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WoodMaxx SB-84




Will ship next day. An automatic discount is applied at checkout when an electric/hydraulic kit is purchased with a PTO Snow Blower. Will ship out within 5-7 business days.


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  • Premium PTO Shaft 32" Length

Product Details

WoodMaxx SB-84 (84″) PTO SNOW BLOWER


  • Mechanical, 12 Volt Electric, or Hydraulic Chute Rotation Options Available
  • Marine-Grade Stainless Steel Hardware
  • High Intensity LED Flood Light Option
  • High Density Polyethylene Discharge Chute Liner
  • Snow Shovel Included
  • Premium 32” Shear Bolt Protected PTO Shaft Included
  • Quick Hitch Compatible
  • 2 Year Parts Warranty


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32 reviews for WoodMaxx SB-84

  1. Chris Gregersen

    So far 5 Stars on the shipping! Ordered the Woodmaxx SB-84 and it arrived 5 days early and I live on the other side of the country. I’ll update my review once I get it unboxed and working.

  2. Rod W

    I purchased the SB-84 over a year ago but we didn’t get a good storm the first winter, so I waited to review this until after a good test.
    It came crated with everything, plus I bought the gearbox oil and extra shear bolts. Assembly went quick following the included directions.
    Later after using it a few times I flipped over the cutting edge because of my dirt driveway. That’s another nice feature along with the stainless steel
    bolts. The SB-84 is built like a tank, very strong built, well balanced, quiet to run. This year we finally had 2 large snow falls of over 12″ each and this machine
    took care of it effortlessly, I’m impressed! As best as I can see the SB-84 will last for years to come.

    Finally, the people at WoodMaxx are a pleasure to talk to. Sales was helpful and the service department very responsive to my needs, they stand behind
    their products!

    I will certainly buy from them again when the need arises.

  3. Walter

    Just received and hooked up my 2nd SB84 snow blower. Obviously it still is above the rest. Also have a WM-8H-0008 chipper. It seems all their products are top notch in my opinion!! Well done!!

  4. Ryan

    Just received the SB84, it is a monster. Very heavy duty, much more than expected, and better built than other brands. Just like the chipper I have, Woodmaxx builds their machines with simplicity and serviceability in mind. Minimal assembly and easy to follow instructions. Can’t wait for the first storm, going to be much easier than plowing!

  5. Jarrett Baker

    First impressions are everything. Crating was top notch. This is a company that cares about a happy customer. happy customers equal a happy company.

  6. David Sibiga

    Ordered on line to get the free shipping and was received 5 days later. Used a chain and bucket on my JD 5210 to move the shipping container into my garage from the road. There is a lifting eye on the snow blower which makes moving the snow blower very easy. It arrived in great condition with no issues. Assembly took about 6 hours because I had a problem attaching the manual discharge chute turning shaft to the ROPS on the JD 5210 tractor. The shaft was about 20 inches too short. I had to use a 4 foot section of 3/4 inch pipe to extend the overall length to 69 inches.
    I have used the snow blower twice to clear my 1/4 mile long driveway. The first time it was it was 12 inches of heavy wet snow and the second time it was a lite powder snow. It worked great both times. I did break the shear bolt on the PTO shaft once but think it was due to engaging the PTO at too high an RPM. Spare shear bolts were included with the order. So far so good.

  7. Marco Pomponi

    Received the crate from shipper within 2 days of shipping even with a storm day present. The instructions are easy to understand with clear photos. I also got the hydraulic rotator/deflector and the work light. Was able to get unit put together quickly and within an hour I was hooked up and blowing 3 ft windrows with ease on my 3/4 mile driveway. The next day was a big ice storm here and everything turned to slush, again no problems with moving large amounts of heavy wet snow. For the quality, price and service I received I feel this unit will do right by me for many years.

  8. Terry Berndt

    Recently purchased this 84inch snowblower to run on my Zetor Major 80. Looks to be a very well built blower for the money. Can’t wait to try it out in the snow and see how it works. I also bought the electric chute and spout control that comes with a very nice control box. Very simple to set up and comes in a very sturdy shipping crate. I would buy again although I was disappointed to see it was made in China.

