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WoodMaxx WM-6600




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Product Details

WoodMaxx WM-6600 PTO Backhoe

with Italian Hydraulic Controls

WM-6600 SPECS:

  • Made in Italy Hydraulic Controls
  • 7′ Digging Depth
  • Requires 15 hp minimum
  • 4 Bucket Sizes to Choose From
  • Replaceable Bushings
  • One Piece Gear Pump
  • Exclusive SAE or ISO Pattern Control Switch
  • Optional Ripper Attachment for breaking up rocky ground, tree roots, stumps, and brush.
  • Optional Backhoe Bucket Quick Attach for ease of bucket change.
  • Replaceable Hardened Bucket Teeth
  • JIC Standard Hose Fittings
  • Easy Access Cartridge Type Oil Filter
  • 180 Degree Boom Swing
  • Rust Resistant Powder Coat Finish
  • Grapple Thumb (Mechanical or Hydraulic)
  • Smooth Hydraulic Controls
  • Rubber Street Pads
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Shipping Dims: 82x34x72
  • Shipping Weight: 1,350 lbs.


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37 reviews for WoodMaxx WM-6600

  1. Will

    WM 6600. I installed this backhoe back home on my John Deere 2320. At idle speeds, This backhoe and pump seem to produce enough power to do the job. I hooked it up with the 3 point system Just to get it off the pallet. The angle of the dangle was a little low with the upper rod adjusted all the way in. Had to cut 3″ out of the upper control rod To get it to set more level. A friend of mine has a John Deere 7 on the back of his compact Tractor. I would have to say I believe this hoe is heavier duty then the factory hoe. The only thing I have really any concerns about is when articulating right or left the bucket can strike the stabilizers. I do plan on building a sub frame for this hoe to avoid problems. No regrets!

  2. Jay

    Humm, can’t get the 5 star rating to take…
    Got the WM6600 back in 2020,
    A bit late on my review but it has been above what I thought it would be. I’m in the grey area on fitment for my tractor (JD770) but other than having to put a fair amount of weight on my loader to get around, it works pretty well. The PTO HP isn’t my problem as it’s the weight. The engine doesn’t hardly drop an rpm when using it for anything. I rarely go much above 1500 rpms. Here in the PNW we either have clay, rocks or both. It was killing me trying to dig out next to my shop with my bucket with all the rocks. This worked great for digging it out and piling it up for the bucket to get at. I did a lot of looking at different manufacturers, mainly for lighter weight and what options I could afford. But I just couldn’t pass up this self-contained system and the sales they were having so I went and got it. Lift gate delivery was even included.
    I ended up cutting a dozen or so pretty good size trees down and it actually picked up some pretty good size logs and rounds. I just needed to get it high enough for my old 4×8 trailer to take to where I need them to go. I got the hyd thumb, (which is OMG awesome), 15″ bucket, Ripper and the Quick Attach for the bucket & ripper. Had a couple of hiccups right off the bat with one of the valves leaking and later on a hose decided to imitate Old Faithful but WoodMax stepped up and sent me replacements.
    Thanks to Jessica who caught my order in time to correct my mistake and Ron and Joel who answered my questions and helping with my problems.

  3. Randall Spurgeon

    Purchased the WM6600 for my Kubota 3240 and the machine exceeded my expectations. Being a heavy equipment technician, I know how high quality equipment is supposed to perform and this machine hits the mark. Thanks WoodMaxx..

  4. Dennis Ott

    Great service, easy to work with when ordering WM6600 and deliver. Got it hooked up to my John Deere 3038e tractor. So far this machine is working good and well built.

  5. Adam Hopper

    Thanks WoodMaxx. I purchased the WM6600 Backhoe from you and it has been a great addition to my 25HP Tractor. Purchasing was a breeze, just called up and spoke with Jim, quick and easy. Set up took some time, but all the parts are nice and robust. Controls are familiar and easy to operate, very smooth operation while running lower RPM’s with the “tank” of a pump that comes with. PTO Pump is the way to go, it makes connecting and disconnecting a breeze. Thanks for supplying such a nice product at a really good price.

  6. Duane Johnson

    Just purchased this, I haven’t used the hoe yet, but I’m very pleased with the process so far. I ordered my backhoe on Monday, and Friday it was delivered to my house. Could not ask for better service, and everything looks good and seems to work properly.

