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WoodMaxx WM-8600




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Product Details

WoodMaxx WM-8600 PTO Backhoe

with Italian Hydraulic Controls

WM-8600 SPECS:

  • Made in Italy Hydraulic Controls
  • 9′ Digging Depth
  • Requires 25 hp minimum
  • 4 Bucket Sizes to Choose From
  • Replaceable Bushings
  • One Piece Gear Pump
  • Exclusive SAE or ISO Pattern Control Switch
  • Optional Ripper Attachment for breaking up rocky ground, tree roots, stumps, and brush.
  • Optional Backhoe Bucket Quick Attach for ease of bucket change.
  • Replaceable Hardened Bucket Teeth
  • JIC Standard Hose Fittings
  • Easy Access Cartridge Type Oil Filter
  • 180 Degree Boom Swing
  • Rust Resistant Powder Coat Finish
  • Grapple Thumb (Mechanical or Hydraulic)
  • Smooth Hydraulic Controls
  • Rubber Street Pads
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Shipping Dims: 82x34x72
  • Shipping Weight: 1,400 lbs.


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37 reviews for WoodMaxx WM-8600

  1. Freddie K

    I purchased the wm 8600 backhoe attachment in October 2022 my first thought was that the unit was built with quality materials and workmanship was good. Used the backhoe and it did a decent job digging. I do like that the unit was self-contained with it’s own supply of hyd fluid,with it’s pto pump. Again the unit is built well and with proper care should last a long time. That’s the pros that I have now the cons the main boom of the backhoe in my opinion does not fold back enough so that the backhoe bucket wouldn’t scrape the ground on the slightest incline or uneven terrain I’ve had to extend the dipper arm some so the bucket wasn’t scraping the ground constantly, every hyd system bleeds down slowly some faster than others this backhoe will bleed faster than most I’ve seen so much that I had to fabricate little chains to keep the stabilizer legs up they sag very quickly,if you don’t use the main boom pin that will also sag quickly. The 3 point hitch setup with some design and fabrication could easily become a frame mount
    Over all I’m pleased with this product while shopping for backhoe attachments this one for aftermarket people certainly looked to be the best choice

  2. Jonathan Neville

    Purchased the WM-8600 online and it was delivered within a week. Tractor is a Branson 5835R 58HP engine/48 HP PTO. Well packaged on a wooden pallet. Shipping weight was 1700 lbs and the tractor with pallet forks removed it from the tractor trailer without issue. Assembly was straightforward and directions were fantastic with detailed photos. I ordered 3 buckets, ripper attachment, and quick attach with it. Quick attach was already attached to dipper by Woodmaxx which was nice. I have spent a few hours digging out a massive stump on the back of the property and the hoe did well. I have owned several tractors with subframe backhoes in the past and this hoe can hang with any of them power wise. Due to the heft of my current tractor I was not afraid of a 3 point mount system. I have had no issues so far other than some accessories missing from the original order. Customer service was great and shipped missing parts right away. Due to having a DPF emissions system on the tractor I run it at 2000 rpms to burn off soot but it can be run off idle if you wanted. I am pleased with the purchase and it is nice knowing that I can swap this hoe on to any tractor I purchase going forward. It is a large investment, but you likely have worked hard all of your life and deserve to have some nice toys around the farm. Digging power is good enough to break through this dense red Georgia clay soil and the ripper tears through the roots with minimal effort. Like many, operating a backhoe on your own property is a form of therapy and is really fun and satisfying. The hydraulic thumb is awesome to have as when you rip out large roots and rocks you can grab them with ease and toss them out out the way. Boom lift power is strong enough for my needs. The convenience of parts and accessory support on the website is a nice bonus. I say go for it!

  3. Bill Unterreiner

    I had my WoodMaxx WM 8600 for almost a year now. I dug out a farm pond, dug footings for a my barn and dug some burn pits. This thing digs really well in hardbacked Oklahoma soil. I had few issues with some leaks but a have to say WoodMaxx customer service is great and highly responsive.

  4. Heather James

    This backhoe is awesome! My dad bought it for some things he needed done but it has quickly became a family favorite and everyone has gotten so much use out of it. It’s also easy to use! Our 6 year old can operate it with a little guidance and help.

