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WoodMaxx DC-1260 Gas Powered Wood Chipper

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  • Gas Powered Wood Chipper




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  • Self-feeding, Gravity Assisted Design with Sloped Infeed Bin
  • Oil Guard System
  • Digital Hour Meter
  • 2 Heavy Duty Main Shaft Bearings
  • Hinged Infeed Hopper with Stainless Steel Bin Latches for Easy Knife Access
  • Safety Stop Bar
  • Rust Resistant Powder Coated Finish
  • Rubber Chip Baffle
  • 90 % Assembled upon Delivery (Infeed Bin Assembly Required)


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112 reviews for WoodMaxx DC-1260 Gas Powered Wood Chipper

  1. Gene B.

    Purchased about 5 years ago well used ,it is one of the few items I’ve ever bought that turned out better than I hoped ..thanx woodmaxx !!! Next is a saw mill .

  2. Michael Godfrey

    I’ve had the DC1260 now for five years and it has nearly 200 hrs of operation. The electric start engine runs well. I’m very pleased with the operation and chipping capability. I had to learn to ensure the drum is free of debris or un-chipped branches before shutting it off as the drum will get stuck at the next startup causing the clutch and belts to spin and likely ruining at least a belt or two. Belt tension needs to be checked often. Mine does not have the spring loaded tensioner so I had to buy longer tensioner bolts that forces the engine away from the pulley in order to get the belts snug as they wear. Replacement belts are available at Tractor Supply, just bring the old one to find the right size. The wheel spacers are an absolute must in order to keep the chipper stable on any slopes. Also, the safety cutoff at the chute entrance that comes into contact with the safety bar is useless as every limb or branch placed intro he chute eventually pushes down on the bar killing the engine. It needs just a red safety stop button at the top or bottom and not a bar surrounding the entire chute opening. Also be sure to check the knife edges and swap out as needed. I found that my metal paint putty knife is exactly .035” width making adjusting the gap easy. Finally, keep a cover over the chute as rain water will collect in the drum area.

  3. Leigh

    I have been thoroughly enjoying my WoodMaxx DC-1260. It makes quick work of a big pile of brush and rarely struggles to keep up with the brush I’ve been processing. It’s powerful engine and in-line cutter design means practically no down time whereas the old chipper I powered off the PTO of my tractor clogged all the time and I spent more time cleaning out the cutting blades than actually making wood chips!! Awesome product!

  4. Scott Schafsnitz

    I ordered the 1260E wood chipper with the vanguard engine on Monday and received it Thursday! Talk about fast shipping! Old Dominion was the carrier and was very awesome in every respect. The driver helped wheel the unit right to my garage and was very friendly. Assembly of the chipper was about 3 hours and did require some help with some assembly steps as the parts are very heavy duty and sturdy steel! This machine is built like a Sherman tank and I could see it’s going to be around for many years to come. I filled the oil reservoir with Briggs and Stratton 5W-30 full synthetic for my temperature range of my area. After warm up out to the brush pile and this powerful beast ate everything out there without ever sweating! My wife and I were very impressed with its performance, build quality, ease of use, balanced weight distribution and shipping and packaging! This chipper easily eats stuff as advertised but we mostly chipped up to 2.5 inches diameter stuff the first day. This machine also self feeds very good. So overall we’re extremely satisfied with this chipper and this high quality company. Lastly the staff was very friendly and helpful and would do business with them again and recommend to everyone who’s looking for great made products! Thanks Woodmaxx!

  5. Lash LaRue

    This machine is a beast. It will devour small trees whole in a matter of seconds. For a homeowner model, it’s perfect. It’s handled basically everything I can throw at it. Anything larger than what this thing can chip is called, “firewood” where I’m from. This is what you need if you’re a homeowner with acreage trying to clean up the woods (since you can’t burn your brush piles without destroying the yard or setting something else on fire). All the chips get thrown into the bed of my truck and then pushed out to cover trails we’re making through the property. No more paying the dump for the privilege of dumping brush, no more burning bare holes in the yard.

    I don’t recommend going any smaller/lighter than this if you have any kind of acreage to cover. This is just the right size. The assembly was not difficult if you’re mechanically inclined. You do need a set of sockets and basic hand tools to assemble properly.

  6. Ben Hemphill

    Overall: very happy with this machine. the things that matter are absolutely spot on, some details could be better but i have no doubt it’ll last for quite some time.

    Delivery: box was in rough shape, several pieces had rubbed during delivery despite the care with plastic wrapping. luckily only superficial damage to paint. the box is 6mm plywood and there are a few issues that i think could be fixed relatively easily. the wheel support bar is a few inches below the hitch connection. the hitch connection is just two plates oriented vertically which caused mine to sink into the thin plywood bottom on the hitch side. it was only saved by the pre-installed bolts. likely solved with just a piece of wood under the hitch side to bring it level with the wheel side.

    Construction: build was smooth, I did find it funny the instructions included how to remove the box since the instructions are in the box. All fasteners were included except the screws to attach the battery to the cables. not a huge deal, I suspect it was that the battery used to be a different style based on the photos that had integral screws.

    Build quality: all the important things seem to be excellent. the drum is smooth, the engine is quality, knifes look great, design is excellent.

    The little things could use a bit more. electrical connections are a bit hacky feeling, definitely not water resistant with single terminals plugging into female slot style connectors, wires are bent at sharp angles, etc. however some connectors are automotive quality water tight that leads to an impression of electrical as an afterthought.

    the safety bar pushes a threaded bolt through a hole that scrapes. wouldn’t stop you from pushing safe but its a bit off. the safety switch is closed when actuated so if the switch isn’t working, the system keeps running and is a bit risky. definitely recommend to periodically test the switch.

    Stickers placement is noticeably off center. again these are just small things.

    modifications: I immediately replaced the knife screws with 10.9 hardness button cap screws. the shallow hex head screws were absolutely a huge risk of never coming out. I had to use a cheater bar with the included tool to get them out. the threads of these screws had some kind of gunk, but didn’t seem to be threadlocker or rtv. I used anti-seize to make sure they would come out again. I also used some zip ties to shore up loose wires.

  7. Robert Moeller

    I love my new machine. It has done everything i have wanted for these first 8.5 hours. with the new sharp blades this machine works awesome and in Hawaii where I live where there are softer wood trees so perfect for this machine. I have not pushed the size and stuck with less than 3″ mostly except for a couple pieces, Great Machine has done exactly what i required. happy times.

