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WoodMaxx WM-7600




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Product Details

WoodMaxx WM-7600 PTO Backhoe

with Italian Hydraulic Controls

WM-7600 SPECS:

  • Made in Italy Hydraulic Controls
  • 8′ Digging Depth
  • Requires 20 hp minimum
  • 4 Bucket Sizes to Choose From
  • Replaceable Bushings
  • One Piece Gear Pump
  • Exclusive SAE or ISO Pattern Control Switch
  • Optional Ripper Attachment for breaking up rocky ground, tree roots, stumps, and brush.
  • Optional Backhoe Bucket Quick Attach for ease of bucket change.
  • Replaceable Hardened Bucket Teeth
  • JIC Standard Hose Fittings
  • Easy Access Cartridge Type Oil Filter
  • 180 Degree Boom Swing
  • Rust Resistant Powder Coat Finish
  • Grapple Thumb (Mechanical or Hydraulic)
  • Smooth Hydraulic Controls
  • Rubber Street Pads
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Shipping Dims: 82x34x72
  • Shipping Weight: 1,350 lbs.


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47 reviews for WoodMaxx WM-7600

  1. Selmer Austin

    My 7600 backhoe is one of three different items I’ve bought from Wood Maxx …..well built and they are quick to respond if you have any problems or questions…….can’t say enough good about the backhoe, snow blower or pto wood chipper that I bought from them…….all vey good items…thanks for everything…..

  2. adamruef

    Waited for them to come back in stock and called the minute I got my notification! WM7600, mechanical thumb and 9″ and 15″ buckets. Installed on Massey Ferguson TO35 (1959). Install took a bit of fiddling, but so far I’m delighted with performance. My tractor front end could use a couple hundred extra pounds of ballast, when I figure out a way to add easily removable weight. Install instructions are crystal clear. I used a 4 1/2″ dowel to hold the “spacer” in place while attaching the top bar to the backhoe. Not enough room to get my hand up in there. 1 1/4″ impact driver socket worked fine to tighten top bar hardware. Dug up a few small stumps so far. Neighbors both have long utility trenches to dig and I have a small pond to work on, once the N. Texas weather abates. Been over 100F every day for about a month, and it’s only mid-July. Perhaps a shade umbrella would be nice first accessory?

  3. Richard Alves

    I called and spoke with someone who advised me about the Backhoe that I wanted to buy, I didn’t know which one I could use on my New Holland tractor, I wanted the Wm-7600 and he advised me that it would work on my Tractor. I wanted the Grab Thumb and a 12″ Bucket. I wanted a PTO pump and the PTO shaft extender which made it a lot easier to put the pump on. The backhoe arrived on time as noted and took me about 4 hours to put it on my tractor, since I had to take off my Drag Box. Everything went on as stated in the Manual, the only trouble I had was with the top link getting the 2 joint plates, but once I got them Align, all the bolts when in as shown. After putting in the Hydraulic oil, everything worked great. I don’t like reading Manuals but the guy I spoke with said that it would good together faster….and it did thanks… Just playing with it, It will do the thing I want to get done.
    Tanks again Rich Alves, Nevada I took a couple photos,

  4. AJ Van Leer

    I liked how easy the installation was, everything was clearly wrote out in the instructions. The hydraulic hoses are mostly JIC connections on the cylinders but the hose ends at the valve appear to be banjo which isn’t as common in case of a damaged hose. The thumb and 15” bucket is a nice touch of add on, I see this unit holding up well.

  5. Lucas Basso

    Nice backhoe for the money. Put it on a Ford 55 hp tractor. I mostly use it for drainage ditches, and it works great with the 15″ bucket.

  6. Michael

    I purchased the Woodmax 7600 backhoe for an older kubota. I followed the installation instructions exactly as printed and assembly was easy. I dug out some stumps and was pleased, as expected from reading other reviews. I am very pleased with my purchase.

