a chop saw.
    I decided to do some experiments right away, so I tried to push the limits a bit right away. Naturally, I managed to get a chunk of mulberry wedged in the feed. One quick call to a helpful service guy quickly guided me to a rapid resolution. So far, we are quite happy. We have lots of assorted trees nearing the end of their natural lives, so this will really come in handy. Plus an in-house source for mulch.

  5. Robert Karp

    This chipper works great. The heavy flywheel makes the difference. I live in ponderosa and pinyon forest and it does the job. Seems very well put together, not junk. I recommend it.

  6. Douglas Schaller

    Positives: (1) Customer Service; (a) Spoke with a live and very knowledgeable person every time I’ve called thus far (b) WoodMaxx allowed me to choose the carrier that has a hub near me, which allowed me to take actual delivery on my schedule (2) Product (a) Packaging was good (b) Assembly was easy to understand because of the nice manual that is included (c) Usage of so far has been flawless

    Opportunities: (1) Product (a) Assembly – make sure ALL fasteners are checked! I’m glad I did this, as one of the knife/blade bolts was only threaded in a few threads. Also, a couple of bearing setscrews were able to be tightened more too

    Overall: I would absolutely recommend this machine and this company!

  7. Michael Persell

    Using this chipper for farm cleanup. Attached to a Massey ferguson 5611. Plenty of hp even when running on economy 540pto.

  8. Brian Lindberg

    Great machine. Running it with my Kubota L4701. Love that it is USA made. It literally eats through the small stuff and does not even slow down chewing through the big pieces. It was more than I originally planned to spend but you get what you pay for. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a workhorse.” Will wear your apparel proudly and send customers your way. Thanks. Brian Lindberg- A very satisfied customer.

  9. Brian Lindberg

    Great machine. Running it with my Kubota L4701. Love that it is USA made. It literally eats through the small stuff and does not even slow down chewing through the big pieces. It was more than I originally planned to spend but you get what you pay for. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a workhorse.

  10. Dennis

    Great quality machine, I’m 62 years old and worked at a county highway department 36 years so I’ve used several brands and this comparable to large commercial units. Also farmed and repaired equipment my whole career and this USA made chipper is great! I have worked,built,repaired equipment my whole career and this a fine piece of equipment.

  11. Bob Snavley

    In searching the internet for a PTO wood chipper, the Woodmaxx 8800 caught my eye. It meets and exceeds all of my needs, it is made in the USA, (which is very important to me), and the owner is a military veteran! Every person that I dealt with from sales to service was very personable and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this awesome company.

  12. Michael

    I researched multiple brand chippers and landed on Woodmaxx made in USA MX 8800 as my top choice. It is a bit more expensive than competitors or the non-usa versions but it is worth every penny and the wait….. I was afraid that my John Deere 850 with 22.5 HP PTO wouldn’t be strong enough to handle 6″ limbs but I was wrong! I’ve got about 15 hours on this machine now. This is a very high quality MADE IN USA product. Highly recommend and would buy again! Thanks for a great product!!

  13. Harry

    Bought this chipper to use with my Kioti CK 2610 25 hp tractor running 21.5 hp at the pto. I am amazed at how well the MX 8800 works with my tractor. Easily doing six inch or less branches, and 4 inch or less as fast as you can as you put them in the hopper. Great unit, super well made. Glad I bought it. American made.

  14. Ryan

    Chipper has 4.1 hours on it and have about 10yards of chips for mulching. It is working great and I am glad I paid a bit extra for the USA built MX8800…the hydrostatic is nice because I tend to put in 15foot tree tops (4″ and smaller without chopping side branches) which sometimes need to be backed up and rotated a bit to get through. If these tops don’t snag, they go through at top speed!!

  15. Elvin Scheuring

    After researching all of the chippers and comparing specs, I decided this was the one for me. I like that it is made in the USA. Very well designed and built. I have 1.5 hours on it so far and it has worked excellent. The people at Woodmaxx were pleasant and helpful . Very pleased with this machine.

  16. Amanda carter

    Easy to assemble! Great quality and even greater price!

  17. Alan Vochaska

    If your looking for a chipper this is the best value available. A high quality, robust build with thoroughly engineered components is evident from top to bottom. Add in fast shipping and great packaging on top of being USA made you can not go wrong.

