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WoodMaxx WM-8M




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  • Premium PTO Shaft

Product Details


  • Imported from overseas
  • USA and International Patent Pending
  • Strength in design, CNC plasma cut structural plate steel
  • 19 hp. min. required – 3 pt. hitch mount- fits category 1 or category 2 (cat-1 quick hitch)
  • Total weight on 3 point hitch 775lbs
  • 8″ x 8″ Infeed opening
  • 200 lb. 24″ Diameter Flywheel (dynamically balanced)
  • 2-Reversible Made in the USA fly wheel knives, 1 bed knife (anvil)
  • 1120 RPM Flywheel speed
  • Tachometer/ Hour meter (to ensure proper operating speed)
  • Mechanical gear driven infeed system
  • Infeed rate 58 ft. /min.
  • Hardened 6.25″ dia. chisel type in-feed roller
  • Quick hitch Compatible (Cat-1 quick hitch only) (John Deere I-match/Land Pride QH10 require a special top link)
  • 360 Degree swivel discharge chute
  • Adjustable base legs w/ skid shoe type base
  • High flow chamber ventilation
  • 2″ diameter main shaft
  • 3-Heavy duty cast steel main shaft bearings
  • Adjustable infeed roller down pressure
  • Shipping Weight 990 lbs. (shipping) Steel crate L=46″ x W=36″ x H=47″
  • 8mm thick steel fly wheel housing
  • Easy access fly wheel knife panel
  • Adjustable bed knife (to achieve proper knife gap)
  • 5 Heavy duty cogged drive belts
  • Safety stop bar
  • Horizontal “table height” in-feed hopper for easy loading
  • Baked on powder coat finish
  • Clear vinyl chip baffle
  • Premium PTO shaft included (shear bolt protected)
  • 3 yr. parts warranty
  • 90% assembled upon delivery


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145 reviews for WoodMaxx WM-8M

  1. Chris Eurich

    I ordered the chipper and a week later it was here. I unboxed the crate and it looked great with the exception of a few minor scratches (submitted a work order and the sent me a can of paint to take care of the scratches). The assembly was pretty straight forward…if you are unsure about anything watch some YouTube videos…there are plenty out there. I did use thread locker (red) on the bolt/nuts when putting the chipper together. I have a Kubota B2601 which is on the low end of HP needed, but it chipped 4″ tree limbs with ease. This machine is amazing…I did not expect it perform so flawlessly. Thanks Woodmaxx!

  2. allen doyle

    i received my WM-8M chipper 1-30-23 I was impressed on how fast it got to me. upon opening everything up I found one panel with damage from rubbing during shipping. only took a few hours to assemble. The instruction book was pretty straight forward. once assembled I took it out for a test run. This chipper chewed through everything i put in it. I’m looking forward to putting it through a full day of work soon. The only things I would change is the way it is packed for shipping and instead of bolting the legs on maybe use a pin system. I will be loading and unloading the tractor with this chipper attached so i need maximum height to keep from dragging.

  3. Doug Chappelle

    My experience with Woodmaxx has been really good. Ordered my WM-8M on a Monday and received it on Friday. Packaging for shipment was great with no damage… just be ready to transport the package from curbside to wherever you want it. Assembly was pretty straightforward and did not take very long. Having used the chipper now for several hours, all I can say is, “Wow!” This things is amazing and works very well. I am using it with my Kubota L2501, which seems to have everything it needs. All in all, very satisfied with my purchase.

  4. Brett Throgmorton

    Works awesome behind a 50 hp tractor. L4150 Kabota this chipper is perfect Doesn’t break the bank and gets the job done. Anything 6 inches or larger I keep for firewood everything else goes right through

    very happy Should last a long time keep the bearings greased and Blades serviced

  5. James (Randy) Corbin

    After watching almost all the YouTube videos on the Woodmaxx WM-8M chipper, I contacted Woodmaxx sales. They all were very helpful. I know I called them 5 or 6 times asking different questions about the manual and the hydraulic model’s. I was worried about my tractors hp and it being able the run the manual model efficiently. After talking to sales I bought WM-8M. I couldn’t be happier. It is one of the best pieces of equipment I have ever bought. It is unbelievable how well it works. Thank you Woodmaxx.

  6. Leo Cifers

    I decided to go with Woodmaxx WM-8M by using their compatibility checker for my tractor. I expected at least 4 weeks to deliver with everything going on in the world today, but it was at my front door in 1 week. My son and I assembled it in about 3 hours, taking our time and reading the detailed instructions. Once we had it assembled, hooked it up to the tractor and off to the woods we went. I have put 2.7 hours on it already and haven’t had one issue. I have put in small brush, max 8” log, old decayed wood and fresh cut trees. It handled it smoothly.

  7. Greg M

    This a great machine shipping was quick but the freight company delayed it a day. Unloading was pretty easy using the front end loader on the tractor. only hickup was the bracket that attaches to the tractor top link was installed upside down causing some head scratching and colorful language. This runs so smooth it is hard to believe, and how well it handles most material. Only real issue was with the tractor as when I get off the seat with the PTO engaged it shuts down, so be prepared to address that.

  8. Gary Bartholomew

    I had to take down 60+ trees, 35+/- those larger than 8 inches were saved for fire wood. Needed someway of disposing of the tree tops and brush. Woodmax did it. Woodmax did exactly what they said it would do. Even a little more. Attached to a Kabota B3200. We had to make a clearing for a 40 x 40‘ pole barn and driveway. Next spring it will have the duty of clearing up a lot of deadwood forest fire hazard material. My neighbor is jealous his chipper does not have a auto feeder.

  9. Eric

    Had this chipper for about 1.5 years. It works great on my Kubota L2501. Easy to assemble and use. Very impressed with company and product.

  10. Jeremiah

    So far Dad has ran his new chipper for about 30 minutes. He was grinning the whole time. Machine seems very well built. Hope to get many years of use. Thanks to everyone at Woodmaxx. And shout out to Andrew @ Outdoors with the Kelley’s YouTube

  11. Kent Hoffman

    I’m not into doing reviews but all I can say is this chipper is a work horse. Everything I’m chipping right now is dead and dry wood. Our property went through a wild fire in 2018 so a lot of the trees that didn’t burn are now dead. Just got it last week and have 10 hrs on it so far. I also want to say everyone I worked with at Woodmaxx were awesome!

  12. Larry Ohman

    I bought this chipper at least 4 years ago. It is VERY well made. I chip alder, willow, maple and wild cherry for keeping weeds down around my 15 fruit trees and for gardening. I’m sure it would do the fir, hemlock and cedar on my 20 acres just as easily but I enjoy the smell of burning piles of accumulated limbs in the fall and for campfires. The WM-8M is certainly heavy duty and designed by people who have spent countless hours using a chipper. The support team could be roll models for other businesses to follow. I am sure there is a lot of pride in everyone involved with WoodMaxx.

  13. Paul and Marlene Straub

    We were so excited about receiving our WoodMaxx 8M wood chipper!
    Ordering and delivering were easy and when it arrived we were amazed at how well WoodMaxx packaged it!
    Assembly is made easier by watching the video and following the manual.
    It is ready for operation and looks great attached to our tractor.
    Can?t wait to take it out and use it!

  14. Mark

    My WM-8M exceeds all my expectations, worth every penny, and the sales and service support is excellent. I’m a WoodMaxx fan!

  15. G and G Andersen

    We got our WM8M up & running without a hitch – thanks to the assembly video. We put it to work immediately & haven’t stopped since. A pop-up storm left us trapped by a 60’ maple tree right down the middle of the driveway. The clean up was SO much easier thanks to the timely delivery of this dandy wood chipper!

  16. Steve Caspers

    We were excited to put this machine to use. During the time it was in transit we took down a bunch of 2”-4” diameter Sumac that were 10-18 feet tall and two 6”-8” diameter ash trees 15 -20 feet tall. After we assembled we took it out and challenged the pile of trees. We feed the WM-8M almost all of it (we cut some of the 8” ash for firewood) and it did a fantastic job. The JD 2038R (30 PTO HP) tractor didn’t even break a sweat. We are very pleased with the purchase and look forward to using it for years to come.

  17. Richard Boyd

    Just finished the final assembly of my new WoodMaxx 8″ chipper and I have to say that the instructions that came with the chipper are some of the best instructions I’ve used. They were definitely written by someone who had to put this unit together. The instructions were clear and included full color pictures which made it very understandable.

    After a couple hours we were up and running. We ran some large 6″ branches from a tree we fell and this machine plowed right through them like nothing. I’m very happy with my purchase. My family and I are happy to have been able to support a Veteran owned company while buying a great product that will help us clean up around the property. Thanks WoodMaxx!

