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WoodMaxx SB-72




Will ship next day. An automatic discount is applied at checkout when an electric/hydraulic kit is purchased with a PTO Snow Blower. 


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  • Premium PTO Shaft 32" Length

Product Details

WoodMaxx SB-72 (72″) PTO SNOW BLOWER


  • Mechanical, 12 Volt Electric, or Hydraulic Chute Rotation Options Available
  • Marine-Grade Stainless Steel Hardware
  • High Intensity LED Flood Light Option
  • High Density Polyethylene Discharge Chute Liner
  • Snow Shovel Included
  • Premium 32” Shear Bolt Protected PTO Shaft Included
  • Quick Hitch Compatible
  • 2 Year Parts Warranty


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89 reviews for WoodMaxx SB-72

  1. Troy Carlson

    This machine is awesome! So far the company is even better. Prompt shipping, great product and it has performed wonderfully! I have had mine since 2019.

    Recently had to order some parts, failure came on my end due to lack of greasing…GREASE THE SHEAR BOLT SHAFT! Machine was still working great, btw. I just wanted the drive line protection back. Shaft had seized because I didn’t grease it…

    Called and was quickly able to speak to an actual person, ordered replacement parts quickly, no issues! Talk about awesome. Parts can be frustrating or discontinued…not here, relieved a ton of stress about having to try and figure it out on my own.

    Best part, they were in stock and should be here by end of week.

    Buy one, you won’t regret it!

  2. Josh G.

    I ordered and received my WoodMaxx 72” snowblower in November 2022. Turned out to be just in time for our snowiest December in Northern MN. This blower has been fantastic! Moved feet of heavy wet snow, without shearing any pins. Reduced my clearing time by half. WoodMaxx was quick to ship and the unit arrived in excellent condition. Highly recommend any of these snowblowers. Very well made and huge time savers!! Thanks, WoodMaxx!

  3. Evan Smith

    Love my 72″ snow blower rear mounted on my 52 hp LS tractor. I did the upgraded PTO shaft and hydraulic chute rotation add-ons. I live at about 5800′ elevation on a mountain in Idaho, and I use this thing about every other day or so during the winters up here. This thing handles it all in stride! Some of the features I have been impressed with is, first off, is the ruggedness of the chain. I have used other snow blowers and implements, and every so often the shear bolt goes. I have logged enough hours on this thing, that I am way past expecting a shear bolt to go, but nope. Also, the auger is serrated which I have never seen. Lastly with the chute liner, this thing has never even come close to clogging. Excellent product, and well worth the money! Thanks for a great product Woodmaxx!

  4. Benjamin Hartley

    I had some questions about the SB-72 before I ordered it so I gave WoodMaxx sales a call and I was super happy with them. Tony answered every question I had and made the purchase seamless. After receiving the snowblower I was again impressed with the quality of materials and packaging. The SB-72 with hydraulic rotator and deflector is the route I went and am happy I did. Assembly was pretty straight forward and everything fit together perfectly. This thing seems to be well built but simple also. The owner’s manual even has exploded views with all the parts listed for the blower incase something happens. The only thing I am adding to the blower, that didn’t come with it, is a glad hand tender spring to keep the deflector hoses from away from the quick hitch handles when the chute rotates. No snow yet but the machine is super quiet when testing it. Glad I made the purchase and would highly recommend this unit to anyone. Great Job WoodMaxx.

  5. Mick McCrum

    Top quality built snowblower. Works awesome throws snow a long way
    Customer service is number one

  6. Shawn Krantz

    Let it snow, I have the equipment to move it now. I have to say I was leery about the setup. But, it only took a little over an hour. Luckily my cousin the dairy farmer has an assortment of petroleum products. I was unaware the gear box would ship dry, should have known better. Make sure you 80-90 gear lube.Other than that it was relatively simple to put together. Once assembled we greased the bearings, added gear lube, & oiled the chain.
    About a week later the snow came, wet & heavy. The SB72 was up for the task. Me not so much, I have shoveled alot of snow over the years. I have not ever used a snow blower. There is definitely a learning curve. Looking forward to more snow. Would really like a good dumping of dry fluffy snow, excited to see how far I can get blower to throw it.
    My tractor is a 35 HP unit, didn’t seem to have any issues, other than I have since put chains on the rear of the tractor.