  18. Casey M.

    I got the MX-8800 chipper after doing some significant research. I have a wooded 20 acre piece of property with significant relief and bordering a stream with a series of spectacular water falls. The woods are a mostly hardwoods with lots of beech and oaks trees, but also some maples, pines, gum, dogwoods, tulip popular, sycamore, and redbud, among others. We had a direct hit from hurricane in 1996 that took out several hundred trees and left a tangled mess that left no part of the property walkable—even my long driveway. I decided to clean up the property myself, working each winter when able. Cleaning of many large trees, building trails, clearing brush, and thinning for forest management and to improve the views have all been a part of the project. To be sure, this is a hobby and my day job takes most of my time. Over this period of time, my equipment has improved and slowly but surely the work has gotten done. As a part of this effort, I bought a DR PTO chipper 20 years ago for my Kubota L2350 tractor (20 hp at pto). I have also rented several chippers over the years up to large diesel powered models with 100+ hp. So, I have worked with chippers quite a bit over a long period of time. The DR chipper couldn?t do most of what I wanted to do. The large chippers were difficult to maneuver over my terrain and had to be kept to a few level, wide trails, and they were expensive to rent and didn?t really fit my pattern of working an hour or two a day. Being in the final cleanup and thinning phase, I decided I would benefit from another chipper solution. I did a lot of research, and I landed on Woodmaxx as having the right sort of equipment for my job. I was impressed by the videos and the reviews. I decided to get the biggest chipper that my tractor could handle and having worked with a lot of chippers decided the hydrostatic feed for a heavy use machine was the way to go. So I order the MX-8800, and a WM-7600 backhoe while I was at it (review also posted).

    The chipper and backhoe arrived in a semi with a lift gate and were delivered and moved smoothly. The chipper is mostly already assembled. One just needs to assemble the feed shoot, hydrostatic controls, and put some oil in it. The manual is clear, methodical and easy to follow. The pictures could be updated with better quality images on the next printing. I did have to cut the PTO shaft to make it work and this was the most time consuming part of the set up. It wouldn?t have been bad if I had better tools; I definitely don?t recommend using a hacksaw as I did. For bigger tractors, this won?t be an issue and the shaft will work as delivered. I did beef up the shipping pallet and installed six heavy duty castors on the bottom to ease the hookup and storage in my crowded garage. With this addition, changing out the chipper is quick and easy.

    This is a substantial piece of hardware, but my tractor handles it fine. I have done a bunch of chipping with it already, probably 10 hr of hard steady work with a team of helpers feeding it. I found that matching the speed control to the size of material being fed allows my smallish tractor to drive this chipper just fine. I have fed hardwood material up to 8?, although most of my work is probably 4? and smaller. The larger material is useful for firewood, so I don?t need to go real big on the chipping. I am sure that for much larger tractors tuning the hydrostatic feed speed to the size of the material wouldn?t be necessary. The hydrostatic feed is great, and I am glad I opted for this model. I am well on my way to a final cleanup and thinning of the entire property, and the combination of the power, capability, and maneuverability of this chipper make it absolutely the perfect tool for my largish project. Once I am done, probably in a couple months at the rate we are able to work, it will be stored in my garage and used a couple times each year for maintenance that always arises. I can see this gem providing many years of service. I couldn?t be happier with this chipper and am absolutely delighted.

    My overall review summary can be provided with a little story. The first time I put the MX-8800 to work on a big pile of brush and small trees, my wife passed by while walking the dog. Her comments was: ?that?s a real honey.? And, so it is.

  19. Scott Makowski

    My MX-8800 came right on time from when they told us and took me and my wife about 35 min to assemble as simple directions with detailed pictures made it easy. Worked perfectly with Woodmaxx quick hitch and PTO shaft fit like a glove. Surprised how quiet and smooth it runs. Ran all sizes of branches thru and it just ate them up. We love this this new chipper.

  20. Justin Cooper

    I received my MX-8800 ahead of schedule. It took me about 20 minutes to complete the assembly because of the very detailed instruction booklet. I let my wife run the first branch log (4 inch) through it. It was super quiet with no rattles anywhere. She was having such a blast that it was hard to get a turn running anything through it. We had a pile of limbs from 4 big trees, from a storm, that we were waiting on the chipper to arrive. We knocked them all out in about 20 minutes. This thing chews branches up like they are cotton candy. I have it attached to a Mahindra 2565 with 52HP at the PTO. I had no stalls or stutters and ran at full speed. I maintain 40 Acres of wooded area and cant wait to start clearing up the trails next. I am so happy with this new chipper from WoodMaxx.