  7. W H

    Received my 8600 backhoe attached it to my 4540 Mahindra and installed 2 septic systems with 500 gallon tanks on my home place and 300 ft of fill line in the past week ….. attachment works great !

  8. Richard Casto

    Buying this WM6600 backhoe attachment has been four years in the making. I looked at several backhoes, and for the money, I couldn’t find any to my liking. The gentleman who was an awesome help is Jim of Woodmaxx. Very knowledgeable about what he was selling and the biggest thing for me is attitude and his was wonderful. Not rude at all and I really appreciate that. Thanks to all at Woodmaxx.

  9. Jeff Pagano

    Great addition to Kubota B2710 at a great price.Assembly was simple other having to trace one stabilizer hose that was miss labeled. Machine is plenty strong for most anything you could ask of it.
    Shipped quick and customer service is great.
    If your looking for a quality hoe attachment or other attachments I highly recommend Woodmax.

  10. john grimes

    From the time I ordered I got it in a little over a week no problems no damage. Installed on my Mahindra 45-40 was a breeze everything fit good. Had to buy a pto extender, works real good. Dug a sewer field line first thing, performed good. I would recommend this attachment to everybody.

  11. delbert green

    It took me 8 hrs to complete the installation, a little tricky to get the third point aligned. The only complaint I have is that pressure hose to the pump should be 10 inches longer. pressure side is 27 inches,suction side is 44 inches.

  12. Tim Johnson

    A little tough to initially install alone but for sure a solid product and great purchase

  13. Jason Sack

    Works real good

  14. Anthony Whitaker

    This WoodMaxx WM-6600 is more powerful than you would think it would be. Very nice looking on my Kubota B 2320 Tractor and has more breakout force then a Kubota BH65 backhoe that is $2500.00 dollars more. A free mechanical thumb is a plus. 5 Stars for Woodmaxx.

  15. Paul

    I ordered the backhoe last October 2018, but was told my model wouldn’t be available until after the first of the year. True enough, it was ready to ship about 14 January 2019. I had it delivered to a local freight terminal as my road isn’t suited for large trucks. I picked it up on the 18th.
    Assembly wasn’t bad, and it was put to work the next day. I have never operated a backhoe, so there was a learning curve, but before long I had dug out a large pile of palmetto palm roots. This machine is tough and powerful. Today I dug out two oak tree stumps left from trees blown over in wind storms.
    I’m very pleased with the unit, and expect it will serve me well for many years.

  16. John Crummey

    It’s the best. I have it installed on my 2025r John Deere tractor, I also ordered a pto extension. Installed it in very little time. The shipping was fast (Newfoundland Canada). It works very well, Thanks, John.

  17. Grant Rauch

    This backhoe far exceeds my expectations. I have a yanmar 424. I have rented the Cub Cadet back hoes on the 3200 series tractors. The speed they work at when revving high does not come close to the speed the WoodMaxx hoe works at on idle. I have removed about three dozen stumps in less than a week. The ripper is phenomenal start wide and go deep, keep clipping back the roots and you can pull any stump. So glad I didn’t waste my money on a stump grinder. Using this and the chipper on 20 acres of overgrown lakefront property. Here are a couple of pictures to give you an idea.

  18. Arthur K.

    I received the backhoe in good shape. We have attached it to our Kubota and it is ready to use once the snow melts. We are very excited to put this machine to use! Thank you.

  19. Leslie Miller

    Recently received my WM-6600 backhoe and I am totally impressed. The backhoe is very well built and precision is evident throughout all of it’s construction. Another thing that impressed me and helped with my decision was the people at WoodMaxx who are always available for any questions one on one, responding quickly.Great company, great equipment!

  20. James Boyd

    I searched for a long time before I decided on WoodMaxx.
    The thumb and selectable controls are a great addition.
    Easy to put together.
    Getting it adjusted to your tractor will be trial and error, since it is a universal fit attachement. If fitting it to your tractor seems like to much work. You do not need to run this attachment.
    Picks up large rounds of fire wood to place on my splitter great. Ground is frozen right now but it will still dig.

    You will not regret buying this machine.