  7. E. Johnson

    Have the WM-7600 and it has been on my 2002 John Deere 790 for almost two months. I felt like the WM-8600 would be too much for my tractor and the WM-6600 would be smaller than I would like so I settled on the WM-7600 and after having it for a while I feel it is sized perfectly on my 2,800# 4×4 JD with Loader. I have it outfitted with the hydraulic thumb, quick attach, with the 15″ bucket and ripper attachment. I have completed multiple tasks with it from digging holes, to digging out large stumps, to clearing and loading out brush piles and downed trees, and have now started removing a large timber retaining wall. The machine has performed flawlessly and I am absolutely in love with it, and so is my back. The power it has is impressive, it is built extremely well and it operates very well. I just throttle my tractor’s pto speed up or down depending on how much power I need as it is smoother to operate when throttled down but you will sacrifice some power but in most cases I have found the extra power isn’t needed. It has taken the things that I can do with my tractor to the next level and gives me the ability to tackle tasks at my own pace and as my schedule allows as opposed to having to rent a piece of equipment and then being on the clock to finish the project. The 3 Point Attachment top link and brackets are very high quality and built to be safe unlike some of the cheaper BH’s that I have seen when researching. I believe this machine to on par or possibly better than many of the tractor manufacturer branded backhoes with the only caveat being that it is a 3PT mount instead of a frame mount. I highly recommend this machine for anyone in the market that has an appropriate tractor to mount it on.

  8. Robbie Maharrey

    Great backhoe attachment. Does everything I want and more.

  9. John Hubauer

    I received my wm 7600 backhoe on May27th 2021. It was in good condition, with no scratches or dents. The truck driver had the liftgate so it was easy to unload. wasn’t hard t put together. I dealt with Ron in sales, and he told me everything I had a question with. they did everything they said they would do. The backhoe was well made and good quality.

  10. Casey M.

    I ordered both the 7600 backhoe and 8800 chipper at the same time. They were delivered shortly before Christmas 2020 by semi with a lift gate. Since I was doing the set up mostly myself, I did not rush the setup. There were some problems, but I won?t even discuss these since they are probably a one off. What I will note, is the support in resolving the problems I had was outstanding. Ron and Joel provided excellent and responsive support and got me up and going in due course. Assembly of the backhoe and placing into operation took some time, but I wasn?t in a hurry. If I had to do it again knowing what I have learned and not having the one-off snafus, it would take me a few hours with a helper. This isn?t really the important part.

    The machine is very well made—a substantial piece of hardware. I got the quick attach, ripper, and a 15? bucket. Changing between the two is easy once you get the hang of it. I have used the machine to move some dirt on a major trenching project and to do some tree cleanup work. Both jobs went well, and I have a list of additional projects in mind now on my property. I wasn?t sure I really needed this backhoe when I bought it, but I am sure now. While my old tractor, a Kubota L2350, just meets the suggested specs, it is a fine match for this backhoe. The center of gravity is low enough that it is able to move around some challenging terrain. So all in all, I am delighted with this backhoe and the support by the folks at Woodmaxx. I highly recommend both dealing with the company in general and this piece of equipment specifically.

    I do have some constructive suggestions to help the folks at WoodMaxx and new owners alike:

    1.The pictures in the manual could be updated on the next printing as some are not the clearest and camera technology on a phone even has come a long way since those pictures were probably taken.

    2.There are two travel pins in the backhoe and only one is mentioned in the assembly instructions—one is hidden under the hydraulic hose bundle.

    3.It would be useful to have some instructions on the adjustment, release, and use of the quick attachment; this might be obvious to some, but it wasn?t obvious to me.

    4.The manual indicates that the hydraulic cylinders can be expanded for assembly by hand. This might be the case for some, but I doubt if for all. I got one by hand but exerting more than 500 lbs of force wasn?t sufficient to release the second one. I ended up using a puller on it, so that might be noted in the manual as well.

    5.A couple of the grease zerks are tough to get to even with a flexible hose, but cheap imaginative connectors make the job doable—you will need these if you don?t already have them.