  21. Joe B.

    I purchased my MX-8800 and was finally able to use it after a snow melt. The chipper is wicked awesome to say the least. I never expected this kind of performance after researching chippers the last couple of years. I chewed up a 6 inch maple and plenty of small poplar & pine and it performed great. Nice small chips that I will add to my trail system. Fit great on my Kubota L3901. I do think they should start selling “Grapples” as that is my next purchase to make my clean up easier! The quick arrival and great design make this a very reasonable purchase to clean up my acreage. Thanks!

  22. Three Forks Preserve

    Assembly was relatively easy although some part descriptions and photos need to be updated. Once assembled, the unit works really well for branches up to about 4-5″ diameter. It is surprising how this chipper manages the larger pieces. As a PTO mounted chipper, I can take it into the woods and I don’t need to move the material to another vehicle. I made a heavy duty rolling stand on which to store the MX-8800 so I can roll it to the tractor and hook it up on the 3 pt hitch and then adjust height easily for connecting the PTO. It takes up a small footprint in the garage and is always ready when I am. Overall, great chipper and easy to use.

  23. T. Field

    Of all our implements, the extraordinary MX-8800 has become the most-used. It goes anywhere the tractor can (warning: it’s top-heavy), so we have chipped brush and small trees right on location all over the property… fantastic clean-up machine! L3301 is a perfect power match, and no premium shaft cutting required. Adding Pat’s quick change did necessitate a longer top link.

    The chipper swallows trees as fast as we can cut them, though the feeder gags on right-angle branches (trim them off) and some slippery fresh trunks. The chips are wonderfully small and easily scattered by swinging the chute.

    We always wear chainsaw helmets with face screen (small branches whip around) and hearing protection. The loud throbbing is fatiguing otherwise.

  24. Victor Svec

    This is an excellent machine. I received mine a week ago and cannot stop using it. Pretty straight forward to assemble. I’m using it on a Kioti CK35 and it eats up 6 inch pine and fir with no problems. I highly recommend this chipper.

  25. Stephen F Lowe

    Great machine was easy to assemble my Mahindra 2810 HST handles it well with 22 and 1/2 PTO HP the hydrostatic auto feed works great

  26. JD-WA

    The chipper arrive via lift gate with no problems. Assembly was straightforward. I turned the input shaft by hand and had some interference. It appeared that a bolt for the out feed fell inside. After getting that cleared, I hooked it up to my Kubota L3301. It’s a beast chipping anything that you can get started in the power feed drive. The only thing left to determine is the longevity and service support. I would like WoodMaxx to find a compatible Part Number for an oil filter that I can pick up at my local parts store with the belts.

  27. David Buchholz

    Just finished using our new Woodmaxx chipper for five hours. My wife and I cleared branches and cut trees that were removed for our perimeter fence project.

    We have many more hours to work through the debris piles. This unit is really effective at chipping up large diameter branches and will allow us to get this work done easily.

    Thank you for designing and building a heavy duty implement that works well.

  28. T Michael Cobb

    The chipper arrived this week and I was surprised at the great quality; both material and construction . This is, no doubt, a quality chipper. Very well constructed. Assembly was quick and instructions were very easy to understand. If you have any mechanical skills whatsoever you’ll have no problems. Will update further.

  29. PhilIp Wojcik

    Received my MX-8800 chipper in just a week after ordering. It arrived in perfect condition and the build quality and gauge of the metal is very impressive. Can’t wait to try it out. This is my second purchase from WoodMaxx having bought a SB-60 snowblower a few years ago that works great.

  30. Ryan Robinson

    After over 50 hrs. of use this year I can say this machine has already proven its worth. Runs flawlessly, makes small chips, and takes everything I throw at it.
    Fast shipping and great customer service.

  31. RT

    Setup does take a couple sets of hands to get everything in place correctly. It is not hard but it does take a some time to get the chute put together and the 3pt connections on. The MX-8800 is connected to a John Deere 3046R with Pats quick hitch on on the 3pt. I found that even with the 3pt connections as close to the machine as possible and my top link extended fully to 32″ the top link was still 5-6 inches short of being able to connect to the chipper. I happened to have a floating top link connection that I could use as an extension to get it hooked up and seems to work fine.
    I have now used the machine for about 2 hours chipping freshly fallen cottonwoods. I have ran legitimate 7 1/2″ branches through the chipper and it chews them up easily. The tractor just hums along, does not seem to be taxed at all by the chipper. The convenience of the hydrostatic infeed is very useful and simple to operate. So far so good.