  21. James Calloway

    I have a WM-6600 I bought in 2014. I am simply amazed at how much work it can do. I dug out a tree stump that my tractor would not pull out of the hole. My neighbor helped with his huge Case. I move a lot of dirt in a very short time with only a 12″ bucket. I had never operated a backhoe before but learned quickly. The hydraulic thumb has been handy also.

  22. James Turasky

    Very Impressed! Having two very large projects to do in soil with extreme rocks and difficult conditions to work the attachment performed extremely well. I have a Grand L Kubota with a custom front end loader adding this attachment was the best decision. For 2 years I have used this unit. The maximum rpm I ran on my machine was 1500 RPM’s. Wanted to use the energy of the equipment and not to abuse the machine and the attachment. Fractured sand stone, hard dry clay, shale, and numerous mountain stones was no PROBLEM. The thumb attachment worked effortlessly. I even moved 400-500 pound boulders to install a large water garden with complete control. Breakout power and pump volume made fluid movement of loads and digging easy, and smooth. I am 6’4″ the controls and seat placement made long hours comfortable. Being a retired mechanical engineer the design is very well executed and balanced. Well done!

  23. Gary Majewski

    Received my 6600 backhoe recently and after a very simple and well explained assembly, I was completely impressed with the amount of power this unit has. It exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds by pulling some large field stones and stumps out of the ground with relative ease. I highly recommend this product. Mounted on a John Deere 790 Tractor

  24. Anonymous


  25. Nathan

    I have experience operating small backhoes so when I purchased my Woodmaxx backhoe, I spent weeks researching before determining Woodmaxx was the best price/quality option.
    The quality exceeded expectations. The function and operation also exceeded expectations. I highly recommend this machine.
    Here are my negatives. The PTO is somewhat difficult to hook up given the space between the tractor and the hoe and the weight of the gear box.
    I wish I would have purchased one size bigger tractor. The 6600 is a little heavy for my 2 series tractor and a bit more PTO output wouldn’t hurt.
    The backhoe takes a little longer to hook up and unhook than I would like.
    Lastly, JD Green paint would be nice!!

  26. Raymond Triggs

    I received my backhoe attachment yesterday. I was impressed with how well made it seems to be and how quickly it arrived. It was delivered within 3 days of when it was shipped.

  27. Jacob Reebel

    I’d like to thank those who took the time to write reviews. Their views helped me make the decision to buy a WoodMax. Thanks to Amanda for her help in the office. Yes you do get to talk to a real person when you call in. Thanks also to Brian, driver for R&L Transfer, who was courteous and on time with delivery. I must be a little slow, as it took me a full day to unpack, and put everything together. The machine has good fit and finish, without even a scratch from shipping. I have it on my older Kubota 2550 tractor (29hsp) and it is a good fit.

  28. David Moore

    I did quite a bit of research before selecting the Woodmaxx product. On contacting Woodmaxx I was given good advice about which unit would work best with my tractor and which would do the work that I planned. The purchase was easy and delivery occurred when promised working to accomodate my schedule

    I cannot say how impressed I was with the Woodmaxx backhoe. It was delivered as promised with driver taking a great deal of trouble to get it where I needed it. It was well packed and the instructions were clear. I had a little trouble freeing the seatbelt to unpack the unit but once past that assembly was easy. It mounted easily on the back of my Kubota tractor. I found the controls easy and responsive and after digging a very small test hole felt ready to start my first project.

    The first project, started the day after delivery was to dig a drainage trench 200 feet long and up to 6 feet deep. I purchased the backhoe with a 15 inch bucket and was wondering how it would do working in heavy clay and boulder filled soil. There were no problems and I soon found myself digging a 6 foot trench at the rate of up to 15 feet an hour, not bad for somebody who had not even sat on a backhoe 24 hours earlier. The unit coped well with some very large boulders, including a couple I had to dig around and lift out with chains. Overall including moving dirt piles the project took close to 40 hours much of which involved the backhoe. At the end it was as smooth and responsive as at the beginning with no issues

    At the end of this project I removed the unit from my tractor which was really quick and easy. I am looking forward to hooking it back up and starting the next project. I would have no hesitation recommending both the Woodmaxx Backhoe and the level of service and support I received during the purchase.