  18. Joel Timmerman

    After I mauled over dozens of reviews and specs covering this chipper and the competition, I put my name on the list to receive their 8” manual chipper. It must have been a wise choice because they had a long waiting list! I received my unit a couple of weeks ago and after a couple of hours to finish the assembly, it was ready for the first test run. I only had small limbs to run through the machine the first time, but it was impressive! The largest diameter was 2” that I put through the unit and it just hummed away. I look forward to seeing how well it works with larger diameter limbs! I believe I chose wisely!

  19. Shana Bogert

    After years of running a commercial wood chipper with a tree service company (one that would easily cost 10x the amount of this unit), my husband had high expectations of this PTO-driven chipper; he also didn’t imagine that the chipper would meet (or exceed) those expectations. Well, it sure did! We got to work right away with this unit, and we couldn’t have been happier (he had a very big smile when we started it up). When properly operated, this chipper eats through brush and small trees – yes, even the 8″ stuff. The auto-feed is invaluable, and the potential we now have on our property with this machine is through the roof. THANK YOU, WOODMAXX!

  20. Wes Van Velsor

    I researched different brand chippers online before deciding on the WM-8M. I liked the mechanical feed roller and they claim to handle up to 8″ (which I thought might be exaggerated).
    I ordered on 4-8-21 and it was delivered on 4-14. Assembly was easy – just allow for a couple hours and follow directions closely.
    Extremely well built, the feed roller is powerful and it handles anything you put in it! I’ve alternated between fresh cut and year old, dried wood with ease. There is no exaggeration on the 8″ claim as far as I can see either.
    I have three acres I’m clearing of brush and small trees this spring and this chipper is an absolute beast. The best part is the amount of mulch I have to use around the property. We’ve already produced roughly $300 worth of mulch for gardens, animal bedding and other projects.
    If you’re on the fence on waiting for these to be available again, the wait will be more than well worth it. It has definitely exceeded my expectations!

  21. Ray Clay

    Longer Engineering version review:
    The chipper is very well design and produced from the welds, material choices and placement of the fasteners for easily maintenance. I can see why the Army Corps of Engineers have brought from WoodMaxx?.
    I put +12 hours on the chipper last year and ran out of trees to chip. We produced at least 144 ft3 of chips.
    With the very heavy snow fall this winter in MI, I have more trees and limbs to chip as soon as it warms up and the ground dries out.
    If I must pick only one feature that makes this chipper worth every penny it would be the auto feeder.
    I never knew chipping could be so easy and fast. I can have my wife monitor the Safety Auto-Feed Stop Bar while I feed the ?in-feed bin?. With this machine there is no force feeding the chipper knife, the auto feeder does the work for you.
    I could go on with the other cool features of the WM-8M chipper that work better than described on the WOODMAXX? website but this review is already too long.

  22. Anthony DeVito

    Purchased the 8M Wood Maxx Chipper in July of 2014. Although I reside in CT, our family owns a piece of property in upstate New York where this chipper has been put to good use. Assembly of the machine only took a few hours, directions/parts were all correct and easy to follow. Have been amazed at what this chipper can handle. I have been clearing land for habitat restoration and the chipper has worked flawlessly. I own two tractors, a 20 horse power and a 28 horse power, chipper works equally well on both machines. I had been in the market for a chipper for years and was always concerned about prices being out of my range. The wood maxx chipper is priced right and I could not be happier. An extremely well built machine. I would strongly recommend this machine for anyone who owns a tractor and is looking for a high quality chipper. Family and I are so happy with the chipper we are now in the process of purchasing the woodmaxx SB 60 snow blower. Thanks Woodmaxx

  23. JAMES

    Delivery was on time just like they said, and was in great shape. They spend a lot of time and money on wrapping. After a couple hours of putting it together, I backed chipper out to pile of brush. All I can say is wow. Needless to say brush pile is gone in no time. This machine is a beast wish I had bought it years ago.

  24. Bill Struble

    I put it to REAL work this January. My neighbor and I cleared the fence line between his woods and my hay fields. Once we had the logs out we chipped up all the remaining tree branches for mulch. I ended up with over 3 trailer loads of finely chipped mulch. It all went off without a hitch. In fact, so well that I took the chipper over to the same neighbor and, after we trimmed his pear trees and cut down a Maple tree, we chipped up his branches. He was as impressed as I am.

    The chipper has done a tremendous job and I have a lot more for it to do. Now, if I could only figure out how to chip thorn apple trees without getting poked by the thorns.

  25. Chris Fatherly

    Well let me tell you I am very surprised on this chipper for the price. I have this chipper on a 27.5 hp tractor and I am chipping 5-5.5 inch wood. I have looked at several other chippers and there prices are out there. This was price reasonably and all reviews I have read say that this is a good chipper. I have had it three days chipper pine and it is wnderful. If you are looking for a chipper that will give you the bang for the buck you should try this one. I will be considering other equipment they make in the future for my use.

  26. Kerry Geiger

    I’ve used this chipper for 10 hours since I got it and not one problem. I think it’s the the best you can get. I wouldn’t even consider a chipper without an auto in feed. This machine has handled anything I’ve put in it with no problem. I use it on a John Deere 3038e and it doesn’t even slow down.

  27. Truman

    I’d researched chippers for a couple of years + decided on a WM-8M,comparing price to quality. I’m a homeowner with quite a few wooded acres, heat with wood + chip material under 2″. I own a JD 790 30HP 4×4,3pt rating 815lb. Installed shim kit to increase lift. Chipper packaged extremely well. No damages or missing parts. Standard driveshaft uses shear bolts. 1st time using the chipper, I engaged PTO at lowest idle speed + shear bolt broke. WM sent replacement bolts. Replacements are diff than original. I would save yourself a little time + just replace it before u use it. Maybe mine was just a fluke. Chipper ran great. Chipped Ash, Cedar, + green Locust with no problems. If u are a landowner like me, I don’t think u can find a better quality machine for the price. Thanks for an awesome product WoodMaxx! From 1 vet to another, thank u for your service + military support. May God keep blessing u!

  28. William Sweeting

    Just purchased this chipper and this thing is a beast!! Should have had one years ago. Assembly was strait forward and the overall quality is heavy duty.

  29. Patrick Amerson

    I researched several brands of wood chippers and chose the WoodMaxx for two major reasons; price and product claims. Assembly was pretty straight forward and I had no difficulty getting it together in a few hours. I was disappointed in the finish, running paint in spots and water bubbled under the paint around the weld joints of the feed roller assist lever. As long as it holds up, I?m more a function over fashion guy anyway. At first I was a little skeptical of the claim that it would chip pieces up to 5?, but I put it through the paces. With my 46 horse Kubota providing the horsepower the chipper chewed up everything I threw at it and performed marvelously. So far, I am extremely happy with its performance.

    Good points; performance/assembled with heavy duty materials / ease of assembly
    Bad points; paint finish

  30. Mike Rowe

    This chipper is great, easy assembly, hooked it up to my 30 HP New Holland and decided to clean up the downed limbs in the front yard. Just wow, it handled everything easily. The yard was clean in about a half hour and my wife is loving the mulch. She is now pointing out trees that can be sacrificed for more mulch. Thanks for a GREAT product!

  31. John Otruba

    I am so impressed with the quality of this unit. I did a ton of research before buying and this chipper has not let me down. My tractor is at the lower end of the acceptable pro horsepower range and it chewed a 5 inch Bradford pear beach like it was nothing! Absolutely elated!

  32. Dempsey Stover

    Received my chipper Friday afternoon. The shipping company was very easy to work with. When the truck showed up the driver pointed out the markings on the box for the no forks area. Assembly was very straight forward. I did rotate the in-feed bin bottom section as this keeps the bolt heads/nuts below the feed area and seems to work perfect. I used the machine for 3 or 4 hours Saturday and now have a big pile of wood chips. This is a great machine.

  33. John R Dollahan

    I have wanted this chipper for about 5 years and I finally made the purchase. I love the machine because it is safer than the one I previously owned, that chipper would almost pull you into the machine – this chipper feeds at 50 feet per minute. It is an excellent built machine and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a wood chipper.

  34. Roger Beernaert

    I do not normally leave product reviews. This machine exceeds expectations. I have had it for a little over a year. Have 50 hrs on the HR meter. The Chipper works great.I am powering it with 30 hp Ford tractor with no problems. Keep it clean ,sharp, and greased and it eats brush and trees like no tomorrow. The chipper produces piles of usable mulch. Great Product. Made right here at home by a Veteran. Great Job.