  5. Ed

    I’m enjoying my backhoe attachment after getting it attached to my tractor. It was a little difficult as I did it by myself. Have dug some good size holes and a stump. Looking forward to many years of digging.

  6. Kyle

    Came in quicker than I expected. Works great on my New Holland 55hp Cab tractor. I bought the ripper attachment as well as two buckets and the quick attach.
    Really impressed with it all!

  7. penstrom02

    My Woodmaxx 8600 backhoe was received in a timely manner, no issues in shipping whatssoever. Took a few hours to setup on tractor using the instructions but again no issues, straight forward installation.
    Plenty of hydraulic power per weight to tackle pretty much anything, controls are smooth, thumb is handy. Support at Woodmaxx is great, the folks are nice and
    knowledgeable.Highly recommend this company.

  8. Joseph Duffy

    I must start with that the people at woodman were very helpful with the whole process and it was delivered as promised. The only problem was that the main pressure hose included had a bad crimp and was not able to use the hoe until I replaced it and the replacement was 4 days away so we found a Parker hydraulic shop and had one made for 85$ to be able to use the equipment, better quality control should have found this bad fitting other than that it is a great attachment .

  9. Sean Ornduff

    I bought this attachment at the beginning of spring from a tractor dealer in Texas, and have been very impressed with how well fabricated it is. It is strong, digs easily on my JD3038E. I am so happy with it that I purchased the SB60 snow blower for winter time work.

  10. Matthew Taylor

    Ordered this unit for a old case front end loader shipping was very fast I think we received it a week later. install was very straight forward and easy maybe a couple of hours. The only thing that I will say negative about it is the bar that hooks up to the 3 point is a little soft.
    Great attachment have used it well over 50 times digging up pipes going through rock ripping trees down. etc endless possibilities.

  11. J Page

    I’ve been using my WM8600 for over a year and I have had zero issues with it. This unit just works. I mounted it to my New Holland Boomer TC35DA it has plenty of digging power even at Idle to get through the tough North Texas topsoil I’m using it in. The hydraulics seem to be best in class, versus some other backhoe I’ve tried. Overall I’m more than satisfied with my purchase.

  12. Cowboy Redneck – I bought this backhoe because the reviews and video’s showed this was what I needed. It was shipped in a timely manner and they even worked with me on the delivery time. When I unpacked the unit, one of the pins was missing and the shipping frame was bent, but after looking over the machine, there was no damage. Machine operates very well and is worth the price. I like how well it is built. Very satisfied.

  13. Michael Selby

    Fast delivery, the person taking the order was very knowledgeable
    Would order again

  14. Johnny Brabandt

    I called and spoke with Jim about questions I had.
    He was very helpful and answered all of my questions. He assisted me with my order. I received the backhoe attachment quicker than I thought it would arrive. Received it in great condition. Assembly was very easy. I have not had much time to use it but it worked very well during the short time I was able to play. I look forward to completing many projects with it. Very pleased with my purchase.

  15. Michael Lassiter

    Excellent backhoe. This is my second backhoe experience with WoodMaxx. I have a 7600 series on my John Deere 3520 and have been nothing but impressed ! My father enjoyed using my WoodMaxx 7600 so much that I ordered him the 8600 series for his JD 5320. Excellent quality, smooth operation and easy to assemble. Great customer service. I would recommend this backhoe to anyone looking for a backhoe attachment.

  16. Anonymous

    I purchased this backhoe to use as part of a Land Management Plan on property that has a pond, timber tracts, and cultivated acres. First project out of the gate was to replace an 18″ diameter black corrugated storm water pipe with a new 24″ pipe, 20 feet long. The backhoe performance was excellent. Even with my rookie operating skills, using this backhoe, me and my helper were able to complete this project in about three hours, about half the time I forecast. The backhoe is easy to operate and more robust than expected. To date, I’m very pleased with my purchase.

  17. Anthony Martin

    The WM-8600 Backhoe is a nice unit. Smooth to operate and easy to assemble. I can’t say enough good things about the Customer Service. Very friendly, answered many questions I had before I ordered the unit. Thank you for a great product!