    6.This is a substantial piece of equipment and connecting it requires some fiddling. I beefed up the shipping pallet and installed six high capacity castors on the bottom. This makes moving it around for attachment quick and easy, and it allows easy storage in my crowded garage. I would definitely suggest this, and I am sure that I didn?t invent this concept.

  11. Edward Richardson

    We did have a long delay. Staff was very helpful and patient with me. Backhoe arrived in perfect condition and assembled easily. Works great. Friends who have looked at it are as impressed as myself.

  12. Ryan Ayers

    Great attachment and well worth the money. I run it on my JD 3038e the thing is extremely strong. Just recently snapped the bucket right off and customer service warrantied it. Had a new bucket to my house within a week. Great company and I highly recommend them.

  13. Richard Boyle

    I purchased this backhoe after comparing what the other companies had to offer. So glad I did. The unit was well crated, no missing parts and relatively easy to install using the manual and it is heavily made. As a first time backhoe operator, the controls are smooth and the option for SAE/ISO controls is a great feature. This is a strong unit. I am using it on a Mahindra 4540 4WD and at first thought it looked like a toy behind the tractor, but is actually a great fit. The people at WoodMaxx are great to work with and a shout out to Jim who walked me through the buying process. Would recommend this company to anyone looking to purchase attachments for their tractors.

  14. Roger

    We were planning on building a new home, and I was trying to decide between a backhoe attachment for my New Holland TC40 or a mini-excavator (I’m a contractor). The minis were quite expensive, and while what they do is very good, they are a very specialized piece of equipment, so I opted for a backhoe attachment. I was concerned about a three-point mount backhoe and the stress it would put on the tractor, but after over a year of HARD use in glacial fill with rocks, the tractor is fine, and I LOVE this attachment. The hydraulic thumb is essential in my opinion; I have picked up logs and built rock walls with it.

    The entire process from asking a lot of technical questions before buying, to the courteous and prompt shipping and phone support have been excellent. My only regret is not buying it sooner.

  15. John Burnett

    I received my WM-7600 , it was easy to assemble using the instructions and easy to operate. Its very well constructed good steel and good welds , I am very impressed . this will make life on the farm much easier.

  16. Luke

    I bought this after searching the internet high and low for a 3-point backhoe. The price is far better than any other option out there in my opinion for what you are getting.

    This is a well built, easy to install, powerful machine. I attached it to my 1979 Allis Chalmers 5020 (25hp) 2wd and it is a great add to this machine. Shipping was fast, well packaged. Installation took about 3 hours. I have not disconnected yet so i am not sure how long it will take to hook up a second time.

    I got it with the thumb and ripper, both are great options to have if you can swing it. I really want to get the quick attach bucket option. Changing them is kinda a pain in the butt.

    Overall it is a great machine. Very happy with this purchase. Nice people to deal with as well.

  17. Ron

    I’m happy with the process of ordering and getting my backhoe! The manual is excellent, and the machine is well designed and made!

  18. Mark Webb

    I got the unit and it was packaged as they say they spend time doing it. As for the backhoe itself, I wouldn’t buy anything else.
    Glad I choose WOODMAXX.

  19. Tom Smith

    Love this machine! The five stars are for your great customer service and for an otherwise excellent product, exception following. In spite of following the manuals instruction, had a major hydraulic fluid leak at the Control Valve, requiring disassembly of the upper and front console covers and console bumper, upon starting up… a result of no quality control on assembly and evidently no QC test of this unit. pushed out about a gallon of new hydraulic fluid instantly, making an oily mess of the machine and garage floor. Was disappointing for an otherwise exciting purchase. Thought you should know, as I realize this was a mfg error, not yours. Absolutely delighted with the unit and your customer service. Sincerely, Tom Smith

    WoodMaxx Response- Sorry about the hydraulic leak, a loose fitting can happen sometimes and does cause quite a mess for sure. Glad to hear that you are pleased with the performance of the backhoe and our customer service, and as always- please contact us for any concern you have, someone will always pick up the phone and take care of you right away.

