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WoodMaxx WM-8H




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  • Premium PTO Shaft

Product Details


  • USA and International Patents Pending
  • Strength in design, CNC plasma cut structural plate steel
  • 19 hp. min. required
  • 3-pt. hitch mount – fits category 1 or category 2 (also cat-1 quick hitch)
  • 8″ x 8″ Infeed opening
  • 200 lb. 24″ Diameter Flywheel (dynamically balanced)
  • Two Reversible Made in the USA fly wheel knives, 1 bed knife (anvil)
  • 1120 RPM Flywheel speed
  • Tachometer/ Hour meter (to ensure proper flywheel speed
  • Hydraulic powered infeed system w/dual counter rotating motors
  • Self-contained hydraulic system (no hydraulics required from tractor
  • Adjustable infeed speed
  • Nylon protected hydraulic hose wrap
  • JIC standard hose fittings
  • Hardened 6.25″ dia. chisel type infeed roller
  • Quick hitch compatible (Cat-1 quick hitch only) John Deere I-match/Land Pride QH10 require a special top link)
  • 360 Degree swivel discharge chute
  • Adjustable base legs w/ skid shoe type base
  • Automatic hydro pump belt tensioner
  • High flow chamber ventilation – 2″ diameter main shaft
  • Three Heavy duty cast steel main shaft bearings
  • Adjustable infeed roller down pressure
  • Weight 990 lbs. (shipping) steel shipping crate L=46″x W=36″ x H=47
  • 8mm thick steel fly wheel housing
  • Easy access fly wheel knife panels
  • Adjustable bed knife (to achieve proper knife gap)
  • Five (5) Heavy duty cogged drive belts
  • Safety stop bar w/reverse
  • Horizontal “table height” infeed hopper for easy loading
  • Baked on powder coat finish
  • Clear vinyl chip baffle
  • Premium PTO shaft included (shear bolt protected
  • 3 yr. parts warranty
  • 90% assembled upon delivery


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283 reviews for WoodMaxx WM-8H

  1. Matt Richards

    Purchased my chipper a few weeks ago, and I’ve been using it nonstop behind my Ford 2600 diesel tractor down in Texas. It’s really a beast. Chops up whether I put in it. If it fits, it chops it!

  2. cdbm1967

    I love this woodchipper! You cannot beat the price for chipping wood up to 8″ in diameter. Other brands do not come close and cost more. What’s up with that? Like with anything, you take care of your equipment and it will take care of you. I have lots of fallen trees and brush on my property and I would be lost without WM-8H. First, I was looking around to rent a chipper (tow behind, big diesel operated) but I could not find anyone close enough that would offer it. Then I saw WM-8H by chance browsing various searches I made. I was skeptical but not anymore. It was worth every penny I spent on it. Would I recommend it? You bet I would.

  3. Ron Vahlenkamp

    This woodchipper works great! This is one of the best investments I have made. Easy to operate and perfect for getting rid of brush and branches. I liked this woodchipper so much from Woodmaxx I just ordered a snowblower from you guys as well!

  4. Forrest Lang

    Our chipper worked like a champ! Once we got the feed speed adjusted properly, it was chipping wood very consistently. The manual is extremely helpful and lays out step by step what needs to be done to operate and troubleshoot. Assembly was relatively simple as well with step by step instructions with clear pictures in the manual. I look forward to building a relationship with WoodMaxx as we continue to use their products.

  5. Bob

    Finished assembly last weekend on our WM-8H unit. Went together extremely well with no hassles or mis-alignments. All the parts were well organized and the instructions were straight forward. Did watch the on-line video, helpful but probably not required for most. Then we hung it on the tractor and gave it a try. This machine exceeded our expectations immediately. Get you feed speed dialed in and have some fun. The unit runs smooth and eats everything we gave it without a burp. We would highly recommend this unit to anyone that is in the market for a quality wood chipper that makes work fun.

  6. Bill Schoen

    Awesome tool, I would highly recommend!

  7. John Newton

    Ordered the WM-8H over the phone, salesman was very helpful. Took time with me and answered every question I asked honestly. Within one week the chipper was sitting in my shop. Very well constructed and I was able to assemble it easily with the directions provided. All parts matched well requiring no alterations. Hardest part was cutting the PTO shaft to the correct length but after figuring out the directions was able to get it perfect. They sent me the upgraded shaft at no extra cost which I did not expect but was pleased to see. After assembly I mated it to an Allis Chalmers 5040 with 40hp at the PTO. When I first started it up the machine ran so smooth, I did not even know it was running until I saw the shaft turning. Backed it up to a brush pile and fed it for about 3 hours with no issues at all. Chipped up maple and oak up to 7 inches with no strain. This thing really is a beast, well worth the investment. In my opinion WoodMaxx is a top notch company that sells quality machinery. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for equipment at a reasonable cost.

  8. James Schwalbach

    Got my dpf cleaner I mean WM-8H chipper and started assembly. Got to do the driveshaft. Flip the top link and hydraulic oil yet. When i off loaded it i was so worried I might drop it but holy cow that thing could roll down a mountain and survive it is packaged so well! Everything was bubble wrapped to prevent paint damage. Even the wire used to tie things down are rubber coated! Can’t wait to finish assembly tomorrow night and put it to work! Update: Finished it up tonight, and all I can say is WOW 6″ tree no problem love the hydro feed! great purchase, took about 7 days to arrive, manual was well written, assembly a piece of cake.

  9. Daryl G Garland

    I am not new to wood chippers. I have had small ones that are towable by lawn mower, and a large one like the power company has. We bought a MW8H for our Massey 2860 and 127 acres of Maine woods. We are so I love with this machine. It moves easier than the tow behind chipper and is safer and harder working than the big Ford 300-6 powered machine. Btw, this chipper doesn’t clog. Even with soft wood. No more shutting the chipper down for clogs and hoping it restarts.
    The chips are perfect. Started work on the middle setting. No small twigs at all. A friend of ours is gonna come by for some to use the chips for her ducks and garden.
    I feel comfortable knowing Woodmaxx has replacement and maintenance parts available. We look forward to having it for years.
    Now I know why my father-in-law doesn’t lend his out. It’s a must have tool for the land owner.
    Excited about being able to maintain our trails and driveway with this.
    Maybe someday I’ll be able to purchase the milling machine. I am so impressed with Woodmaxx.
    Thank you.

  10. Christopher Miller

    Just started using the chipper. It is a beast. Chipped up about 30 branches is about 30 minutes.

  11. Anthony Giardina

    This machine is incredible. Using this with my Kubota L2501 which only has 20hp on the PTO, and it works great. I can’t really even keep up with it even on the lower settings. I mostly have conifers on my property, and it gobbled up multiple branches at a time, and entire tree tops without issue. I was able to feed 7-8″ logs into it without issue as well using the lower speeds, but I mostly just cut that stuff up for firewood anyways. I used to have a little manual feed 4″ chipper, and this is a whole other machine. I can chip a pile of branches probably 5x as fast or more. It’s more expensive, but totally worth it in my opinion.

    A side note, the LA525 loader was able to lift the pallet out of my pickup with pallet forks no problem, in case you are concerned about that. You need rear ballast though.

  12. James Scheuermann

    The WoodMaxx WM-8H Wood Chipper is an awesome product. It was packaged well. The Operator’s Manual is very intuitive and well written, in which made the final assembly a breeze. The only recommendation I have is to follow the YouTube Video to size the PTO shaft, rather than follow the instructions in the Operator’s Manual.
    I have approx. 3.5 hours on the machine. So far, I am very happy with this purchase. I have a mixture of pine and hardwood that I have chipped so far. No problem with either species of wood. I would recommend this product to anyone who inquires about it.

  13. Isreal Oboyle

    I have had it for a couple days. So far working great. Assembly was very easy. I mostly do dead branches that are 2” and under. No problems. My only suggestion is to make sure you wear hearing protection. Would I buy it again? Yes, absolutely.

  14. john j vancalbergh

    I purchased my WM8H in 2013 still working great , just wondering if i could purchase a pair of the skeys i think they would help in muddy conditions thanks.

  15. Allen Leu

    I have only great things to say about Woodmaxx and my USA built MX-8800 chipper.
    The design and build quality exceeds my high expectations.
    The machine effortlessly gobbles brush as fast as I can feed it in.
    Ordering and shipping went as smoothly as anyone could hope for.
    I am completely happy with my machine and would strongly recommend the Woodmaxx MX-8800

  16. Donald Miller

    Everything about them-8H speaks quality. The care used in packing and shipping, the instruction manual with detailed descriptions of unpacking and putting it together. Along with with the 60 pages of information. Looking forward to chipping up my first tree.

  17. Nathan

    This chipper is great. I’ve used it for about 10 hours now with no issues. Cleanly chipped all the ash and maple I could feed through it with my 30hp pto tractor. I never thought the hydraulic feed would be as great as it is. Being able to just start a branch in the feed and walk away knowing it will be chipped and gone by the time you get back with the next is a valuable time saver. Definitely would recommend.

  18. Ray Barnett

    Works great! So much easier than my old 4″ x 8″ gravity feed 12 HP chipper. Really love the hydraulic feed rollers. The chipper made fast work of my pile of oak branches. Pile was 50 ft long by 10 – 20 ft wide and 5 – 6 ft tall. It’s attached to my 4310 John Deere (31 HP engine and 25.5 HP PTO)

  19. Jim Clausen

    Works great so far. Using it to grind the branches of trees that I have cut down on our campground. It does exactly what I was told when I ordered it. I am very happy with the chipper. Would recommend it to others

  20. Mark L.

    Excellent so far! Easy ordering process. Safely arrived on time in a well-designed steel crate. Clear assembly instructions. Very durable construction. Attached to a Kubota L4240 with 40HP of power at the PTO. One hour of usage so far and looking forward to making more chips!

  21. Tony Moffett

    Black beauty set and ready to make wood chips and sawdust. First time out yesterday. Performance was great. Very pleased. We’ll worth the wait. Thanks

  22. Dave Workman

    I’ve had my WM-8H for several years and couldn’t be happier with it.
    Haven’t had any trouble at all. Got more than 100 hours on it.
    We have 20 acres, half woods, this machine has the oomph to get the job done.
    I did replace the hopper bolts with carriage bolts so the heads are smooth, and turned them smooth side in, so branches don’t catch on them.

  23. Thomas Andrews

    Put my new WoodMaxx 8H today and it has exceeded my expatations. The workmanship is excellent and the owners manual is well written. Put it thru it?s initial paces and it worked fine. I live in the woods with a lot of dead Ash and this chipper will save me from burning the brush.

  24. joe

    The chipper works great! I have used it twice so far and it is so fast that with two of us feeding branches, we only have about an hour time on it. It makes quick easy work of even the hardest dry branches. Time will tell its durability, but it certainly works well and seems really well built. It runs smooth and relatively quiet when no wood is in it; but once it gets hold of a big branch it really snarls and chews it up!

  25. Doug F.

    Can’t wait to show off my WoodMaxx Hat and Shirt. Wonderful machine WM-8H. This thing is very well built!

  26. Stan Bishop

    The chipper was delivered by a freight company. The WoodMaxx WM-8H is HEAVY. At 990# I could barely get it off the trailer with my tractor and forks. So just be prepared. I don?t think a subcompact tractor could handle it.

    I took my time uncrating and assembling the chipper. The instructions were excellent. They come in a booklet with glossy color pictures. Not the loose-leaf photocopied directions I?m used to seeing with items from China. The hardware included was all there. The instructions could have been a little more specific about where to use washers. It?s pretty much two washers for almost every nut/bolt combination.

    Of all the tools listed that you will need, they only left out one item. A telescoping magnetic pickup tool to pick up all the nuts, bolts, and washers that you will drop if your anything like I am.

    I filled the hydraulic tank with ISO 46 fluid. I couldn?t find any ISO 32 but I think what I have will be fine. After that, I engaged the PTO at idle and then let the chipper run for a few minutes at 1,000 engine RPMs. Then I shut it off and let it set a few days.

    Finally, I got to take it out back to chip up a brush pile of cedar, wild cherry and sassafras. The brush pile was dry having laid there since late March or early June; it?s early July now. I set the hydraulic flow control to 5. I cut some more cedar branches and mixed them in with the dry. I chipped brush up to 4? thick and the chipper and tractor never missed a beat. I didn?t even hear the tractor slow down; it?s 37 HP. Pretty much anything bigger than 4? gets cut (& split) for my wife?s firepit so I may never get to try anything bigger.

    It?s too hot to use much right now but I?m really looking forward to doing some cleanup this fall. If you eliminate the time spent for assembly, I figure I save 4% of the cost of renting a chipper for 4 hours plus 2 hours saved picking up and dropping off. With the use I have in mind, I think it will have paid for itself within 2 years.

    Overall, I couldn?t be more pleased with my choice. I would definitely recommend this chipper to anyone else provided your tractor is big enough.

  27. Wes

    I’ve got about 10 hours on my WM-8H and love it. The assembly instructions are well written. It would be helpful to have an extra set of hands in a few spots, but I was able to do it all myself. I’ve chipped oak, ash, alder, and fir up to about 6″ and it handles everything very well. The power feed is plenty powerful and does a good job pulling in branches. I use this on with a 40HP PTO and it is plenty powerful. I highly recommend this chipper.

  28. George Correia

    I’ve owned the WM-8H chipper since November, 2016. I run it on a Kubota 295DT (29HP tractor). This tractor runs the chipper very efficiently; i.e., very low fuel consumption. I had a problem right in the beginning with the hydraulic feed but the folks at WoodMaxx solved this very quickly. Excellent customer service and support! Since then it just keeps running smoothly. The use of lots of nylock nuts is one of the features that makes this a well built machine. Everything has remained tight almost 5 years later with lots of use here on my 25 acres of woodland. We use the wood chips for flower beds and paths. This has been an excellent investment.

  29. Bill C.

    I consider my above average in mechanical ability, but I found this unit unwieldy to assemble alone. Even with my wife’s help, it wasn’t the easiest thing to put together.

    I use this with my 55 hp utility diesel cab tractor, so far at home, not yet at the farm. In my experience at this point, it easily chips up to 6″ Bradford Pear limbs, but struggles a bit with anything larger. It does NOT like dried honey locust limbs larger than 4″.

    WEAR A HARD HAT WITH HEARING PROTECTION (as well as gloves). I learned this the hard way after getting hit on the top of the head by the bouncing orange bar. You have been warned.

    Pieces of wood have gotten stuck twice, most recently this past week. After trying for 3 hours to free the piece, an experienced former equipment dealer (neighbor) took about 30 minutes to get it out. It was REALLY stuck.

    Having said all that, I recommend this quality chipper to you and rate it five stars.

  30. Evan A.

    I have put over 25 hrs on it in first month. Works like a champ! Lots of madrone, black oak, white oak, doug fir and ponderosa pine. It doesn’t even slow down on 4″ oak. I put a 6″ fir 25 ft long and it only took 20-30 sec ! I burn anything bigger than 3″ so its super quick and effective on anything smaller than that, quicker than I can feed it. I am swapping out a few bolts with round head Allen’s in feed shute but not a big deal. Running behind a 2021 kioti ck4010 se

  31. Jay Schweizer

    Recently purchased the WM 8H and am very satisfied with its performance. The set up was pretty straight forward. I did have to cut the drive shaft down and add a longer top link to fit my Massey Ferguson 2615. I am pleased with how rapidly it chips 3” to 6” diameter pieces. I put 12 to 14 foot tall trees in it whole and it is able to compress the limbs as it pulls them in. Most of what I have used it on so far is invasive honeysuckle bushes and thorny locust trees. It handles material about as fast as I can feed it in. I have had no issues with it after several hours of very hard use. My only regret is that I didn’t purchase it sooner.

  32. Dennis Ott

    Love my chipper this chipper is awesome and built top notch. I have this chipper on my 2014 John Deere 3038e. Works like a charm, along with my WM6600 backhoe.

  33. J Herres

    Just got my 8H this week. Finishing the assembly was super straightforward (thanks video!) . Auto-feeder made short work of 6-8 foot branches, 4-6 inch diameter without even slowing down much. The feeder adjusted quickly to various diameters of branches. Went thru my whole winter’s stack in minutes. Solidly built, and durable! Quality engineering throughout!!! Thanks WoodMaxx!!

  34. Michael Ellis

    We have used the chipper a couple of times on branches 3 inches or smaller. The chipper works great and creates great mulch for the garden. We have had no issues so far and it wasn’t too difficult to put together. Sure beats hauling brush through the woods!

  35. Kristin Dillard

    I absolutely love the WM8H. It easily handled everything we put through it. Love the hydraulic feed. Such a great value for the money. Also the customer service has been excellent. They actually answer the phone when you call and are very knowledgeable regarding the products they sell. Thank you Woodmaxx!

  36. Mike Krolski

    I finally got to use my WM-8H today, and it was worth the wait. I paid the slight upcharge for liftgate service to the end of my gravel lane and that was a good decision. My B2601 could handle the lift at ground level, but not at semi-deck level. Assembly instructions were clear and detailed and all parts were easy to locate and locate and stage. I took the build slowly as I was working alone and am not so young anymore, but all was straightforward. So far I only have slightly under an hour use on the machine, but it eats anything I throw at it (I have tried pine, apple, cherry, and oak). The hydraulic infeed is worth the money for someone working alone as I can be staging the next charge as it chomps away on a limb. I am sure I will get lots of use out of both the chipper and the mulch.

  37. Scott McClure

    Received the chipper beginning of March and assembled in around 2hours. Have used to chip mainly limbs and tops of pine trees. Paired with 37 PTO hp tractor it has chewed through 6″ old growth pine limbs easily. Underbrush hollies and oaks are no match for it. Limits the pushing piles and burning. Wish I had made this purchase years ago.