  9. Mark Burbey

    I have used this blower on heavy wet slush type snow and cold weather powder. Handles both with ease. I have it on a JD 5075E 75hsp tractor and no issues at all. So far I have used it 8 times and has been a pleasant surprise.

  10. Robert Barstis

    Snowblower came in an excellent shipping frame. It was not even scratched. The shipper was very helpful and friendly. I had it ready to go in 2 hours. The directions were easy to understand and all the parts were there. I have it mounted to a Kubota 7060 and it seems to work perfectly so far. I have a large hay business and a 33 horse boarding stable. We have not had any Blizzards yet but I’m not worried about cleanup now.

  11. Steve J

    Fast shipping, package very well in a steel crate. First use was in a 10″ wet heavy snowfall. It worked AMAZING!!!!!!! My 45hp diesel tractor had no problem keeping up with it. Cut my plowing time down by 2/3rds. Well built, easy to assemble. Highly recommend!!!

  12. Edward Krause

    I bought the SB84. Came when they said it would, was in a steel crate no scratches or damage they do a great job. Used it on 11/26/2019 12″ of snow worked great. These are made for small tractor but I put it on a 1105 Massey Ferguson still trying to get the right RPM’s and speed, well built machine going to save me a lot of work. Thanks guys

  13. alex mehs

    Well built machine, bought the electric chute/rotator kit. Everything works as it should, blower is balanced really well. I have it on my 4520 compact. best bang for the buck

  14. Theo Indermuehle

    I reviewed the different snowblower models online and then called and had all my questions answered. I ordered over the phone and within about two weeks my snowblower was shipped. Super easy dealing with the shipping company, arrived within three days. Setup was easy and took me about 3 hours which included shortening PTO. Highly suggest Woodmaxx if you need a snowblower. After shopping around my area, I saved over 2k what a similar unit would have cost from local implement dealer.

  15. Patrick Caskin

    Received the SB-84 yesterday, out of the crate and ready to move some snow.

    Impressive construction. No issues shipping. Arrived in a well made steel frame.

  16. Anonymous

    I recently purchased an 84″ Wood Maxx to go on the back of my Kubota tractor. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet but it looks like a well made unit and the price was right! I am anxious to try it.

  17. Anonymous

    I received my snow blower 2nd week of Aug.
    Couldn’t wait to use it, but finally got a chance with an early snow in OCT.
    My driveway is about 300 hundred feet long with a rail fence on each side.
    I get a lot of drifting snow. I got home from work last Wed. and it was all drifted in about 18 to 24 inches.
    It normally took about 4 to 5 hrs. with the bucket on the tracter, I hooked it all up and was done about 25 min. later, awesome piece of machinery, worked great.
    Would recommend this snowblower to everyone. Cut my work time down 3 1/2 hours.
    A little assembly required but very easy.
    Directions were very easy to read and understand.

  18. Dean

    Bought the SB84 and it was delivered in a week. It was crated in an angle iron frame and everything was there. It appears to be a very heavy duty blower even though I haven`t used it yet. It was super easy to assemble and the upgraded PTO shaft hooked right up without the need for shortening. Great price and quality.

  19. Jim

    I bought this blower in Jan of 2018 and used it then and now all the winter of 2018/2019. It is an awesome machine. I have it hooked up to a 60hp Kioti tractor and it flat out moves some snow. I do break the drive shaft shear pin every once in a while but that is way easier to replace than the blower shear pins. (take the guard off by gear box to get easy access to drive shaft shear pin).

  20. Clarkson Most

    I recently received my 84″ PTO driven rear mount snowblower. It was easy to assemble and mount on tractor. It has only snowed once since I received the snowblower, but it was enough snow to try it out. I am really happy with the way it operates and throws snow.

  21. Jay A

    I looked at many brands before deciding on the WoodMaxx SB-84. When it arrived I was not disappointed in the quality. It is very well built, better than many of the other name brands I looked at but without the premium price from the tractor dealers. It arrived well packaged in a crate with only a few parts to install. The instruction manual is thorough and well laid out. It was a pleasure to deal with Ron and he was very helpful every time I had a question. The snowblower works great and I am very happy with my decision to by the WoodMaxx. Ron delivers a great product and because of that I’ve already recommended WoodMaxx to several people.