  20. Garry Ethell

    Just received my MX-7600 backhoe. Very well packaged. Not even a scratch on it. Easy to finish assembly. Very impressed with how smooth it operates for a 3 point hitch mounted backhoe. Very well manufactured.

  21. Ken Duncan

    Purchased the WM-7600 backhoe, I just wanted to say it is above and beyond what I expected it to be. This is one well built piece of equipment. It was a breeze to assemble and the moment you start to use it, you realize this isn’t just a weekend warrior play toy. This machine is designed and built for serious projects. Also the item was very well packaged and protected for shipment. My salesman Jim, was very professional and made sure my order shipped complete. I give product and service 5 Stars!!

  22. Norm Hatch

    I did a lot of research on backhoe attachments and found the WoodMaxx the best deal for the money. The backhoe came well-crated with no damage. The assembly/installation instructions were spot-on, very clear and easy to follow. I was amazed at the quality of the product and the strength and weight of the steel. Great product. Very glad I bought it!

  23. R. Lanham

    Bought the WM7600 backhoe for my New Holland 1510 tractor and have dug about 500 feet of French drains thru clay soil with rocks. Absolutely amazed with digging capability and real test was compacted logging road which took 2 days to dig a culvert pipe trench. Surprised I have any fillings left in my teeth. Great product and support.


    The WM7600 has been the best attachment I have for my Kubota 3240. It’s easy on and easy off. It is the most used attachment for this tractor I have dug out Pine and Oak stumps with ease.

  25. P. Walker

    I am very impressed with the backhoe attachment. Got out neighbor’s stump without any trouble. It’s a great quality machine. Thank you !

  26. James Perz

    I’m just getting started but the quality of materials and workmanship is very good.


    I am very happy with my order Wm-7600. From the start – ordering, notice of shipping and delivery were all great. Took my time putting it together, maybe 4 hours. I was so amazed at the precision of the bolt holes and how everything fit together. No parts missing. I had a woods brand backhoe years ago and I will say this one is way ahead in quality & workmanship. Thanks WoodMaxx. You guys ROCK.

  28. George

    I purchased the WM-7600 7′ backhoe with the Hydraulic thumb from MIKE which he was a great help in explaining everything to me. The unit came in within a week as he said it would. The unit works great behind a 3320 John Deere 33.5 horse power tractor with front end loader. The trucking co. was R/L carriers which kept me informed and was within minutes of the time they said they would arrived. I would recommend WoodMaxx products to anyone that is looking for a good, solid and strong unit.The 15 inch bucket seems to be the correct size for what I will be using it for. Thanks MIKE and Woodmaxx for a great turnaround on this purchase. Great customer service. ! !

  29. John Leslie

    Very impressed with this machine. It was simple to put together, about two hours total. I have used it several times for hours at a time, and have been very pleased with its performance. The hydraulic thumb is awesome, makes picking up and placing rocks really easy. Thumb hydraulic power is great. This machine is very fast and smooth. I operate caterpillar equipment so the ability to switch controls is great. I would highly reccomend this machine to anyone who owns a tractor. I have a Kioti CK30 and this works great on my tractor. Great product, professional people and shipped to my workplace very quickly. Thank you for a great product.

  30. George Hebert

    I purchased the wm 7600 7′ backhoe with the Hydraulic thumb from **** which he was a great help in explaining everything to me. The unit came in within a week as he said it would. The unit works great behind a 3320 john deere 33.5 horse power tractor with front end loader. The trucking co. Was *** carriers which kept me informed and was with in minutes of the time they said they would arrived. I would recommend WoodMaxx products to anyone that is looking for a good solid and strong unit. The 15 inch bucket seems to be the correct size for what I will be using it for. Thanks **** and WoodMaxx for a great turn around on this purchase. Great customer service. ! !