  7. Tim

    I ordered an SB-72 with hydraulic chute turn and deflector for my 40hp Massey. Got it assembled pretty easily. This is a very well built attachment. Very heavy duty for sure. I can’t wait to get to use it this winter although not having to use it would be ok too. Thank you Woodmaxx for allowing me to pick it up at your location and for building such a great quality attachment!

  8. Ned

    This is a great piece of equipment! It went together with no issues and seems well sized for my 35hp (30 PTO hp) Kioti tractor. I am very impressed by the design, solid construction, and quality materials. It seems to be overbuilt compared to competitive units from other manufacturers. It is surprisingly smooth and quiet under power – no ratlles, clatter or vibration. Very nice. And yes, it can move the snow, even the wet heavy late spring stuff!

  9. Craig from Wisconsin

    Have to say this snowblower is AWESOME!!! Very easy to assemble and hook up to my42 hp Kubota tractor. Snow blower works better than expected, super quiet and smooth. Very good distance on throwing the snow. Very impressed and very pleased!!!!! Highly recommend this to anyone wanting to move a lot of snow.
    Thank You
    Craig from Wisconsin.

  10. Richard E.

    Arrived much sooner than expected in good condition. Had to pay a little for shipping because of remote location. Excellent steel frame shipping crate. I opted for the 12V electric attachment to control the discharge chute, as I frequently have to change the discharge direction as I clear people’s drives. Install was straight forward and instructions clear. I found that the hole in the frame for the M10 bolt that is one of three holding the chute motor in place was threaded tapped, and needed to be drilled out. Advise checking this before installing the chute, as it is hard to get at with chute installed. My Mahindra has 21.1 HP at the PTO, which is below the range listed for this blower. I ran it through a pile of ice and snow and it easily handled the mess and threw it plenty far. I’d get a bigger tractor if my old one wasn’t up to it! Wish I had gotten this 15 years ago when I got the tractor.

  11. Joe L.

    I received my snow blower on 2/17, that was ordered on Sunday 2/14. Absolutely amazing service. It took about 6 hrs of work to install it on my tractor. Considering the cold weather (18 deg) and an unheated work space I do not think this was a difficult task. I was able to try it out yesterday afternoon and found myself asking “Why didn’t I do this years ago”. I am very happy with it and think it is truly an amazing machine. Also my John Deere 3520 had no problems operating this machine. Thanks for your great service.

  12. Denny Flathom

    Performs just as expected, rock solid unit. Packaging for shipping was excellent, came in a steel frame which protected the snow blower well. Came undamaged. Upgrade PTO no vibration.

  13. Skip

    Just purchased the SB72 blower what a beast, great machine at a great price. Machine came within a week of ordering it and was easy to assemble. The day after it arrived we received 20+ inches of snow and the blower handled it with ease. This is my second piece of equipment from Woodmaxx and I’m extremely happy with both of them and would recommend to anyone.

  14. Steven Meyers

    Well built, heavy duty construction. The WoodMaxx team was great to deal with, answering all my questions. Looking forward to getting a Tiller and would love to see a 3-Point Hitch PTO Brush Mulchers for my tractor from this team. GREAT EQUIPMENT!!

  15. Scott

    I have been very pleased with the WoodMaxx 72″ blower. The assembly directions were clear and easy to follow. The machine is a tank and very well made. Does a great job clearing my 1/4 mile driveway. The electric chute rotator was well worth the investment. I highly recommend the complete package!

  16. Robert Jones

    The engineering on this blower is second to none. After using this for a full season here in the mountains of Utah 6800 feet elevation where we have six months of snow fall. I recommend the WoodMax 72″ PTO snow blower for continuous use and reliability. The manufacturing on this unit is of the highest quality.

  17. Dan

    Snow blower shipped quickly, arrived well packaged. Crate is bolted together making disassembly much quicker than some other implements with welded crates. Assembly is reasonably easy and straight forward. Ran into a couple of issues with the unit (incorrectly welded bracket on discharge chute and electric controls wired backwards). Joel shipped a replacement chute which fixed the first issue and I swapping the wires on the switch to correct the reverse travel direction. The manual and the stickers on the unit conflict regarding shear bolts so make sure you are choosing the correct bolts. As to operation of the unit, so far it has performed great. We received a foot of snow in our last storm and the unit was great. I cleared three long driveways with no issues. All are gravel drives so I flipped the cutter edge (as recommended in the manual) and adjusting the skid shoes which kept the unit from picking up gravel. Overall I am very happy with the unit.