  38. Eric Fisher

    I purchased this unit in early May 2014 to clean up a mess I had after having our apple orchard pruned. It had not been done in the 6 years that we have owned the property and it had probably been much longer than that. A total of 150 trees were pruned and I had tree tops, small branches, 4″ branches etc. I questioned it’s capabilities at first but within the first 5 minutes I knew that I had made a great purchase. The office staff was great to deal with, the guys in the shop did a fantastic job of setting up the machine and had it loaded on my trailer in minutes. The warranty is exceptional and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another product from WoodMaxx or to refer them to a friend. As far as I am concerned you wont find a better value anywhere.

  39. Steve Fisher

    The WM-8H is a fabulous addition to my Kubota 3901. I had a much less beefy chipper previously and was extremely satisfied when I upgraded (for no more money) to the WoodMaxx. I loved using it and, unfortunately lost (along with everything else) to a wildfire here in Colorado. One of the first things on the list was getting another WoodMaxx. I’ve chipped a LOT with it and still love it. I’ve had to call tech support a couple times with questions and **** has been a great help. Thanks for a great product!

  40. Frank Turrigiano

    This WM-8H wood chipper is better then I thought. I am using it on a CK30 Kioti tractor and I have a hard time keeping up with this chipper. As fast as I can feed it , it takes it in and chips it right up. I have to keep remembering to cut up the firewood size pieces and not to just chip it up. This machine is a beast.


    Great machine. Company excellent to work with. Arrived quickly with no damage. Set up was easy. Machine already been put to use. Works great. Would highly recommend this company and machine.

  42. Pan Man

    I was very skeptical of buying a foreign made chipper. But after using it I was very impressed. I run it on my L3800 Kubota.
    So far I have 5 hrs on the chipper. The largest I’ve chipped is a full 6″ white birch. It really chews it up and spits it out. I chipped a lot of down dead wood I had cut three yrs ago and a lot of green wood cut this spring. I have 10 acres of land. And the WoodMaxx chipper will keep it looking great. Its one tool that will last forever.

  43. Matt Lavigne

    I purchased this chipper after reading reviews and watching as many videos as I could find! This chipper does exactly as I expected it to! It impresses me every time I use it. I’ve chipped everything from 6″ branches to little sticks. I had it put together in about 30 minutes, and started cleaning up the farm of sticks and branches right away! I even used the chips to mulch around my yard trees! Can’t say enough about this awesome product! Thank you Woodmaxx!

  44. Las Moen

    What an awesome chipper! The assembly was easy and just like in the video. I have mine hooked up to a JD-3120 with 22 PTO hp and I was chipping 4″ logs like nothing. The hydraulic feed is really nice and I am happy I went for this model. This machine is very stout. No flimsy materials, just very solid. I highly recommend this machine.

  45. Joe Aubrey

    We purchased this chipper after shopping around for over a year. After tons of research, we were amazed at the reviews for this product and made the purchase. The purchasing process was very easy and we were delivered exactly what we purchased. The unit came very well packaged for shipping and setup was easy with the detailed directions in the manual and videos available on the website. We are easily powering it with a Massey 1734 and are extremely pleased with the ability of the chipper. We have several hours on the machine and have had no issues to this point, not even a jam up. The hydraulic feed is a tremendous asset when working alone and makes the job much easier. We purchased our unit to assist in clearing pasture and will be using it on a regular basis. We are hopeful the long term quality and workmanship of this unit will hold up and continue to impress us for years to come. With any luck we will not need to utilize the warranty.

  46. Keith

    This is my 1st WoodMaxx. Seeing it in the crate set me at easy and I was even more pleased once I got my hands on it. Very nicely built and solid.

    I’m running a Kioti CK30 rates the PTO in the low 20’s. Wanted the big capacity to handle all the ugly branches that seem to be endless here.

    Powering up was a joy, very smooth and quite, I expected vibration and felt almost none. Within a few minutes I had become familiar and comfortable enough to move to big branches. Pulled a 20 foot branch from the pile and it ate it right up. No need to trim!

    The ability to reverse the feed was one of the reasons I went with the H. Neededseveral times my 1st day and couldn’t image having to power down to clear the machine.

    1st weekend chewed out about 6 yards of chips and have cleared piles that were building up this year. Chips are already going down in the garden and are awesome sized

    Overall very pleased and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend

  47. T Dixon

    I recently purchased a Wm-8H chipper. My wife and I who are in our mid 70’s assembled the unit in a little over 3 hours. All the nuts, bolts, and washers were all neatly packaged and accounted for. Unit went together very well. I mounted the unit on a JD 3720 tractor and after a misunderstanding my me concerning the function of the tachometer mounted on the machine I had chips flying in no time.
    I have used the chipper for 10 hrs so far chipping Alder and Fir limbs and have had zero problems. I especially appreciate the self feeding rollers and the fact that you can reverse direction if you do encounter a jam. In all I believe the machine is very well designed and should withstand many hours of rough use.

  48. Ryan

    Works great with my bota 3301.

  49. Richard Ice

    Used my chipper for the first time yesterday ! To coin a phrase, it chews it up and spits it out ! Initially I was concerned if my Mahindra 1538 would handle the WM-8H, but it did no problem ! I did have to shorten the PTO shaft 1.5 inches on both section and it’s fine !

  50. David

    I couldn’t be happier with this chipper! I studied several brands before selecting this one, and the specs far exceeded the others in this class of chippers. The folks on the phone were very helpful in placing the order, and it was delivered as promised with easy assembly. I was concerned about needing to bypass the tractor’s seat safety switch, then re-checked my Kubota tractor manual, and it has a procedure for exactly this type of application, with no modification, Works like a charm, chips everything I want to chip with it. Highly, highly recommend this chipper. (And thanks for the veterans discount, too. It is very much appreciated)!

  51. David Whitaker

    This is the first review I have ever written on anything, and the most deserving of all. I have owned my WM8H for three years and I can tell you, the service from the company has been 5 star, I have had a couple of issues and they were handled immediately no problem.
    The chipper eats wood like a Beaver on steroids, and ask for more, I have put 4″ saplings in it over 15 feet long with all the branches and it swallowed them without hesitation. The only thing you need to watch is this has a lot of vibration and the bolts need to be checked especially the set screws on the pillow blocks.
    Putting blue locktite on them solves that problem, keep it greased and the blades sharp and I guarantee this is the machine for you. Although it says it will take an 8″ log that’s firewood, I have chewed up a 6″ no problem just to see, One totally awesome machine enjoy!!

  52. Darren Riley

    I read reviews and debated whether to buy this or keep working with/fixing my old chipper. Finally in December I pulled the trigger and ordered the black WM-8H version to run behind my JD3203 tractor. Unit was delivered in great shape, everything was well packaged in a metal crate with bubble wrapped small parts. I had watched the assembly video, but also appreciated the printed Owner?s manual that contained assembly operation and parts information. After assembly, filling with oil and bleeding the air out, I tackled a large Bradford pear tree I had taken out, the week before. In less than 30 minutes it had consumed everything I could feed it. It only slightly slowed down when I approached the 7-8? limit, but recovered quickly, and kept feeding. I ran the adjustable feed on the slower side to get smaller chips for mulching and was impressed with the efficiency of the unit. The discharge chute is easy to reposition and rotate without tools. The only negative I experienced was a small pile of debris right under the machine, from chips that didn?t make it out of the discharge chute, but not an issue to me. Overall I am very happy with the performance of the unit and the overall construction appears to be top notch and good for a lot more use and abuse, just wish I had done it sooner.

  53. Andrew McCarty

    So far I’m very pleased with this machine. It grinds through 5″ thick pieces of live oak without slowing down at all. It seems to be sturdy and well made. Assembly was not difficult and instructions were clear

  54. Donald Campbell

    My WM-8H wood chipper arrived a week ago . Assembly went well with just my wife and myself, all parts fit as described in instructions. The chipper works beyond my expectations, my 27 HP tractor handles all I have put through the chipper. Thank you for such a fine product will recomend this machine.

  55. Robert

    Ordered online on 3/9/20. Was delivered on 3/13/20. Very quick. We have used this chipper for 11.4 hours on our 8.8 acres of wooded property and so far this chipper is a beast. My wife says it is amazing. We have a Kubota 4701 tractor and it has plenty of power. Chipper has handled everything we have put in it. Would recommend and purchase again. Would buy the hydraulic version next time to regulate feed speed for real hard wood. Great machine (Beast)

  56. Mark Holland

    First, the folks at WoodMaxx were knowledgable and very helpful. Great to deal with!
    Second, this machine is an absolute beast! My Massey 1030 has about 25 hp +/- at the PTO and the WM-8H chewed through 4″-6″ pine, cedar, and sweet gum like a champ! My wife and I are so impressed, and feel the value for the $ is exceptional. Also, hydraulic feed really makes the job easire.
    Only caveat is the metal frame used in shipping. As an average homeowner, we don’t have anything that will raise the unit high enough to get it out of the steel cage? After several attempts with the PTO lift on our tractor, I ended up taking a sawsall to the frame and cut it up. My advice to the good folks at WoodMaxx is please consider that most folks cant lift 900 lbs 8 feet in the air – please bolt the cage at the bottom and we’d be all set.
    Thanks for a great product and wonderful Customer Service…looking forward to many years of servce from this fine beast of a machine!

  57. Keith Walton

    I purchased the WoodMaxx WM 8H in 2015 and have used it heavily with all the Douglas-fir and miscellaneous hardwoods (including Oregon White Oak) on my 5 acres, plus chipping for the church and friends. The hydraulic feed system is awesome, allowing me to adjust speed for the size and species of wood and knife sharpness. With my 31 HP tractor it keeps me busy feeding it, I seldom need to wait for it. It does a great job of pulling in wild side branches and reverses easily for the ones which can’t quite feed. Flywheel knives are quick and easy to change in the field, so down time is minimal. I highly recommend getting a second set so you have one set to use and one to sharpen so there is no extended down time when the second edge gets dull. I highly recommend this machine.

  58. Richard

    I purchased a few months ago and have used it extensively. I have mostly downed cottonwoods and some harder woods on my property. I run the chipper off of a Kubota 4630 which is rated at 38hp for the PTO. Hooks up to my 3 point hitch no problem. I bought the upgraded the PTO driveshaft, had to cut the shaft down just a little bit for proper fit (which is common for PTO driven implements, depending upon your tractor configuration). This chipper is a beast. I am often laughing at how it just chews everything up. If you can feed it, it will eat it. It’s never remotely bogged down in any way. I have it set for a little bit slower feed speed to make pretty fine wood chips for mulch and it works perfectly. The hydraulic feed is worth it. Once you get the hang of feeding it, you will enjoy using it and watching it just gobble everything up. This has become an indispensable tool on my ranch.

  59. Troy

    I purchased this chipper after extensive research. I am 100% satisfied with it. Shipping was only 4 days and it was well packaged. I am running it on a 2017 Kioti CK2610 which has about 21.5 pto hp. I wouldn’t run this unit on anything with less hp or a smaller tractor. It weighs about 980lbs and is a heavy lift on the 3 point hitch. This unit does come with all 3 hitch pins in case you didn’t know. I can chip 5″ oak if I stop the hydraulic feeder manually with the feed lever to let the machine get back up to running rpm and engage it on and off to control the feed rate. I wouldn’t chip anything larger regardless because we use firewood. You will get about 11 hours of chipping before reversing the knives. Thanks for reading.

  60. Chris Browne

    Chipper works well. The Chinese blades that come with the machine do not last long. Once you see long strands of material coming out of the chute, it’s time to change/sharpen. I replaced mine with the American made blades which seem to work much better. My chipper arrived missing the shaft key which runs the hydraulic pump. I picked up a piece from princess auto and had it up and running within 15 minutes. Overall would recommend the machine but with American chipper knives all around.


  61. Anonymous

    We received our 8H earlier this week and finally got an opportunity to run it through its paces this afternoon. Very impressive to say the least! It ate everything I threw at it. Gobbled up 7” pine branches with ease and the 33hp tractor didn’t even bog down. We’ve got quite a bit of logging slash to get through in the coming days, and I think I’ll be able to make quick-ish work of it. Thanks for a great product!

  62. Arza McIntyre

    The chipper arrived as planned and assembly was a breeze thanks to the well written and illustrated manual. While I don’t have much in the way of hardwood to chip a do have a huge about of pine that has fallen victim to the pine beetle. If it fits in the chute it makes short work of it. I have my 8H running behind a John Deere D 3038E and it doesn’t miss a beat. What a great machine!!!

  63. David Mich

    This chipper is a beast. Assembly was straight forward and made easy with detailed instructions. The build quality is excellent. I was pleased with how robust the unit is designed. The hydraulics work flawlessly and make loading branches easy. Shipping was faster than I expected. Overall I would definitely recommend this purchase to someone in the market for a PTO chipper. Great value. Thanks.

  64. Richard Nable

    I am not sure how I have lived so long without having one of these. Well-built, easy to operate, and handles most everything I can throw at it. It makes cleaning up trees and limbs a breeze. Thanks!

  65. J Malchow

    impressive machine and very glad i got the Hydraulic version. wasn’t sure when i ordered which model but after using this machine glad i got it. everything works well. i like how the hydraulics are separate from tractor. i think the 200lb flywheel is key as it rips thru some big diameter branches. changed the knives once already and not too bad and fairly simple. i have 31hp tractor and no problems with 6-7inch diameter, 8 ft long. i set to slow feed rate. or 4inch diameter 30′ long small tree at 50% feed rate. both live not dead or dried out. good buy! i would suggest maybe figure out way to mount control lever vertical just gets in way moving around

  66. Robert H.

    I did a lot of research and bought a wood max based on reviews. It has surpassed my expectations. It runs smoother than I thought it would and eats just about anything you throw in it. Assembly was harder than I thought cutting the shaft was a test. But once assembled it does everything it should. I would put the nuts on the outside of the shut not the inside.

  67. Paul Nichols

    I’d like to report on how satisfied I am with my purchase of a WM-8H wood chipper. Shipping came as scheduled and the truck driver was as helpful unloading as can be. Putting the chipper together was easy and the manual steps to follow were simple to follow. I had to cut the PTO Shaft to fit my John Deere 3039R and directions on how to do that were easy to follow as well. The first time I used it was to clear trails and we had a lot of small brush to put thru the chipper. It turned a half-day job into an hour and half job. During which time we came across a small tree (about 4-5″ diameter) that had fallen down from recent winds. I hesitated, then thought might as well see how good this chipper was. So I slowed the feed down and it took the tree and chipped it without any issues. Thank you for such a great product!

  68. Adam M

    Living in the woods, dealing with branches, limbs, and doing tree work is a regular part of life. Prior to purchasing the WM8H, my wife spent hours burning piles and piles of branches from every tree job we did on our acreage. Now, limbs, branches, and even small trees are turned into chips in seconds. Have been impressed with the performance of this machine for the price paid. Like others have mentioned in reviews, I too did a lot of research online, at farm shows, fairs, and at dealers. There are a lot of machines out there with fewer features for more money, which led to our decision to get the WM8H.
    WoodMaxx has a great website too, with the videos and all of the information about their product.
    Would definitely recommend the WM8H chipper.

  69. Jerry Beezley

    I have had the chipper for about a month. I thought it was a little hard to put together but I was doing it by myself. It would work a lot better if two people was doing it.
    I bought it to chip thorn trees, I have a lot of them so far it is doing a good job. It leaves a few thorns whole but for the most part they a ground up. I also have done a few cedar limbs and it does a great job. The hydraulic feeder is great. My tractor is a Kubota 7060 so it has no problems with it.

  70. Damon Kali

    I’ve chipped 20 cedars and pines with this chipper and couldn’t be happier. It will take an 8″ cedar without any issues. Make sure you check all bolts for tightness. I clogged the machine twice when I first started. Set the feed slower to about midway on the valve and have had no issues since. Very well built and heavy duty. I have a Kioti NX6010 – never bogged down.

  71. Eric Martzall

    I have a Mahindra 1526 and it is a 19 hp pto. The tractor struggles with 5 inch or bigger but the chipper can handle a lot more. I would highly recommend this chipper!

  72. David Olson

    Clearing a spot for my new shed left me with limbs from about 100 mature trees. I decided to invest in a chipper of my own for this large job, as well as future maintenance of my heavily wooded acreage.
    I searched the internet to learn all I could on what was out there. Woodmaxx was by far, the most informative site. I checked all the area dealers and was not impressed with the features or value. I decided to kick off the Woodmaxx.
    This chipper is awesome. It never hesitated at any of the oak, ash and maple limbs. Auto feed works excellent, requiring almost no trimming.
    Service after the purchase was excellent as well. I use a John Deere 3520 with I-Match quick connect. I had some issues getting the top link to fully seat in my connector. Woodmaxx sent me a new one, but still had issues. They had a custom made adjustable top link made for me, at no charge. Works perfectly now. Can’t say enough good things about this company. Don’t think twice about buying this chipper.

  73. Tom L

    I purchased the 8 inch with hydraulic feed in April,2015. This is my first review because this machine deserves it. This machine will not let you down. Make sure you get the hydro feeder. You put a limb in, you go get another, return and the limb is gone. This is so fast and you can control the feed speed and actually select the size of the chippings. It eats everything! 65 acres to work on and this machine serves us well. Strong, well made and well designed. Due to some older posts I used lock tight on bolts and have never had a problem.

  74. Kirk

    Love this thing. We have been able to chip trees up to around 5-6″ and it works very well. Just don’t throw rotting trees in. Those can get stuck or at minimum powder the thing and blow into your face. So far, we love this thing and would highly recommend it. I am running this with a Kubota B2650.

    The one dim spot and why I took a star off is that the access to get at the knives to flip them or remove them, really should be improved. I had to take the entire hood off and everything. Other than that, the engineering is beefy like it should be and works really well.