  8. Londa Anklam

    Yesterday I finished the setup for my new WoodMaxx chipper and tried it out on the pruning pile. I was pleased with how quiet it was, but did wear ear-plugs after the initial start-up. It did a great job and I was pleased to have purchased a high quality product. Thank you!

  9. Lewis

    Great machine. Easy assembly with clear instructions. Woodmaxx quality, as always. Getting ready to fire it up in earnest this spring. Ran it briefly after receiving it in late fall, and it chewed up 3” dry ash easily. If you haul yours back on uneven trails I definitely recommend the wheel extensions. We added them to ours and it makes it much more stable on rough terrain and slopes.

  10. Charles

    My 2018 purchased DC-1260 is still doing great. Use it for chipping up small trees and branches that aren’t over the recommended 4 inches. It works great on fresh cut limbs as well as wood piles that have been sitting around. Pull start always works even after the chipper hasn’t been used in several months. Have replaced the drive belts once and changing the oil can be messy due to location of plug as other reviewers have mentioned. This chipper is well worth the money. Only real complaint is Woodmaxx doesn’t sell a fitted cover for it so have to use a tarp which doesn’t look as good.

  11. Troy Gagnon

    Just got off the phone with WoodMaxx concerning a failed safety switch and broken wire harness. Chipper is about 1 year old. No questions asked – switch will be replaced under warranty. They also asked for the switch to be returned so they could research this issue to make sure it doesn’t propagate to future equipment. They said the parts would be shipped within a day or two. Nice to see a company that actually cares about the product they deliver, and the service is outstanding. Buy WoodMaxx!!!!!!

  12. Phillip Petrovic

    Packed well, quality of machine is great! Upgraded vanguard motor is worth it! Works as well as I hoped it would!

  13. A. Sharpe

    I like the crate WoodMaxx uses and unpacking was easy. It did take me longer to assemble as I work alone. The machine went together with no difficulties, the anvil needed to be adjusted but that was not a problem, easy enough to do.
    I chose the Vanguard w/electric starter as I had quadruple coronary bypass surgery three and a half months ago and was not sure if I would have a problem starting a 14HP engine using the recoil starter. However, I have no problem starting the engine using the recoil starter. I have used the chipper and it does a great job. It spits the chips a good distance. I am in the process of removing five problem trees and this chipper will get a good workout. I heat with wood so the wood will not go to waste.
    I am very pleased by the quality of the machine and it looks like WoodMaxx believes in their produce by giving a two year warranty. Awesome machine!
    Thank you WoodMaxx!

  14. Lien

    Received DC-1260 well package for shipping.
    As I was unpacking I was impressed with the quality of the parts/material I was handling.
    Upon completion of assembly which wasn’t difficult at all, I tried machine out and was further impressed with DC-1260. I am very happy with my purchase after doing a lot of research on different brands, this one stood out.
    Thanks Woodmaxx for quality machine.

  15. Steve Schenck

    More than pleased with the purchase of the DC-1260e chipper. Have chipped twice
    with it and it has worked better than expected. I would highly recommend the unit
    to anyone looking for a well built quality chipper. Also the people at Woodmaxx were very helpful and pleasant to work with. The unit was a bit more pricey than others , but I believe you pay for what you get and I got a great machine.

  16. Bert

    I did a lot of research before buying this machine. Granted, it’s more expensive than what they sell at the box stores, but after reading the reviews I was confident in getting this one. Once I received it, I was not disappointed at all. I was well packed and Old Dominion helped me get it into my shop where I could assemble it. The colored manual was very simple to follow and the install was easy. This is a very well built and strong piece of equipment which will give me many years of good use. I appreciate that Woodmaxx has made some improvement modifications and listened to other owners. It shows that they care in putting out a high quality product. I would recommend this machine to anyone who is serious about chipping limbs!

  17. Mark A Martin

    WOW!!! Purchased a DC-1260 Wood Chipper with key star, after waiting for months for one that would hook up to a tractor. I was talked into this model and am I glad!!! This really works as the manufacture says it does and even better! The safety features are great. I had a problem with one part and called Ron and Instantly it was replaced no questions asked in quick time frame. Best thing is I can hook it up to a car and take it from place to place. The tractor I would have not had the ability to move from my land. Very Nice addition to my Christmas tree farm!!!

  18. Jeff Hanselman

    We love our new DC 1260
    Very well built and powerful machine Thank you very much.

  19. Jon Williams

    I just received my DC-1260 wood chipper. Old Dominion delivered with lift gate service. No problem at all with the shipping, the driver even offered to help me push it up the drive. I have been researching wood chippers for the last couple of months and I kept coming back to the Woodmaxx. I am glad that I did, this thing is a beast. I had my tree service guys over and they were drooling over it. Got all set up and it started on the first pull. Should have bought this years ago. Couldn’t be happier. Go Woodmaxx !!

  20. Sandy Connolly

    We are very happy with our purchase, thanks so much!

  21. Terry Brown

    We received our new DC-1260. Shipping and crating was exceptional! Assembly was a breeze. Poured a litre of 5W30 Amsoil in the engine. I have ran it for 2.2 hours so far and it worked great, even with ash, oak and maple; all 2.5 inches or less. I see that I should have purchased the axle extensions, as it is a bit ?tippy? behind the ATV. Great unit overall. Thanks WoodMaxx!!

  22. Nick

    Got my 1260 last Monday and did a lot of chipping this weekend. Figured we did about 3-4 yards of mulch in about an hour and a half. This thing is a BEAST! Shipping was very fast also.

  23. James Clewell

    Just received our new chipper and are pleased with our first day of chipping. We have been clearing our fence lines of the over hanging tree branches and now we are turning them into mulch, so much better than burning them. At first I was comprehensive about the machine being to small for the job but it shedded everything we threw at it. I would recommend this chipper for anyone who is pruning, clearing fence lines, or cleaning up after dropping a tree. Very pleased with this purchase.

  24. Troy D

    I received the DC-1260 last Friday. It took about 1 hour to put together. Put gas and oil in her and she started right up. I normally burn my slash piles but that takes many hours and even days to complete. With the chipper, I cleaned up 15 piles in about 2-1/2 hours. WOW! Very nice machine WoodMaxx

  25. Peter Janusch

    My dog Basil and I looked at several wood chippers, and finally came back to the WoodMaxx DC-1260 due to design and robust mechanical output. And due in part to the company is Veteran owned. The DC-1260 was shipped in a wooden box secured to a pallet. Some minor paint finish was burnished, worn off in four areas of the machine from rubbing during transit. To assemble the chipper it took a couple of hours per the directions from the manual. We inspected the blades, filled with synthetic oil, top off with non-ethanol gasoline, and ran the motor to break-in. Whether you push or pull the DC-1260 on location it is effortless due to balance and ergonomic design. We chipped 1 to 3 inch Redwood limbs green and dry. The DC-1260 is an awesome sauce munching machine that kicked ass with no questions. The DC-1260 is a must have in your wheel house for the Novice or Pro Landscaper. And customer service are very knowledgeable with all technical questions as well!