  18. Douglas Burnett

    Came well, packaged very easy to put together. First time out worked as advertised, cleaned 3 driveways and the lane going back to the barn in about an hour. very happy.

  19. Charlie

    Blower was easy to assemble and preformed great. Built like a tank!!

  20. Albert Martin

    I just wanted to tell you that I am enjoying my new snowblower. I like it very much and it works really well. Up here in a Northern Maine I need something dependable and reliable. I have found just that with your snowblower.

  21. Daryl P

    SB72 blower works great, the first time I had to use it the we had 8″ of wet heavy snow and it had no problem! It has no problem going through snow banks, you just go slower, the hydrostatic transmission on the tractor makes it easy. I also purchased the hydraulic rotating chute which works well and would recommend this option. Blower is built heavy. Overall very happy with my purchase.

  22. James McFadyen

    Extremely well built, heavy duty construction. Shipping was faster than expected.

  23. Ken Mrozak

    I was impressed with the build quality of this unit. I hooked up the hydraulic lines adjusted the shoes, flipped the cutting edge and tried it out on my stone driveway.
    I was concerned my 39hp tractor would labor with this 6 foot blower — it worked great in the wet snow.
    I actually looking forward to more snow.

  24. Daniel Simmons

    I spent the time setting up this snowblower and I would encourage everyone to take their time and follow the manual. It works great, I am very pleased with the product and the price. Heavy gage steel where it is needed. Now I am waiting for the snow. Im ready!

  25. Bill

    Snow blower delivered today. The crate was impressive! Not a single scratch. Unpacking and assembly was mostly strait forward. Would have been nice to know that gear box would need a quart of gear lube, could have had it on hand and avoided a special trip. Cranked it up seems to run very smooth, hooked up to the tractor just waiting for the snow.

  26. Jesse R

    Blower arrived well crated in perfect condition. Easy assembly. After 10+ hours of use the 72″ works well with my 35hp (28hp@pto) diesel tractor. Was deciding between the 60″ or 72″, opted for the 72 as its wider then my tractor. Get into some deep or heavy wet snow just slow down a tad on the first pass then take a tad smaller bite and go at faster speed if you desire. Built a lot heavier duty then other brands I looked into that are just a few hundred dollars less than the WoodMaxx. Great purchase, very happy.

  27. Marc S

    I did a lot of research before purchasing this snowblower, including looking at products from 3 local dealers. This snow blower had basically the same specs as products I could get from a dealer, and was much more cost effective(and the customer service was better). This snow blower came well packaged and was extremely easy to assemble. I’ve used it 3 times(2 inch snowfall, 8″ heavy/wet snowfall, and 6″ snowfall) and it worked great with my 65HP John Deere.. It was built much more robust than I anticipated and I’m sure it will work great for a long time.

  28. Ricky H Urban

    Our snowblower came as scheduled. No damage from the YRC freight company and the crate was easy to remove. After shortening the PTO to fit our tractor, all went good. Only used it on a few inches of snow so far but ready for more. There were some grease fittings that weren’t covered before painting that should have been. Nicely heavy built blower.

  29. Rick Kurowski

    After looking at all brands of snow blowers for my New Holland TC34. I came across your website. After reading reviews and watching Youtube videos I pulled the trigger on the SB72. From the time I ordered online to the delivery in my driveway was only eleven days. Blower arrived well packaged and in excellent condition. The assembly took about 2 hours with easy to follow instructions. I have to say that this blower is built really well, much better than the competitors. The chute rotates effortlessly, paint is good and should give many decades of service. BRING ON THE SNOW!!!!.