  75. Robert Gibbs

    Shreds 6-7 inch pine trees whole. Most of the branches don’t even need to be trimmed. Next best thing to commercial grade.

  76. Ryan Ball

    I am clearing land to build a home and decided to buy a chipper. After pawing through all types of chippers I landed on the Woodmaxx website. After watching videos and seeing reviews, I purchased the WM-8H and I am NOT disappointed
    If you are on the fence about buying a chipper
    This is the one to buy!!

  77. Ronald Jones

    From the time we made the decision to purchase the WM-8H Wood Chipper, everything has met or exceeded our expectations. The questions we had were answered in a very timely and courteous manner, the ordering process went smoothly, shipping was on schedule and arrival time was communicated well in advance. The Chipper was well crated and undamaged. Assembly took a little time, but the video and manual instructions were clear and easy to follow. The great thing about the WM-8H is how it performed. We are running it with a 25 HP PTO and it just purrs. It took care of oak branches up to 3 to 4 inches and Fur up to 5inches and never slowed down. We love the way it is designed to sit on the ground while operating. It is very solid and does not vibrate during the chipping process. It is an awesome chipper.

  78. Mark Larsen

    Well let me tell you it is not! My GC1710 works very well digging out stumps and now it does very well chipping the remainder of the tree not used for fire wood. I was researching which chipper would not be too much for my tractor with only 22.5 HP and 18.7 HP at PTO (all are “claimed” HP and I use the chipper at 8,000 feet!). I made the right choice. The 200 pound fly wheel and the hydraulic feed controls (not to forget the “reverse” feed feature) make this really work well on a low HP tractor. The three point would just lift this chipper (Checked my hydraulic pressure and found it low 1800 psi, re-adjusted the regulator to factory specs 1920 psi and it lifts it with ease) My only regret is not getting this sooner! Renting a chipper is expensive and a pain to get and return. Just watch when the chipper slows down a bit it probably needs the blades sharpened. With sharp blades this thing eats 3 inch pine and red cedar like crazy. (any thing bigger is fire wood).

  79. Tom Patterson

    Only 6 hours of chipping so far. It is working as well as I had hoped. Definitely glad I went with the 8H. It has taken everything that would fit.
    Great size matchup with my New Holland Boomer 35 to get around in the woods. Set up was fine. I recommend checking knife/anvil clearance before running the first time. The staff at Woodmax has been fantastic to talk to. Very friendly and accommodating. Thanks!

  80. Andrea Branner

    I have been using the WM-8H chipper for 3 years now works great. I have 20 acres to keep up on but it makes the work a lot easier. Handles everything they said it would.

  81. Wilton Bear

    Received the wood chipper in great shape. Easy to assemble and is working great. We are using it on a 22 horse John Deere and handles hardwood material easily and does a nice job. I would recommend the hydraulic model machine to anyone. Another satisfied customer.

  82. David Lomas

    The first time I saw this chipper online I knew I wanted one! Delivery was smooth, and the product arrived in perfect condition. All extra items I ordered were enclosed. Assembly was easy and fun. In use, this machine is a beast. I ran 6″ branches thru it with no problem, driven by my JD 2032R. I can’t wait to get back to chipping trees, I have a lot more to do.

  83. Mark Wolf

    I am 100 per cent pleased with the WoodMaxx 8″ PTO Wood Chipper – with hydraulic infeed. From the very beginning, when I was trying to decide which chipper to buy, the folks in customer service were very helpful in letting me know what chipper my tractor could handle. Ordering was simple, and my chipper arrived as scheduled. Some assembly was required, and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. It didn’t take long to complete assembly, and soon I was in business. My chipper handled everything as advertized. I am thrilled with my chipper and glad that I went with WoodMaxx.

  84. David Russell

    I purchased this unit a couple years ago, and it is great! It is a quality piece of equipment! I have experienced excellent customer service. Great packaging, awesome delivery, and easy to use instructions! You will not go wrong with Woodmaxx!

  85. Jay Sutton

    I received this chipper a few weeks ago, spent a day cleaning up some trees.
    As far as delivery and and assembly, it was shipped in a steel crate very nice, but the bottom a couple pieces were scratched up where the forks hit them from the bottom of the crate. Assembly was rather easy, took me about 3 hours, I did have to cut my PTO shaft down a bit to get it to the proper length. I bought the upgrade PTO shaft, which is very nice would highly recommend. I have never liked the fact that they put the bolt nuts on the inside of the chute, if you’re loading it with a branch with lots of twigs on it, it’s will snag on them. I plan to buy some pan head bolts and put the pan head on the inside, just on the bottom row of bolts. The knob on the roller direction lever fell of at some point, which was disappointing for a brand new machine to already be without a knob on that lever. Overall, this is a VERY well built machine, heavy duty, I’m pretty sure this will be working for many decades.

  86. Gary Horn

    People I spoke with on the phone were very nice and helpful. I ordered the chipper along with the maintenance kit and had it shipped to the Old Dominion terminal closest to my home. Guys at the terminal were great in helping load chipper onto my trailer. They were impressed as to how well it was packaged. Got it home, unloaded and the wife and I put it together in about 2 hrs. After cutting PTO shaft and filling with hydraulic oil I hooked it to the 3point hitch on my Kubota 33hp tractor (25hp at PTO) and tried it out on some ash and maple limbs. The machine chewed up everything I fed into the hopper. Limbs ranged from 2 inches to around 6 inches, only taxing the tractor slightly on the larger limb. Probably wouldn’t have happened if I had set the feed rate slower. All in all, I wish I had bought this years ago as it would have made keeping up with the downed ash trees, etc. a lot easier. Very pleased so far with the performance of the chipper.

  87. Robert Lothspeich

    I researched PTO wood chippers for over two years before I settled on this wood chipper. I connect the unit to my 40 HP JD 990 wheel tractor. The packaging it was shipped in was amazing, it was connected to heavy duty angle iron and arrived in perfect condition. I have dozens of willows on my farm, so am constantly having to clean up broken limbs. This machine, with the hydraulic feed takes everything I put through it, I just start the limbs and walk away to gather more, and the chips are perfect.
    This machine is a tremendous value, and a real work horse.

  88. Dave Reichert

    Recently received my chipper and in a word “Impressed”. I assembled the chipper single-handedly in 2 hours. Filled the tank with oil and was making chips. I power it with a 33 hp Kubota that hardly works. I am amazed with how stable the unit is, obviously because of the weight, solid like a rock. I only regret that I didn’t order this earlier.

  89. Steve Laskowski

    Put my new WM-8H to the test today. This is the second piece of Woodmaxx equipment I have purchased in the past 6 months, so I had high expectations for quality and performance. I was not disappointed! Woodmaxx always seems to provide a little more quality for a little less money than the competition. I chipped everything I could find and was looking for more. I did the assembly alone in less than 3 hours. Fit and finish was great and the unit operates smoothly and quietly. Just waiting now for my snowblower to rust out so I can buy the Woodmaxx model.

  90. David Shannon

    When buying online one can only hope things meet expectations, This thing far exceeded my wildest hopes. I am clearing 10 acres of Gamble Oak from under Ponderosa pine with some Pinion mixed in. Running this behind a Kubota L3400, 35hp at the crank and 27.5 at the PTO. This thing eats oak like a kid sucking down a spaghetti string. I was worried that the infeed would be weak, I rented a smaller (8″) chipper and spent all my time pruning the slash to get it to feed. No problem with this thing. I’m getting too old to want to spend 6 straight hours feeding a chipper to make a daily rental worth it, with this I can work a couple of hours a day and not worry if it sits there idle. Probably one of the best investments I’ve ever made for the property.

  91. Matt Coleman

    Well packaged for shipping, took about 1.5 hrs to assemble with a helper. Hooked it to my 35 hp Kubota and chipped a bunch of downed pine and maple branches. Only slowed the feed down to feed a 6″ pine limb, otherwise left the feed on high. Just an FYI ask that they not ship with YRC freight, I didn’t think to ask and from previous experience I should have. Ended up driving 35 min to YRC depot to pick it up myself, it had been there for almost a week.

  92. Neil Wines

    Had it shipped to a truck terminal that was 5 minutes away. Awesome service from both woodmaxx and old dominion trucking. Took it home and went to work removing crate. Put the chipper together in about an hour. Had help which I would recommend. Heavy and well made. Checked it over and added fluid. Put it to work. Awesome chipper thanks woodmaxx

  93. R. Schmidt

    Just received the chipper on April 5th and had it up and running April 7th. Unit was packed well, setup instructions were detailed and complete. I was able to complete the work myself.

    So far have used chipper for about 3 hours on everything from small branches up to saplings with 5 inch diameter base. No problems.

    The hydraulic feed rollers seem to pull in whole saplings which eliminate the need to prune branches while feeding.

    I am running chipper on a 2018 JD 2032R with quick hitch. The 32 HP tractor (which is reported to have 24 HP at PTO) handled everything I threw at it with no significant drop in power.

    Was concerned about starting rotation of the chipper’s 200lb flywheel with the tractor at idle… problem.

    Would definitely recommend this chipper!!

  94. John Wenslow

    I don’t like doing reviews until I’ve used my equipment for a while so here it is: 3 years ago I received the 8H Chipper and have used it to chip left over tops from my cutting firewood for personal use. I’ve chipper roughly 30 yards since and have had no issues with the machine. Excellent quality.

  95. Charles Fleming

    Received my chipper in about 7 days. Was well protected in a metal frame during shipping. No damage Color matches my Kubota perfectly. I highly encourage having a friend present to help assemble. The machine is stout. I associate heavy stout machinery with quality. Also found that you can not assemble infeed bar mounting bolts by yourself if you have assembled the infeed shoot. I would suggest inserting and tightening the back two bolts before you assemble infeed shoot if assembling by yourself. Plate steel can get heavy when trying to manipulate and bolt down at the same time. Upon completion of assembly hydraulic system purged just fine. Tested unit out that evening with everything from 1″ to about 6″ and played with the feed rate. WOW, what a beast. Hewed it up and spit the chips right out. What a phenomenal piece of machinery. I will be buying my other attachments from woodmaxx in the future. I can appreciate great quality when I see and feel it.

  96. Henry

    Bought this last July and waited a while to finally get it going. Did have a few issues on the PTO shaft (my fault) so I contacted Joel at Customer Service and sent him some pictures and he came right back and gave me how much to have them cut. This is a beautiful piece of equipment, well designed, well made, and just awesome on what it does. Ran some big pine limbs through it right after I fired it up and it is just unbelievable!! The product is great, the company that sells is great, their service is great and I can only hope that this review puts somebody over the top to purchase one of these from WoodMaxx since my chipper is AWESOME!!!

  97. Brent Wills

    First time owner of a PTO wood chipper and the WM-8H is great! Handles large brush easily and I really like the hydraulic feed, having the ability to back out any jams. Well built machine!

  98. Anonymous

    Very happy with the customer service of this company and the shipping department was great with keeping me informed on where and what was happening. The chipper showed up a week earlier than they were estimating and the shipping company was more than happy to work with me when It arrived. Now for the chipper. It was a very good investment. It has taken the four massive piles of debris I had from cutting down a bunch of pines and turned into two little piles. Very please with, and recommend, the chipper to anybody that is looking for one . I would definitely recommend the hydraulic over the mechanical, but that is just preference on my end.

  99. Larry Winfree

    Good Morning, I picked up chipper at the OD Truck Depot in Greensboro and they were great. I watched the on-line video and followed the instructions in the instruction book and had
    no problems completing assembly . I added oil and everything works as it should.

  100. Dan Vinyard

    The WM-8H Wood Chipper is a beast. Easy to use. Has not bound up yet and I have fed close to 8 inch branches. Highly recommended. Delivery in 7 days free as well. Can not go wrong.

  101. Bill Ruckman

    Yes, I would recommend the WoodMaxx WM-8H Wood Chipper! Jillian and Jim were very helpful answering all my questions. Assembly went well as we followed step by step through the thorough instructions. The initial and subsequent chipping went as expected without any surprises or disappointments. Anyone looking for equipment to process a moderate amount of trees should, by all means, check with WoodMaxx. Period!!!

  102. Robert V.

    My Woodmaxx WM-8H arrived in perfect condition and final assembly instructions were easy to follow. This attachment for my compact utility tractor will undoubtedly make maintaining my eight acres even more enjoyable. The chipper works just as advertised, and even with just 27 PTO shaft horsepower on my tractor, performs brilliantly with minimum effort thanks to the hydraulic infeed. This is a well designed product that is very well priced.

  103. Walt Perry

    Purchased this chipper after doing some research. It is as good as I thought it would be! Shipped to me in 1 week. Very well packaged for no damage. About 2.5 hours for final assembly. Works as advertised. Easily takes whatever you can put into the chute. Very happy with it! Second purchase from this company as I purchased a 7′ rear snowblower about 2 years ago, still working great today. Would not hesitate to buy anything from this company, very proven in my book!

  104. Russell Flugrad

    This is a replacement for a chipper I purchased about 2 yrs ago. I was not happy at all with it but am very satisfied with WoodMaxx. I also purchased a WoodMaxx Snow Blower 5 yrs ago and am very happy with the quality and performance.

  105. Curtis Lewis

    Unit arrived on time and in good condition. Follow the instructions, and assembly is pretty straightforward. I’ve got ten hours on it so far with no issues. I have property in Arkansas that has been unattended for many years and this chipper will be a big help as I clear several areas. Very pleased with my purchase.

  106. George Croston

    Very happy with the chipper, no issues. The delivery and assembly was smooth. It will devour red oak limbs as fast as I can feed them. Great product!

  107. James1999

    Received the chipper 10 days after I ordered it, assembly was very easy, took about 3.5 hours. So far it’s everything I could ask in a chipper. Hydraulic feed is easy to use, the unit runs smooth compared to the last chipper I had. I will recommend this to others.

  108. John Blair

    Took about 3 hours to put together and hook up to Kubota L3901 . PTO Shaft fit, no problem. Test out on some small trees, 4″ at base and produced a nice pile of wood chips. Very happy with the chipper, the cost and the delivery.

  109. Daniel Tweton

    I have about 15 hours on my WoodMaxx chipper, and it has chewed up everything I’ve put into it! My trees are mainly oaks with some hickory so my infeed speed is a little slow but the knives are still sharp enough to cut my finger.
    Assembly was pretty straight forward but I’m a mechanic by trade. If you follow the assembly instructions and take your time, you shouldn’t have a problem. I would definitely recommend after running for an hour or so, stop and recheck torque on bolts, had a couple that had loosened.
    This is my first purchase from Woodmaxx, but their tiller will probably be next on my list.

  110. Michael Lannon

    Chipped 10 treetops 4 inch limbs and smaller the chipper worked fine . Chipped Oak,maple,pine and even some 5 inch Apple trees made some nice chips for the smoker. Would buy or recommend to a friend.

  111. Richard Ellingstad

    Great value for hydraulic feed PTO chipper. 3 years ago I bought this model and was so pleased that I gave that one in good running condition to a close friend and started up the new one yesterday. Woodmaxx staff is very helpful. Thanks to Joel,Ron and Jim and many others there.

  112. Rodney Tollefson

    Just got our WoodMaxx 8H chipper and put it to work right away. We have a deer farm and we ran popple trees through to make browse (feed) for our deer. They really like it. We used to cut branches and throw in the pens but it is messy and we have to pick back up after they chew the leaves and bark off. Now we just dump buckets of ground popples in and they love it. The deer leave some of the larger wood chips but it works much better and more efficient than cutting and carrying branches in. Thanks for a great product at a good value price.

  113. Alan

    Have 3 hours on unit so far. Assembly was straight forward and went off without any issues. I did follow directions and check all factory installed bolts, Allen bolt etc. only a few needed tightening. But well worth the extra time.
    I am so glad I spent the extra bucks and got the hydraulic feed unit. I put a few 6 inch wet freshly cut Russian olive trees, that nearly stalled the 30 hp kubota. had I not had the hydraulics and slowed down in feed, I would have not been able to chip that wood. I just slowed down feed, Start and stop feeder, and no issue with bogging tractor down.
    So far excellent product.
    Machine is a beast.
    200lbs flywheel has a lot of rotating mass. Chipper chewed thru everything we put in it.
    We had a few jams that were easily cleared by reversing the feeder.
    So far, very pleased with the the unit.
    Give strong consideration to buying unit with hydraulic feed. You can’t go wrong.
    Hope this helps.
    Thanks WoodMaxx

  114. Michel Molnar

    The order process for my chipper was very smooth and easy to do, shipping was prompt. The assembly process was a little lengthy but not difficult. Once assembled and full of oil and all the air bled from the hydraulics it was time to put this machine to work. The chipper was coupled to my L4701 Kabota tractor, I backed it up to a brush pile which had small limbs, large limbs, and a couple medium tree tops about 6 to 7 inches on the bottom. We started with the smaller pieces and worked our way through to the larger pieces. The last thing we did was the tree top. The tractor never labored even with the larger tree top and the chipper just completely chipped everything with ease. and the chips are fairly consistent in size for everything it chipped. To this point I am very pleased with this machine and the ease of operation and speed that it works at. I give WoodMaxx a hearty thumbs up.

  115. Eldon Schiller

    These guys were amazing to work with. Everyone I talk to through the entire process was friendly and helpful. I would recommend doing business with them no matter what they were selling lol. As for as the wood chipper… It is amazing! It works exactly as I hoped it would. For anyone debating on getting the hydraulic feed do it! Being able to reverse the feed is a feature you never knew you needed until you have it. The only problem I have is my dad can’t cut the branches fast enough to feed into the chipper.