  26. Bruce Fulcher

    So after 2 weeks of reviewing many chippers, I kept going back to the WoodMaxx website and looking at the DC-1260. Well I received my DC-1260 on Friday. It was wonderfully packed; no damage whatsoever! It took me 2 hours to assemble using the assembly manual, this manual is written the way they should all be written. The blades looked good. The next day I trailered it 50 miles to my old homeplace. I had cut down many small trees on a steep bank and had piled them up. It would have taken too long to try to burn it all. I started my chipper and let it run for 1/2 hour to break in the engine. This beast took care care this brush pile in less than 2 hours. I am impressed! Thanks WoodMaxx!

  27. Michael B.

    I am very pleased with the operation and performance of the DC-1260E. I was not sure if it could keep up with me and chip branches of around 3″. Well I was feeding 3 inch dead and petrified branches in it and it did bogg down but it kept on going and took care of everything I could throw at it. Very satisfied.

  28. Jack Perri

    This thing is a beast! Built very well. Performs as advertised. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you

  29. Luke

    This is my second Woodmaxx purchase (WM7600) and all i can say is like that product, does not disappoint. Chipped for an afternoon with zero issues. Feeds great, better than i was thinking it would. Hardwood, softwood Whatever went in had no issues. The Briggs engine ran great, overall not annoyingly loud either. I wish i had purchased long ago. I bought this to get rid of tops when cutting firewood and general property management and it checks all those off without a doubt. Well made, easy to move around, easy to maintain. Great machine

  30. Steven H

    I bought the 1260 woodmaxx chipper for clearing my property and the few odd jobs I do . After a year of using it is has performed pretty good for what it is not to much I throw at it that it doesn’t eat . The tung is a little weak for my use but I plan on reworking it to be a bit more tuff for my heavy usage. Other than that it’s a good quality machine and preforms well Id definitely buy one again.


    Extremely happy with this 1260 chipper with Vanguard motor
    assembly was really easy , here’s a video of my assembly experience

    After assembly i was able to take the machine and do some chipping right away and it worked fantastic
    here’s a video of me chipping with it the first day

  32. Mike Withrow

    We received our chipper very well packed and easy to uncrate. Took a couple hours for my wife and I to assemble, fired up on first pull and we have loved it ever since. We have now used two weekends clear low limbs off our old oak trees and have been outstanding. Really does feel with the green limbs, but is still able to handle the dry limbs very well. I would suggest the wheel extensions if you plan on towing in unleveled areas. Mine arrived today, so add them this weekend for sure.

    Very strong and well built chipper. Very nice to see something I researched, be what I hoped it would be. Thank you

  33. Bill

    Wow, this machine is a total beast. Much bigger than the picture appears. This is half the price of a comparable DR chipper. Assembled in just over an hour. Definitely reccomend the electric start.

  34. Jason Brushitis

    Ok, reading the description before purchasing I didn’t really realize how long this thing really was. It is huge! The quality of the material used in this is suburb. You can tell this is going to last a life time. Really thick steel, quality hardware, and the instructions were easy to follow. It started with two pulls, ran some dead limbs through it and very impressed. I can not wait to actually start using it on all the piles I have.

  35. Tom Billingsly

    HOLY COW this thing can chip wood!!!!
    The new E model is much improved from the one you see on Youtube. The clutch is integrated so no springy bits falling off. The wheel bearings were pressed in completely, and the zerks were all greased. I shot a couple of pumps in anyway. The Vanguard engine is quieter than my MS261 chainsaw. Don’t even need earmuffs.
    My boy (12) and I spent 2 hours putting it together. We took our time and put blue locktite on all the bolts. The wheel bolts were rolling on the pallet floor and two of them were missing entirely. Bolt packaging would have been a good idea. We did have extras laying around that fit fine.
    After assembly we fired it up and started putting branches in just to watch them spray out the other side. BZRRT! Confetti. This was so much fun we kept it up for 45 minutes and before we knew it our pile was gone.
    If you’re thinking you might need a chipper, this is the beast to get. It is almost too much fun.

  36. Michael Herding

    Had my chipper for about a year now and I figured it was time to write a review. I bought it for working on clearing my woods of buckthorn and all I can say is what a machine. Some of the buckthorn get around 20 feet long and the chipper has no problem chopping it up. Self feeding is a big plus. After I get done I clean chipper up and wd-40 the blades which I think keeps blades from rusting which in turn keeps blades sharper longer. Still using original blades and they are still sharp. It helps that the wood is green. When I get done no more looking at big piles of brush just a pile of chips. Absolutely love it.

  37. Gary Wachter

    Received chipper a little later than expected due to pandemic. Delivered in great shape. assembled in about two hours. did need a second person to attach wheels. after adding gas and oil, fired first pull, started second pull. Next day, used it to chip two ornamental dogwoods about fifteen years old. No problem from leaves to four inch branches.

  38. Ronald J Kovacs-Kay

    When I started to unpack the crate, I could already see that this was one serious heavy duty machine. Heavy steel plate construction of the chassis, large drum bearings, well made drum, heavy gage sheet metal chutes. Even the spare blades I ordered were heavier than anticipated. I was pleasantly surprised given the price I paid for the unit. I was expecting much less. This is certainly not by any means a stamped sheet metal retail store branded lightweight. It is definitely a commercial grade unit. The machine performed well at at capacity not faltering or bogging down. I would estimate 1 hour of using this machine saves an entire day of dealing with and burning branches and brush.

  39. Donald A Pagel

    Well built good power does just what they say, first day I ran it for 3 hours chipping up to 4 inch and it ran perfect.

  40. Jennifer Hughes

    Sales rep was helpful. Shipped out within 3 days and arrived at my place in Canada within the week. Packed very well and no damage. Put it together in about 2.5 hours. Easiest instructions in awhile. Started it up first pull and chipped up a 3″ diameter branch to start off. Will be excellent for our trails. I would recommend it.