  31. Brian & Tammy

    I purchased my WoodMaxx backhoe (a while back) and have been using it for many projects around the house. I am impressed with the power it has, the ease of use and how much easier my projects are now! I am very pleased with this product! I would recommend it to everyone! I also enjoyed my experience with the WoodMaxx company. Everyone has been professional and readily eager to help me.

  32. Donnie D.

    I am VERY PLEASED with the Wood Maxx Backhoe. Everything about this unit has exceeded my expectations! The assembly was simple with the instructions provided. A friend of mine happened to be here when the attachment came in and he helped me assemble and install on my John Deere tractor. He happened to own another brand and he could not believe how much better this unit was than the one he recently bought. As far as digging in this Texas Gumbo the machine has performed great. I would strongly recommend the WoodMaxx unit to anyone interested.

  33. Donnell Taylor

    I have used this backhoe in every way possible, and it never ceases to perform flawlessly. I can’t say enough good things about it. It is well designed, powerful, and relatively simple to operate. Get the hydraulic thumb if you are loading and lifting heavy objects – it is well worth the money.

  34. Gary Clem Jr

    I purchased the WM-7600 backhoe attachment. It was easy and simple to install. I used it the same day and the following 2 days as well. Very pleased with how the attachment operates. It is a strong little backhoe. I would recommend the hydraulic thumb along with it. I would recommend this attachment for the affordability and the durability of the attachment. And excellent customer service at Wood Maxx.

  35. Anthony Kline

    I want to thank you for such a great transaction and customer service with my WM-7600 backhoe attachment purchase. Thus far, I have used it to dig over a dozen 3 feet deep holes for my orchard, and countless rocks out of my fields. The WM-7600 performed flawlessly! The SAE/ISO valve selection makes the unit readily adaptable to even the most novice user, and is ready to go for an experienced user as well. I would recommend the hydraulic thumb upgrade as it has made my life much easier! Amanda with customer service is a real jewel to deal with and Kurt is every bit as professional. Communication was outstanding! Delivery was spot on and my unit arrived as advertised. Assembly was super easy and my unit was up and running within a couple of hours. I would recommend this unit to anyone looking to purchase a backhoe attachment for their tractor. Thanks again for such a wonderful attachment to add to my tool arsenal!

  36. Wayne Musser

    I purchased a WoodMaxx backhoe this spring (2014). I only have about 6 hours on the unit. It has worked well and sure beats shoveling by hand. I really like the thumb on this unit, I have used it to pick up many items. I have removed some tree stumps and the unit worked well. I would not hesitate to purchase a WoodMaxx product. Purchase transaction was easy, and delivery was fast and easy with the option of the lift gate (worth the extra money).

  37. Brian Henderson

    Backhoe is awesome! While I haven?t had the opportunity to dig many holes yet, the hoe was easy to attach and set up. Instructions were easy to understand, and machine was up and running within a couple of hours.

    Service review: Ordering was simple, did it over the internet. Once shipped, machine was easy to trace. The delivery provider doesn?t provide out of town delivery service, but I was able to have them put it on my flat deck trailer and haul it home. The folks at WoodMaxx were very diligent and followed up to ensure I received the hoe. I?d recommend WoodMaxx for all your backhoe needs.

  38. Dan Harder

    I purchased the W M 7600 bachhoe in Dec 2013 and have installed it on my tractor. I live in northern Alberta Canada and we still have alot of snow on the ground so I haven’t had a chance to really test it out but every thing seems to work well from the little bit I ‘ve played with it. I am very impressed with the quality and sturdiness of it. The shipping of it went very well which surprised me since we live in a remote area. I will definitely be buying my next attachment from Woodmax.

  39. Mark Hodson

    I purchased the WM-7600 Backhoe. Easy assembly, attaches to my tractor easily, and has plenty of power. I just love it, the paint (orange) even matches my tractor!