  116. Kevin Kuebler

    Woodmaxx was a pleasure to do business with. Everyone I talk to through the entire process was friendly and helpful. I would recommend doing business with them. As for as the wood chipper… It is amazing! It works exactly as I hoped it would. For anyone debating on getting the hydraulic feed do it! Being able to reverse the feed is a feature you never knew you needed until you have it. I am driving it with a B7800 Kubota with approx 22 HP at the PTO and this machine is doing all I hoped would. I have approx 20 hours on it and have not been disappointed, I am clearing 11 acres of branches and brush and it just keeps on chipping. Love it.

  117. Kenneth Clizbe

    I don’t usually leave reviews, but I am so impressed with this machine I felt obligated to. It is awesome. Better than expected and the hydraulic feed is the only way to go. I am very satisfied and I definitely recommend this chipper to others.

  118. Brent Willingham

    I picked up my WM8H at a freight facility and they loaded it in to my F150 with a fork truck. I was worried about being able to unload it with my tractor, but tied chain around the bucket and lifted it out no problem. Assembly was pretty straightforward. Most difficult part was shortening the PTO, but there are good videos on YouTube to explain it. I’m in central Texas so use this mostly to chip cedar (ash juniper). It does a great job on the straight branches or trunks, but crooked ones sometimes need coaxing to get through. I much prefer chipping these trees rather than burning them – plus, I end up with some nice mulch! 3-4″ thick branches go through no problem. Only about 8 hours on it so far, but do not regret this purchase at all.

  119. Edward Wellner

    I purchased the chipper for use with my Massey GC1705. I did not find any reviews where someone paired the chipper with a sub-compact tractor such as mine. Woodmaxx says 19 HP at the PTO is required, where my tractor is rated 18.7 hp.
    I have rented a 20hp chipper every couple of years.
    The chipper worked fantastic. Clearly 18.7 hp is enough power. It made quick work of several 3 inches box elder branches. Feeding smoothly and faster than the rental units I have used. The chipper had no problem with the 4 inch buckthorn I fed it. I now have about 60 cubic feet of chips and only 2.1 hours on the chipper. It would have taken me six to eight hours to chip that much with a rental unit.
    An issue I have with the chipper is with moving the unit. If I try to lift the chipper, the front end of my tractor goes up, rather than the chipper. I mounted the FEL in order to balance the weight of the chipper. My tractor weighs 1433 lb., the chipper 990 lb. so the problem is understandable.

  120. Jack Hann

    Just got it today. Everything going as they promised so far..Assembly fairly smooth except I have to cut the pto connector. Seems a little tough to get this connector to slide and lock onto the spline on both ends but I did get it. . Soon will hopefully be chipping and will report back.
    Cutting pto shaft was a pain but got it. started chipping and all going great but suddenly stopped turning. I unhitched and tractor pto turning so now need to figure out why unit quit turning. Ok so I called in and ln fact after .6 hours I have gone through my first shear bolt. The woodmaxx people sent me a few extras so hopefully we will not be eating too many of these. Will do some more chipping this weekend I hope.

  121. Steve

    I got my chipper last November and put it together as the snow began to fly. I was impressed with the structural quality of the machine. Powder coating had a couple of dings. It went together quite easily although I had to redo the bolts a number of times in order to get them all to fit at one time. I still came up with 4 extra that I can’t figure out where they go (although I counted the correct number before i started).

    Finally Spring is coming and I took my snowblower off yesterday. Got the Chipper on (it is one heavy piece of equipment). I have 22 HP at the PTO so I was a little worried of it being underpowered, but as I only have softwoods to chip and anything over 3 inches is firewood, I am not worried.

    I grabbed a few limbs that were poking out of the snow and ran them through. They were chips in a few seconds. No drain on the tractor. The 200lb flywheel is nice to have for that. Hydraulic feed is smooth.
    All in all, an excellent chipper for the money!

  122. Anonymous

    I just got through chipping my first round of tree trimmings and am impressed with how the chipper performed, Just like I had hoped.
    I hooked it up to my Kubota L2800 which has a PTO horse power rating of 24hp. I set the feed rate at 6 and had no problems with feeding the large branches through. I am extremely glad I got the hydraulic, did have to use the reverse option a few time.

    With the above said I do have a few minor complaints. The unit arrived in tack and the packaging was undamaged. However, as un packed the crate I did notice that several of the panels had damage to the paint. In fact I am a little disappointed in the pour overall paint job of the unit. On a 1 to 10 scale, I would only give it a 4.5. I am glad they are sending me some paint to us as touch up, but that will not take care of the overall poor appearance (heavy paint flow and areas of bubbling paint).

    WoodMaxx Response- Thank you for your input. Our equipment is first shot blasted to texture the steel for increased adhesion, then coated with an agricultural finish exterior grade polyurethane powder coating that is baked in an oven at temps of 415 degrees. This finish is extremely tough & durable, and is covered under the Chippers 3 year parts warranty.

  123. Stephan Ellard

    Purchased the WM-8H a year or so ago. Amazing piece of equipment, used with a Kubota 3400, already paid for itself with only 30 hours on the machine. Thanks for your product!

  124. Willie S

    I received my WM-8H wood chipper yesterday and I checked all the bolts and put it together. Was very pleased with the workmanship of this chipper. I was a truck and car mechanic for 45 years before I retired so I know what I am looking at and this is a well built machine. I saved my Christmas tree to try this chipper out (did no trimming) placed it in the hopper and in a few seconds, I had no tree anymore (wow!). You won’t be disappointed in this chipper. I am 63 years old and I did the assembly with no help. OK Sweet Gum, here I come!

    Well I have a report on my new WM-8H chipper, I am using it behind a 37-39 PTO H.P. Kubota. I have chipped Cedar, Pine and up to 8″ Sweet Gum in this chipper at the rated 540 rpm. The only thing I do with full 8″ Sweet Gum is turn the speed down to 3, and work the on and off valve (feed a little, then stop it until the tractor catches up) and it does a PERFECT job. Do not be hesitant about this chipper, I can’t see what else you could ask for. I am an auto mechanic for 40 years, so I feel like I know a good thing when I see it. You WON’T find a better deal anywhere, I tried. Thanks WoodMaxx!


    I purchased the WM8H. Assembly was very well organized using the owner manual and videos. For those with electric PTO engagement, the provided shear pins may shear prematurely. After a quick call to the company, they recommended a grade 5 bolt and lock nut, which worked just fine. Had it running just in time for a major storm that took down two trees here on the farm that took our power out. The chipper worked just as advertised, and we were back in business very quickly. I looked at a number of chippers before I bought this one. The communications by the company were excellent and the videos were most helpful.

  126. Terry Jamison

    I assembled the WH-8 chipper, a couple of weeks ago. Assembly was easy and straight forward. I finally got a chance to try it out. I hooked it to a Kubota L3940 with quick hitch USA PTO shaft fit perfect. This is a limb eater. Proud to own it!

  127. Michael Carlton

    Even though I live on one of the smaller Islands, woodmax was able to have the chipper delivered right to my door for a very reasonable extra charge. It was pretty easy to assemble and would have been even easier if I would have had someone to help hold the panels on the in-feed chute. The chipper it really well built and heavy duty. I am using it on a Yanmar 2210 which is 22 PTO HP and it runs it with no problems. I can run 4 inch Kiawe through it all day. I am glad I paid the extra for the 8H model because the Kiawe is really thorny and I only have to get the branch to the roller and it pulls the rest through so I don’t get cut up as bad from the thorns. Overall I am really impressed with the quality of the chipper.

  128. Barbara Roddy

    The chipper arrived yesterday and within a few hours it was assembled and ready for work. I was very impressed with the quality and sturdiness of the chipper. It hooked up easily to my old Kubota L345. I was excited to take it into the woods to try it out and was amazed that this machine devoured everything I through at it.

    My tractor has 29 hp at the PTO and this chipper did not even slow the engine down a bit with a 4 inch fir branch which just disappeared almost immediately. The hydraulic feed is a must and truly very powerful and very fast requiring no effort to feed in materials. Love this machine.

  129. daniel

    Receive chipper great unit very happy on performance hydro feed is the way to go ! mounted on small massey had to modify mounts and cut shaft down !

  130. Kim Parker

    Can not say enough at how great this chipper is!
    It shipped freight in an all steel crate, had no damage and the driver met us 1 mile from our farm. It was super easy to off load on our trailer.
    We have chipped hard and green wood, 5-6″ size with zero problems. This thing is a beast and makes perfect size wood chips for my organic garden. My husband and I put it all together, the direction were very simple to follow and we had no problems getting it hooked up to our tractor. The chipper and WoodMaxx’s customer service folks have very much exceeded our expections.

  131. Stafford Gray

    WM-8H chipper came packaged in a steel crate with no damage. Was immediately impressed with solid construction of the unit. Chipped various hard wood both green & aged up to 5 inch or 6 inch so far. The machine handles everything no problem. I am very happy with this purchase, it exceeded my expectations.

  132. Murphy

    I wrote a really nice 5,856 character review for nothing this thing only takes 1000 characters or less therefore you get the cliffs-notes version.

    Nowadays things rarely impress me but this chipper really did. It does the heart good to buy something that does what it supposed to. I’ve used commercial chippers and was leery of getting something too small. This thing eats up anything that will squeeze through the chute. The thing you have to be careful of is killing the tractor. If you do kill your tractor it is a royal PITA to get freed back up.

    Now for the biggest tip I can forward on. It is not boasted about at all by WoodMax and I never really thought about it but the hydraulic version has a valve that will let you back out branches. I can’t emphasis enough how bad you really do need that feature. With the manual one you would have to pull down on the feed roller lever which takes a lot more effort than you would expect then pull out the branch at the same time.

  133. Anonymous

    I had just recently bought a flail mower from Woodmaxx, so I was confident I would feel the same about the chipper. Overall very impressed with sturdiness, fit and finish, shipping crate, ease of assembly. Only problem I had was with the hydraulic flow control unit, which was defective. The factory was very responsive and shipped out a replacement unit (even though they had to remove it from another chipper) right away. The new control unit worked perfectly and the chipper started right up with no problems. So far, I’ve not put anything close to 8″ in it, but it runs everything else through great. I agree with another post which recommends the hydraulic unit over the manual one. Being able to immediately reverse the unit to clear a jam is a huge plus. I recommend with no hesitation.

  134. Michael Appleby

    The chipper was not hard to put together and it was not difficult to understand the instructions. The PTO shaft sizing was a little challenging . I wanted to use the chipper for awhile before writing this. It has been working very well for what I am chipping in Hawaii. I’m chipping several kinds of hard woods and the machine eats them. It attaches to my Kubota B7800 with ease and comes off with ease.I am happy with my purchase. Mike Appleby

  135. Anonymous

    We bought this chipper for our snowmobile club so we could chip the brush on our trails instead of leaving it there. This chipper works awesome it is just what we were looking for.

  136. Anonymous

    Impressed with sturdiness of shipping crate. Was impressed with the ease of assembly and how well built it is. Was missing spring on hydraulic belt tightener. Called the company and received the part in 2 days. Impressed with customer service.

  137. Joe Arbuckle

    Machine arrived packaged in strong metal create to prevent damage in coast to coast transportation. Reviewed on-line assembly video making assembly simple and I was chipping in no time. In twenty minutes time i completed chipping a brush pile of pine and cedar that would have taken hours to burn. Completely satisfied with capacity and performance combined with my John Deere 3203 tractor. Strongly recommend this machine!

  138. Anonymous

    I cut wood to heat my house and use this to clean up the brush. It is great. Sturdy, heavy construction. I use it on a Mahindra 3016 w/ a 21hp PTO. I have put 5″ pine branches through it and the tractor doesn’t even notice. I like the adjustments on the leg set up that allow the PTO shaft to be level with the tractor. The hydraulic in-feed rollers pull the material in with ease. No pushing or shoving branches. Changing the in-feed roller speed changes the size of the chips, many of which I repurpose for landscaping or fire starting. I have no complaints and would recommend this to anyone looking for a quality chipper.

  139. Mark Wigley

    Received my 8H this week. The top of the sttl crate was pretty mangled. No damage to the unit other than a scratch or two. No biggie, someone along the supply chain needs forklift training. Took about two hours of assembly with air tools. Good video and printed instructions. I have it attached to a Kubota MX5100. Plenty of power. After one full day of use I’m convinced I made the right choice. The only difficulty I had was chipping bushy evergreens. The unit isn’t powerful enough to collapse many branches and therefore wouldn’t pull the tree through. Just had to do a little more limbing than I would have liked. Otherwise, it handled everything I threw at it. Unit is well made and the craftsmanship is good. I will be returning to buy other attachments.

  140. Ghislain Roy

    Great packaging, excellent sequence of instructions and a high performance piece of machinery. I will enjoy cleaning limbs and debris around my property. Thank You for a great product at a reasonable price. (T shirt size XL)

  141. John Crowne

    The WM-8H is simply fantastic. For the money I don’t think you can find a better chipper.

    The chipper arrived exactly when they said it would. The chipper was packaged beautifully and Land Air Express delivered it damage free. Spend the extra $35 and have it delivered with a liftgate truck!

    The assembly was straight forward and it went together without any issues. This is a solid unit – at 963 lb it outweighs all the other chippers in the price range. I think the secret is in the 200 lb flywheel…

    So far the chipper has taken anything I could get in the infeed chute. My tractor is a 31 horse Kubota. I was concerned about having enough power to run the chipper. No need for worry, the tractor just purrs and doesn’t seem to even notice the chipper.

    I use this chipper at home. We have a small motocross practice track in our front yard. We use the wood chips to control dust and surface water runoff.

  142. Michael Herbert

    My WM-8H chipper came packaged in an awesome steel crate and everything was wrapped in plastic and bubble wrap. The chipper is built tough. I use a 33 HP tractor/28 at the PTO. I chipped alot of various pine and aspen so far. The machine gobbles the branches and spits them out into nice wood chips. To my surprise the wood chips are a little smaller than expected which I like. I am using them for landscape mulch. Perfect size for this. I honestly didn’t expect my tractor to handle 5″ or 6″ logs very well due to it’s smaller HP size. To my surprise, regardless of what I ran into the chipper or how much, including some 5″ pine logs, my tractor engine didn’t even change speed. I am very happy with this purchase all the way from my first phone call to order it, to seeing how well it was packaged, seeing how well it is built, and how well it performs. It exceeded my expectations. You can’t beat the WM-8H for the quality you get for the price.

  143. Scott Campbell

    I debated for a while and finally made the purchase. No regrets… I am running this on a 35hp tractor with no issues. If you are debating stop and just go ahead and pull the trigger. Just make sure you get the hydraulic feed one!

  144. Jeff Sterling

    I received the chipper very impressed with the crate it was in. The instructions were very clear on how to assemble the unit and what needed to be done prior to operation. Once I got everything completed and the chipper was ready to chew on some brush I was very impressed on how low the noise was and how well it chipped. I even put in a couple that were 5 inches never slowed down at all. I’ve used other machines but this one succeeds by far. This is the second machine I’ve bought from woodmaxx and very impressed with both units.

  145. Peters Point

    We bought this chipper after Hurricane Matthew came through the SC Lowcountry and left us with lots of blow down. Neighbors were skeptical of the 8″ chipping capacity since much of what we had was oak/other hardwoods.
    It certainly cleans up an 8″ branch of oak without missing a beat. It is important to adjust the feed speed when chipping this material, but it manages just fine. We had another big oak blow down last week and after bucking the branches, it only took a couple of hours to dispose of them. This thing just ate through all the branches and leaves and produced a very nice mulch.
    The ideal number of people working it is three. Two can manage, but one is seriously slow. You need three for best results because someone has to keep the feed going and the other two need to keep hauling material to the machine – and one of those two should have a chain saw handy to handle strangely shaped branches.
    We love this thing.

  146. Steve Haley

    The WM 8H chipper is an excellent unit. The chipper works as described and is of nice quality for the money. The unit is very safe to operate for the average homeowner (the infeed assist bar is a head knocker when attempting to process smaller material – be aware of your surroundings). Assembly was straight forward, some bolts loose (as pointed out in the directions), not sure why ALL fasteners weren’t tightened during assembly. All in all, great unit. Thanks

  147. Donald Clementi

    The chipper showed up crated and wrapped with bubble wrap on all the smaller parts very impressive. Assembly was simple filled the hydraulic tank and circulated for a few minutes and started chipping Works Perfect, very well built I’m impressed with this machine.

  148. Mitchell Rabenold

    I am entirely impressed by the WM-8H chipper, and WoddMaxx in general. The chipper shipped on time and arrived undamaged in its robust steel crate. The fact that cross-country shipping was included in the price is fantastic. The assembly instructions were clear and accurate and all parts were present. Other than having my wife hold the infeed panels while I bolted them up, I was able to assemble everything myself.

    We fired it up and immediately fed it a 6″ maple tree in its entirety, which it took with no problem. I have it on a Kubota L39, with 29 HP at the PTO and it seems like it will take anything I can fit into it. It also did just fine on small material and blackberry vines.

    Everything about the chipper is solid. All of the parts fit tight, rotating parts are balanced so there is no unwarranted vibration, and it works as advertised. With 10 acres of Pacific Northwest woods, I am confident that this chipper will meet my needs for years to come.

    Well done, WoodMaxx!

  149. P Lehning

    I purchased this after a researching many machines and I could not be happier. I have over 10 hours on the 8H in two weeks and it has met all my expectations. I have put black locust, hard maple, pine and brush through it with no issues. It is extremely well built, solid and easy to use plus I believe the safety features built into are excellent. Easy shipping, straightforward assembly and works smooth behind a 60hp tractor. Highly recommend and great this is veteran owned business too.