  41. lafontaine tommy

    Je suis satisfais de la dechiqueteuse facile a demarrer, mais l emballage laisse a desirer la dechiqueteuse etait sorti de l emballage la feuille de contre plaque etait dechire heureusement pas de bris majeur seulement quelques egratignures sur la peinture .Peut-etre penser a la visse a la palette pour ne pas quelle se promene a l interieur de la boite de bois.Je recommande cette dechiqueteuse, elle est bien construite fonctionnel et tres belle.

  42. Anonymous

    Finally a product that did exactly what it claimed to do without any caveats. This alone would have exceeded my expectations, but the reviews here got my expectations up pretty high. I was feeding it full branches off a gnarly mesquite tree, and it would eat them like candy.. Love it.

  43. Steven

    This machine exceeded my expectations…..well built and plenty of power. Some minor issues, but I would suggest watching the YouTube videos out there on this unit by Redbarnboats, he does a great job explaining what you need to perform upon assembly of this unit. Enjoy this equipment addition!

  44. Warren

    Ordered it on Veterans Day for the discount, and it arrived on 12-4-19. The trucker was kind enough to lower his lift gate down to my trailer and transfer it. Box looked like it went to Mars and back, but lifting it up showed the chipper rapped in it’s foam cocoon and in perfect shape. But be careful when you remove the foam as there is no interior strap and everything starts falling over. Had to reset the oil seals on the wheels (not fully set and dragging) and adjust the anvil. Everything else was fine, but reading the reviews here I will go check everything again. I’m about halfway though the piles I have on my property, and must say that it can “chuck wood” with the best of them. I did a video series on my YouTube channel and you can see the first of four here.

  45. James Rautmann

    I’ve had this chipper now for 7 months and it has worked fantastic. I wasn’t sure that the gravity feed would really work but it is great. I clear a lot of brush and small trees and I can cut a 2 to 3 inch tree and just drop it in the chute and it chips it up as fast as I can reach down and grab another branch. I bought the electric start and it is great – I’m too old to pull – pull- pull. I thought the price was great also.

  46. Emory Jones Jr

    I got the model with the electric start Briggs and ordered the axle extensions also. The initial adjustment of the anvil was a bit of a pain but assembly was pretty straight forward. My biggest complaint is that some limbs would hit the stop bar on the feed chute and stop the engine causing wood in the chipping chamber to jam the rotor. Opening the chute and unclogging the chamber was relatively easy but would have been easier if the chute had over center clamps instead of nuts and bolts. The rubber gasket under the chute dropped out of place and got torn. I have since glued it in place with rtv. Check ALL of the bolts and nuts on the machine. The engine mounting bolts had the nuts started on the bolts and not tightened. Same thing with the battery hold down nuts. Aside from those things, the chipper worked very well and exceeded my expectations. So far, customer service has been exceptional. All of my questions have been answered quickly and shipping was much faster than expected.

  47. John Anderson

    Chipper was shipped to me in 10 days after ordering and arrived with only a small rub mark on paint… the chipper works perfect and could not be happier. I also ordered the wheel extender kit to keep it stable pulling over my hillside. I looked at a lot of chippers and found this to be the Best Buy for the money and the quality of this chipper is fantastic.

  48. Chris

    I have 20 hrs on mine, in temps from 55F to 105F. It starts and runs great every time. It bogs down with a thick branch or a large quantity of thin branches and leaves, but if you can fit the material through the chute, this thing will chew it up.

    Fitting angled branches down the chute is tough, and requires more lopping than I anticipated. Cedars are good, since the wood is supple and the branches have narrow angles to fit through the chute.

    It’s reasonable to maneuver by hand on smooth ground (I’m 200 lbs, middle-aged). Towing is trivial for my Ranger and it fits through tight spaces/trails, with good balance (I have the wide-set wheel kit).

    Blade gap is important. I didn’t adjust mine when it arrived, and I had problems with the drum getting clogged and jamming. After adjusting the gap, it feeds very well and doesn’t bite off more than it can chew.

    Packaging was a little wimpy. The parts shifted around inside the crate and got some cosmetic damage.

  49. Jim

    Easy online purchase, unit arrived 6 days after I placed the order. R+L Carriers delivered on schedule, and the driver even helped me dolly the crate to my garage. Assembly was straight forward and without issues. Did have some paint and label scuffs, and Woodmaxx sent out the needed touch-up items. The chipper works as advertised, it is a heavy duty machine that chews through 4″ material with ease. I expect to get many years of service from this well made unit.

  50. Robert Morin

    Very satisfied with this equipment. Customer service prompt and courteous. Delivery on time. Assembly reasonable. Found we needed to order the extenders for stability when hauling off road. Handles bigger wood without getting bogged down. (Previous chipper was a TroyBilt Tomahawk Pro). Added a swivel jack, making it easier to lower the stabilizer and to put on and remove from hitch. If the tongue was two inches longer it would allow for full horizontal placement of the swivel jack when not in use. Overall, this is a great machine. We are more than pleased with it and are happy that it was manufactured in the USA.

  51. Eric Brisson

    J’ai recu la dechiqueteuse dans un delais de 48 heures apres l’expedition (delais de 10 jours ouvrables). L’emballage en bois etait en parfaite condition. Le montage a ete facile. Je n’ai pas eu a reajuster le couteaux. Le moteur est facile a demarrer grace a l’embrayage centrifuge. Le demarreur electrique est inutile a mon avis. Le moteur est beaucoup moins bruyant que sur mon ancienne dechiqueteuse. Elle est bien balancee sur ses roues et facile a deplacer. Apres 2 heures d’utilisation je suis entierement satisfait. Pour le prix paye je ne pense pas qu’il est possible de trouver mieux.

  52. Clifford Tucker

    This was a very pleasant purchase. The chipper was ordered on a Friday. It shipped on the following Tuesday and was delivered on Thursday. There are some nice features with this chipper which are not included on similar chippers under different brands. First, there is an electric start option which is not available on other similar chippers. Second, this chipper has a clutch and tensioner where some other brands just have a direct drive pulley and belt with no clutch or tensioner. Also, there is a nice hour meter feature not found on other brands. Be sure to check that all bolts are tightened and that wires are routed to where they do not interfere with the throttle or other controls. Just do a common sense lookover to be sure everything was assembled well. Mine had a few minor issues but nothing of a material nature. I am looking forward to seeing how well it chips. Seemed to do very well with my initial test. Also, the freight company (Old Dominion) is a first-class company.