  35. Jesse Suess

    Spent a while looking at chippers online and decided to go with the 8M, the part availability and customer support definitely sold it for me. Couldn’t be happier, it and my Massey 1440 have handled everything I have shoved in it these first few hours. We have about 5 acres of neglected woods that we are wanting to clean up so it will get some great use this summer. The chickens love the size chips we get for bedding in the run, and we plan on using the rest for trails in the woods.

  36. Fred Barnabei

    Oddly my review is of the manufacturer not any product. I have ordered the WM 8M chipper. After considerable research and reading all manufacturer material…nobody explains their product better than WOODMAXX. it is like a brag sheet. MADE IN USA is very important to me and WOODMAXX is a very cost effective option.

    I am on the waiting list for a saw mill…and WILL wait as long as it takes as I believe that for the money and USA made label you will not find a better option. Each feature is carefully researched, engineering and explained. The attention to detail is amazing. Can’t wait to get my equipment. I anticipate the quality to be as good as this company.

  37. John Tretter

    They forgot to call the day before delivery, so my wife had to drive a trailer into town, otherwise the delivery went good. There is a centered lift point on the chipper so I was able to chain it to the tractor bucket to get it off trailer. Set up was no problem, also made sure all bolts on unit were tight. Did have to cut the PTO shaft, instructions included. Have about 6 hours on the machine it works amazingly good, chewed up anything that would fit. You do have to make sure it fits though and trim as needed. The feed locked up once and the drive belt started to slip, un-jammed and back to business no problem. My tractor is rated at 19.5 at PTO and does good, but will slow the engine if a very large section goes through, but you can control the feed speed with the lift lever and it will go through. We used the chips for ground cover in a raised bed garden and it looks great, also plan to mulch around some trees with the chips. Great machine, no more burn piles!

  38. Barton Crabtree

    I recently purchased the W8M PTO Wood Chipper, after reading up on all the chippers out there . It is all that they say it is and more. I went straight to the tough stuff. After adjusting the rpms I put a 4 inch rain soaked oak log into the machine it chipped it up like a hot knife through butter.The chips were much finer than I expected. Please keep in mind I am only using a 19 hp tractor. I really had doubts about spending that much money but I believe it is worth every penny! For what I am dealing with on my property and other needs this is a perfect fit. Excellent Machine thank you!

  39. James DiMarzio

    Received the chipper with only minor dents and scratches from shipping. Nothing that would effect operation. Took most of the machine apart and re-assembled it to familiarize myself with the components but mostly to check all hardware for tightness. All seemed good. After running the chipper for a few hours only a few bolts on the chute loosened. The only minor issue I’ve had with it is the drive belt for the manual feed keeps slipping . I’ve tried tightening up the belt but it still slips every so often. Gone through 3 belts so far I have chipped a ton of brush and am quite pleased with the unit. This is a great homeowner machine that is well built.

  40. Bruce

    I love my Woodmax!!! It is everything you said it would be and more!! Runs smooth, vibration free, chips good, and works very hard. I power mine with a 1952 ford 8N tractor–not a problem at all. It is a Great piece of equipment and well worth the money. I would recommend it to anyone. If someone wants to talk to me fine–always happy to give a recoomendation on a good piece of equipment. – Bruce

  41. Norman Moon

    First I would like to say that the machine and company personnel are great. The machine came wrapped and caged like nothing I had ever seen before. That alone told me they were proud of their product and would care about me as a customer.
    The machine is built heavy, runs easy and wood hungry.
    However, after using it for a while two things need attention.
    First, is the feed intake. It needs the bottom roller to be powered. With this correction would make this a top notch machine Right now I have problems feed dried sassafras and green maple. Both just set there and need to be pushed in. These are limbs that have broken off trees, 2?, 3?, 4? in size.
    Second, is adjustable legs, in order to keep the PTO level, I need to carry it on the 3 point. With adjustable legs, you can adjust each to your ground contour, each leg setting may be different. The overall machine is great and I am happy with the machine with the two exceptions noted and with the company personnel.

  42. Anonymous

    I was a little apprehensive ordering online. Shipment was fast. Assembly took a considerable amount of time and some things like the preassembled discharge chute and the gearbox/belt drive for the manual feeder drive had to be tightened as they weren’t torqued properly from the factory. I have over 7 hours on the machine and it works great so far.

  43. Ron Dozler

    After some time of assembly, we used it that day for several hours. For the price you can’t beat this machine, and USA made. Great Job.

  44. Eric M.

    Very impressed with the unit so far. Shipping and freight excellent. Easy assembly took about 3hrs fiddling around. Immediately tested the machine on a big brush pile of green and dry material. Took it all up to about 4.5” diameter. Initially started up at idle and stalled the engine. That 200lb flywheel is serious, needed 1600Rpm to get going.

    One issue I’m having at the moment is a rubber piece on the auger bar. Hoping to get a nEw piece shipped to me.

    Very happy customer so far with 3hrs on the machine.

  45. Norbert

    Bought the chipper 5 months ago and have used it extensively….mainly chipping cedar and oak. I use it on a 45hp tractor. The chipper takes even large branches with ease and spits out perfect chips. Great value for money. Some panels and the chute got damaged during transport but the service department did a great job in replacing all damaged parts without questions. I warmly recommend this product to anybody interested in a great quality chipper.

  46. Patrick Johnson

    I was a little worried when I ordered the machine and they sent a message that it would take 10 days to process the order, however they actually got it to me within 5 days. Delivery went flawlessly. Hooked it to my JD3032e and the thing runs like a beast. It never missed a beat. Everything that I asked of it, it did. All my apprehensions about buying it were relieved.

  47. Randee DeCristino

    Easy ordering and timely communication. Fast delivery and the Old Dominion driver was great, even offering to help me unload the crate from my pickup. Easy to put together and runs like a beast. Very impressed.

  48. Vic Lanini

    I received my chipper via Old Dominion Trucking and it arrived in very good condition. Using the angle iron shipping frame is an excellent method. I have assembled the machine and it looks like a real brute. I had watched the video on your website so I already knew pretty much how to assemble. The manual was also helpful for a picture review. Well made product with attention to detail as far as the welds etc. Looking forward to using it soon.

  49. Eric Pelzer

    Wow! What a beast. It took us about 3 hours to build but once completed it worked beyond our expectations.
    We chipped up trees around 7″ think and it didn’t flinch. Finally a high quality product and built to last! I highly recommend this attachment.

  50. Frank Zahradnik

    Picked up the crate at the shipping terminal and it was well packaged.
    Instructions are clear with good photos, very easy to follow.
    I shortened the PTO shaft and was chipping Mesquite and Oak with no issues.
    The tachometer is a very nice feature which helps dial in the optimal speed.
    Very pleased with the purchase.

  51. Dave Voth

    Picked up my WM-8M from the freight terminal with no problems. Next day after watching the installation video I finished the assembly and shortened the PTO shaft. In three hours I was chipping wood. Works great!

  52. Eric Kerns

    Everyone was nice and helpful through the ordering process and it arrived on time and looks Great.

  53. Adam Schettler

    I’ve only got a couple hours on the chipper but so far I love it. The feed rollers really grab and hold onto the material well. It’s not to much chipper for my little 30hp John Deere tractor.
    The only thing I’ve got to complain about is that it rattled a couple non-essential bolts loose after the first hour but that’s nothing a little loc-tite couldn’t fix.

  54. Stuart E Weaver

    I received my new unit about a month ago, well crated and protected. I spent about 2 hours uncrating, assembling, and checking for loose bolts, and shortening the pto shaft. The workmanship was impressive, to say the least! I have since put about 15 hours on the unit with no problems! On my Ford 1710 tractor it has performed perfectly on pine, white oak, and some softwood up to 6 inches! I did have an issue with vines, but it was operator error! I would not hesitate to buy another!

  55. PK

    Just received this beast and used it for a quick trial. Hooked it up to my 50hp tractor and starting feeding limbs up to 4″ in and so far no problems. It powered through forks in oak as if they were straight soft wood pieces. Once I put more time on the machine and ensure everything remains tight, I will get more adventurous and move up to larger pieces and see what happens.

  56. JC Ferguson

    The whole process was very smooth from the phone call to our chipper showing up on the truck. We have put about 16 hours so far and plan on putting many more. The chips we use to keep weeds down from around our larger trees. We have found out that some of the forked limbs need to be cut so they go through the feed better. All in all we are very pleased with our purchase.

  57. Kevin J

    Purchased this in May 2018 and love it. Arrived well crated with no issues. Thankfully I went thru entire machine to ensure everything was tight as recommended and was glad I did, there were some bolts that were loose but not a big deal and it helps to get familiar with machine. I have a 24 HP tractor and it eats everything I put through it so far, but I burn anything 4 inches and larger anyway. I wish I came across this unit years ago it really saves time and the chips are usefull, I will never burn brush and small limbs again

  58. Santiam Canyon, Oregon

    I am very pleased with this unit. It was delivered in June 2018, packaged well & delivery went smooth. The lift lever broke soon after it was first used and WoodMaxx sent a replacement under warranty. Currently have approximately 15 hours of use and am very pleased and recommend this product. I have had a couple of jams caused by large forks in limbs but if the forks are trimmed off the problem is eliminated.