  150. Randy Garris

    After reading many reviews, I decided on this product. It was shipped to me in one of the most securest packaging I had seen. It had great directions on how to finish assembling it. That took me about 3 hours by myself and in my shop and not working in a rush. Upon taking it out for a test the next day, I was greatly surprised and please that this machine was definitely going to exceed all of my expectations of it . I chipped up a double poled tall leland cypress in about 40 minutes. It chipped pieces 20 foot long with no problem. I use a 70 HP Kubota to power this equipment. Such a large tree was turned into a relatively small pile of chips. I am involved in the tree removable business and landscaping, and to have some thing that attaches to my tractor with the front end loader is absolutely fantastic. I found it amazing what one 60 year old man and one woodmaxx were capable of doing. I highly recommend this product to anyone that needs a great working piece of equipment.

  151. Mike

    I was naturally concerned about the quality of a machine I had only seen pictures of on a website. If you have not had a chance to physically inspect one, these are not light weight machines. Years of development have gone into their design to arrive at the well-built, high performance models that are currently available. It was well worth the extra money for the WM-8H to have adjustable hydraulic feed speed and reverse capability. Don’t worry if you have a smaller tractor because my Kubota B7800 30 HP / 22 PTO HP is doing great at running this chipper. I have had great experience with the WoodMaxx staff before, during, and after my purchase. Shipping and packaging were also great. The metal crates these machines are shipped in are very effective at protecting their valuable contents. If you have a need to call WoodMaxx there is someone there in New York to talk to whether you need sales, parts, order info, or support.

  152. lee mckinsey

    Great item, went together with no problems.Chipped couple limbs and great. To wet here now to do much work with it but from what it is would buy again. Packing was great and WoodMaxx was very good answering my many questions. Thanks

  153. Chris Evens

    I just received my new WM-8H Wood chipper. I had not heard of this company prior to researching and buying a used Woodmaxx SB60 snowblower. The heavy duty build quality and performance of the blower were impressive and led me to look into one of their chippers. The packaging and setup instructions were excellent. I was a little nervous buying this chipper for a fairly small 20 pto hp tractor. I got it setup and ran a bunch of material through it with no issues. The build quality and performance were just as impressive as the snowblower. I will be looking to Woodmaxx again when buying a flail mower later this year.

  154. Stephen Bechtel

    I appreciated how well it was crated. When I went to hook it up, I was pleasantly surprised with the design that allowed me to flip (to make arms wider) and extend the arms for the best fit for my old Case 300 tractor. After using it, I would recommend it to anyone as a very good product for the money.

  155. Tiffani DeRocha

    I just wanted to say that we love our chipper so far. Great machine at a great value. Beats spending double or triple the cost of a large commercial chipper. Can’t wait to clear the rest of my property!

  156. Ron H

    I received my Woodmaxx WM-8H on Saturday. It works great! My wife says it’s hers. We chipped quite a bit of scrap cedar and oak today that I had accumulated at my sawmill. Some of the pieces were close to 8″ and the machine performed without a hitch.

  157. Kent Sweek

    What a great tool! I wish I would of purchased this unit years ago. Very well built with good instructions. Service and tech support was a real help in deciding on the correct chipper for me. This is one of the best tools that I have and will do what it is advertised to do. Thanks Woodmax!

  158. Jennifer

    Truly amazing customer service! Very satisfied with your equipment. We greatly appreciate your expedition in shipping our order. Your efforts have greatly been appreciated by all clients who have been unfortunately affected by the storms that have passed through the lower East Tennessee service areas.

  159. Jake

    I want to thank you so much for taking quick action on my order. The knives are put on and ready for a quick trail. Your chipper is an outstanding machine. I?m going to give you an the company more than five stars. Its doing the job I want to do. It?s very powerful and cutting nice. I slow down the feeder. And it just keeps going. Keep up the good works in your products.

  160. Richard Duncan

    I highly recommend getting the hydraulic version of the WM-8 for cedar or any other tree/bush with a lot of branches. It has no problem eating at full speed complete 3 inch diameter trees (7 footers with all the limbs on) and 6 inch diameter partially trimmed limbs or trunks. One of the nice things about the 8H version is the ability to reverse out trees or branches that won’t feed because of odd branching configurations that overwhelm the feed roller. Just back them out and either flip them or take the chainsaw to them to refeed. Because you can reverse them out, you don’t need to spend as much time trimming them to surely fit.

  161. Mike Somes

    With 36 acres of land in the Colorado mountains, I have had piles of branches, small trees and brush to get rid of. It has amazed me that in about 5 hours I was able to turn 2 years of accumulation into piles of usable chips. The machine is well built, easy to attach to the 3 point and powerful enough to chip any thing I have tried.

  162. John Evans

    Shipping 1 day sooner , assembly strait forward & under 2 hours, 3.5 hours behind my 40 hp John deer 990 & working great on 4″ & 5″ spruce, hemlock & pine. Thank you woodmaxx

  163. KEVIN

    I just received my 8″ wood chipper and I have never had a item that was packed so well. I followed the DVD and had no problems with the setup. I attached it to my tractor and started chipping a pile of limbs and it was great. This chipper is built like professional equipment, solid, no short cuts or cheap parts. I love that I can afford a chipper of this quality. It made short work of what I had and now I can’t wait to start cut down more stuff. Thanks WoodMaxx

  164. Barbara J Ferry

    Have a John Deere 3032E bought this year. Did a lot of research and John Deere wanted almost 4 grand for theirs. Have 13 acres and decided on yours and what a great piece of equipment. Hydraulic is the only way to go with a small tractor. Wife and I are very pleased. Great product. It did take me more than 2hrs to assemble. After all it was me and my wife. Would recommend this equipment to my neighbors and friends.


    I bought the chipper in march of 2015, and have used it about 50 hours. This is a GREAT machine, it took a little while to line up the chute when assembling, but if your a little mechanical, it will be fine. What separates this chippers from others, (some are more than twice the price), is BOTH upper and lower feed rollers are powered, i have not seen another one like it. Buy it, you will love it.

  166. Nicholas K.

    I’ve had my new WM-8H for less than a week but everything is working great. Assembly was pretty straight forward and the assembly video is helpful. I assembled it by myself but it did take longer than the estimated time WoodMaxx stated. The 8H is well built and quite heavy. In fact, when I was assembling the machine, I was trying to unpack the in-feed chute pieces and I thought they were stuck, but it turns out that they are thicker steel than I had assumed and therefore much heavier.

    I like that WoodMaxx is continually updating their products. Case in point is the new tach/hour meter. That is handy for maintenance and to make sure its running at the correct RPM. I have a 45 hp tractor with an “e-PTO” function so I can run the engine slower to get the 540 out of the PTO. The tach makes that very convenient.

    Overall, WoodMaxx is a company with great customer support and I have absolutely no regrets about purchasing this chipper.

  167. James

    This is a happy letter!!

    I needed a replacement chipper for my new larger tractor (40hp) and went on line to do the research. After learning how Essential a hydraulic system was to the right performance I dug into the various manufactures. WOODMAXX jumped out as a key candidate, with several models fitting my need. I choose a WM-8H and placed the order. Mike found one in short order and fired it off toward Chicago. After a small shipping delay, I dug into assembly. It now has 10 to 12 hour of operation and is the perfect choice.! These have been great people to work with and a product that backs up the promises. My best to all.

    – James

  168. Jim D.

    (A few years back) a continuing severe drought in Texas caused many trees to die. Burning them was a fire hazard. Therefore, I was in need of a heavy-duty chipper to clear deadwood on the ranch including branches and small trunks of the infamous bois d?arc tree. Bois d?arc is a dense, hard wood that old-time Texans used for fence posts and house foundations because it would literally outlast multiple generations. (A Wikipedia entry for this tree is too kind about this thorn laden, tire puncturing, glove shredding, chainsaw dulling scourge whose worthless softball-size fruit is eaten by horses and thus the name ?horse apples? – trust me on those assessments.)

    In the search for a chipper that would meet this challenge to be driven by a 32 hp (at the pto) diesel tractor, I came across the WoodMaxx website and was impressed by the videos showing a chipper in operation. It rapidly dispatched the softwood conifers of the northern climes, but I had concerns about its ability to chew up bois d?arc trees.

    Though I had reservations about its ability with bois d?arc wood, I ordered a WoodMaxx model WM-8H. When it arrived, I was immediately impressed with the careful way it was packed and protected with a surrounding steel framework. That same careful attention to detail existed in the machine itself. It was obviously a solidly built and substantial piece of equipment.

    I have been using it for just over a year now with absolutely no problems. I continue to be thoroughly impressed with its durability as well as the engineering that went into its design. The hydraulic feed and the steerable exhaust chute (downwind is only a half turn or less away) have proven to be ?must-have? features. The controls and safety systems are conveniently placed and reliably work as intended. Wear points are easy to get to for lubricating, and the reversible blades are readily accessible for replacement or switching sides. (In a year of fall and springtime use, I have only needed to rotate the cutting sides on the set of blades that originally came on the machine.) The WM-8H has proven to be equally adept at chipping very small branches as well as bigger branches and trunks in the 6 to 8-inch range. Any brush or wood that will fit through the feed chute opening is grabbed by the hydraulic driven feed rollers, fed to the blades, and rapidly converted to small chips.

    In summary, the operative words that apply to the WM-8H are solid, durable, well designed, reliable, versatile, easy to operate, and a breeze to maintain. It truly is an effective workhorse that provides a lot of bang for the buck

  169. Greg Dittenhafer

    If you are in the market for a great wood chipper look no farther than the WOODMAXX. From my initial telephone call and the many that followed the staff at Woodmaxx went above and beyond to assure my questions were answered and confirmed with assurance. I purchased the WM-8H model and I’m so impressed that writing this review is the least I could do.

    The workmanship that went into this machine is impressive. The hydraulics seals the deal. Great job Woodmaxx and thumbs up to your staff.

    Greg Dittenhafer

  170. Steve

    The Woodmaxx WM-8H is an outstanding PTO chipper. I purchased mine in November to start cleaning up 5 acres of trees that burned in the (previous June’s) forest fire. Once ordered, a freight truck delivered it about a week and a half later at the street and I used a tractor to move it inside a neighbors garage and assemble it.
    I use it with my Kuboda L3800 which has a PTO output of 30HP. This seems to be a good match for the chipper as it has plenty of power, more would be better, but I think you could even run it with 25HP or even less just depending on what you are chipping and how fast you want to run it through the machine. The wood I am chipping is charred ponderosa pine, the fire definitely made the wood harder and more brittle and at times the chipper feed needs to be interrupted so that the flywheel will come back up to speed. I?ve noticed when chipping green ponderosa pine it feeds and chips much easier. Hopefully you don?t have burned trees to chip, but if you do, this machine will do the job. Be careful to inspect it as you are chipping because the feed mechanism etc. gets a lot of strong jerky movement and bolts loosen up and in my case a few times fall out and have to be replaced. Everything on the machine I have worked on so far is metric and so finding bolts and nuts is a little harder but Lowes and Ace here in Colorado Springs carry metric nuts and bolts and so far I?ve been able to get up and running again quickly as a result. If you are using it more lightly than I am you may not experience this, I have about 75 hours on the machine so far and there are only 93 hours on my tractor so it?s by far the most used implement I have at this point, I hope to finish working on the trees soon but I?m only about 40% through them and I don?t anticipate the WM-8H will have any trouble getting through the rest.

  171. Kent C.

    I have enjoyed using my Woodmaxx chipper. We had a huge spring storm that produced a mountain of branches. The Woodmaxx chipper quickly reduces the tangled mess into a neat pile of chips. I like the sturdy construction and the effective self feeder that makes the unit easy to use. I have pushed this chipper to its limits running heavy Elm branches through one after another, it chews them up without any trouble.

    I was very happy with the ease of purchasing and the shipping to my door was excellent.

  172. Tom

    It took me almost half a year to actually use the chipper. After receiving it from you, I assembled the unit and had plans to use it straight away, but just got too busy? the way, the assembly instructions are very good and easy to follow, which is generally not the case for most things one buys these days. Anyhow, last week it was put to a REAL test for the first time. We had to clean a number of trees on the 47 acres we own. Being just northwest of Tucson, most of the vegetation on our land are mature mesquite and acacia trees. We pruned for 4 days straight, with the chipper running all this time. Probably 6-8 hours a day, with short breaks. To say it worked well would be an understatement. It?s performance and ease of use was just unbelievable. It not only handled everything we threw into it, green or dead limbs and small branches, but the way it pulled everything into the hopper was amazing. I didn?t expect it would be able to grab a long limb that was maybe 4-5? at the base, but had branches with a spread of over 6 feet and actually pull and crush them before they even made it into the hopper to be chipped. So, so far I am more than happy with my purchase and your service. Also, I am really glad that I opted for the hydraulic feed; after seeing it in action, I can?t even imagine forcing the stuff I am shredding into the unit any other way.

  173. Peter Pitoniak

    I can not say enough about this chipper. It does everything that I can throw at it. I have chipped hard green wood 2″ and down (I burn everything else for heat 3″ and up) I have put 8″ pine trees thru it. I have also chipped slabs from the saw mill. I’m still on the same side of the knives have not flipped them around yet (200 hours). Their service is superior, friendly and the equipment you can’t beat with anything else on the market. I have never written a review before about anything, but this machine must be commented on its that great.

  174. Ben Miller

    I am very pleased with this chipper. Took myself and wife about 2 hours to get assembled. Hooked it up to my 4020 John Deere and started chipping. Wound up chipping up everything we threw at it. Really seems like the thing is well put together. Will definitely consider Wood Maxx for future equipment!!!

  175. Jonathan Burt

    I am the Facilities Manager on 300 acres for a non-profit organization and I have to do my best to stretch my budget. I was so pleased with the price of this machine compared to the competition. The chipper is well built and the adjustable feed setting on the hydraulic model is a great feature for feeding in hard wood like oak. I’ve chipped 5 inch red oak without any problem. Take your time and follow instructions on the set up and I think you will be very pleased with your purchase. I will consider other WoodMaxx products next time I am in the market for another implement.

  176. Alex J.

    I purchased the WM-8H Woodmax chipper (a while back) and it was the best investment our ranch has made in equipment. We have over 150 hours on the machine behind a 50 HP Branson tractor and it is amazing. We cleared an old Christmas tree farm with 40 and 50 foot trees and have cleaned up countless fallen oaks. We are not able to do agricultural burning in our area so the chipper is perfect. We have significantly reduced the fire danger. The chips are outstanding for suppressing weeds and in the garden. A great machine, easy to maintain and use, changing blades is a snap and they last a long time.

  177. Gary S.

    …We’ve run tons of 100-year old pine tops, oaks, even holly and crape myrtles, and including slabs from our saw mill. This machine is amazingly powerful, and it should be noted that [in 5 month’s time] we are still using the original set of knives that came installed. We did buy an extra set, and are pleased to say that we have yet to use them. We consider the tightening of nuts and bolts just part of regular maintenance along with greasing. Both are absolutely necessary! We rate this chipper as a TEN on a scale of one to ten. Cannot say enough how much we like the chipper.

  178. D. Mcpherson

    I live on a small ranch with old growth oak trees; dead wood, some green. My family and I had purchased a competitors machine at almost double the cost, with no hydraulic in-feed rollers a 3″ max capacity and all the way around from quality of metal, to perfection of wields, was an inferior machine, so I had them cancel it. We went with a Woodmaxx WM-8H model and ordered it up. WOW, was my first impression, this is the best craftsmanship on a chipper, I have ever laid eyes on. This machine is over built to perfection!, not too much as to be clunky and not too little to make you feel like you have to baby it; but solid enough to last lifetime(s) when taken care of. The only machines comparable to Woodmaxx equipment are the commercial chippers starting at $10-$20,000. If you are thinking about getting this product, stop thinking, just buy it. Their service is clearly spoken, friendly and the equipment you can’t beat with anything else on the market. Truly perfection. Thank you Woodmaxx!

  179. Jack Palmer

    I purchased the WM-8H chipper (a while back) and it has been a real workhorse! I am clearing 26 acres of trees and brush that I would otherwise have to cut, dry and burn (when permitted). This chipper handles anything I throw at it and makes great mulching material as well! I was looking at a self-powered commercial chipper but a used one was at least $8,000 and well used. I think this is a great value! I would like to have a better way to change knives as they are really anchored!

  180. Harry Lehman

    I waited a year from purchase to write. I have 15 hours on it. I have run douglas fir, western red cedar, black cottonwood, willow,Oregon Oak. I have extensive experience with big chippers. Only adjustment I have needed to make is spring tension. The throat is not wide, you have to buck out dog legs and angles.Bushy stuff needs to be slimmed a bit. The chips are small. The purchase, delivering, and assembly experience was real good. A year and a half ago when I contemplating a purchase I found a couple owners in the USA phoned them for their candid opinions and was sold from their experiences and almost ordered one then. I am happy with my chipper at this time and glad I purchased it. I enjoy having the affordable option of chipping my brush and limbs from fence rows, orchard, windthrow, and yard debris. Berry vines and finer stuff can be chipped up as long as you have some solid material to chase it with. I say go get one of these things if you want it.

  181. Mark Girardi

    This piece of equipment is more than what I expected from only viewing online. The instructions were very easy to follow and it only took a couple hours to put it together. Most of that time was spent removing the packing material from the assorted chipper parts, which is meant as a compliment for being so well protected. Only had one minor issue putting together, of the front right leg not being short enough for the lowest bolt hole to be utilized for setting of height. This was due to the bolt utilized for mounting of the belt tensioner being in the way of leg to fully be inserted. Simple fix of cutting about 1″ from the top of the leg. I only mention it due to not seeing it mentioned by others and thought it might help someone else. Can’t wait to get out to use! I’m so glad I researched this product and didn’t settle for box stores “chuck & duck” toys! My wife’s comment of “That is a beast!” says it all!

  182. J.R.C.

    What a great experience dealing with WoodMaxx. The delivery was right on time – was able to track shipment all the way. Fast delivery and arrived in great shape. Assembly was easy with excellent instructions. The chipper exceeded my expectations and does just a great job.