  30. Richard Helf

    The blower showed up on schedule, the shipping frame had a few dents in it but the blower was in great condition. Assembly went good until I turned the bottom scraper bar over one of the bolts was stripped, my driveway is gravel and the manual instructed me to turn it over. After retapping the bar and putting a new 12mm bolt in all is well. Waiting for snow to try it out

  31. Rick S.

    This is the second snow blower I have purchased for my tractor. The first one was a different brand and did not perform well. The WoodMaxx 72″ Snow Blower is very well constructed and simple to assemble. I am very impressed by the quality. The customer service at WoodMaxx is excellent. I had all of my concerns and questions answered in record time. I was notified of all phases of ordering, shipping and delivery of the product. I highly recommend WoodMaxx.

  32. Vermonter Den

    Appears to be a solid well built piece of equipment. I did have some issues with loose screws on the chute liner, a defective grease fitting, scratched paint, a bound up chute bearing and was shorted the hydraulic deflector portion of the kit. All it took was a call and emailing pictures documenting the unfortunate oversights and the replacement paint and parts were on the way. The service manger Joel was fantastic to work with and very professional. I think maybe I got the 1st run of the season so the little things were missed. I don’t believe this was a normal case and we all have bad days. Look forward to seeing it in action.

  33. Richard Ford

    Very pleased with the Quality of this snow blower, appears to be well made and I am looking forward to using it this winter. Well packed for shipping and it took only 5 days from New York to Northern Nevada.

  34. Dale

    I’ve just received my new SB 72 snowblower from Woodmaxx on September 26th, it looks well made, came right on time. Can’t really give you a high markings on performance yet because I haven’t tried it out. But if it works as good as it looks, it’s a 5.

  35. Gary K

    The blower arrived in great shape, Old Dominion did an excellent job all around.
    Tomorrow I will be fitting the power take off shaft ( too long) but I’m sure I can do it because I am a former Navy seabee 1960 edition. Still proud to be an American.
    I’m sure I’ll love it.

  36. Alan Zajc

    Being a die maker and a fabricator for 40 years this impressed me with the quality and thickness of the parts and welding , truly a bullet proof piece , I expect many years of service from it . Thanks

  37. leonide michaud

    This a very nice snow blower SB 72”. Well made, fast delivery, very good price. thank you 08/30/2019 Leonide in Maine

  38. Ken T.

    NEW SB72 just arrived yesterday – Shipped quickly and in perfect condition and suitably crated to maintain its beauty during shipping.
    Will not get a chance to use until later this year however this is a very well built, stout piece of equipment. Super excited… I would highly recommend WoodMaxx and this blower to anyone in the market. A pleasure dealing with you folks.

  39. William Sumner

    Just got the SB72 yesterday. This blower is built super heavy. I looked at many snowblowers locally here in Montana but there was no comparison to this Woodmaxx and the way it was built. It arrived in great condition but has a few places where the carrier was less than careful. I called Woodmaxx today and I talked to Joel about getting some touch up paint. He was outstanding to work with with. He also sent me a simplified wat of shortening out the PTO shaft. My son bought a kinetic log splitter from Woodmaxx and he is as happy as I am with my SB72. Great folks at Woodmaxx . Thanks

  40. Mike S

    I saw this product on the web and was impressed by the video. I called to ask about my tractor, which is a 1950’s Ford 800. Customer service was helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. I was thinking of getting the 60″, but the sales rep told me I should be able to handle the 72″. So glad I called. The snowblower arrived when they said it would, in perfect condition, and even my neighbor, who helped me unload it, commented on how well it was built. Assembly and hookup went how it should, except I had to cut the PTO shaft. I followed the instructions in the book and it worked perfectly. We’ve had three considerable snowfalls since I got the blower. Had to miss one because of a starter issue with the tractor. The performance of the blower has been flawless, takes deep snow, wet snow, and hard snow. Even on this old tractor the blower works great.

  41. Richard Hanns

    We Had The Most Snow In Feb Ever Recorded. All Blowers In The Area Were Sold Out Or The Prices were Out Sky High. I Am Super Happy With My SB72. The Quality Of This Unit Is Beyond What I Had Seen Before. I Ordered It On Monday And It was At The Truck Yard On Friday.

  42. Brian

    I ordered my SB-72 with hydraulic chute rotator and deflector, along with the premium PTO shaft on Monday just before noon. I had the Blower in my driveway Thursday afternoon! The customer service is very helpful and shipping can’t be beat IMO. The blower is very well manufactured and took me just under an hour to assemble. The shipping crate as previously mentioned is very sturdy and is a reflection of the craftsmanship of the blower. More to come as the hours get put on the unit. Keep up the great work!!!