  18. Douglas F Lutz

    Backhoe was received in the expected time frame and came packaged very well. No damage to the unit during shipping at all. Great manual, tells you how to finish assembling the unit with great, full color pictures. The manual says it will take 2 hours to assemble. It took me longer, but I read every step multiple times and took my time to make sure it was done correctly. I’m sure it could be done in 2 hours if someone wanted to assemble it quickly.

    I have been using the backhoe now for a few weeks and it works great!! I am very happy with the purchase. I would recommend the backhoe to anyone. I have it mounted on an Allis Chalmers D17 with the factory 3-Point and the tractor handles it very well. I look forward to using the backhoe for many years.

  19. john dodge

    It was great dealing with the people at WoodMaxx, all of my question were answered well, delivery was on time as they said. The machine works great even at an idle, the freight company was early. All in all every thing went well, would recommend the WM-8600 and the people at WoodMaxx to anyone.

  20. Kermit Galloway

    backhoe arrived safe and sound on time well packaged got put together try out tomorrow nice looking machine

  21. Herman Kitchens

    After some tribulation concerning my order I finally got to use my new backhoe. I should have bought one about a hundred years ago. I am still in the process of learning how to operate the backhoe but, I consider it to be a excellent purchase and would but it again if need be. If you have acrage and a tractor. You will find endless usage for this attachment.

  22. JB

    Everything went as described on the website! Manufacture and delivery went as scheduled. Assembly was very straight-forward and took about 4 hours. Backhoe operates and performs really well. Great for use around the farm!

  23. Maynard Thompson

    Took awhile to receive order but good communication with sales dept. (Ron) . when shipped fast shipping but shipping company didn’t want to bring to address requested I meet them at local business 10 mile from my house after telling them I would meet but was going to log a complaint with woodmaxx they brought it with no problems getting here. unpacked machine put it together very heavy built machine worked great with no issues.

    WoodMaxx Response- Sorry for the delay, you purchased at the peak of our busy season and perhaps your machine was on back order. About the freight company, they are independent from us so we have little control over where they are actually able to deliver to, this is usually left up to the local delivery terminal since they are familiar with local area, each carrier has different policies, I am glad that they were able to get you your machine in the end.

  24. Jim Rice

    It took me and my wife 4 hrs to assemble and mount the backhoe. We put it to work immediately fixing flood damage. The controls are simple and the hoe really digs. Our road was packed hard and the hoe dug through easily. The actual project took 8 hours and the backhoe performed flawlessly. We did not have a single leak. The digging and lifting forces are powerful. Heavy, wet dirt did not slow us down. We dug out a 40 ft pipe buried 5 ft deep, with ease. With the hydraulic thumb we easily pulled out 40 ft of metal culvert pipe. At the end of the day, we dropped the stabilizer legs, extended the boom, pulled 3 pins, and in less than 15 minutes, had the box blade attached to start with the finish work. I am absolutely happy with this purchase and I think we will have years of good service from this backhoe. A backhoe is not something most of us need every day, but when you need it, it’s invaluable and I think the WM-8600 is a cost-effective, rugged piece of equipment. Very happy!

  25. Adam Rivard

    I order the WM-8600 to attach to a Massey Ferguson 492 (90HP) tractor. It toke me a few hours to set up alone, nut and bolt here – nut and bolt there and “BOOM” one backhoe assembled. I had small freight damage so I called and found out was just a greased fitting, so I replaced it and greased everything up and started going to work. Once I got up and running I felt like a kid playing with one of them sand box backhoes just now it had hydraulics.

  26. Davi Tennant

    Well it would have been 5 stars but, A rocky start when I went to attach it to my tractor.
    So with the help of the sales and service depts, We came to a agreement that made it a good purchase.
    Finally attaching it and digging my first hole with it, I can say it was a good choice for around the 30 acres we own in the woods.

    Good power and smooth controls.
    I like that is self contained with pump running off pto. Engine speed does not have to be screaming high to make hoe work very well.
    It looks to be better than having a regular backhoe sitting around for that occasional use, just hook it up when I need to dig and not worry about a dead battery or extra equipment repairs.