  59. Steven Kovac

    and so does my neighbor… I finally got to really put it to work after purchasing 4 months ago and only light use until lately. New neighbor moved in and began to clear years of growth that overtook his pasture fencing so I offered him the use of my tractor and chipper as well as my back to help get rid of the accumulated piles of felled trees and saplings. Really impressed both of us with the amount of work we were able to get done in a short time and feeding anything from twigs to 5-6 inch branches and small trees with ease. My tractor is a small Branson 2400 rated at 24 hp but it never slowed or complained throughout, I think the inertia of that heavy flywheel really pays off. Looking forward to years of use and no more PITA brush piles to burn

  60. Duane Tipper

    Just what I was expecting! Awesome wood chipper, really well built! Only bad is it took longer to get than expected, but well worth the wait.

  61. Michael E.

    Wow. Every step of the process was a wow. The web site is clear and easy to follow with TONS of information and videos. Ordering was easy. Product shipped in the estimated time frame, regardless of the blizzard impacting upstate New York. My chipper arrived unscathed in a metal frame designed to survive a meteor strike. Not a scratch was found. Directions on assembly were clear and the machine operates AWESOME! My wife yelled at me for trimming trees just to chips them up. Best value and best constructed machine around. LOVE IT!

  62. LK Milich

    Great product. Prompt delivery. Thanks for the great packing. Steel was bent but no issues with the chipper. Works with ease, quiet and stable. Does a champ of a job without putting strain on the old tractor. Couldn’t ask for a better product at the price. I’m very pleased, Thanks, LKM

  63. Alan Bahr

    Chipper arrived quickly, with no damage. Had it assembled in less than three hours. After some very helpful advice from the service department regarding the PTO shaft, it was up and running, and chipping just like the video shows! Very satisfied with the quality and performance.

  64. Todd Sehr

    Smooth delivery. Customer service was prompt and helpful. Using for acreage clean up seems to do a really good job of chipping branches.

  65. Anonymous

    My brother and I purchased this approximately 3years ago and have had only 1 problem thus far, the emergency stop cable has pulled loose from its crimped fitting attached the adjustable eye/link. We have only had 1 jamb thus far due to a piece of brush/limb getting lodged between the feed roller and the cut out on the left side which caused the feed belt to burn a little thus causing the use of the emergency stop bar at which point the cable pulled loose as outlined above. LUCKILY this was not an instance of personal need for the user. All in all I rate Woodmaxx equipment and Staff as a 10!! You will not be disappointed in your purchase and these folks always answer the phone and e-mails. Great American company! Thank you!
    M. Klema

  66. Steve Sanders

    Great chipper! I hooked it up to a 30 horsepower PTO and was chipping up to 6″ limbs. Cleaned the property in no time. Very pleased.

  67. william wright

    it has been better then i thought it would be easy to load on tractor easy to use and make clean up a breeze

  68. Trent

    Well packaged for shipping, assembly instructions simple and straight forward. This is my first large chipper, so far it is everything claimed, the auto feed is great for limbs, you can let it eat that one while you get another one! Very happy with performance.

    I have had time to use this chipper for mixed species clean-up, soft and hardwoods. Continues to preform great, excellent decision on My part… Thanks for a great machine! Trent

  69. H. Carlow Jr.

    My experience with Wood Max has been excellent, during and after the sale.The 8M is a great machine and very easy to set up and get running. It did take me a little longer to set up and double check everything than mentioned, but at 74 I am a little slow. I was able to do it on my own without any problems. I was very impressed on how everything lined up during the process of putting it together. I have 11 hrs. on it thus far and I can say it is a very rugged chipper, well designed and functional. I have put both hard and soft wood through it usually up to 6 inches without any hesitation on the chipper. I did have a jam which was my fault as the piece of wood was almost to the limit on size and had a nub sticking out just a little to far. I have replaced the 5 inch eye bolts for 7 inch ones so I could back off the tension on the feed roller making it very easy to clear any future jam. I am very pleased with the 8M for my personal use on my wood lot.

  70. Lloyd Latham


  71. Brian

    I’m completely pleased with the chipper I ordered from WoodMaxx. They were very easy to work with when ordering it and answered all of my questions clearly. The chipper arrived on time and I was able to finish assembling it within a few hours (probably an extra set of hands would have cut this time in half).

    If you are considering getting the 8H vs. the 8M, I only had one instance where I thought the 8H might have been handy. I was running a full 8″ diameter seasoned, hardwood log through the chipper and it did make the PTO cut through the shear bolt. I didn’t try a second time but I thought it would have been a good moment to be able to control the speed of the intake. What I have read from most people is that they cut up wood that size for firewood anyway.

    On the first day, this machine chipped for about 8 hours and other than my one shear bolt, nothing else went wrong.

    Highly recommended!

  72. Rick Van Leeuwen

    Now this is the tool you need if you have a tractor with 3 point hitch and trees. Started limbing Ponderosa Pines and got carried away. Looked behind me and piles and piles of wood. Got a WM-8M and turned it all into wonderful piles of wood chips. Even ran a full 8″ downed dead sapling into the in-feed bin. The roller grabbed it and it gobbled up all 20 feet of it with ease. Wonderful machine. Strong, substantial components. Took about 2.5-3 hours to assemble just like the very clear and well written instructions in the fully illustrated color owners manual said. Couldn’t be happier. Now I’m going out to wash and wax it before I start limbing again!

  73. FRANK N

    My WM-8M was shipped from your warehouse late Friday afternoon, Sept. 16th, 2016. I accepted the delivery today, Tuesday Sept. 20th, 2016 in perfect shipping condition. Very quick shipment from norther NY to southern TX. I am anxious to now assemble the machine and get some chipping done. Thanks for the efforts and quick delivery.

  74. Mark

    Used the chipper for the first time today. I was very impressed, I have a JD 4300 32 hp and the chipper handled what ever I put in it. Thanks for a great machine.

  75. Pete

    Your chipper performs better than expected! I have used (another brand’s) chipper in the past – this machine out does it by 3 times! I have chipped some pretty big limbs (and) it just eats them up. This chipper is the best I’ve ever used. If you ever need a good refferal for someone thinking about buying one – I’d be more than happy…

  76. Lawrence S.

    The experience with the purchase and use of the WoodMaxx Wood Chipper has been one of the most unusual and pleasing equipment purchases I have ever made. I discovered WoodMaxx via a search of the web for wood chippers. After reading numerous manufacturers’ literature, I was quite impressed with the information Woodmaxx provided. Although I had not heard of WoodMaxx prior, the product seemed to fit my requirements and I was influenced by the fact that it was manufactured in upstate New York and close to New England. I placed the order over the phone using a credit card, and I was advised that it could be shipped the next day!! Within a matter of a few days, the Chipper arrived and was unloaded into the bay of my barn. I was extremely impressed with the “packaging” of the chipper in a steel-frame “shipping crate”, complete with a very detailed – easy to understand set of instructions with a DVD for “unwrapping” and assembling. While I can’t say that I was able to meet the stated estimate of time for assembly, I was very able to complete the task single-handedly with minimal effort.

    Operation of the Chipper has met all of my expectations. Attachment to my Kubota utility tractor and set-up in the field is simple, and the supporting frame provides a rigid base for operation. I am extremely pleased with the efficiency of entire process of order, purchase, and delivery of the Chipper; and the assembly and operation of the Chipper has been a good as I could have ever expected. That being said, I cannot say that I have “enjoyed” using my WoodMaxx Wood Chipper – only because there’s too much work involved!!

  77. Anthony

    Although I reside in CT, our family owns a piece of property in upstate New York where this chipper has been put to good use. Assembly of the machine only took a few hours, directions/parts were all correct and easy to follow. Have been amazed at what this chipper can handle. I have been clearing land for habitat restoration and the chipper has worked flawlessly. I own two tractors, a 20 horse power and a 28 horse power, chipper works equally well on both machines. I had been in the market for a chipper for years and was always concerned about prices being out of my range. The WoodMaxx chipper is priced right and I could not be happier. An extremely well built machine. I would strongly recommend this machine for anyone who owns a tractor and is looking for a high quality chipper. Family and I are so happy with the chipper we are now in the process of purchasing the woodmaxx SB 60 snow blower. Thanks Woodmaxx

  78. James Brown

    Delivery was on time just like they said, and was in great shape. They spend a lot of time and money on wrapping. After a couple hours of putting it together, I backed chipper out to pile of brush. All I can say is wow. Needless to say brush pile is gone in no time. This machine is a beast wish I had bought it years ago.