  53. Charles Rusalem

    Nice chipper. Chips longer branches with leaves better than short limbs without branches. Shorter wood tends to violently bounce and slam around in the chute on the chipper blades, sometimes spitting sharpened large pieces back out the inlet chute. Ran chipper 2.1 hours and found that one of the knives was cracked, Woodmaxx was great about sending out a new set of knives. Great customer service !!! Over all I am very satisfied so far @ 4 hrs run time.

  54. Daniel Hodge

    Very good! Shipper was excellent and the assembly was a piece of cake. Few scratches on unit from shipping called customer service and sent me out touch up paint. Unit starts first pull. No oil included with unit was only downside.

  55. Thomas Rademaker

    Received the machine and put it together myself which is not recommended but I did it in about 2.5 hours. One should note the gasket between the feed chute and blades should probably be glued into place initially. Mine was already split upon opening of the crate. Also the exhaust diverter screw/clamp was missing and the wire to the emergency shut off was cut. However, Customer Service immediately and professionally attended to the parts and I had them quickly. Overall the machine is hard working. It does better with green material although after breaking it in, I haven’t had a jam. Read the engine manual and be a bit generous with the motor oil. Order an extra set of knives. Have run about 4 hours on this machine and have save a ton of time. Taking it on the trails is effortless. Well worth it particularly given the customer service.

  56. Jeff

    This wood chipper is delivering great results and is certainly as good as advertised. A powerful unit with great balance for moving around without breaking your back. I added axle extensions and the electric start as options. Great job WoodMaxx!

  57. William R.

    This machine is well built and eats branches up and spits them out into chips approx. 1/2″ to 1″ in size. No need to trim long branches down as the auto feed chute works great and pulls branches of any length right through. It also chips branches up to 4″ diam without missing a beat. The optional electric start is a nice feature and glad I got the extended wheel base for greater stability on uneven ground. Great customer service and the chipper arrived in 10 business days. There was quite a bit of assembly required but I had it together and ready to use in about an hour. I have already recommended the WoodMaxx chipper and to two of my friends.


    Machine performs as promised, though chipping of green brush and small trees is easier than chipping of dry dead wood. Engine boasts plenty of power for chipping to 3-4 inch range. Easiest use is long straight members for chipping, which will go straight through in a single effort, but have a short saw handy for curved branches.
    Things I would improve – send units with inflated tires, provide bolts and hardware of all the same size, and perhaps a larger hopper opening to allow for larger “brush” size. The machines self feed action is often overcome by friction of the brush at the top of the hopper, which causes one to have to force the feed for chipping. Still, a 5/5 star rating!

  59. Sam

    I have 300 acres of most wooded property and started clearing some underbrush along the road to the house, when the DC-1260 arrived. Although the very good assembly instructions state you need two people to complete the assembly, I was able to do it with just me very safely. Easy assembly if you follow the instructions. I had worked two days clearing brush and took the DC-1260 to grind away. Be sure to clean the 4 inch stuff as the limbs will cause feed problems. Took me about 4 hours to completely grind two days of chain saw work and generate three mounds about 3 foot tall and 6 wide, which I will use in various places around the house, shop and barn. Great piece of machinery and does not use a lot of gas to do the job. Highly recommend the DC-1260!

  60. Chip n Dale

    This is a fantastic chipper! First, some not so good observations: While I paid for tailgate delivery to my home the shipper would not deliver it and I had to pick it up at the transport terminal. Second, the crate was damaged as has been the case for many reviewers. It seems the product is not bolted to the crate pallet and all 500 lbs shifts around With no internal padding! Fortunately is was only scratched paint and some torn decals which the company will address with free touch up paint and decals.
    On the plus side, the machine is very well made and sturdy. The engine fires up on the first pull every time and has more than enough power to chip 4 inch stock. That said, the greener the better as it does bog down on dry wood which does not feed automatically like the green stuff does.
    Customer service is responsive and pleasant and I look forward to many years of brush clearing with his tool. Oh, and the free shipping anywhere in the US and Canada is a real bonus! Thanks Woodmaxx!

  61. Tim Davis

    Received my chipper today assembled in about an hour. This makes getting rid of the limbs so much easier. I feel a lot safer since the fires here in California and outdoor burning is getting sketchy. Shipping company was excellent, I am very satisfied with my purchase. Thank You WoodMaxx.

  62. Gary H

    This compact machine has saved me a ton of work cleaning up downed trees and brush on my 7-acre property resulting from recent heavy rain, snow and ice. The DC-1260 will chew-up a whole 4-inch diameter, 25-foot long tree in about 15 seconds, and makes minchmeat out of limbs. Before it arrived I had taken 19 pickup truck loads of brush to the local landfill in a 6-week period. That’s a 25 mile round trip each time. I had to cut the brush, load it into the truck, drive to the landfill, then unload it by hand. Since arriving, I have not had to make another trip to the landfill. The DC-1260 has saved me a ton of time and labor, and is fuel efficient. All of those things are important to me since I am retired on a fixed income and will be 70 my next birthday.

  63. Norman

    I took delivery of my DC-1260e chipper last week. I scheduled a specific day delivery which worked out perfect for me and they kept in touch with time frames. The trucking company will tell you they are not responsible for a damaged product inside the crate. Although I would be able to tell if the crate was dropped or severely damaged. It was crated very well and the chipper was well protected. So I didn’t have issues there. I had it assembled and running in about an hour and a half. I was very impressed at the way it chips. Works fantastic. The only part I thought was odd is the hand holes at the top of the feed bin. The safety shut off bar is placed where you can’t get your hands underneath the bar to grab those holes and it’s awkward to grab your hands around both to move it around. Still not a big issue since you can lift the tongue and wheel it around. I love the chipper and would recommend it to anyone. I expect to get many years of use out of it.

  64. Robert B

    I purchased a DC-1260 wood chipper from you last April. I have used this machine for clearing downed trees and limbs on my 25 acres since the day I bought it. What a fantastic machine! It is such a work horse and handles anything within reason. Sometimes I get over ambitious and it handles that too. Very pleased with this product and will recommend your products to everyone! Thank you for such a great product!

  65. Derek K

    I did a lot of research before pulling the trigger on this machine. And man am I happy I didn’t buy a cheap Box Store model! I’ve only put on about 2 hours so far and the pile I thought would take a couple days is almost completely chipped up. I thought some of the material I fed in the chipper would choke it out, but it kept pulling. I felt like the shipping was a bit slow and the crate was damaged along with some paint rubbed off, but the assembly was easy. The customer service has been great and I think this was the right purchase. Overall I am very happy with this machine.