  32. TJ

    The MX-8800 arrived Wednesday afternoon and easily got it up and running after a couple of non-rushed hours on a Sunday afternoon. Note – you’ll need an extra set of hands for some of the assembly and managed to turn that task into some good laughs. We added 2 quarts of 10W 40 conventional oil and hooked it up to my 2018 John Deere 2032R tractor via a Woods quick hitch from a previous tractor we ran on our property. Note: we did not have to cut the premium PTO shaft for this setup. Spent 1.5 hours chipping 1 to 3 inch diameter branches from one of my many piles of willow, cherry, elderberry, ash, and oak branches cut from around our property’s fence line and drainage ditches. The chipper functioned flawlessly and the little tractor never missed a beat. The MX-8800 is a very well engineered and solidly built device made by hard working people from small town America – highly recommended!

  33. Bruno S

    I purchased a Woodman MX-8800 wood chipper on 06/23/2017. Upon receipt of the machine I completed the assembly according to your excellent instructions. After that it was placed in my barn and remained there unused until just this past weekend when it was attached to my JD 2150 tractor. It worked like a charm beyond my expectations, and I look forward to many hours of successful chipping. It was a pleasure to do business with you and will be in touch when I am in need of service.

  34. Gary Frampton

    I am really impressed, unloaded put together and went to work. I have 25 mulberry trees around the house and they need trimming every year, this makes the chore 10 times faster. It is not cheaply built and definitely one of the best investments I’ve purchased. Well worth the money.

  35. Edward Brownell

    I have 3.2 hours on it and this machine has exceeded my expectations. I am a 65 year old retired machinist. In my opinion this is a simple but very effective design and the quality is second to none. It should provide many years of service. It makes me feel good that there is still a USA company that has pride in what they produce and are not using foreign made parts. Overall I would rate this as excellent. Thank you Wood Maxx.

  36. Paul Francoeur

    This review is about the delivery of my chipper from WoodMaxx. I haven’t yet used the chipper so I can’t comment on the machine itself but I would like to mention the EXCELLENT customer service I’ve received from WoodMaxx through my many calls and emails to them about technical questions and delivery options.
    Speaking of delivery, although their website says about five to seven business days it only took a day and a half to deliver my chipper to Canada, customs and all.

    Great service, WoodMaxx.



  37. Stephen

    The chipper arrived on a sturdy pallet wrapped in cardboard and plastic wrap. The packaging was not cheap but also not over the top. It was what I would expect to be used to protect a multi thousand dollar purchase. It was almost completely assembled. The assembly instructions were simple to follow and took maybe 30 minutes to complete. The chipper arrives bolted to the pallet. That consideration by Woodmaxx was appreciated. The operation of the chipper is just as advertised on the website. It performs well beyond what I expected and would highly recommend it to anybody. The hydrostatic feature is a very nice feature to ensure operator safety. The adjustable chip discharge chute works wonderfully and is a great feature. The MX-8800 is an all round excellent product.

  38. Vic M

    It took a while for the weather to cooperate enough for me to use the chipper, but it has been working great! I’ve got it connected to a Kubota L3830 and it handles it very well. I have a pretty big clearing project that I am working, and it’s chocked full of softer wood such as pine, poplar, sycamore, and cedar, which the chipper just gobbles up. I love the auto feed, too! Having it be able to work one in while I’m getting the next is a big time saver. Made in the USA Thanks, Woodmaxx!

  39. randall drake

    We have wanted a chipper since we retired on 11 acres of forest, but even used self powered chippers big enough to tackle the amount of branches we have to deal with run around 8-10,000 dollars with no warranty. This machine, at half that with three year warranty is awesome! On our 35 pto hp Kubota, this thing just keeps asking for more. Really well made in USA. Just what we needed.

  40. Shadetree Apiary

    Did not want to write a review until I had put the chipper on test. I am well pleased. It has been used in my orchard to clean up apple, pear. Goes though 6 inch stuff with no problem. Have not done anything bigger as that goes for firewood. Will be getting a workout with all the Ash trees dying.
    Using it with a Mahindra 3540 with 31 HP at the PTO.
    Good company to deal with.

  41. Scott Hamilton

    Originally I was going to purchase the WM-8H which I’m sure is a great chipper. However I moved up to the MX-8800 with the American made PTO shaft when a buddy offered to “chip” in some money in exchange for occasional use. The MX-8800 and my Branson 3725R chew through the branches with ease and spit them out farther than I expected. The MX-8800 keeps up with two of us feeding the chute. The combination feed control/stop bar position is quite convenient ensuring safety while operating the chipper. The tachometer is nice feature as well to optimize performance of the chipper. I would recommend this model to friends.