    Thanks for the fantastic customer service and an outstanding product.

  183. J. Librock

    Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the performance of the WM-8H wood chipper I bought in May. Since I retired some years ago, my work has been clearing junk wood out of 50 acres that I have, opening up areas of maples and cherry. I don’t chip anything bigger than 3 inches because we burn wood and 3 to 5 inch limb wood is great for boiling sap in the spring. I use to burn a lot but this chipper makes life a lot easier. The flat in-feed bin is great for us with older arms. I choose the hydraulic feed roller and I think it was well worth the extra money. I would highly recommend this unit to anybody looking for a high quality chipper for a low price. My only caution to interested parties would be to remember that this units weight is 1/2 ton hanging out 6 ft off drawbar.

  184. Jack Palmer

    I purchased the WM-8H chipper …and it has been a real workhorse! I am clearing 26 acres of trees and brush that I would otherwise have to cut, dry and burn (when permitted). This chipper handles anything I throw at it and makes great mulching material as well! I was looking at a self-powered commercial chipper but a used one was at least $8,000 and well used. I think this is a great value! I would like to have a better way to change knives as they are really anchored!

  185. Robert Shafer

    I purchased a WoodMaxx after considerable research. It had good reviews and the company was very responsive to my inquiries. Shipping was swift and there was no damage. A delivery truck with a lift gate was essential, so I could move it with forks attached to my loader. Final assembly was straight forward. Bravo on a clear, easy to use manual & helpful videos. When my wife saw the assembled chipper she noted, ?Wow, that thing looks serious!? Hooked to my venerable JD 1050 (33HP) it handled whatever we put in it. The hydraulic feed works very well and I recommend it highly. Soon my lovely wife, a mere wisp of a girl, was operating it like a pro. She cautioned me to behave, lest she “get all Fargo on me.” So far it’s operated flawlessly. Some 8 inch pieces have challenged the JD, but the hydraulic controls make it easy to slow the feed while the tractor recovers. We’re very pleased with our purchase. I would not hesitate to do business with WoodMaxx again.


    Finally a product that does exactly as advertised. The purchase process was quick and easy. My unit arrived in 4 days. I put mine to work at my cabin in Missouri where the trees are primarily hardwood. I have a 26HP Mitsubishi tractor with front end loader and it handles the chipper perfectly. The assembly was a breeze, and the performance so far has been flawless. It works a lot harder than I want to! One of the main things I really like about the design is the horizontal feed. You don’t have to lift the entire tree or limb off the ground, simply start it into the feeder and it’s on it’s way to being mulch, that simple. Also because the unit is so heavy duty, it is very stable when in use. No jumping around as the wood is chipped. The grease fittings are easy to access, directing the chute is simple. Very good product. I posted a video on social media and all my friends want to know where I bought it. You can be sure I will recommend Woodmaxx.

  187. Bill Wood

    I’ve had this chipper for several months now, and I am very pleased with its performance. I have 10 acres of hardwood trees that are always dropping branches, and this chipper helps me keep the grounds clean and makes great hardwood mulch in the process. My tractor has about 48 HP (PTO), and I have never had any issue bogging down the chipper. I heartily recommend this chipper to anyone in the market for a good chipper.

  188. Peter C.

    After researching 3 pt hitch chippers for sometime, I purchased the Woodmaxx WM-8H chipper this past December, 2014.
    I operate a Christmas tree farm in CT, approx. 14 acres, and I have rented chippers each year for the last 25
    years, and I now wish that I had purchased this machine years ago. The WM-8H chipper is quality, rugged and well made – and
    better than many of the chippers that I have rented over the years. I was impressed at the machines ability to pull in material that had crotches or wide branching habit without missing a beat.
    I have the WM-8H linked up to a 41 hp 8404 Cub tractor and the machine just purrs as it chips away any material I feed it. I highly recommend this chipper and am so pleased with the unit and
    look forward to many, many years of use.

  189. Philip Grahek

    The Woodmaxx WM-8H Chipper is a real workhorse for its size and price. I have waited for about a year before writing this review to make sure that I wasn’t prematurely enthusiastic. I wasn’t! The Woodmaxx chipper is everything it claims to be, and more. It will take a branch or log up to over six inches wide and convert it to mulch in seconds. It works every bit as good as the big chippers you can rent. I had originally considered buying a used rental chipper, but I didn’t want yet another internal combustion engine to have to maintain and worry about. The Woodmaxx WM-8H was the perfect choice with minimal maintenance and worry. I would recommend it to anyone who wanted a quality piece of equipment. Oh, the people at Woodmaxx are also some of the nicest and most helpful I have encountered when buying equipment. They are to be commended for their effort and pleasantness in engaging the customer. Thanks for making this possible.

  190. Roland Eaton

    Finally a product that actually works as advertised!

  191. Capital Area Greenbelt, Inc

    Received the chipper on time and assembly went well. Two people are a great help as the panels are heavy to hold in place. Took a few hours as we were careful referring to the video. Setup on the tractors JD4600 and JD3720 went well and the unit is interchangeable with only the height to adjust. We replaced the bolts with pins to make the swap easier. We have about 10 hours on the unit now with no problems. We are clearing along a pedestrian/bike trail that has a lot of tangled small vines and saplings. The unit handles both well with only occasional wrapping of the vines, reversing the feed rollers clears the wrap. We have tried several large logs and the chipper handled the well with out slowing down. They must have been near the 8″ advertised capacity.The hydraulic feed rollers are a must and a real time saver. We are very satisfied and would recommend this chipper without hesitation.

  192. Carl Kemme

    One of the best buys I have ever made! We have the Emerald Ash Borer in our area and it has killed all of our ash trees, so the wood is hard and dry, but the chipper eats it up with no problem. In order to get a burning permit in our township you must be 500 ft. from any building. So, the Chipper has been the answer and it makes great mulch for our flower beds.

  193. Kevin J. Foust

    I bought a Woodmaxx (8H) chipper last year and am very pleased with it. It was better than expected which was a nice surprise for once! It’s done all I have asked of it and I’d buy it again which states all you need to know about my experience. It was delivered promptly and they answered all my questions I had. It is a great option for a land owner at a decent price.

  194. George Wall

    I was very pleased with the purchase experience. I spoke with Amanda when ordering, and she was very helpful and answered all of my questions. I also received it sooner than I expected. My WoodMaxx wood chipper works great. I am impressed with how fast and efficient it chips. The hydraulic feed makes it easy with large limbs.

  195. Bob Greene

    I purchased a WoodMaxx WM-8H last Fall and have been very pleased with this chipper. It’s performance has exceeded my expectations. I spent quite a bit of time researching various chippers before choosing the WM-8H. I found that it was designed and built with features that far exceeded what other manufacturers were offering and at a reasonable price. I highly recommend the hydraulic auto-feed system – it works well and helps make the chipping operation much more efficient. The speed control of the hydraulic feed is useful when chipping – run it faster when chipping smaller limbs and slow it down a bit when running larger, denser material. I had no problem with the entire ordering process and the shipping of this machine was just as promised. I was impressed with the steal cage that protected the machine during shipping. The assembly of this machine was well thought out by WoodMaxx and it was not difficult to follow their directions.

  196. Bobby Bristol

    I got the WM-8H Chipper. I have had other chippers but this is the best one. It will chip everything with ease. I would give it an A++. WoodMaxx made the purchasing of the chipper very easy. Customer service was very friendly and informative. I have been enjoying using the WoodMaxx chipper. It is easy to set up and easy to use. Highly affordable and a quality chipper.

  197. Ron Johnson

    This machine is the best value for the dollar! It works great and is shipped to you in a secure containment and is easy to assemble.

  198. Floyd Yoder

    I found the Woodmaxx on the internet and compared it to the DR chipper and several others on the market. I liked that it would handle bigger diameter branches. I also like the in-feed roller, it keeps the limbs against the chipper blade and you can then get the next limb ready to insert into the feed throat. It was the best in it’s class and the price was comparable. Overall when I have used it, it seems to do the job.

  199. Earl Orndoff

    I have been using my WoodMaxx 8H chipper for months and its work performance is great. I wish I had bought it years ago. I have it hooked up to my Kubota tractor and I am very happy with it.


    I purchased my WoodMaxx chipper this spring and have been very happy with it. I purchased the hydraulic feed model. I am able to feed in whole trees of about 6″ diameter and about 30 feet long and the chipper feeds and chips the whole tree without problem and with out me helping it to feed. I have it attached to a JD 3520 which has about 40 hp and the tractor handles it with ease. It is also great with brush and small branches. It pulls trees in with enough force that it bends the larger branches over with the tree trunk and will pull it all in. Compared to my old chipper I can do more chipping in an hour with the WoodMaxx than I did all day with my old green one. If I were to rate it, I would give a 10 out of 10.

  201. Orville Neisingh

    I was looking for a wood chipper and read the customer reviews of the major brands on the market. When I read the reviews on the Woodmaxx I was sold. I ordered my new chipper with the hydraulic feed and I totally love it. I can shove the butt end of the limb into the rollers and let go to get another branch as the first one self feeds into the cutter. The reverse on the feed rollers is also great because every once in awhile an odd shaped piece may get hung up so a simple reverse and then forward and away it goes. The problem that I have now is that my neighbors want to borrow my WoodMaxx and that means that they need my tractor as well, ok, what are neighbors for. Even though this unit appears to be built in China, it is tough and rugged and should last me the rest of my working years.

  202. Brian Manley

    I purchased the hydraulic chipper in December ’13 and have been completely happy. Very easy to order, just had to say I had a quick hitch and the PTO shaft delivered fit perfectly. Delivery and Setup went just according to directions. This thing is a beast! Makes the work pretty fun as it is amazing to watch it eat. The directional chute is key and very happy we stepped up to the hydraulic feeder.

  203. William Bellis

    I have owned several chippers large and small, PTO and self powered. The WM-8H I purchased is without doubt the best VALUE on the market. The hydraulic feed option is soooooo nice! Set on the low speed feed rate it will process anything that will fit in the opening. Many hours of use on a 44 HP PTO tractor with no issues whatsoever. – Bill Bellis

  204. Tim Moyer

    My experience with the purchasing procedure, packaging and delivery of product, and performance of your product couldn’t be better. I purchased the WM-8H and found it to be everything I had anticipated from your website. We had a severe winter here in Pennsylvania and I had countless branches broken off from heavy snow and winds. The WoodMaxx chewed up all my branches along with my grateful neighbors branches and yielded a huge pile of chips that I’m now using to mulch my orchard and seedlings. I’d hate to think how much a landscaper might have charged me to to the work I was easily able to do with your product. I’m very pleased with the chipper and now look forward to any opportunity when I can use it. My wife likes it too, and finds many opportunities to save money on mulch by using the wood chips.
    Sincerely, Tim Moyer

  205. Donald Raymond

    My prime interest in acquiring a Woodmaxx WM-8H Chipper was to reduce the size of my annual burn pile and to make more efficient use of my Ford 8N tractor. Having just completed spring forestry operations on my tree farm in Plymouth, Massachusetts, my burn pile was indeed reduced to a negligible amount due to the use of the chipper. Just as important, the reduction in residue cuttings allowed me to significantly increase the amount of oak, pine, maple and spruce that I was able to cut. This increase in production was due in part to the hydraulic feed feature which provided significant time savings, efficiency and safety when operating the chipper. Engine power supplied by the 8N tractor was more than sufficient; however, I had to disconnect the live PTO when transporting the chipper due to a faulty lift system. The Woodmaxx WM-8H chipper has proven to be a valuable addition to my forestry program.

  206. Lou Dussia

    I decided that the WoodMaxx was the best chipper for the money and my needs. When the item finally arrived I was first impressed by the care that was taken to protect the unit in shipping. Once out of the crate I was even more impressed by the heavy construction. The assembly instructions are quite good and assembly by myself, while reading the instructions, took about 3 hours.. The construction is excellent and the finish is fantastic. But the best was yet to come. What a beast. I was not expecting the performance that I got from this machine. It goes through fresh cut or dried 3 and 4 inch branches like nothing. But it also chops up very small branches and large twigs also. And hooked to my 27 horse tractor it chewed right through about a 6 or 7 inch branch and the tractor engine only slowed a little. The sales people at Woodmaxx are also excellent and I would recommend this unit and this company to anyone.

  207. Cary Kincaid

    After searching for a PTO chipper for many hours, I somehow landed on the WoodMaxx site. What a find! After several returns to their site, reading all the reviews. Then 3 or 4 phone calls with Amanda, I ordered the WM-8H chipper. I will say my main concern was the price. No way would this chipper do all they claimed for only $2749.00. I was wrong because the WM-8H is amazing. Shipping was perfect. It was a blast to put together, (great directions)! I hooked it to my 43 horse Massey and attacked a mountain of brush I had waiting. After 8 hours of my son and I feeding this thing we now have a rather large pile of chips that I have plans for.
    If you are looking for a chipper, look no more. Best money I have spent in a while! You won’t be disappointed! Thanks WoodMaxx! Cary

  208. Ralph S

    Received my chipper weeks ago. Arrived in excellent condition ( shipped in a angle iron crate ) , I was able to track it all the way. Assembly was as promised..approx 2 hours and painless )
    I opted for John Deere Hydraulic Fluid since I am operating this on a John Deere 1070(37hp)
    Do a little research before you put the cheap stuff in such a fine machine
    So far we have Chipped mostly Russian Olive trees that are both Dead and also green. This is a very hard wood… ask my chain saw…… This machine hasn’t backed up from anything yet, and the hydraulics literally PULL in these gnarly branches and munch em up like they were child’s toys
    I am truly happy with this machine, Also their customer service is outstanding.
    Did I mention how Impressed I am with my new toy ?? 🙂

  209. Robert Shipley

    If you need a chipper that will not let you down this is it. In July of 2013 I ordered a WM-8H chipper after much research, and a few calls to the WoodMaxx office. I am pleased to say that after just over 40hr of use, and right at 193 yards of chips through the chipper, I still have not had one problem with the unit. I run the unit on my L3000 Kubota 30hp tractor and have more than enough power to chip the things that I don?t use for fire wood. Living in north central Arkansas we have some very hard woods Oaks of all kinds, Hickory, Black Jack, Locust and the list goes on and on. The WM-8H handles them all great. The hardest thing to do with this chipper is to keep it fed we chip about 7 to 8 yards an hour and the chipper is always hungry for more. In this day and time it is so refreshing to see a company that under promises and over delivers. The chipper is a great piece of equipment and the customer service is second to none.

  210. Twm Wheeler

    I bought my Woodmaxx 8H chipper in August 2013. Since then I have used it quite heavily for a total of about 30 hours so far. During the time I have had it I have harvested 55 24 foot Poplar logs (25 tons) to sell for paper pulp. Using the 8H I have chipped all the tree tops and spread the chips on my access roads. Along with up to 8 inch diameter limbs there has been quite a quantity of Beech and Maple that came down with the Poplars. The 8H has performed exceedingly well. I did have an issue with a malfunctioning pressure regulator valve, but after one call a new valve was shipped Express by the Woodmaxx people at no cost to me. I did make one modification, and that was to replace the support leg bolts with 1/2 inch locking pins to make setting up on uneven ground much quicker. This is a great piece of equipment.

  211. GGilbert

    I did a lot of research before settling on the WoodMaxx. I have had chippers in the past that were not as powerful. It arrived within four days. I recommend getting the lift gate option unless you have a forklift. It made all the difference getting it off the truck. It took the wife and I about two hours to assemble after getting it out of the metal crate. The instructions where very easy to follow and the quality of the construction helped alot. I attached it to my Kabota 33HP tractor and started chipping. WOW! It chews through 8 inch branches like butter. If you do alot of chipping like I do, I highly recommend this chipper.

  212. Drew C.

    I just got my WM-8H chipper and used it all last weekend. A truly great piece of equipment. The hydraulics make the work effortless. It easily processes much larger branches than I anticipated. Thanks for such a good product.

  213. Ivars Lusis

    My wife and I assembled our new WM-8H in about three hours on Saturday (the extra set of hands sure helped). The assembly video and written instructions are excellent. We chipped all day Sunday and eliminated a giant plie of limbs and brush. I have used several different gas powered chippers (Vermeer and Kubota) and the WoodMaxx matches up to their performance and the fuel efficency of using my 3320 John Deere for power is much better. The WoodMaxx price is a fraction of the gas powered chippers. Excellent chipper and excellent service.

  214. Charles Schroeder

    I couldn’t be happier with my new WoodMaxx WM-8H wood chipper It is very well packed, it took me just a few hours to unpack it and do the final assembly. I run mine with a JD 1070, 35 PTO hp tractor. So far I have chipped about 12 to 13 cubic yards of chips (that’s a big dump truck load) that came from clearing a fence row, not much but the root wads left to burn, and the chips will now make fine trails along the new fence. Most of what I chipped of the approximately 13 cu.yds was a combination of dry to green vine maple, big leaf maple, cascara, hazel, Hawthorne and Doug fir. All chipped equally well. There are other copies of this machine out there on the market, but this is the original and has the best features and construction. I really don’t think there is a better built, tougher machine in this size chipper anywhere on the market at any price, and at the WoodMaxx price it is an incredible deal.

  215. John Sosnowski

    After weeks of looking over the internet for both new and used chippers of all sorts, I contacted WoodMaxx with a lot of questions about the WM-H8 chipper. Amanda was quick to respond with the answers. This is a heavy unit and not the toys you see at the local stores or on TV. It is nice to know that the major setup is done by WoodMaxx, they have excellent instruction and a DVD included. In my haste to start chipping and no ones fault but my own, I cut my PTO drive shaft too short, so after a little TIG welding I was up and running. Let me tell you when they say it will chip up to 8 inches they mean it. This chipper eats wood as fast and good as the big commercial units does and the hydraulic feed is worth every penny over any manual feed system I rented or used in the past. Now the spring and fall clean up and the branch trimming will go much easier and no more burning.
    If you want a great chipper that does what it is suppose to do the WoodMaxx WM-8H is the way to go.