  66. John E.

    This thing is a BEAST! I bought it in August 2018 and only just got around to running it. Delivery was a breeze and the assembly instructions were idiot proof. Simple, clear, step by step.

    For the last month or so my wife and I have spent an hour or two most days cutting back the encroaching woodlot surrounding our two acre yard. We had quite a pile of brush. We went thru the entire pile of brush yesterday like it was nothing. This thing eats 3 inch Locust like a pack of starving beavers! It will take a 15 foot sapling and just make it disappear. And the adjustable discharge chute made it easy to fill my trailer without making a mess. The large tires make it so easy to move about. It is so well balanced too. Thank you for making such a GREAT machine. I am sure I will get many years of use out of this.

  67. Marshall Michael

    The only problem I had, the first time I used this machine a chipper knife broke. Luckily I ordered an extra set. I replaced the knife and I used this machine about 25 hours no problems. It starts easy and is heavily built, it amazed me and my son. It’s a beast and I would highly recommend this machine.

  68. Stefanos M.

    Very happy with this chipper. Well made, every part of it… It lives up to its specification and can indeed handle 4″ diameter. Very satisfactory self-feeding performance. Opening is wide enough to handle most branches — entire little “trees” get chipped effortlessly…

  69. Thomas Cox

    Been using this chipper for 2 months and am very happy with its performance! I spent many hours researching brands and models before deciding on the DC-1260 from WoodMaxx.

    I opted for lift gate shipping service, Old Dominion unloaded the crate and rolled it up my driveway and into the garage. The unit has a narrow footprint that allows me to store it in the garage and still have space for our cars. The unit is well balanced and easy to move around by hand.

    My first use was chipping overgrown lilac bushes 12 foot in length with 2-3 inch diameter trunks. Very few of the Y branches needed to be cut off, this thing just ate the whole length in one shot, talk about self-feeding. I typically adjust the discharge shoot and flap to shoot downward into a large rolling garbage can and roll the chips to wherever they are needed.

    The construction of this product is heavy duty, I expect to be using this for many years to come, thanks WoodMaxx!

  70. Kenneth Aldridge

    I’ve used the DC1260 for three days so far and this thing chews up everything. I had to wait longer then 20 days on delivery but it’s well worth the wait. I recommend this to anyone who’s looking for more then a garden variety chipper

    WoodMaxx Response- Sorry for the wait Kenneth, you purchased at the peak of our busy season, I am glad that you are happy with the performance, and we really appreciate your purchasing from WoodMaxx.

  71. MIKE


  72. Jan McKelvey

    Received my chipper this morning just 2 days after shipment notification. It arrived at the beginning of the delivery window, very happy with the shipping process.

    The unit was boxed well with only slight damage to the box. Everything inside was in excellent condition and the assembly was straight forward. Serviced the oil and filled up the gas tank. First pull and it started right up. Towed it over to the brush pile and it worked like a champ. A friend of mine gave me a hand and and he was amazed with it too.

    This is one hefty built machine and I would expect it to last for many years to come. Thanks WoodMaxx for a great machine!

  73. Sonny Dooley

    Got my WoodMaxx DC1260 Wood Chipper took me about 45 minutes to assemble, with oil and gas, checked clearance on the anvil and knives. Started it up and am very pleased with this machine, very well built, is heavy built. I highly recommend this machine…

  74. Robert Johnson

    I picked up the chipper from Old Dominion freight at 2pm with my pickup, because semis can’t make it down our roads. Chipper arrived in great shape and well packed. Put it together in the back of my truck and let it down with my atv ramps. Had it throwing out chips a little before 5pm. Ran some pine and oak limbs through it like butter. I thought, great no more burning branches and small limbs.This chipper had plenty of power and is well constucted. I will edit this review a little later on well it did over the summer and fall.

  75. Anonymous

    This is a really heavy duty piece of equipment.
    Assembly was pretty straightforward and technical support was excellent.
    Has no problems chewing up branches.
    I would recommend getting the wheel extender kit if you are going to tow on uneven ground it greatly decreases the chance of tipping.

  76. Northeast USA

    Minimal assembly was easy. So far so good, best chipping new brush as the product info indicates. Heavy for sure vs other chippers, showing its quality of materials/components.
    Would recommend to a friend and did yesterday when neighbor stopped by to check it out. Will update after I have more hours on the machine.
    WoodMaxx – nice job, keep up the quality products.

  77. Jason Mazza

    The delivery and packaging of the chipper were both excellent. Crate was easy to open and all parts were packed well. Chipper went together in an hour. Added oil and fuel and I went to work. After a few Nor Easters this winter there were plenty of downed Pine trees to work on. Once up to speed the chipper has been eating everything I have thrown at it. Motor is plenty powerful and good on gas. My neighbor has a Big Box store small chipper and has been caught staring at the size of the limbs i am chipping with this unit. Looking forward to this Woodmaxx machine cleaning up the rest of the mess from these storms and helping me handle future ones as well. Thanks WoodMaxx!


    My chipper arrived yesterday. It was very well packaged and in excellent condition. This is a very well engineered product with excellent construction. Assembly was well depicted in the manual & went well. The unit is well balanced & easy to roll. Can’t wait to stat using it!

  79. MARK

    When the crate arrived it was well packed!Assembly was easy just follow the book. I got the Electric start and the engine fired up as soon as I turned the key, no cranking to get it going. The first limbs I ran through were some hard maple I cut about 2 weeks ago the size was about 1 1/2 inch dia. It literally sucked them in and gone in 3-4 seconds , the first one was about 8 ft. long. So far I m impressed. Being a welder I was definitely looking at the welds and I was very pleased with the quality of assembly. Thanks! WoodMaxx. I will give more info after I give it a good workout. Well it has had a good work out now have had my chipper for 9 months and here is my up date. It works great, It will handle 3.5 inch green oak limbs with no problems the only issue we have I when you have a wide limb and they hit the stop bar and kill the machine. When they show the video of it literally sucking the limb in it will do just that. I am very satisfied.