  79. Gary

    Guys, after many phone calls and asking questions, you finally convinced me this was a piece of machinery I needed, I ordered a WM-8M chipper… It arrived one day early. It took about 2 hours to assemble the unit. I have it mounted on a 30 hp tractor. I did a trial run and everything ran as it should. The real test was chipping. This machine has excelled in everything I expected. If you can get an end of a branch into the hopper the feeder takes care of it from there. I have taken green pine trees with a 4 inch stump and fed them through. The real plus is the mulch we have started to line the path to the lake with wood chips. The pine fills the air with fresh pine scent. After about 4 hours of running, I tightened the feeder belt and did a bolt check and an additional grease job.. no loose bolts and every thing seems to be running fine. Thanks for sending me a quality piece of equipment.

  80. Jim G

    Just sending some feedback on the WM-8M I recently received. I’ve worked with it for about 4 hrs. now and it has performed as advertised. I’ve chipped 4″ limbs, vines and it’s done the job actually better than I expected. I am very impressed with the quality of construction. For the cost of this chipper you can’t go wrong. Other chippers this size I priced are much more expensive. I will be contacting (WoodMaxx) in the future for other equipment purchases. Thanks for a great product.

  81. Gregory Babst

    I have used my Woodmaxx 8M about a week now and what a surprise. Even after reading all the great reviews, I couldn’t believe how nice this machine really is. I have the John Deere 770, which isn’t a big tractor by any means, but powers the 8M through 4″ Hedgeapple and Locust branches without a hitch. That’s about as big of branches as I will put through my machine, I burn Firewood and anything over 4″ goes in the stove. Last but not least, I would like to say that the WOODMAXX Website is one of the best and most informative I’ve ever been on and the Sales and Parts People at WOODMAXX are the best, hands down.

  82. Jim G.

    Just sending some feedback on the WM-8M I recently received. I’ve worked with it for about 4 hrs. now and it has performed as advertised. I’ve chipped 4″ limbs, vines and it’s done the job actually better than I expected. I am very impressed with the quality of construction. For the cost of this chipper you can’t go wrong. Other chippers this size I priced are much more expensive. …I will be contacting (WoodMaxx) in the future for other equipment purchases. Thanks for a great product.

  83. Skip S.

    The WoodMaxx Chipper has been pretty remarkable. I ordered it late (in the year), and it arrived in less than week, I think. Assembly was pretty straight-forward and it’s a rugged machine. My sons, grandsons and I have chipped all the usual yard and tree trimmings from our 30 acres and three adjoining homesites. The first day we used it, in about 4 hours we chipped the entire fall’s trimmings into a huge pile of fine mulch. My oldest son said “this is a great Christmas present” (although it wasn’t).

    One of our neighbors had a huge brush-pile, probably 10′ tall and 30′ around he was planning to burn when conditions were right. One son offered to chip it for him, and took care of it by himself in about half a day.
    It’s a nice piece of equipment, which works better than we hoped. It’s allowed us to clean up low-hanging limbs in much of our hilly pastured areas, making access much simpler and without burning. We have broken only one shear pin, and that wasn’t from load but misalignment… One of our best equipment investments in a long time.

  84. D. Hauff

    I just put my new wm-8m chipper to work a couple weeks ago. What an amazing Machine. Stick a 15ft long 3in elm branch with all the limbs and leaves in the feeder chute and walk away to get another branch. I haven’t fed anything over 4in in but that’s firewood. Amazing what it does with hard dry hard wood branches. I definitely made the right choice. Very good value. I was actually the same cost as used pto choppers in this area without a feeder or blower chute. I love it

  85. D. ZUMACH

    I have a PTO chipper that I?ve used since the 90s I thought I was in tall cotton all these years until today. I used to need help whenever it was time to chip limbs from our 5 acres.I would have to babysit the chipper while someone brought the limbs to me. WM-8M works almost faster than I can feed it. It would have taken me all day to go through the same amount of brush with my existing chipper. I can feed in multiple limbs depending on their size, and just walk away and get more. So much better than dealing with gravity fed machines. The previous machine would drop the mulch on the ground just below the chipper and I would have to take a limb and disperse it to make room for more. Not an issue with the WM-8M. Set the direction of the chute and keep working. It?s amazing to see what a large pile of brush can be condensed to after being run through the WM-8M. I am so glad that I found WoodMaxx and would recommend to anyone.I doubt if there is a better value to be had for a wood chipper.


    Machinery is an investment, and what you get with WOODMAXX is money well spent. I researched many wood chippers online and drove 80 miles to do a hands on inspection on a competitors model. There was no comparison to the specs on the WM-8M which I purchased. Thinner materials and design problems steered me away from brand X.
    I have rental property with lots of trees, so trimming branches is an ongoing job. Having rented chippers in the past, I decided to buy one this year(2015) and chose the WM-8M based on specs and design features. The first use of the chipper powered by a 19.5 pto horsepower Ford 1510, included oak, dogwood ,maple, cedar, and pine branches from one and a half to four inches in diameter. NO PROBLEM!!!!
    If you want a machine that is durable, well designed, has a powerful infeed roller system, NO VIBRATION!!! and operator friendly, you can’t go wrong with WOODMAXX!!

  87. William Struble

    My neighbor and I cleared the fence line between his woods and my hay fields. Once we had the logs out we chipped up all the remaining tree branches for mulch. I ended up with over 3 trailer loads of finely chipped mulch. It all went off without a hitch. In fact, so well that I took the chipper over to the same neighbor and , after we trimmed his pear trees and cut down a Maple tree, we chipped up his branches. He was as impressed as I am.

    The chipper has done a tremendous job and I have a lot more for it to do. Now, if I could only figure out how to chip thorn apple trees without getting poked by the thorns.

  88. Franklin Canada

    First, let me say that the machine is wonderful. It does everything we expected and more. And it arrived in perfect condition, thanks to the best crate I’ve ever seen.

    We cut down several trees near our house to reduce the shade in our garden area. We cut up the trees into fire wood. And all of the small limbs we fed into the chipper. When it was over we had approximately half a dump truck load of chips. And that we used as mulch around our fruit and nut trees, which saved us a lot of money, not having to purchase expensive commercial mulch.

    Having previously owned another brand of chipper, I can say without reservation that WoodMaxx is tops! We could not be more pleased with our purchase.

    Thanks for a top quality chipper. And thanks for the best crating I’ve ever seen.

  89. D Dickinson

    What a machine! Had a few weeks now, and it has exceeded my expectations. Took it off the truck with my tractor bucket and chains.-very well packaged for shipping. About 3hours too unpack and assemble, a 2nd set of hands is a big help. It made short work of all the brush piles I had around. The TC 33 tractor hardly knows it’s there. My son can’t wait to get it in the woods for his wood lot harvesting. Thank you WoodMaxx for a great product at reasonable price.

  90. Robert Benny

    We are VERY pleased with the (WM-8M) chipper. Delivery was fast and painless. Set up was fairly easy. Hooking up and unhooking from our 33 hp tractor is a cinch. We have cleared out about 500 feet of overgrown hedge on one of our acreages. We (my wife Ruth and I) cut most of it down last fall. We were able to chip about 50 feet of it before winter set in and stopped us. We chipped the rest this spring in about three medium sized days. I now have the unit back home, have serviced it and found no problems. I’m not a big fan of recommending things to others, but believe I can truly say this is a quality item.

  91. Robert Moore

    Late last year as a Christmas gift, my Mother bought for me one of the WM-8M chippers. An amazingly nice gift, but then again, I “hold her grandson hostage” and she gets first right of refusal for mulch. Anyway, she said it would be the last big Christmas gift I would get from her. And that’s alright because this thing is awesome.

    It arrived as scheduled and remaining assembly was easy. I’ve already made significant headway in clearing a lot of underbrush and good-sized hardwoods. I have named it “The Mediator”. Stuff you might struggle with goes in one end. But after a quick session with The Mediator, no struggles come out of that chute!

  92. David VanSloun

    My wife and I finally had the chance to use our WoodMaxx Chipper after a long Minnesota winter. We had to remove 2 very impressive cottonwood trees. After cutting what we wanted for firewood the WoodMax was put to work … I have to say I was impressed. v. The WoodMax has moved to the top of the list as our favorite implement, well worth every penny.

    I am a retired engineer so I am always looking for ways to make things better … Only one suggestion for the WoodMaxx … Use grade 8 washers on the cutoff tool steal plate so they do not deform and the block comes loose. I have never had only one suggestion. Good design, well done!