  216. Russell Tesh

    Great machine, well built. It does everything it is supost to. The only issue ive had with it is it clogged up, This was my fault, I didn’t have it up to speed when chipping. it chipped fine but you need the speed to blow out the chips.

  217. Barry Kidder

    Just had our woods logged and used our WM-8H chipper to clean it up. We tried a DR chipper and were very unhappy with it ,did not pull the branches in well, had to spend a lot of extra time cutting up the limbs into smaller pieces, took too coarse a cut and because of a factory issue could not adjust the bed knife to specs so sent it back.
    We are very pleased with the WM-8H chipper. Did everything we hoped it would and more! We got information and pricing on several other brands of similar sized chippers and found the WM-8H to offer the best value. Well built Machine!

    Barry Kidder
    Environmental Wood Products, Inc

  218. Michael Dinger

    I got the WoodMaxx WM-8H mainly because of the price and value. WOW!! That was a great decision. It was 2 1/2 -3 hours assembly time. I have chipped about 7 hours so far and used Sweet gum, Pine, Oak, Elm, etc. some up to 6″- 7″ in diameter and am amazed how it gobbles it all effortlessly! Just get out of the way. I had one small leak with the hydraulics when it first went into operation and that issue was resolved quickly & smoothly by the staff at Woodmaxx. So far, I am impressed with this unit and more than satisfied. It chipped whole sweet gum trees 30′ long or more and 4″-5″ in diameter without a hitch. Very little trimming was required. Some gas chippers are supposed to handle 3″ trees and limbs but don’t, and having to trim & fight only to have pile of chips clean up because they scatter everywhere, it is a pleasure using a professional performing unit that is priced so a homeowner can afford it. I highly recommend this chipper.

  219. Jock Singleton

    I ordered the woodmaxx chipper on 7-3-12 and recived it 5 day’s later. at first i had a problem with the chipper, and the people at woodmaxx where very nice in handling it. I first started using it to chip branches at my house and it worked great then I took it to a rental house and cleared a lot of under brush this is the best chipper that I have ever used. This chipper has very low maintenance works great with my Mahindra 4110 tractor and I would like to say thanks to all the people at woodmaxx for making this possable.

    Thanks Jock

  220. Dave Trachte

    I recently bought the WM-8H chipper, and after looking at many brands and prices, decided to try the Woodmaxx. I really liked that they used USA made knives and other components that are the business end of the machine. I received the chipper in a very well organized package. A very easy to understand manual, well written, with a very important part: VERY GOOD PICTURES! As they say “A picture is worth a 1000 words”. The machine assembled with absolutely no problems with fit or finish. I tested the machine out, and my biggest hope was that it would pull branches in with a lot of side shoots,and it did this very well! Overall, A VERY GOOD VALUE. I think the performance rivals wood chippers twice and maybe three times the price. There isn’t ONE thing about this chipper that was a problem, or an issue. The whole process from buying to receiving to assembly and function has been flawless. Thanks Woodmaxx for designing a great chipper for a great price!


    I’m 63, lived in a city all my life, never had a tractor, much less a wood chipper. This is truly my “First Rodeo” The instructions on assembling the 8H were clear and concise, parts, nuts and bolts clearly labeled, even I put it together without a hitch. WHAT A MACHINE! The feeder worked flawlessly, taking anything I gently pushed into the hopper, dead branches, live, freshly cut whole trees, needles and all. I would have to say the 8H is the Godzilla of Chippers. I adjusted the hydraulic feed, slowing it down, thinking it would make a difference when pushing a 5-6 inch branch into it. It didn’t seem to matter, so I returned the feeder to full speed and the blades went through the material like a hot knife through butter. The folks at WoodMaxx are knowledgeable and will help you with ANY questions you can come up with. I know, I had a bunch and they helped me with them ALL!

  222. James Barton

    I received my Wood Maxx Hydraulic Feed wood chipper 6 weeks ago and am very pleased with it. You can simply put in the branches, or in some cases the whole tree, and just walk away to get the next one. It’s fast and easy and I find it works great with my Massey Ferguson tractor (25pto). We’re building a new house and I have mountains of branches from clearing the lot and driveway. The WoodMaxx handled them easily and now I have a single mountain of useful chips to use on some trails and garden areas. I would caution anyone to avoid rotted wood that has some moisture. I clogged it up twice and had to clean out the flywheel housing and exhaust chute. There have been a few loosening set screws, but the staff at WoodMaxx has been wonderful with advice and sending me replacement parts without a charge. I’m happy I chose WoodMaxx. I was worried that I would get a chipper that I would have to fight with to do the work but my on-line research paid off and I made the right choice.

  223. John Bunday

    Last week I took delivery of the WM-8H chipper, and after assembling and putting the unit through it’s inaugural run chipping a pile of gnarly maple branches and moving on to some nasty hawthorne trees I’m totally satisfied with my investment.
    Your owners manual is straight forward and the assembly was trouble free. The unit runs smooth as glass and is well balanced. The aggressive hydraulic feed is amazing requiring no need to prune side branches.

  224. Alan Klobe

    I purchased my chipper with a neighbor, and we spent the better part of 2 months researching 7 different chippers after finally deciding on the WM-8H.The machine arrived nicely packaged and had no shipping damage. I was kept informed of shipping and delivery date so I knew when the machine would arrive so I could arrange for unloading. Assembly took about 2 hours with two people following the well documented instructions. I have used it to chip up the brush from a whole line of volunteer Elm and Boxelder trees growing underneath the power lines on the property. The hydraulic feed system does a nice job of feeding large, irregular branches into the chipper without much additional effort from me. I use the discharge chute to blow chips into my truck bed. To date I have chipped 3 pickup loads of chips and haven?t had to touch the blades yet other than to check them for sharpness. It appears we made the right choice for machine performance and value.

  225. Robert Scardina

    In early Feb. 2013 I purchased the WoodMaxx WM-8H. It came more than well packed as there wasn’t a scratch on it. It was easily assembled. Thus far I’ve chipped over a dozen pickup loads and haven’t had a problem. It is truly a pleasure to use. I’ve used professional chippers before and they have nothing over the WoodMaxx. As a matter of fact, the WoodMaxx has some features they didn’t such as the feed assist bar. When chipping 4 inch or larger, you just raise the feed roller and it eats it up. The hydraulic control valve is well positioned. When chipping damp material, just kick it in neutral to allow the discharge chute to clear and not plug while the feed roller maintains its bite on the log. I would have gladly paid more for such a fine machine! I highly recommend it. It is truly HD.
    RFS, Alma, WV

  226. A.D.S. Landscape & Garden

    So now I have used this thing for a year with my landscape business that does a lot of tree work. I could not be happier with the machines preformance. I can load right into one of the one ton dumps, or even directly into one of the 10 cu. ft. wheel barrels with very little mess. I have no complaints with how the machine is built, and I am confident that it will hold up to the monthly abuse it will see in “for profit” work environment.
    A.D.S. Landscape & Garden
    Elgin, IL

  227. John R.

    My neutral comments are more about me than the performance of the Woodmaxx; being a ?senior citizen,? arthritis in my hands caused trouble with assembling a couple of parts on the Woodmaxx, so I modidied them. I was completely satisfied with the professionalism of and how my order was handled. Questions were immediately answered to my great satisfaction. I was astounded by the way it was packed and crated, I have never seen a piece of equipment so professionally packed?no wiggle room for something to be damaged. Assembly was relatively simple by following the manual. Further instructions about tightening the hydraulic lines was very useful. Having owned a PTO chipper before I am amazed at the technology in this piece of equipment as compared to the standard PTO Chipper. The capabilities and performance are unequalled. Keeping within the specifications of the chipper it out-performs anything else I have ever owned, it is an outstanding piece of equipment

  228. Jim Cox

    I purchased the WoodMaxx Chipper with Hydraulic feed about 3 months ago . The ordering Process was pretty straight forward . The steel frame and crate that the chipper arrived in is very substantial. I have used several pieces of it to fix things around the house. Putting the Chipper together took me about 6 hours and was easy for the most part, though I had some difficulty lining up the holes for the in-feed chute. I have only been able to put it to use for about 20 hours, but I have been impressed. Maybe it?s a ?Man thing? but Like running a chain saw there is something mind clearing about running my wood chipper. On my 29hp tractor, we have chipped soft and hardwood branches as large as 6?. It doesn’t like soggy, decomposed logs, but any clogs are easily fixed.I would recommend this chipper to anyone . I checked several brands and models and you really cannot beat it for the price. I was concerned about the HP size of my tractor but that has not been an issue at all.

  229. William Barnes

    I bought a new chipper from WoodMaxx a while back, and I am very happy with it so far! It has done very well it will eats all the wood– very good and fast. I like the hydraulic feed very much. I even can adjust the size of my mulch by the speed control.

  230. rick

    I’ve only used it for about 30 minutes, but I’m very impressed. In that time, it digested 5 trees that I already cut down and were ready to chip. I’m mainly using it on Juniper branches that are too small for firewood, and it works faster than I can feed the branches in. The largest diameter I tried was about 4 inches, and it didn’t even slow it down. It starts eating the branches easily, and I only had to briefly assist feeding once. It totally exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend it.

  231. Raymond OBrien

    After researching PTO driven wood chippers, I took a chance on this hydraulic feed chipper. After assembly and operating for approx.. 10 hrs. I have to say I am impressed. I have run commercial machines and this machine is very comparable to a large commercial unit. It chips well and is adjustable feed rate is great for the small farm or ranch.
    I think it is a great bang for your bucks!
    I will use this unit to cut back field lines and yard work. I have a 1020 John Deere and my tractor handles the load very well for a small tractor.I would recommend this unit to anyone that has brush or tree clean up.

  232. Richard Creed

    I have had this machine for about a month and I am quite pleased with it. I have it on a New Holland Workmaster 45 which has 37 PTO HP and it is amazing how fast it will chip up a 6 inch oak limb. I am glad I got the Hydraulic feed. I had looked at a Vermeer 6 inch self powered chipper and so glad I bought the Woodmax instead. Thanks for an excellent product.

  233. Bill

    I recently received my Woodmaxx WM-8H Chipper. Purchase, delivery and set-up proceeded as expected, no problems.I’m using the chipper on a Kubota L3540 on 25-30′ dead pine trees and I must say I am pleasantly surprised, especially with the intake ability of the hyd power feed (no need to trim the side branches from the limbs in most cases). Last year I borrowed my neighbor’s Wallenstein and was not impressed. I normally would not chip the trunks, however, as a test, I found out that this set-up will handle 6″ diameter fairly well and will work on 8″ with some difficulty (feed rate slows down). I made a couple of modifications to this unit to make it more efficient, one, made the chute so that it would rotate a full 360 degrees without removing the bolts, two, removed all of the protruding hardware from the inside of the in-feed bin. All in all, I am very satisfied with this purchase.

  234. Joe

    I’ve the reviews and I agree whit whats been said. I have no other experience with chippers but the WoodMaxx functions as advertised. I’m using mine on a Ford 3600 Tractor with no issiues at all and I would recemonded this piece of equpitment to a friend. The only recommendation I have is to make sure every nut is tight. However I would buy it again.

  235. Mike Truman

    Wow! I was really amazed at how easy assembly was. I wondered this whole time if my JD 955 would be enough power to chip something in the 6 inch range and so that is what I did with it. I was right on top of the tree debris and it barely slowed the rpm’s as I fed the limbs big and small as fast as I could to try to see what this. I am a volunteer for Do Something Anderson that I was the chair for a week long blitz that stepped up and took on work for the city that would not be able to be done without volunteering. We couldn’t use the city chippers because of union and safety. In an ongoing endeavor you can see that by having a chipper every day we volunteer we can cut and clear as we go at other times outside of a blitz week we have every year at the end of September. Can’t wait to send you reviews on this chipper and the role it will play in improving not just my property and some of my friends but the city of Anderson.

  236. Stephen Cates

    I just received my WM-8H HYDRAULIC AUTO FEED, Shipping was very fast. I was surprised how well built it was, and after about 1 1/2 hr of final assembly It was ready to put to work. I have 15 acres of oak forest and started clearing the trees for a home. This thing chewed up limbs that I could not believe. It is a monster work horse. It is worth every penny. The hydraulic feed is a must. Very simple to use. I was also very impressed with Amanda at WoodMaxx Equipment, she has e-mailed me twice in the last week. You don’t see that kind of service anymore. Overall I am very pleased.

  237. Jamie

    I recently purchase the WM-8H chipper..I am running it on a Ford 861 (45 hp).. It is a great machine to use. I went around the neighborhood after Sandy and helped with cleanup..It handled anything I put in, even vines..The little extra you pay for hydraulics is well worth it! Machine arrived packed well with clear instructions..Never had a clog yet..Thanks Woodmaxx

  238. John Harding

    I looked at a few chippers before I bought this one. I am very happy with my choice. It shipped very fast and was very well crated. I was a little skeptical about it being built in China but upon inspection I was quite impressed with how well it was made. It took a couple hours to assemble and other than shortening the driveshaft (which the instructions are very clear on). It chips flawlessly! The real advantage to this one that most other ones didn’t have is its 200 lb. flywheel. My tractor has about 47 PTO horsepower and once this chipper is up to speed not much slows it down. It actually makes cleaning up the woods fun. It?s nice to be able to get rid of brush piles and just shoot the chips back into the woods instead of burning them which would have been very dangerous this year. The only problem I have had so far was shearing a shear bolt, but that was my fault (RPMs on the tractor weren?t high enough). Over all this is a very good quality chipper and would recommend it to anyone.

  239. Donald Gillespie

    I have not done much chipping yet,but what I did it worked great.The chipper arrived in excellent condition I appreciate how well crated it was and with easy to follow assembly instructions.I was amazed at how quickly it was shipped all the way from New York to a small town in Saskatchewan Canada. Any questions I had were answered in a very courteous and informative manner,you people really impressed me and I would not hesitate to do business with your company again.Thank you very much.
    Donald Gillespie

  240. Gary Fillible

    Dear Woodmaxx:
    I wanted to tell you how happy I am with your machine, I have the hydraulic feed version of your chipper and I couldn?t be happier, it is really built like a tank, that is really important when you are loading heavy wood into the machine, I?m not worried that I will bend the chute, also the hydraulic feed is fantastic and effective, and actually simple, I load small trees from my tree farm into the machine and it just chews up the whole thing, with a minimum of limb trimming, the very reason I bought your machine, I think this chipper is a great value and I?m so glad not to have to burn the tree limbs anymore.

    G F, Sheridan, OR

  241. Matthew Fagnani

    Over the past 35 years in the industrial and agricultural equipment industry I?ve evaluated/ operated just about everything, and my new WoodMaxx WM-8H wood chipper exceeds expectations. Every aspect from ordering, delivery, set up, installation to operation is excellent. I am very impressed with its ?beefy? structure, weld quality, driveline design, hydraulic component quality and overall fit and finish. The WM-8H chipper is a serious piece of equipment. It easily processes 5? rock hard oak as well as green leafy brush and vines. My wife is infatuated with clearing out the old grown up hedge rows on the farm so this was a gift for her and she loves it. It is easy to operate, has nice control and is well shielded and safe. Prior to this purchase I have looked at many other brands of chippers in its class but decided to buy this one site unseen. I have absolutely no regrets for this decision. The WoodMaxx WH-8H is not only an excellent performer but is an excellent value as well.


    This is the first chipper I have owned, and I have about 100 hours on it. The machine was delivered as promised, and exactly as described. I?m very pleased with my experience?top flight pre and post-sale customer support, and the owner?s manual is very well written. This machine has excellent value and features, in my humble opinion, as compared with competitive machines.

  243. Tommy Salley

    Seriously, its one of the best pieces of machinery I?ve had the pleasure to use. Perfect size for farm use. It has performed flawlessly with everything I?ve thrown in it from elm, pine, hickory, oak, ligustrum, hedge cedar, apple, cherry, peach, Japanese lantern, and especially my nemesis tree ? the sweet gum! The initial set up took a little longer than I expected– I went over everything twice, made slight adjustments to the bed blade before putting it to work. New owners should make sure the drive shaft as straight as possible from the tractor to the chipper. You might have to raise the machine by as much as 6 -8 inches, but it will reduce the amount of shear bolts you use. I appreciate the fact that your dept. sees fit to supply extra ones with the shipment! This leads to the second part of this solid purchase ? the service dept! Your assistance and service are second to none! You can bet that you have my recommendation on any product that you have.

  244. Russell LaRoche

    I just wanted to thank you and everyone at WoodMaxx for making the purchase of my wood chipper a pleasurable experience. The whole process was easy and professional. I can?t believe how well this machine was packed for shipment.(I even used the metal shipping frame to build a dog house) This machine works fantastic and it?s incredibly well built. The hydraulic feed rollers make this machine effortless to operate. I have had two other wood chippers and this is by far a best machine. I shopped all over the place for the best deal and this machine with the hydraulic feed rollers was less money than one with no feed rollers. To top it all off the owner?s manual for this machine is very well put together with clear concise instructions on assembly, setup, operation and safety. Well done to Whomever put the manual together. They must have actually used the machine.

    Thanks WoodMaxx Power Equipment. You are on my Favorite list now.