  80. Austin

    Doing tree removal part time I could not justify spending a lot of money on a large tow behind chipper along with needing to make two trips for a trailer and a chipper. This being said I purchased the DC-1260 knowing just the normal home owner chipper wouldn’t cut it and I am very glad that I did. Performance wise this chipper exceeded my expectation in more ways than one. The machine is heavy duty and clearly well made with heavy gauge steel. Engine can easily handle 4 inch material without the feeling of being under-powered. Very well balanced and easy to move. Assemble and setup was a breeze. Although as a few minor things I suggest to changed like the belt cover bolt holes being slotted, gasket being held in place, latches to open the feeder shoot rather than bolts. and the safety stop being a little less sensitive. Besides those minor things I highly recommend this chipper to anyone who does not want to waste their time and money on a cheap under powered box store chipper.

  81. Rick Miller

    This wood chipper is perfect for what we were looking for. We use this to grind brush and saplings in a walking trail we are cutting, and the chips are perfect for walking trail bedding.

  82. Casey Lokan

    Let me start with one thing that bothered me. The only flaw I have found is the safety shutoff switch is way to sensitive. If you throw in a branch and while the blades are pulling it in, it will some times hit the switch and shut the machine off. As far as performance I am extremely happy with the chipper and would recommend to anyone. I have only had it a couple weeks but I am extremely satisfied.

  83. Bruce

    I’m very impressed with the quality of this chipper. It arrived complete and with no damage. I like the fact that for assembly most of the bolts are in place where they go instead of just coming in a bag and having to sort them. This is going to be so much better than renting a chipper so i can do the chipping at my convenience. I won’t be wasting time driving to and from the rental yard. I would recommend this chipper to anyone in the market for an affordable chipper..

  84. Ed C

    I received the wood chipper a day earlier than the freight company said, but that worked out ok.

    Assembly was straight-forward and I was able to do everything myself except get it off the pallet base, and I was warned of that in the installation guide. A couple of items could be better clarified in the instructions, but I’ve already notified WoodMaxx of those items.

    The machine fired up the first time, feeds itself beautifully, and makes such quick work of the brush!

    The axle extensions are great, as our property is rather rough and they make traversing the area easy and stable.

    I did have to call customer service with one question during assembly and they were knowledgeable, friendly, and resolved my question promptly.

    Thank you WoodMaxx!

  85. Randy

    The DC-1260 has no peers. USA made knives, Briggs & Stratton engine, rectangular steel axles, the wheel extenders, & the heavy-duty support stand! Even the loading chute is very heavy!
    After adjusting the knife gap I put the DC-1260 to work. I went through two piles of manzanita. Most of it +/-2 inch? size range, & the DC-1260 had no problem with these.
    The belt cover is held by 4 bolts & they have to be completely removed to get the cover off. Slotted holes would be nice.
    The chute gaskets are difficult to keep in place. A few small dots of Shoe Goo got them to stay put.
    Unless you live on level ground, get the wheel extenders!
    If the safety bar stops the motor, be sure to clear the feed chute before restarting. If you have a jam, use a long, stiff branch as a lever to rotate the drum in reverse to clear the jam before restarting the engine.
    Spending this much on a piece of equipment was a bit worrisome, but after today I am sure I made the right choice.

  86. Dave

    I purchased this wood chipper after the crank shaft literally broke from the direct drive of the inferior chipping blades of my big box store chipper. I realized what I needed was a real wood chipper of commercial quality, but in a residential sized unit. Enter the WoodMaxx DC-1260. This unit has all the great features of a full sized commercial chipper, has a large feed opening, and uses a commercial type rotating drum to chip wood, which is belt driven. It arrived very well packed, so well so, that it actually took me a bit of work to remove the protective crating it was shipped in, but well worth the effort. Assembly was easy and I did opt for the wheel extenders, which I highly recommend you include in your purchase. I added full synthetic oil for best protection, and then put it to use. It worked extremely well, chipping through wood just like the professional tree service chippers. This is by far the very best wood chipper for residential use on the market.

  87. T Bean

    Well worth the few extra dollars vs what you’d find in your Lowes/HD. Was most interested in getting rid of branches less than 2″ without having to spend half the day trimming them to fit a small feed chute. Works great, wide throat in front of cutting knives means this machine pulls in whatever I have with no issues. Perfect size for the homeowner looking for more than a chipper/shredder.

  88. McKinnon

    We have had our chipper less than a year, and we have chipped all kinds of tree branches for our BTE garden (which also cleans up the property). It performs like a champ every time. The chips are uniform and perfect for our purpose. Plus it is American made!!!

  89. Kevin Briggs

    Well i got my new Woodmaxx DC – 1260 today got it put all together and gave it a good workout and it performed excellent i wish i had gotten the wheel extenders the wheel base makes it a little top heavy while towing on uneven terrain i will be ordering some but all in all what a great machine plenty of power assembles easily i will get a lot of use out of it.

  90. P. K. C.

    From the crate that the wood chipper is shipped in to the heavy duty steel used to construct this piece of equipment you can see the quality. This chipper is chewing up everything I feed it!
    I am going to need the wheel extender kit as I will be using this chipper in many more areas than expected.

  91. Don Sturge

    Awesome machine!
    Delivery was excellent, assembly was easy.
    I have used it for 6 hrs so far on 1″to 3″” hardwood maple, it works flawlessly. I would recommend this product for anybody wanting a powerful and portable wood chipper.

  92. Scott B

    This thing will eat anything. Made my life a lot easier. Plus it makes great chips for my smoker.
    Just throw the clean log in and run with the bucket to the discharge chute and catch the chips. I have a little over 4 hrs on it.
    It was kinda fun putting it together. You do need a floor jack and a helper to install the wheels.
    The shipper helped me inspect it and was pleasant. The only damage was to a decal where something rubbed on it.
    For some odd reason it matches the color of my Ariens lawn tractor. This is most likely the best gas powered home chipper you can buy. You do not have to cut the limbs off just throw it in..

  93. ALG

    I got this about a month ago, my son and I put it together in about 3 hrs. We briefly tried it in the driveway with some small stuff spit it right out. This past week we fianally got to use it with some big 2-3 inch trees it made quick work of them. We have 15 acres with ATV trails so it will be put to the test. I expect it to do fine. The electric start is a wonderful thing. Thanks Woodmaxx for a well built machine.

  94. Eric Schaefer

    I received my chipper over a month ago, but wanted to give it a good workout before reviewing. It was well worth the money I paid for it. Easy to assemble. The only downside was a bad safety bar switch. I contacted WoodMaxx and they shipped me a new switch quickly. Great customer service as well. I have mostly Douglas Fir on my property and the large feed chute handles the branches with no problem. It is rare that I have to break a branch to fit it in. I would recommend this product to others.