  93. John Vivenzo

    We are extremely pleased with the WoodMaxx Wood Chipper that we purchased. The quality and customer support is OUTSTANDING! The Chipper itself has performed beyond our expectations. Lastly, the packaging that the unit came in was by far the best that we have ever received in an implement and we have purchase multiple implements for our tractor. We will look to WoodMaxx for all of our future needs.

  94. William Witter

    Wow what a chipper. I was looking for a used machine to use around the property and happend by the WoodMaxx web site. The price was very reasonable and ordering was a snap. The machine was shipped and arrived in the best packaging I have ever seen (metal crate!!) It took a couple hours to assemble but the instructions we informative. As soon as we had it together we went to work on a pile of brush. in no time the pile was gone and it was then I knew this was a great machine.

  95. John Gerrits

    I purchased my new WoodMax chipper 6 months ago and have probably put at least 40 hours on it. I am very pleased with the performance of the unit. I believe it has great value as compared to other units I looked into.The ordering experience went very smoothly and I had my new chipper delivered Free of charge all the way to Nova Scotia. Oh and a great website. The videos gave a clear indication of what each unit was capable of.

  96. David Walker

    In making a decision to purchase a WoodMaxx Wood Chipper, I researched several brands, sizes and configurations of wood chippers (i.e. motorized, PTO, 4-16 inch material capacity, trailer mounted, 3 point hitch attachments, etc.) in all ranges of costs. In the end, the on-line videos of the WoodMaxx product in action and particularly the detailed view of all the specs and the set up instructions were the most helpful in making a final decision. I appreciated being able to see the sturdiness of the working parts in order to evaluate the durability and performance in the field. Once I decided on the particular machine (i.e. it was the best value for the money). The online ordering was easy, the follow-up on the shipping and delivery was timely and everything arrived in good shape and as ordered. The actual setup and functioning of the machine was nearly identical to the tutorial video and, to date, the chipper is performing just as good as advertised.

  97. Ronald Overly

    I have enjoyed using my WoodMaxx WM-8M wood chipper. It has worked just fine without any problems. It has done a great job and I would recommend one to anyone!


    I have used my WoodMaxx Chipper for several months now and I have found it to be everything that it was advertised it to be. I like everything about the WoodMaxx 8M and it has performed flawlessly. I highly recommend it for the quality of material and workmanship. Also, everyone whom I have dealt with at WoodMaxx was very friendly and helpful. An excellent product! Keep up the good work!

  99. Darrin Wear

    After researching chippers for 6 months or so I decided to purchase WoodMaxx 8″ PTO Chipper. Over the past few months I have worked this machine and it has never failed to do its job. Overall it was easy to put together with the great instructions provided. I would recommend this to anyone who is in search of a great machine with a great price. The staff was great, meeting all my expectations and concerns that I had. Shipping was quick! I am using it with a Mitsubishi MT4201D. No gamble with this, its a great buy!

  100. Timothy Robertson SR

    The WoodMaxx Wood Chipper is a great piece of equipment. We have 35 acres in the Texas Hill country and are using the WoodMaxx chipper for chipping up several acres of mountain cedars that have grown up in what was once a hay field. The cedars range from ?? diameter to 4-1/2? diameter and we have had no issues with the chipper. We have also used the chipper to chip up to 1-1/2? oak trimmings with no issue. Purchasing the chipper was very easy and came within a few days of the order. The videos on the website were a large part of why we went with the WoodMaxx Chipper. The chipper was very well packed with a steel framed crate. The unit was very easy to assemble in a couple of hours with two people. Overall the purchase price was cheaper than a couple weekend rentals of chippers. We are very pleased with our decision to purchase this unit and would recommend to anyone looking for a quality chipper.

  101. Millard Smith

    I’ve been greatly impressed thus far! Still have lots of work to do with it. The feed is very aggressive so it’s important to engage large limbs & get out of the way ’cause it eats ’em up & spits ’em out with no delay. It handles the large diam. limbs w/out problems. I’ve witnessed the need to insure that there are no limbs sticking out the side of the trunk that prevents fairly straight in feeding, but this comes with experience & was mentioned in the info given early on. So, there have been no surprises. The only simi-problem has been with the shear bolts. I broke 2 before I got more cautious in engaging the PTO too quickly. Slowly doing so has made this a non-issue. I made a very good selection in the WoodMaxx machine. If I had to make it again my choice would be the same. It is a quality machine, easy to use & at a comparable good price to others on the market. The company was also very customer friendly, anxious to answer all my questions and concerns. I asked a lot of questions.

  102. D Cook

    We bought this chipper December of last year, but had not used it much till about a week ago. I am in the process of felling and or trimming several pine and oak trees around the house. This machine with the 8″ opening and mechanical feed is doing a great job for me behind my John Deere 870.
    Your company is a pleasure to deal with, and the price is more than reasonable for such a good machine that performs as advertised.

  103. Michael dunsmuir

    Dear Woodmaxx,

    Just wanted to let you know that your chipper ran for 4 days about 20 hours total to clean up from the recent ice storm. We had hundreds of downed tree limbs and snapped pines. When I first started it looked impossible to clean up from such a disaster, but it’s about 90 percent done and the chipper worked flawlessly! Your Woodmaxx chipper is a fine machine, thank you for making it. Best money I’ve ever spent!

  104. Robert Barker

    Recently WM8M chipper. Totally impressed. Shipped on time and easy to put together. Used it today for 8 hours and could not believe how well it is made. Pleasure doing business with you,

  105. Ken C.

    I did a lot of research on the net for a PTO chipper and there are several choices out there. I kept coming back to this Woodmaxx with the mechanical drive feed. The things that set this chipper at the top of my shopping list were the larger diameter feed roller, the 3 point hitch design and the double edged knives. I am using our chipper on a John Deere 1070 tractor with rated 35 H.P. at the PTO and so far, it seems a good match for this chipper. My wife and I have used it about 5 hours now and we are both impressed with how well it chips. Amanda at Woodmaxx has been very helpful and the customer service there is top notch. Bottom line is if you are looking for a chipper in this size, then I recommend Woodmaxx…you won’t be disappointed.

  106. John Harch

    I researched a number of chippers online, but was impressed by the amount of information available in the Woodmaxx videos, as well as the help I got from calling in directly. The chipper is very heavy-duty and has handled everything I have thrown at it. The roller feed is great because I can start a branch or tree and then go get more material while it’s feeding. The 200 lb. flywheel grinds anything. The roller can get jammed if you stuff too much in at once, so I’ve learned how to avoid jams. I had trouble getting the quick hitch to fit my tractor, but I think I can solve the problem by adjusting a few things or with a longer PTO shaft. I like this chipper so much that I have just ordered a Woodmaxx snowblower. This is just a great product.

  107. Jim Kirk

    This chipper has worked better than I had expected. I would recommend this to anyone who is thinking of buying a PTO chipper. In the future, because of the weight of this machine, I will have to make a self-supporting frame (I have it on an 8N). For now, the setup that I have should getter done. As far as power the chipper works great.

    Did I mention this chipper is awesome?
    One proud owner,

  108. Bill Haegar

    I have a small tree farm and have been using my WoodMaxx regularly for the past 4 months. It does a great job. I am impressed with both the quality of the engineering and construction. The WoodMaxx stands head and shoulders above its competition.

  109. Jonathan DeKock

    I have owned the WM-8M Chipper about two weeks, attached to a 33 HP tractor, and couldn’t be happier. The strong shipping container protected the unit in shipment so it arrived in perfect condition with all its parts and was easily assembled and setup in under two hours. The machine does very well chipping up pine branches up to 8″ in diameter. Pine logs over 6″ or hardwood over 4″ bog down the tractor a bit, but that is easily managed with the clutch to slow down the feed rate. The chips it produces are nice and small and can be used as a mulch. It does green wood just as well as the brush pile that has been drying for a year. The self feeding mechanism is excellent letting a single operator get the next branch while the current branch feeds itself through. The high discharge is great for chipping into a trailer. This is one of the best designed attachments I have purchased for the tractor. Highly recommended.

  110. Tim & Terry

    My wife and I have a small farm in upstate NY. We were in the market to either rent a brush chipper or buy a pto driven one. I have been in the construction field for over 30 years and have run and worked on alot of the major brands of chippers.After researching pto driven models, we decided to invest in the woodmax wm-8m. After purchasing the unit last fall we put it right to work. We currently have over 200 hours on it without any mechanical failures. We have cleared a large section of land and have 50 + yards of chips to show for it. The power feed to this unit is what sets it apart from others on the market. Our most impressive test was when we cut a spruce tree about 30 foot high and 6 inches at the bottom,shoved the butt in and the machine drew the whole tree in,limbs and all. The machine was well worth the money. Thanks Woodmax for making a quality product.