  27. Scott Steinbrink

    I have had this backhoe for about 1 month now and have dug about 180 ft of trench 6 ft deep in rocky ground, it works great so far. Other than a leaking hydraulic hose fitting that woodmaxx replaced under warranty I have had no issues. So far I am very happy with my purchase.

  28. K. Maurer

    I highly recommend this veteran owned company. Whether by phone or email, customer service is outstanding! The backhoe shipped exactly the day Woodmax advised it would. Old Dominion Freight was also outstanding and highly recommended. Backhoe arrived with advance status updates. It was very well packaged and protected for shipment.
    This is my first backhoe experience. The online manual is easy to understand and follow. A printed copy was included with the shipment, which included updated pages for an upgraded hydraulic pump and oil change instructions. Recommend you follow the instructions and you will have no major issues assembling and operating the unit. One tip: Don’t remove the lateral swing stop pin until you have installed the top link.
    Thanks, Woodmaxx!

  29. Eric B

    Its not common for me to provide feedback for most things I purchase. However, Woodmaxx has engineered and manufactured a product worthy of praise. I was concerned about buying a 3 pt backhoe attachment based on reviews that they are weak, tear up your tractor, or are made cheaply. These comments do not apply to the Woodmaxx. This machine is incredibly capable and very sturdy on the back of my tractor. It continues to impress me. It can even dig in my back yard, with ease, where there are more large rocks than dirt. Hands down, the best money I spent for my tractor. I would buy a second one without hesitation.

  30. Robert B Mancuso

    well built,used for digging roots to clear stone walls on property and some drainage work have to watch hoses on outrigger legs as they can sometime be caught[my fault] only reason did not give 5 stars is I had to remove pto shroud and drawbar hitch to get pump on pto shaft so I can’t just back up and hook up other wise quality built implement!!

  31. Dickie Futrell

    I recently purchased the 8′ backhoe. It is everything that the website said it is. Very user friendly. Very well built. Love it. I would Highly recommend.


    I bought a 7600 backhoe, it was delivered across the country and I received it in excellent shape assembled it and very impressed with the engineering that has gone into this machine. Than the big test will it go through hard pan? And the answer is YES it does. Very nicely goes through hard pan and out here the hard pan can be from 12″ underground to 4′ down, from 8″ thick to 4′ thick. This machine handled it without tearing up the machine or even being hard on it. That’s Impressive. Needless to say I’m very happy that I bought it. The local independent tractor dealer wanted 12K + shipping and Woodmax beat there price by a bunch. Good deal!

    Craig St Claire.

  33. Donnell Taylor

    I have used this backhoe in every way possible, and it never ceases to perform flawlessly. I can’t say enough good things about it. It is well designed, powerful, and relatively simple to operate. Get the hydraulic thumb if you are loading and lifting heavy objects – it is well worth the money.

  34. Troy Hendrix

    This unit came on a 18 wheeler anchored on a pallet. unloaded at my shop. I had in uncrated and assembled in about 2 hours. attached it to my John Deere 1070 farm tractor and tried it out. Please note that I am 81 years old and had never operated a back hoe. within half hour I was able to do just about anything I wanted to do with it. It is a very useful piece of equipment to have on a farm.

  35. Mark Harris

    I purchased a WoodMaxx 8600 backhoe from you. The quality, attention to detail is second to none. Your backhoe was out of stock for a wile so I looked around after putting a deposit on your backhoe, and almost bought one from another company, though I decided not to. WoodMaxx has been professional, helpfully, know there product and it has been reliable and a great product. Purchase from Woodmaxx and not from cheap competitors with bad reviews!

  36. Fred Arwood

    Purchased a WoodMaxx 8600 backhoe with a 9″ and 15″ bucket. It is well designed, well made and compact. Attach to a 3-pt hitch tractor and slide the hydraulic pump on the pto shaft and you are ready to go to work. Great for general farm work, landscaping, ditching, etc.

  37. Barry Craven

    My 8600 woodMaxx backhoe is everything I expected it to be, the first week I owned it, it dug out a half dozen tree stumps.
    Plenty of power, and smooth controls, I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a piece of high quality equipment.

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