  95. John Windham

    Bought the chipper which I desperately needed due to 11 large trees lost in a tornado. Massive mess. Received the chipperin good shape. If a person has a drop of common sense, they can assemble this chipper provided the instructions are adhered to. Not recommended to a person with no tools, equipment and experience to maintain this chipper. First start was very easy. Start it according to instructions or it won’t start. Operate this according to the manual and it is phenomenal in its performance. I give it 5 stars due to overall design, materials it is made of, and its performance being second to none. I’m more than satisfied with this product, I don’t know how available parts are, but I’m sure I will find out when I need more blades. Excellent product not for the yuppie in khaki shorts and sandals. This machine is no joke.

  96. Kevin S.

    I’m clearing about a quarter acre with no access for large equipment. This chipper fits into tight spaces, is easy to move by hand and eats brush, limbs and 4″ diameter trees with ease. One of my better purchases.

  97. Joseph Schomisch

    I did a ton of research on residential size chippers and found this to look the best on paper and through the spec sheets. Now that I chipped for a few hours and can say I made a great decision going with WoodMaxx. From the machine to the folks at the office, everything is first class all the way. The only small concerns are that the electric chipper was backorder about 45 days or so and that the safety bar on the chipper is set with too light of a spring which make the unit shut down if a branch hooks it as its feeding into the hopper. You have to kind of hold the branch up so it does not hit the bottom of the hopper as its being feed into the chipper. Shipping was 3 days from the time it got entered into the system at WoddMaxx to my door. The extra $35.00 lift gate cost was well worth it and this particular driver had a pallet jack and wheeled it right into my garage. I will suggest this chipper to anyone I hear looking for one. Happy Chipping!!

  98. Daniel W.

    Product is very well made. Was impressed with construction. A little challenging about shipping instructions and assembly but all has turned out well. Item was back ordered so the wait was a little discouraging but the product is worth the wait.

  99. Michael Kruse

    This chipper works great and is easily towed into the timber to chip all of the invasive cedar trees I have been trying to get rid of. Now I have all of the cedar mulch I need for our flower beds.

  100. Anonymous

    This chipper was delivered as advertised. Assembly was straightforward and easily accomplished. I believe with the limited experience i’ve had it will come in handy as a tight access chipper for pruning jobs. So far it has been impressive and cuts above its weight. It has been easy to maneuver and i plan on replacing the trailer hitch with a rigging point for some more interesting access issues.

  101. Robert Saylor

    We waned a wood chipper that was good quality and easy to use. I called wood maxx and the people were very polite and answered all my questions. when we got the wood chipper it came in a wooden crate box. everything was marked very well except the hour meter. I had to look on line to figure out how to hook it up.Very good quality. (WoodMaxx response, the tach/ hour meter uses a pickup wire that simply wraps around he ignition wire to sense the pulse, we will ensure that wire is wrapped securely)

  102. Brian Phippen

    This was delivered for free to my country residence in Central Alberta, Canada as promised.. There was a brokerage fee of only $100 which I knew about upfront. The assembly went well as it comes with excellent instructions with glossy coloured pictures. I ordered the axel extensions for stability when pulling it through my trails to get to the trees I cut for wood. I tried it out on some poplar branches and some spruce bows and it worked excellent. As I become more familiar with it I will know how big and thick it will handle. I am very happy with it so far and was impressed with the build quality for a reasonable price. I also ordered extra blades that happened to be out of stock but was promised that they will be sent as soon as they are restocked. I will update this review in a few weeks with more.

  103. David Burica

    What a great piece of equipment! Fun to assemble, started up and ran perfectly. Got the electric start which is good. The emergency brake is sensitive, which is a good thing, but large branches hit it and shut off frequently so it is nice to be able to start it up easily. Manual doesn’t address assembling the discharge chute or the electric start. Also the “thermos” container which fits manuals, some tools, and I would guess a spare set of knives deserves mention. Fun to use! I am ordering wheel base extenders for stability on irregular ground, although I did not notice any problem yet.

  104. John N.

    Just received and assembled my DC-1260e chipper. Everything went together well with one slight modification necessary. I had to slot the holes slightly for the battery bracket but it was no big deal. Added fluids and it fired right up without hesitation! Tried some medium sized branches and it performed flawlessly… (WoodMaxx response- We will check the battery bracket retaining strap and make adjustments as necessary)

  105. Terry Bly

    It`s doing the work and fast and no more hulling brush and when or if I ever need a new one I will the same again

  106. Charles Page

    Just got the DC 1260 yesterday. Quick delivery and excellent service on a few questions regarding setup. Pretty amazing on first use. Can’t wait to hit the woods this weekend.

  107. Ernest T.

    In all honesty I was skeptical how this chipper would perform to my expectations. When we got to use it I was totally amazed as it went beyond my expectations , Way beyond. It chipped a good size pile of hard wood with no problems and quick. I inspected the blades after 1/2 hr. of use and they looked as good as when it was un-crated. Looking forward to the next pile of wood. Very pleased with WoodMaxx , Shipping and DC1260e Chipper. Thank you

  108. Jim D

    The DC-1260 Wood Chipper with the Electric Start works great. It was easy to assemble, took about an hour. I had a Troy Bilt Chipper/Shredder before and this unit out performs it. The staff at Woodmaxx was very helpful when I got “stuck” on a few assembly procedures. But, they walked me through it. I give this unit 5 Stars for Quality and use.

  109. JOEL

    This is a workhorse! Nice to have heavy duty construction materials. 400 pounds moves fairly easily with BIG tires, either by hand or with the trailer hitch on my tractor. I like the electric start. SAFETY- I feel good with the safety bar around the intake, it shuts down when the occasional side branch hits it but much better than injuring me! This far outperforms my old Super Tomahawk and it is really nice to have it blow the chips into my trailer. Good factory people to deal with.

  110. Walter M

    I can say the little I did use it, it worked very well. Compared to the DR chipper I sent back, there is no comparison. It is bigger and has more power, the throat is bigger making feeding in branches easy. I also like it having bigger wheels and the ball hitch included. This was extra on a DR. I think you make a good well-built machine. Also, the emergency stop bar on the hopper is a very good feature.

  111. Mike B

    Nothing negative about the Chipper it is strong, determined and dependable! I had it running for 3 days straight and besides a few lock ups because of the accidental hit of the ?shut down? bar which caused to lock up the knifes, no issues whatsoever. I can recommend this chipper to anyone! Overall though, a great product!

  112. Matt

    Great piece of machinery. Delivery was quick and chipper was simple to put together. So far it has performed great and looking forward to continued use.

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