  245. Mark Stellato

    This is the easiest to use and best chipper I have ever operated,and I have been chipping wood for over 40 years. No more trimming branches so they will feed..this chipper gobbles them like a hungry dog on steak! From old dry oak hardwood limbs to green bushy white pine,this unit devours them with ease. Very impressed! Nice controlled feeding and a strong stream of chips.The hopper loading deck is the perfect height: No bending over to load. The quality of componenets on this machine is top notch.I repair cars for a living,so I know good from bad. I cut 15-20 cord a year to heat my buildings and I will never have to worry about brush piles again. Buy the hydraulic feed option..well worth the extra money! Your back will thank you for years to come. Thanks for a great product! Mark


    I can get my WoodMaxx in places no 8-12 inch Vermeer can go, and it totally kicks ass compared to the 8″ Vermeer I rented years ago. I have it on a Kubota L3430 27HP at the PTO at 7500-8500′.What I?m chipping is some of the worst possible wood there is, burnt ponderosa pine, dry and dirty. When I have to chip green branches it?s a dream, the
    in-feed rollers pull branches, un-fortunately for me 99% of my wood is dry, hardenedand dirty. Because of thewood (not the chipper) I am chipping I have modified MY chipper (try that with a rental) to have an extra bolt on the left side of the intake chute to hold my cordless reciprocating saw.While I have had down time it has been minor. Every call to WoodMaxx has come up with a solution, AND YOU GET THE SAME PE0PLE!! The best reason to buy a WoodMaxx chipper (besides support) is that after 4 hours at 0 (or 100) degrees Fahrenheit you can call it a day. When I rented chippers in the past, I wouldn’t stop until well after I was dangerously tired.

  247. Bob Miller

    The new quick hitch set up is great! I mostly got this chipper because i already had the quick hitch. it hooks right up to it with no problems, saved me a lot of moving around when i was clearing brush. machine works great on every kind of wood i put through it. I am running it on a kubota with about 30 horsepower at the pto and it’s great on anything but rotten wood, i would use it on anything except really rotten wood.

  248. David Ginskey

    I ordered the WM-8H a couple of weeks ago (it was on backorder) and it shipped on schedule. It arrived with the metal crate bent, but the chipper is solid and didn’t take any damage. WoodMaxx had performed a number of the setup steps, including the belts, bolt tightening on the blades, etc. It made the setup process easier and faster. I had a helper and was done in about two hours (from the delivery truck to chipping wood).

    I have a 30HP Kubota, and I was worried that the PTO might have trouble running this big chipper. In reality, it works fine, the engine is easily able to start the flywheel, and it chips branches and small trees as fast as I can feed them in. The engine/chipper never bogs down.

    It runs very smoothly and the hydraulic feeders work great. It’s better than a 6″ tow-behind chipper I’d rented that would have cost several times as much to buy. I’m very satisfied and have no complaints. This unit is a great value for the money. I’d recommend it to anyone.

  249. mark ivory

    Love my new chipper. I’ve been watching the reviews and sales at Woodmaxx for over 2 years before purchasing the chipper. I’m very satisfied with the machine, it is everything I could imagine in a affordable model. I was very impressed with the construction and the ease of assembly. I looked at many other models that were considerably more expensive and decided to purchase the Woodmax. I would definitely pay what other manufactures were asking for their equipment to woodmaxx.
    I can’t say enough about the customer service, all my questions were answered in a timely manner. I had a minor issue with adjusting the belts, called up WoodMaxx and had the problem solved in under 5 minutes. Shipping of this item was great delivered to my doorstep from upstate NY to the middle of VA in 3 days. The machine is a brute at chipping up even fresh gum trees.

    Thanks WoodMaxx,

    Mark Ivory

  250. david evans

    Can’t speak for other wood types but if it is cedar you want to have the hydraulic feed–and it actually chips the cedar vs shredding it! Everything is as advertised–from the delivery and crating to the quality of the product. It IS heavy duty and extremely well engineered. NOTE:if you are closer to my age ,70, allow several hours for set up, check-tighten every bolt,screw and nut, and make sure you have something to lift/move 1000 pounds (it is a monster) Happy to email anyone about it–

  251. Mark

    Simple to connect to tractor. Heavy flywheel with blades cuts through branches easily and chute directs chips right into a wheel barrow or where you would like them. Hydraulic feed saves time makes chipping a lot more fun than trying to jam branches into a gravity feed or small chipper intake. I have only used it for a few trees so far, but it is well worth the cost.

  252. TOM KEANE

    Woodmax was excelent to deal with. The chipper arived on time. Assembly took longer than I thought it would but no big deal. All the hardware was included with no shortages. I had to replace the grease fitting on thr hyd. pump because the original was deformed. Thanks, Tom


    Great product for the money, performs very well. No problem chipping large branches. Customer service and tech. support are outstanding, answering all questions. Very pleased with the product.

  254. Bruce Kwasney

    The unit came extremely well packed and the assembly instructions where easy to follow. Even though it was shipped in heavy duty angle iron frame, the freight company managed to damage one of the hoses. I was putting this together on the weekend, so I emailed Vanessa with inquiry on getting another hose. First thing the following Monday I got a call to verify which hose I needed and they shipped it N/C FedEx that day. This unit works better on larger limbs than on small stuff and I have only used it enough to dull the orginal blades. I still need to install the USA blades I purchased, but I have too many projects going at once to be chipping every weekend. I like the hydraulic feed, because I can contol the speed. WoodMaxx has a great product and excellent customer service. I have not used any of the more expensive PTO chippers that are for sale out there, but I am happy with this one and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great chipper at a reasonable price.

  255. nathan

    I purchased chipper for removal of branches left by ice/snow damage. Had to cut down ten trees!! I could have burned them but chipping is more fun and chips are good for trails, plant beds and etc.. Chipped all branches 4” and smaller from cut trees in under 1 1/2 hours. And had no problem chipping 5”-8” pine and other types (oak & ash). Hydraulic control works great for feed control (a must have). So you don’t stall you tractor. Minor assembaly went rather easily! Just follow directions (all) and don’t rush it. Extra set of hands helps. WoodMaxx great people to do business with.


    Wood Max has great customer service and are very friendly/helpful. The salesman made sure the chipper was appropriate for my tractor (Kubota 3800) and took time to answer all my questions. I have given this unit a real workout up to the max limb size and have found that it performs excellently. Recently I broke the hydraulic valve handle (no fault of the machine), Wood Maxx had the part on hand and shipped it that day. From this experience I found the company was more interested in ensuring customer satisfaction than trying squeeze the last dollar out of a parts sale. I would do business with this company again.

  257. William Schoff

    Have had minor problems with feeding. Overall satisfied with product.


    I did a lot of research on chippers prior to buying the Woodmaxx. Of course, I was skeptical on buying an import, but there is nothing available domestically, regardless of price, that comes anywhere near the quality of this machine.
    I can’t stress the importance of getting the power feed. The exrtra cost is well worth it.
    Even though I bought this machine last year, I waited to use it extensively before doing this review, just to be sure I liked it. Have had absolutely no issues, and would recommend it highly.


    Well made and durable machine. Quickly devours brush. Makes optimal sized chips for composting or just leaving them “where they fly”. Well pleased with my choice and purchase.

  260. David Klaus

    Went together easily and is the perfect size for the job we are doing. Great price after shopping around. Very happy with the chipper.

  261. Lou Ferraro

    After some research on pto driven wood chippers I decided on the Woodmax 8″ with hydraulic feed. I am completely satisfied with this chipper. I could not feed the prunings from my small 20 tree orchard fast enough. Even some of the larger 4″ stock was just devoured. The hydraulic feed is key and I would not consider a chipper without this feature.
    I highly recommend to take your time as the instructions say and torque every nut and bolt on the unit before use. The only 2 bolts I did not check loosened up and fell out.
    The shipping crate is a welded steel cage that brought this to my shop undamaged, very impressed.
    The only negative thing I can say is there was 1 missing part, the linkage that connects the upper hydraulic feed roller handle to the roller arm. And I removed the made in China sticker 😉
    Overall I highly recommend this chipper!

  262. james S

    Finally got a chance to really try it out and it worked real well once I learned exactly what speed to run the feed rolls.One thing that I can tell others to avoid is putting green leafy branches in damp as they will wrap in the feed rolls.Overall I’m very satisfied with it’s performance.


    The chipper works very well. I had a slight problem when I first began to use it but they handled my questions and problem in the most satisfactory way. They are a first rate outfit. I certainly would do business with them again.

  264. James D.

    First of all, I am totally satisfied with your customer service provided with this purchase. The chipper arrived on schedule undamaged. Everything was included along with the purchase of extra accessories. I fully assembled the until as required to include a complete check of all nuts, bolts, set screws and grease fittings. I attached it to my Kubota L3130 with the include PTO Assembly. No adjustment was necessary in the hookup. One thing I did was to attach 4″X4″x 3 inch thick maple foot to the steel feet. This brings the unit stationary height up making the PTO shaft almost horizontal when in operation. Also, it prevents the feet from tearing up my asphalt along the driveway.I did everything the instructions outlined and when I put it into operation it worked smooth as silk. Running my tractor at 2550 rpm gives 540 rpm at the PTO. The tractor doesn’t even know it when you run a 6″ pine through it. I would highly recommend this unit over a manual feed. The unit is just the right size for farm use, landscaping, nursery or orchards. This unit is a step above.

  265. Rob B.

    Overall, the machine has worked well. It turns a problem (getting rid of tree trimmings/brush) into a solution (mulch around plants, a nice layer to walk on for trails that otherwise turn to mud, and don?t need to haul landscape bark). It is clear that the machine has been thought through and construction is solid.

  266. George D.

    I have had no problems with the chipper. it works great I us it with both my tractors.a 45 hp. and a 65 hp I have cleaned up a lot of brush.about a half mile of fence lines. it has no problems with the wood I have been chipping. most larger branches i would cut for fire wood . but sometimes i run some 4 to 7 inch stuff through mostly ash and elm, pretty hard stuff. just saves alot of time on cleanup for me on the farm.GREAT UNIT glad i found you on line. thanks again for setting me up with the WM-8H.


    WoodMaxx’s staff is awesome! The product was received in excellent condition and on time. Assembly was easy and took no time at all. The instruction/instalation manual was full of pictures to aid in assembly. I recommend WoodMaxx without reservation.


    Great machine!! chipped all we fed it. no problem
    Powered by a MF35. Which slowed down a bit on bigger limbs just disengaged the hyd feed for a bit and started up again. You get the feel of the machine after awhile and away you go. worked fine. Doug.

  269. CRES KEYS

    I bought the hydraulic feed chipper this past September. It was packed as well as anything I have ever seen and arrived in perfect condition with no dents or scrapes. I debated on spending an extra $500 on the hydraulic feed. After using the chipper, I am glad that I spent the extra dollars on the hydraulic feed model. It works like a champ. I can start a 20 ft pine sapling and the unit self feeds while I am getting another. My Kubota L3130 25.5 pto hp tractor handles the unit fine because of the adjustable speed on the hydraulic feed. I am chipping mostly white pine with some hardwood and dry stuff mixed in. I bought a set of American blades and just installed them after about 30 hrs of use. It took about an hour to change the blades and service the unit. This is very well made unit for an excellent price. Customer service is great.


    This chipper is an excellent value! Good quality, great price, great company/service. Chips almost effortlessly even run off 35hp tractor. I have recommended to everyone including my town DPW. Buy a WoodMaxx you’ll be glad you did


    This tool does an excelent job of quickly and safely reducing tree branches and small logs to wood chips. With a 40-50 HP tractor, the chipper will chop material as fast as you can fed it in the chute and is very easy for an adult of any gender or size to use. It is a solidly built tool, and as such, is quite heavy, so it can be difficult to position when attaching to the three point hitch. Make sure all fasteners are properly fastened, and torqued, including all of the zerk fittings, and jack shaft collar set screws as you will find some to be only finger tight when the unit arrives. Overall, very please

  272. Jim Ingram

    We are in a heavily wooded development of about 600 acres and 100 home sites. As you can imagine, lots of brush,for our trees and limb for our maintenance staff. We choose the 8″ WoodMaxx chipper which will handle most of our work. The chipper installation took about 4 hours to complete. It has worked much better than expected. Pine, hardwoods, limbs, it doesn’t matter. The chipper handles whatever we feed it and does not slow down. Customer support has been great. All questions answered quickly and correctly. When we need something, we call and the WoodMaxx Team takes care of our needs. I also discovered they are offering an American made set of chipper knives, which I ordered immediately. The original knives worked well, just wanted to support our home made products.

  273. George T.

    We are very happy with the Woodmaxx chipper we bought from you. My wife and I have been working with it for the past 2 weeks and it has worked great. We are cleaning out a section of ditch that is full of small saplings and suckers, but with the WM-8H the job is a snap. On a scale of 10 I would give the Woodmaxx a solid 9.5.

  274. Robert

    You have been very pleasurable to deal with, service has been excellent. The chipper is a good Ranch machine, not a backyard model, or landscaping machine. Every bit worth the price. This is the first chipper I?v ever owned/operated so I?m really no expert at all, I usually burn all my debris, but with burn bans, and fire danger I?m now chipping. – Robert

  275. Plested Farms

    We have only used our new WM-8H 8” hydraulic auto-feed chipper for about 5 hours, but we are very pleased with it. It does a wonderful job. The mulch is nice and fine. We mulched the limbs from a mature pine tree that had blown over in the yard. Some of the branches were really big. I thought no way are they going to go through. It walked right through them no problem. Yes if someone wishes to call us about the chipper we would be glad to talk to them. Also if they live in the area and would like to look at it they are welcome as well. I am very happy to have this machine. Thank you for all your help and the time you spent talking to us while we were shopping for our chipper. It was so hassel free to get it here from the U.S. Sincerely, Linda Plested


    Received the machine in a timely manner. I needed to call WoodMaxx for some help with a few issues and the response was very prompt, friendly and professional. Everything works great and it does a great job at chipping the wood. Thanks WoodMaxx

  277. Michael Brady

    We received our unit from WoodMaxx as promised and it arrived in a steel crate. The unloading was easy with the forks on my tractor. The total assembly time took about 2 hours and it was easy to follow the directions. I greased it and filled the resovior with oil and was up and running. The machine is a beast it was simple to use and even my wife who does not like big machines was very pleased and happy to use this. She would feed the trees and branches into the feed chute and the hydraulics did the rest. This was a piece of cake compaired to others we have used. We ran green mullberry and scrub pine thru.. no problem. We ran dry old pine and problem. No matter what we stuffed into the machine it pulled it in and ground it up with not even the slighest slow down. I highly recomend this to anyone who has lots of clearing to do, it is so much easier and better than stacking and buring and we have lots of chips to help build up the soil.

  278. Earl

    The Woodmaxx Chipper purchased has been working great. My son called when first operating it & said he was suprised with it being so small the way it performed. I mounted a metal platform with a 6″ heavy duty 360 deg. swiveling wheel on each corner. This is working real good in mobilizing from one location to another as well as stabilizing the chipper while working.

  279. Gary Kent

    I looked at a lot of PTO chippers and made my final decision based on price / hydraulic in-feed. The order was placed over the phone and it arrived on time. After easily working through some shipper damage, and fastener quanity, WoodMaxx customer service is GREAT!! I have used the unit for close to 40 hrs of operation, and it has performed very well. I sheared of the shear pin, and replaced it with a Grade 3, threaded bolt. The first set of Chinese blades dulled up after the 3rd run (24+ hrs of operation) but used it a couple of more times after that. I will be putting on the American blade set before I run the next session. The only color available when I purchased the unit was black. The paint job is starting to oxidize after a couple of months in the elements ? that is my only complaint at this time. All in all the folks at WoodMaxx are top notch, offer a great value in cost vs performance. I would certainly recommend the WoodMaxx chipper to anyone.

  280. Jon Logan

    I was hesitant to get a PTO chipper, as it requires me to set up my tractor to use it. But a chipper is something where you need POWER, and lots of it. I’m glad my log splitter is a standalone unit, but I would be miserable with a standalone, underpowered chipper.
    This chipper is well built and does a good job. My tractor can power through just about anything I can fit in the 8″ opening. The hydraulic feed works pretty well too. It will jam on a small piece of wood occasionally, but this is pretty easy to clear by reversing the feed. I can chip a pickup truckload of mulch in less time than it would take me to drive and buy a load. (If I have a good pile of limbs to chip)
    All in all, happy with the purchase, and I hope I’ll get years of use out of it.

  281. roger besette

    I bought the 8 inch chipper, thinking it would work on my 2210 (2305) John Deere. it weighs around 900 pounds and my tractor will lift 1100 pounds. the problem is the weight of the of the chipper is to far back, so it will not lift it. we also have a 3720 John Deere. on that tractor it runs like a dream. very smooth. nice to have the hydraulic feed with reverse. we have quick-tachs on our 3 points. so in order to use the chipper you have to build a bracket for the top link. easy to get to the grease zerks and blades.

  282. WW

    The unit is well constructed with heavy gage metal. The assembly was fairly easy. I am chipping scrubb oak and the smaller green pieces have a tendancy to wrap on the rollers but reversing easily clears the problem. Dead/dry with knots has a tendancy to stall the feed requiring reversing. If there is a lot of rotten center the discharge chute can clog. The scrub oak is very crooked and probably one of the most difficult materials to handle. Material that is fairly streight is handled very well as demonstrated on the site video. I highly recommend the hyd feed as it is very easy to stop/reverse the operation.

  283. Walter Harrell

    This company tries harder than any I?ve ever seen to meet the customer expectations and any promise they?ve made. In my case, they promised to rush my chipper out the door as I was going on vacation with my wife and adult son to clear our property for a week. My chipper arrived the evening we left. The chipper is everything I hoped it would be. I got the Hydraulic feeding version. Well worth the money. You can feed from 0 to 28 feet a minute with a half a turn on a knob. I started the big stuff slower, then sped it up after getting past the thicker bases and went to grab another tree while it gobbled up what was left. Blade changing was easy. Awesome machine, Awesome company, Awesome people. I highly recommend to my friends and family.

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