  40. Gordon Brimhall

    I have used the WoodMaxx
    every day since I received it. I am digging a water line from my water main
    to my shed, and I am finding out that what is under the ground is not what is on top. I started out digging and it was really good at first (and I am digging approx. five feet deep) and gone about 200 feet, the first 50 ft. was soft dirt, then I hit like a gravel layer, and it started to get harder, but I am very impressed with my WoodMaxx, it takes a little longer to get through the gravel but it does its job very well. I did replace one of the
    hydraulic hoses, one had some cuts on it when I recieved it –O well I bought a
    new one so all is well. I really like my WoodMaxx, it is doing everything I
    thought it would and more.

  41. Ed Rohm

    It took about five hours to read the directions, uncrate the backhoe, assemble, add fluids, and attach it to my tractor. You may be able to do this a little faster, but I was methodical in my approach to get it all right the first time as the manual for assembly was straightforward and simple. The pictures were a help for installing all of the parts, as minimal as they were. The choice of operations for the backhoe sticks are great as I have operated both types and now can choose my preference. It must be said that this is not a $35K machine, so don’t expect it to do the big jobs. But for me around my farm, great! The first week I cut, tiled and graded back a 100′ trench, stacked logs, and cut firewood. I forgot to mention the thumb that’s on the bucket to help load the logs, great addition to the machine.

  42. Private

    My experience with ordering the backhoe from Woodmaxx was very pleasant. The people at there very professional and patient. Amanda answered all of my questions, and her descriptions on how and when the backhoe would be shipped was completely accurate. Free shipping and lift gate service can’t be beat. Assembly of the backhoe was simple. The backhoe is ruggedly built, and the action is smooth. Having the thumb is a nice addition. I can not see why this piece of equipment would not last a lifetime, as long as it is properly maintained.

  43. Vincent McAdams

    I just recently purchased the 7600 backhoe from WoodMaxx for my T1510 New Holland loader tractor. I’m very happy with the purchase. I saved a lot of money going through WoodMaxx compared to my local New Holland dealer for a similar backhoe attachment which didn’t even have the hydraulic claw. The total savings was over $3000 plus with WoodMaxx I received FREE shipping. The customer service was excellent and the directions were easy to follow to attach it to the tractor. I would definitely recommend WoodMaxx to everyone.

  44. Bradley Williams

    have used my new backhoe ever since the day I got it and have a great report on it. It is all that I was hoping for in a backhoe attachment. I have been using it to dig water lines, drain lines etc. The hydraulic thumb is a must have I have used it to move trees that I have dug up and put them in a pile. The only problem I have had is that I have new friend after they found out I have a backhoe. LOL!! Thank you for a good product and great service.

  45. David Billings

    I have wanted a backhoe attachment for several years and finally decided to get one. I looked at several on line and the WoodMaxx got my attention right away. Not only did it look rugged and well built, but the thumb option is a great addition. Most of the others I looked at didn’t offer the thumb, not to mention a hydraulic thumb. I will also add that I had a hydraulic hose fitting break, not sure of the cause, but probably something I hit inadvertently. I called the company and they sent a new one, no questions asked and I had it in 3 days. The thing I like most is it works so smooth and has a great pump that puts out ample power to do the job. I have taken out at least twenty tree stumps, and they were not small. I highly recommend this backhoe.
    Love my WoodMaxx backhoe.

  46. E. Howering


  47. Don Dedman

    Love my backhoe! Wanting a backhoe attachment, I began, looking at them online. I was initially impressed with a couple of models but the Woodmaxx immediately caught my eye. I especially liked that it came with a ?thumb? and used JIC hydraulic fittings. I also felt it was very competitively priced and the free shipping was a real bonus as I live in Canada. After sending off emails I was pleased with the quick and helpful response from Amanda at Woodmaxx?.some other vendors never did get back to me. She answered all my questions in a very timely manner, either by phone or email. Confident I would receive the same attention after the sale, I placed the order. The order was placed by phone on a Thursday and the following Tuesday afternoon a shiny new backhoe was sitting in my yard. I had no problems mounting it on my tractor and have been using it for the last 3 weeks. I already have all the jobs I wanted to get done and now I?m looking around for other things to do with it?..I love it!!

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