  111. David Keeton


  112. Bob9808

    I had previously owned a Liberty Chipper with which I had some issues; feed roller assist, emergency STOP lever, and non- rotating chip discharge chute. I purchased the WoodMax WM-8M chipper and the first thing you notice is the quality of the parts. I assembled the chipper as per instructions with very little “minor” tweaking involved. We fired up the “Hoss” and in one day cleared enough downed trees resulting in a couple of cords of camp fire wood and several large piles of chips. We separate the chip piles as the wife uses the cedar tree chips around her flower garden. The rest of the chips I use to floor our walking trails thru our 40 acre forest. I recommend this chipper to anyone who has a 3 pt tractor. It takes about 3 minutes to attach or detach from the tractor. Good piece of equipment for the money. Thanks, Bob

  113. Steve

    Terrific PTO chipper and you won’t find better customer service along with product backing anywhere. I bought a mechanical auto-feed chipper for a small arborist business in the Seattle area, this chipper has served me extremely well. Feed it wood and this chipper spits out the greatest chips you’ve ever seen. I’ve had a few smaller issues with the chipper, but with a quick call, parts have been at my doorstep overnight to keep me operating, no questions asked. Great machine, easy to operate, maintain, and change knives. I wouldn’t even consider a competitors model. Why choose a chipper with a 75-150 lb. flywheel? Wood Maxx has a 200 lb. duh! Where else to competitors skimp on quality moving parts…? Thanks so much Wood Maxx!!

  114. Cathy Lester

    I bought a Woodmaxx chipper in January 2013. I was most impressed with the service offered. There was an issue with the delivery which was QUICKLY resolved.

    The chipper works great in my orchard. I wanted to make mulch with the prunings instead of burning them. I am delighted with the results. The chipper is easy to use – my Kubota L3400 has no problem running it. It takes large limbs if I trim off side shoots that are not flexible. I like the way it loads from the back.

    I recommend the Woodmaxx chipper as an excellent way to keep a neater orchard!

  115. Michael Nichols

    I am very satisfied with the purchase of my Woodmaxx 8M mechanical chipper. Woodmaxx is a great company to work with and very fast shipping (two days to North Carolina). Assembly took about two hours and the instructions were very clear. In the first week we were able to chip up three large brush piles (three small dump truck loads) with no shear pin breakage or clogging. Chipper is connected to a 2006 Mahindra 3215 (26 PTO hp). Chipper is able to chip all kinds of wood to four inches with no problem and five inch pine without bogging down. More PTO horse power will correct that issue and allow the full use of the chipper. Then again anything over 4 inches is firewood to me. Chipper is a beast. So glad I went with Woodmaxx. It is the best chipper that I have found for the price and is probably the heaviest. Just did the ten hour PM per the manual and servicing is very easy.
    Only one problem, it is hard to keep up with feeding it if you are working by yourself.


    Really like my woodmax chipper! It is easy to operate and after using it for over a year now I have had no problems. The chips are a nice size to use as mulch around trees and plants, and have also used the chips in my smoker. Thank you woodmax for a great product!

  117. Larry Boehme

    We got the Woodmaxx chipper together without difficulty. We are running it off a Farmall 706 & it is really smooth. We encountered no abnormal vibration & the chips were of expected size & consistency. We were more than pleased with the excellent packing & detailed assembly instructions. We have no complaints. Thanks for everything – we are pleased.

  118. John Eaton

    I began looking for a wood chipper at my local tractor and farm supply stores the machines that I was shown were for the most part in catalogues and pricing in at around $4,000. To $6,000. So I thought if I am going to purchase from a catalogue by looking at pictures I may as well look on line, well your Wood Max chipper was not the first one I viewed however I kept coming back to your website comparing engineering designs, overall machine weight, serviceability design and the amount and accessibility of grease fittings . Well with some skepticism I pulled the trigger and ordered your chipper on line thru E-Bay and when it arrived I was impressed with what I saw. It took me about three hours to assemble the machine, I couldn?t wait to start chipping some wood. I am very impressed with the performance of this 8? chipper and at about half the price I was expecting to pay for a lesser machine you can count on me for a great endorsement.

  119. Mike

    I began researching chippers that would be able to clear heavily wooded and rugged terrain. I decided on WoodMaxx foremost because of the outstanding customer service communication. I was in the military for 25 years and my career field was structured on good customer service. When the chipper was delivered, the carrier went that extra effort to deliver it on a dead end road. With the help of the friend we had the chipper fully assembled in a few hours. I have never used a chipper and have learned that this WoodMaxx chipper is well put together and chips wood as fast as you can put the wood to it. The chipper and my 38 HP Bota does not hesitate to chip anything 8? or less. I am quite confident that I will get many years of use out of my chipper with the right maintenance and up keep on it which will be minimal. This review was done by a former military person that believes in writing good reviews when warranted.


    I have the WoodMaxx 8M mechanical. A close friend of mine has another brand over $500 more and close to 500 lbs lighter. He does not have the mechanical feed which is great. And his machine can only except 4″ material. I power this unit with a New Holland Boomer 33 HP. We recently experienced Sandy on the east coast. I lost close to 20 trees. The WoodMaxx ran for 3 day 7 hour shifts. We produced chips for the gardens as well to help the mulch pile. It really beats burning branches as well as recycling and going green. anyone out there can contact me by e-mail and I would be happy to answer any questions. It is the best chipper for the price, as well as the heaviest. Trust me I’m not getting paid to say this I have pictures, and this is a great product. Also the people at Wood Maxx or just great to work with , which is half the battle.

  121. Sue E.

    I have put 12 hours on my WoodMaxx and it does a great job chipping branches I am required trim for fire protection. The chipper easily handles 4″ oak and manzanita branches I put in it. The setup was a little more difficult that I thought it would be. I had an extension welded to the top of the chipper, but once that was done, I followed the PTO instructions and it worked great. One reason I chose WoodMaxx was the great reviews on customer service. I paid for the lift gate service to my property. The shipper claimed they could not drive up my road and had to meet me at WalMart, which left me with the machine on my pickup. I wrote WoodMaxx an email to express my dissatisfaction about the shipping arrangements, and I received a call the next day and the folks at WoodMaxx not only reimbursed me for the $50 lift gate fee but refunded me enough to pay someone to come up and remove the chipper from the back of my truck. Thanks WoodMaxx!

  122. william whitmore

    When I assembled my WoodMaxx chipper, it went together slick as a whistle! After it was assembled I ran it through some test runs to make sure everything worked properly. The cable that disconnects the feed drive pulled apart. I called WoodMaxx and I had a new one the next day. That is the best service I have ever had on any equipment. The next day I was ready for the big run chipping up the brush in my big pile. It went slowly due to me. I was so fascinated by how easily the chipper worked I would find myself standing there watching it work instead of getting the next piece ready to feed in. When the newness wears off things will go faster. I am extremely pleased with my WoodMaxx chipper and would highly recommend it. It is well made and does a remarkable job.


    I am an engineer, and I hate making hasty decisions on purchases. I looked at all of the options out there and decided the WoodMaxx 8″ would meet my needs with the best value. It looked to have the best quality of the choices from China. I love that there was stateside upgrades by WoodMaxx. It so long to finally make up my mind, I was behind in getting it delivered from NY to MT within 7 days before I had to leave. I called Amanda and she assured me that it could be done in that time-frame. It was sitting on my site by the end of the week, as promised! The crate was awesome, the workmanship of the unit is top-notch as I expected. I run things hard to try and break them within the warranty period – and I don’t expect to have to give Amanda a call any time soon. Great customer service, great price, great product. Way to go WoodMaxx – and thanks for making an orange model to match my Kubota. Keeps the OCD side of me very happy.

  124. Alan Emory

    I ordered the 8? Manual Feed woodchipper, and had within 10 days after ordering. The shipping crate was well designed, and held up to transport very well. It took about an hour to put it together (basically just the unpacking and assembling the feed chute) and was up and running. It?s very well designed and nicely built and I have spent many hours chipping up massive piles of brush and limbs. It makes short work of limbs up to around 4 inches, and makes great mulch for around my trees and house. I run it behind a 25HP diesel tractor, and never once felt like it couldn?t handle what I threw into it. All in all a great value and a great product, and cheaper than renting one. Thank you WoodMaxx!

  125. Richard Hull

    Thanks again for the WoodMaxx chipper. I works and performs as advertised. I just chipped all my tree limbs I collected over the past 2 months in just over 2 hours. This is from 3 acres of my property and I plan to chip the remaining 3 acres of limbs soon. The chipper never tires from work like I do.
    Thanks again:

  126. Art

    Bought the chipper for a large tree clearing project. I’m very happy with the performance.