  43. John

    Received the SB72 a week after placing the order. The assembly was exactly as shown in the manual and was completed within a few hours. The blower is attached to a JD 4610 with 35 PTO HP and works extremely well. I reiterate all the previous complementary reviews.

  44. Jeremy Grose

    As with the other reviews, this Unit is unbelievable. Heavy duty and blows Pacific Northwest crud with no issues. Plan for a little set up time. Make sure your tractor is matched to the right blower PTO HP, width, weight, etc. I moved 3 feet today without tractor chains. Had no issues. My neighbors think I’m a hero! Amazing product. Thanks WoodMaxx!

  45. Paul A

    I took delivery of my SB-72 snow blower last week, and having bought this site unseen, I was blown away. This unit is built like a tank. I have had a smaller competitors unit for the past 25 years, and your unit just blows it away. Construction wise there is no comparison. For the price and quality of the unit, I don’t think the competition can touch it. I highly recommend this unit. I am very pleased I chose your product over your competitors. Thanks for manufacturing a robust quality product.

  46. Roy Hill

    Very good service. Blower well made. No snow but will come soon.

  47. Richard Boyer

    This is a very well built piece of equipment. I finally got to use it this week on 24″ of snow and it is everything I expected and read about. Awesome snowblower.

  48. Greg Katainen

    I finally got to use my new SB-72 Snowblower. Very pleased with how well it works! It is so quiet and does a fantastic job of moving the snow. It is really well made, with heavy steel construction. The welds are beautiful and even the paint is well done. The whole WoodMaxx blower shows pride in manufacturing. A couple of things to be prepared for when you order one: It took several weeks to ship, the shipping crate is extremely well made and parts packaged – I had to use my cutting torch to cut the angle iron crate away The PTO shaft was several inches too long so I had to use my steel chop saw to shorten it. All no big deals, just be prepared for some prep before you can put this awesome blower to work.

  49. Christopher

    The Woodmax 72 unit is extremely well built and sturdy. Just like any attachment, you get what you pay for. Snow blowers, like ground engaging equipment, take a lot of abuse so make sure you pay close attention to details like a heavier gauge steel, a four-blade blower, and heavy duty augers that can handle rocks and icy chunks without bogging down the unit. Don’t forget the smaller details like ease of maintenance and the ability to clear blockages. Everything on my WoodMaxx unit is easy to reach and simple to maintain.
    One final note. Be sure to size your snow blower properly. The customer service was excellent, and made it a point to match up the snow blower with the tractor you will be using it with. I very happy with the purchase of this unit.

  50. Shawn Jeuch

    Very well built and it works very well in the hard drifted snow. The electric chute is great, it turns with ease. The only mistake is I should have bought the SB-84. My Mahindra 2538 operates this unit with ease.

  51. Anonymous

    This thing is a beast. it is 275 pounds heavier than the 68 inch it is replacing. Very solid construction of both the snowblower and the crate! It was missing a couple of flat washers. I had one in stock but had to go to Lowes for the other. I had to cut the PTO shaft down to size (I have a JD 870 so the PTO arms are pretty short). I will edit this review after the first significant snow storm, which is not yet in the forecast.

  52. Wesley Rogers

    Great product. Everything is better than I expected. Built extremely well, all the way down to the metal crate it got delivered in.

  53. michael goodenough

    New snowblower arrived today. The packaging is as rugged as the snowblower. Not a scratch to be seen anywhere. Assembly will begin tomorrow and then its a countdown to its first big storm. Great company with very friendly personnel!

  54. Stainlessman

    November 16th we finally got snow enough to try out my SB-72 snowblower. And just like in the video, it really put out the snow. I got the electric chute rotator. Works quick and easy and all at a great price.
    I love it. Good Job WoodMaxx.

  55. David Rowe

    Shipper was a great help moving the unit. The blower came well packaged, yet the top welded steel bar of the crate above the 3 point connectors needed to be cut out to remove from the steel crate, no other means could be found using the tractor connected to move. Assembly was easy and all parts fit perfect with no issues with the manual chute turning easily. All maintenance fittings/grease points are marked. The PTO shaft required cutting and Woodmaxx sent detailed cutting instructions.