  22. Derek A

    Minimal assembly, easy to install, heavy duty. The entire blower is well designed. Moved 5-6″ of heavy wet snow like it was nothing – we are early in our snow season but I’m really looking forward to giving this thing a workout this winter!

    As a side note – I had to shorten the provided drive shaft – having limited experience with PTO implements I was nervous about doing that myself. BUT the directions provided were very simple and easy to follow.

  23. Dennis Goodman

    This snowblower is the second piece of equipment I purchased from WoodMaxx. Shipping was quick and the snowblower arrived in first class condition. After assembling the snowblower and hooking it to my tractor it looks like this snowblower will more than do the job for me. This is a quality piece of equipment! I would recommend your equipment to anyone.

  24. Anonymous

    I put the SB-84 snow blower on a Ford 3000 tractor, which supposedly has 37 horse power at the PTO. I also have the PTO running a hydraulic pump for a loader, so the snow blower is probably seeing even less than 37 horse power.

    We finally got enough snow that I was able to try out the mighty SB-84 snow blower. It worked great! Cleared a big snow berm with no problem. Cleared out heavy, wet snow with no problem.

    One thing to note: the shear bolt on the PTO shaft broke pretty easily when engaging the PTO. I called WoodMaxx, they said to flip it around. The imported PTO shaft has a sticker that shows which end should go on the tractor PTO shaft, and apparently it is wrong. I flipped it around, still broke the shear bolt, so I put a grade 5 bolt instead of the grade 2 that came with it. It is now working great.

    Armed with the SB 84, I’m ready for the big snow drifts!

  25. Luigi Raffa

    Couldn?t wait to get this and put it out to work. Was very easy to put the few pieces together after I unpacked it from the crate. Removal of snow now is easy. Would highly recommend to anyone who doesn?t want to break their back.

  26. Anonymous

    So I bought an SB84 it is very well built. Today was the first time I could put it to a real test. Cleared a 17 inch snowfall perfectly. Love this machine.

  27. John Choponis

    Very well built blower. I have used it twice and I am very impressed, it moves snow very quickly. Packaged very well for shipment. Great product and customer service. I will defiantly be purchasing more equipment from WoodMaxx.

  28. Mark Wigley

    Awesome machine. Used it for the first time this weekend. Moves lots of snow quickly. Have hydraulic chute rotator and deflector. you can put the snow precisely where you want it. Would recommend to anyone.

  29. Stephen Lambert

    Received my SB-84 last week. Machine is
    very well built from substantial materials.
    Manual is well put together and easy to follow.
    Assembly was easy. The price and free delivery made it a good deal. The Yellow
    Freight driver was also excellent.

  30. Greg Poulter

    I received my snowblower Oct 19. It is a very well built blower and was packaged well. No missing parts or damage. I won’t be able to use it for a week but it looks like it will work very well for my needs. We get 6-8 feet of snow each winter were we live.

  31. Russ

    i live at the end of a 1/2 mile road/driveway with 3 neighbors on the same road our winds cause some good drifts and it was usually a 3+ hour ordeal to get out min. when it got bad it took us 2 days. with this blower i am thru the snow with a 16″ path even on very bad days in 30-45 min. guys at WoodMaxx are great too. had to add hydraulics after initial order and they mad the change and i got it fast and correct. Good no Great People to deal with will be back for anything else i need that they have.

  32. Tim Lucas

    This is the second piece of equipment I have purchased from Woodmaxx. I also bought the MX 9900 chipper. I am extremely happy with the customer service and support but most of all the products. I have a half mile long gravel driveway and the blower cleared an 8 inch snowfall quickly and efficiently. This a Very heavy duty machine (just like the chipper). The pricing is dramatically lower than comparable products with no sacrifice in quality. This is the “Duluth Trading Co.” of equipment suppliers. I’ll use them for other equipment needs in the future.

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