    The instruction manual is very comprehensive. The Initial assembly was a little tricky & took longer than expected, however the WoodMaxx team provided excellent phone support, and once the unit was together I had no further issues.

    Handles large fresh & old branches alike. Easily digests the branch, leaves and all.

    The mulch produced is good quality for general use. I used it to bed a good portion of my chicken run, and the chickens were very happy with the leaves and bugs and other treats that they found as they scratched around.

    Looking forward to using this hard working implement for years to come.

  127. Marvin Wusthoff

    I received the part I ordered today which was very quick turn around(discharge chute damaged when I ran it into the barn door opening?oops ), I want to thank you and your staff on the professional and responsive way I have been treated throughout the whole process of ordering and delivering the chipper. I have used the chipper some and find that it works very well. Thanks for everything.

    From MI

  128. Patti

    We cleared a large area of forest behind our house and planned on renting but the company we rent from went out of business! We decided it was time to buy our own. It came in a nice metal shipping crate, the transport company used forklifts even though the stickers say NOT TOO. It has cleaned up the yard fairly quickly even though we have gone through shear bolts! Half our fault, half due to clogging. I was shutting it down taking a break, coming back to do more work turning it on, “SNAP”. My husband is very quick at changing these bolts now. It doesn’t like fresh “moose wood” (similar to bamboo) or fresh leaves, is what we have found. It would clog and we would have to take it apart and dig it all out, start over. Taking that wood out and paying attention to keeping the seat forward on the tractor, it’s worked much better. I still hold my breath when I turn it on, I’m on number 4 shear bolt………….the mulch is great I use it all over the garden and for my garden paths.

  129. robert cobb

    It turns a mess into nothing! Works better than I thought. Just hook it up, and go. I throw my chainsaw and cutters in the bucket of my tractor, and then head off to fence rows, or clean-up area. I added a taller base to align my PTO with the chipper. Highly recommend.

  130. Robert Diehl

    The woodmaxx 8″ worked great cleaning up after early snow storm.

  131. Lewis Starkey

    I looked at several other chippers before I bought a Woodmaxx. The thing that sold me on it was the three bearings on the main shaft. I also like the idea of the blades being machined into the flywheel. After changing the blades I think the panels to access them is a must dont buy a chipper without it ! Shipping was super fast 22 hours after ordering it was being unloaded off the truck. I have used mine several hours know I’m well pleased with it, WoodMaxx is a great company to deal with BUY WOODMAXX

  132. S Shelton – Carter’s Mill Farm

    This is a great chipper especially for the price. I have 15 hours on the chipper so far. I would definitely recommend getting the “Made in America” blades, but the blades that came installed did quite a bit of work before dulling. Keep in-feed roller teeth sharp, everything greased and you will have little trouble. A few minor maintenance issues (feeder clutch pin, support leg bolt, etc.) but nothing unexpected when working with heavy equipment on a farm. This machine is a hard working farm hand.

  133. RED HEIS

    Excellent communications with the WoodMaxx Team during the purchase process, delivery was on time and assembly went as directed. Good details for assembly. So far it has been limited use but did get to try several sizes and types of wood, all chipped as expected. Feel free to contact, thanks. Red Heis

  134. Jerry Zmistowski

    The chipper performs wonderfully…”loves” the big stuff, “hates” the small stuff. I have max’d the 8″ and the chipper handled with ease, small branches and tree tops tangle in the feed wheel. If you trim small branches, that more appropriate for a shreader (maybe that measuring less than an inch or so in diameter), the chipper will operate flawlessly, and you’ll avoid the dreaded cleanout. So far this season I’ve produced two waste-high by 8-10 ft diameter piles and all is well.

  135. Ralph

    I have used my WoodMaxx WM-8M 8″ Mechanical Auto-Feed Chipper to clear around my daughter’s home. The bid we got for this one job was $7,500 and it took me less than 6 days of cutting, chipping and piling pulp. I chipped both soft wood and hardwood brush. Some was green and after a particularly nasty day it was soggy wet too. The chipper has worked well. I did get the outlet plugged with the sodden softwood brush and had to learn to clear it and of course I went through a couple of shear pins getting that education. Thanks for including several extras. My J-D 990 with 40 hp doesn’t even know its working. I put everything above 4 inches diameter into pulp and fire wood. This is a great one man chipper as it is fast enough to keep one person busy. I have cleared along my driveway as well. When the brush must be moved or hauled away this is the way to go. My purchase was completed quickly and professionally and the . It arrive in only three days. WoodMaxx has several upgrades that make it the best of what may seem like the same chipper- but are not.

  136. Shawn

    I have had my unit for about 2 weeks. Ordering service and delivery were great. I have mulched various sized small and large (4 inch) green and dry branches without difficulty; Ten 2 cubic foot bags in 1-2 hours easily. Given that I have a larger tractor (45-55hp) I had to build small stands to sit under the frame while in operation since the unit sits about 10 inches off the ground when PTO shaft is level. Highly recommend the product. By the way I am a physician with 10 wooded acres in Oklahoma, so even a doctor can operate your product. Thanks – Shawn

  137. Dale Lund

    I use the Woodmaxx on my small tractor (23 hp JD). It makes cleaning up downed trees fun again. Tree limbs up to 5 inches go right through without slowing and feed freely. I would use one of my larger tractors for larger limbs. I have run slab wood from my sawmill through it also. My wife likes the chips between the raised beds in the garden. One of my better purchases. I would do it again.

  138. Richard

    If your looking for a PTO Chipper You don’t need to look any farther. This Unit worked great with my Case IH 60. I ran oak,pine, and cedar up to 5 inch and the Chipper never slowed. Thank You WoodMaxx!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. LYNN

    All I can say is WOW, I can’t believe how much fun it is to wood chip. This machine works very well and has taken all we can throw at. I really like the chips that it produces. They are fairly fine and work well to place around all the seedling trees we have. Again well done this is a good buy and I would highly recommend it.

  140. Bruce

    I love my WoodMax!!! It is everything you said it would be and more!! Runs smooth, vibration free, chips good, and works very hard. I power mine with a 1952 ford 8N tractor–not a problem at all. It is a GREAT piece of equipment and well worth the money. I would recommend it to anyone.

  141. Jack Siegrist

    Boy is this thing heavy and heavy duty! Works just great with my bx22 Kubota. No problem shredding everything I could get in there. Had been through several stand alone chippers before this(up to 14hp) but finally I have one that can do the job. very satisfied.

  142. Gene V.

    The WOODMAXX unit is wonderful! I did not buy the hydraulic feed since I didn’t think my uses required this added attachment. I have rented the Vermeer powered units many times before and since I have a power source, this unit is much more cost effective (I would have paid as much for rentals in the first two weeks on my project as I paid for this unit – and no rental transportation issues). I attach the unit to a 48HP NEW HOLLAND tractor and it is a marvelous team. I have chipped up to 8′ logs of about 5″ diameter and the bed feed mechanism worked without a problem. Before purchasing this unit, I compared the specifications and problem comments for the other comparable chippers and this unit has a larger mass chipping head and has had none of problems listed on the other chipper’s web problem comments. This unit has had none of the problems listed for the other products. If I needed another chipper, WOODMAXX would be the place to start. My only wish is that this type of machinery was still made in the USA, but we don’t get all we wish for.

  143. Lloyd Potts

    Your chipper is a great tool. It’sa heavy duty work horse, especially for a small tractor tool. It eats up large material without hesitation. It’s easy to mount and operate, and the blades are easy to change. The people at Woodmax are a pleasure to work with. They’re extremely friendly and helpful and instantly seem like old friends. Five stars.

  144. David Kolysko

    Haven’t had the chipper for long, but have managed to use it a couple of times. I’ve chipped maple, oak, aspen, pine, and other species of wood/brush up to 5″ in diameter. Works great!!

  145. Mark

    I had a 3″ chipper for years and finally decided to upgrade when I got a larger tractor (JD 3720). Assembly does take a little bit of time if you are doing it by yourself, but the directions and pictures are straight forward. I’ve used the chipper quite a bit since I received it and I have to say that it’s a BEAST!! I just finished a 9hr work day with 6 chainsaws going to clear an area for a new barn. The chipper was running non stop except for a 1 hour lunch break and it did great! The only modifications I’ve made were to remove the cable safety for the feed wheel (never used it, and I consider the arm that lifts the feed wheel a safety anyway), and I replaced the nuts on the chute to wingnuts, so you could adjust it without any tools. They stayed put for 9 hours without budging. I’ve got a 44HP tractor and it will easily do 6″ logs. You might have to stop it once or twice to do an 8″ log, but I use that for firewood anyway, so I’m happy with it.

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