  42. Fred Thomas

    Put my MX8800 chipper together and took it out in the rain today to try it out. I had a substantial brush and limb pile up to 5 inches in diameter. Didn’t even phase this machine. It is on a Ford 3910 42 HP PTO and neither the chipper or the tractor cared what I put through it. I have a lot of Ash trees, Locust, and large Oak limbs that will be put through it and the ones I ran so far sailed right through. Tried some 3 inch diameter Honey Suckle that is aged and that sailed though also. This machine is quiet and does not vibrate. It is built heavy and with quality and I am super pleased with it. All the parts fit with precision and well finished with no rough edges. I will be telling my friends about the quality and design of this chipper. Way to go WoodMaxx! Made in USA and Veteran owned. Semper Fi!

  43. JerryC

    We purchase this awesome machine to clean up after we had 14 150′ fir trees removed that threatened our home. I have to admit that even after the research indicating it would work I was skeptical. Well after this initial project I must say it is everything advertised and more. I’m using a Kubota 26.5 HP diesel tractor and the pair is working flawlessly. I had a plan to sell it following the initial project but will now keep it in my attachment inventory. Great Machine!


    I bought the chipper to clean up our family ranch and was very apprehensive about spending this much money but I needed something durable that was going to get used quite a bit. I have had it over a month now and have really put it to the test. This thing is a BEAST, I seriously cant believe how well it works. I would say I have about 20 hrs hard use give or take and it hasn’t slowed down a bit. Knives still seem sharp as the chips are really nice. Soft stuff like cedar, hard stuff like dead dried up oak, doesn’t care. You can tilt the deflector all the way up and spray the chips all over for coverage or tilt it down and have a pile at your feet in no time. I am extremely pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone. Used on a JD 4044m with 35 pto hp which is plenty. Stop thinking and just buy it already.

  45. Terry (verified owner)

    I got my chipper about a month back but due to schedule just have had a chance to test it. I had several large limbs and a tree top that came down earlier this year. they were dried out and hard. Most were about 2 inches they went through with no problem. I had a tree top that was about 6 inches. I decided to put it to the test. I slowed the roller down and put the top in. The roller grabbed it. The tractor did slow a little but the chipper was able to handle it no problem. It should handle the area I am going to clear with no problem. The assembly was no problem. I did get my wife to hold some of the panels till I got the bolts started. I did have a small leak in the Hydrostatic hose I tightened the connect will check again after I use it more..I am using a 1987 Massey Ferguson 240 tractor. PTO is rated 37 to 41 horse power.

  46. James Brogger

    Final assembly is straightforward. Put to work two days after delivery. Ate everything I fed into it with ease. Extremely pleased with this purchase. Only complaint is the manual. Lubrication is recommended every 10 hours; would have been nice to have a diagram showing the grease fittings. (WoodMaxx response, we will update the manual to show location of the grease fittings, thanks for the feedback)

  47. D. Spalding (verified owner)

    Chipper arrived yesterday. (Driver insisted I open it, not because it looked damaged, but because he wanted to get a look at it). I started to unpack it late in the day and decided it was better to leave it until this morning. Wow. I didn?t have the courage to even imagine the 8800 would actually work as described and advertised. Great work on the part of the engineers there. The heavy steel construction makes it vibration-free and it does indeed haul fir tops right in as I’d hoped it might. So far I’ve run stuff up to 4 inches in diameter just to work up my nerve running it. The speed it takes the wood through is just right for a one-person operation, without worrying that the tractor is running with nothing to do.

  48. DON G.

    The chipper was quite simple to assemble and check out. At start-up nothing was loose and there was no banging, etc. The chipper was really smooth. I have about 3,000 trees to process. The MX-8800 has been used for almost 4 hours now and it has performed perfectly. The output is exactly as I expected and the chips will be perfect for retaining rain water and shielding seeds for regrowth of our burned area. Throws chips as specified and the 360 degree rotation of the chipper output makes it convenient to spread the chips. I am chipping dry, burned Pinion and Juniper trees and they are not quite as easy as recently cut trees, but the chipper has taken up to a 5? tree trunk. I have a hard time keeping up with the feeder giving it 3? and down limbs. I have used other chippers including Vermeer commercial units. The performance of this unit is perfect and when you compare it to the price of the competition you will certainly find that the value is there.

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