  29. Miller Derr

    The WM 6600 is great. It was delivered right to my house. It is built heavy duty and it has a lot of power. I’m tearing out an old side walk and with the hydraulic thumb I can pick up the slabs and load them. The rig has a lot of power to dig and pick up things. It is coming in very handy around the farm. Thanks! – Miller

  30. Gilles Belzile

    I finally got to try out my WoodMaxx backhoe. I have been wanting one for 30 years. I have 14 culverts on my property and there’s always one that won’t return to it’s place after winter is over.
    I am completely satisfied with today’s experience. GREAT BACKHOE at A DECENT PRICE!!

  31. J Glenn Diviney

    I bought a WoodMaxx 6600 backhoe to fit my new Mahindra tractor and I am telling you that the backhoe is a great addition to my equipment here at the ranch and it is a first class piece of equipment. It has done every job that I used it on and I am tickled to death that I made the purchase. It arrived with excellent paint, covers for the hydraulic lines and the draw bar that attaches it to my tractor is strong enough to pull an aircraft carrier. I can tell you it has made so many jobs easier than I ever believed. The price is reasonable and the equipment is heavy, the construction is perfect and even the operators seat and work station is laid out to work long hours in comfort. Way to go WoodMaxx.

  32. Mike Peake

    The woodmax 6? backhoe attachment I bought does absolutely everything I wanted it to do. It is as strong as my tractor can handle and then some. The ease of purchase is what made me buy this backhoe. I had several questions before pulling the trigger. Everytime I called I actually got some one ? A PERSON? on the phone. The lady was very helpful and actually knew the answers to my questions did not have to call me back.
    Delivery was exactly when they said it would be. It was packaged well and about an hour later I had it attached and was moving dirt..

  33. James Spofford

    Upon recieving my new 6 foot woodmax three point hitch backhoe I found it relatively easy to assemble and install on my tractor. Since then I have operated the backhoe for at least 40-50 hours pulling stumps, digging rocks and digging a drainage ditch on my 7 acre property. The backhoe has done everything I need it to do without a problem. The improvements I am making on my land will certainly increase the value of my land many times over the investment price of the backhoe. Very pleased and would recommend to my friends.

  34. Cleave Horton

    I was concerned that my 17 HP tractor would be a problem as well as the 950 lb. weight of the WoodMaxx 6600. I looked over several other brands of 3 pt backhoes and noticed the heavy construction of the WoodMaxx and that the bracing and bracket for the top link on the 3 point attachment is unique. The wide spacing of the swing boom bearings was another indication of a strong design. My backhoe arrived two days after calling in my order. Quick hook up– unhook almost instantly and hook up in about 4 minutes. The machine works fast. I have more than enough power to hit the relief valves. When moving, nothing swings or sways in the 3pt. I use the ISO setting for the controls. This seems match the single lever bucket motion. I am using it to clean up a 3.5 acre parcel that has been overgrown for about 20 years. I have popped out stumps and dug out a utility pole and planted a new one in a different location digging down 6 ft. I have plenty of use planned for this great machine.

  35. James Madison

    I got my backhoe in July of 2013 I’ve been having so much fun using it that I haven’t taken the time write about the backhoe.First I called the Woodmax before I ordered the backhoe and had question on the size that would fit my tractor they were very helpful and know what hoe would best for my size of tractor. After getting the backhoe delivered to my house, it about three hours to put on the tractor. I started to use it the same day. I have dug stumps out , drainage ditch , the basement for addition , and other small jobs it’s worked harder then I thought it could for the size I also got the hydraulic thumb is that nice!! I would recommend the Woodmax backhoe to
    anyone and the service has been great.

  36. George Carroll

    The woodmax backhoe is will built and has done everything that I was looking for in a add on to my tractor. Customer service is the best that you will find. I had a a guy that was wanting to buy a woodmax that came by and look at the one I own. By the time he left he said “that the woodmax was the one he was going to buy”

  37. Thomas Dexter

    I was thinking this morning that I wanted to call you and tell you how great the backhoe has been. If you recall the backhoe went to Islesboro, Maine in September, and delivery was a little more difficult. Woodmaxx was great completing the delivery. I didn’t get to use it until a month ago, but it has done everything I expected it to do. Trenching for a culvert and digging up a few tree stumps went easily. Again, thanks for a well made product and great customer service to go with it. One is no good without the other.

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