  56. John

    Just received my new SB 72 today and am impressed with the construction. Looking forward to the snow.

  57. Tom Williams

    I haven’t tried the snowblower yet . I do have it built and attached to tractor, can’t give to much info besides that it seems high quality. Woodmaxx’s costumer service has been amazing. Everything from ordering the snowblower, to there was some minor damage to the auger and they took care of everything very quickly. I’m looking forward to the snow.

  58. Brandon Schelk

    Upon inspection, this thing is built like a tank. I really like that the bearings are greasable and not sealed. Packaging was good but the chute did have some paint scuffs where deflector contacts the chute, will not affect operation. This machine is way heavier built than other brands such as Lanpride and/or Allied. I hope it snows a lot this winter so I can use it!

  59. Don Cruver

    Very pleased excellent product

  60. Wilbur B.

    I just wanted to make a few remarks about the SB-72 snow blower that I bought in Dec. 2017. This machine seems to work fine in the small amount of snow we had this year so far; 1-4 inches at a time. I did let it build up in the yard a bit , and it was nice to hear the governor open a bit. When properly set, it cleans down to the pavement , but with that setting it will scalp the grass- as rough as my yard is that is acceptable . It is easy to assemble and wire up and I love the power chute. I did shear a PTO pin when I went to fast into a pile of plowed snow but it was easy to dig out. I only used it 3 times so the paint is all intact. I have no complaints about the product or the directions to assemble. The cage it was shipped in will give me some welding iron, very little will be thrown away.


    Very pleased with this unit. Very well made and moves snow like magic… I would buy the the USA pto shaft if I had any issue it was with the imported one. But the unit is awesome over all .. works great on my 33hp LS tractor.. any implements I buy in the future will be WoodMaxx.. thanks for making a high quality product..

  62. Roland W.

    We bought a 72 inch PTO snowblower and we are happy with this rig , WoodMaxx over all.

  63. Dave Rolandini

    I purchased a SB72 snowblower after the local shipping company wanted to make a copy of my drivers license I left the terminal without my blower, I called customer service at WoodMaxx , they were great and called the shipping company for me and explained to them that they,copying my drivers license is something I was not going to let them do (I had identity theft before) he got the issue resolved and I received my blower, the unit was packaged in a bullet proof cage that was built really well, after reading the owners manual I set the unit up, we had just gotten 4 inches of fresh snow so I was eager to see the unit work, let me tell you I was not disappointed this baby works better than I expected, 2 swipes one up and one down and it was over , in the past it would of been 3 hours with the snowblower cold and wet, thank you WoodMaxx for a nice product and a really excellent sales and customer service department ,thanks again, Dave Rolandini Fletcher,Vermont

  64. Anonymous

    I received my SB-72″ PTO Snow Blower in perfect conndition due to steel crate! Easy to set up to tractor, have old 1957 JD 420. Used it on first snow the other day 4 inch dry and fluffy on blacktop drive worked great, Anxious to see how a deep or heavy wet snow will work? This blower was less costly and better built than all I checked out!It will make winter less treacherous,Thank-You WoodMaxx

  65. Randy Kuiper

    Finally have had the chance to use my new blower a couple times! I’ll start off with shipping, I was impressed with the crating right off, very nicely done! Even had a little angle iron left over for future projects.My first impression of the blower itself was how heavily constructed it is! Its hard to tell the differences between the brands by just kicking tires so to speak, so by getting to know it up close and personal during setup I could easily tell I made the right choice! As far as setup goes, with a few standard tools and a couple hours of work I had it all together and mounted on my tractor. The only snow I’ve had so far was just under a foot of fluffy lake effect snow but it eats right through it! I don’t have hydro-static drive on my tractor so was concerned about too much clutch play to go slow enough, turns out that should be no concern even when the snow gets deeper and heavier….. would DEFINITELY recommend this product to someone else!

  66. Martin Carney

    Everything about ordering the SB72 from WoodMaxx was great! Ron in sales was very easy and friendly to deal with, and any follow up emails were answered immediately. Shipping dates were even better than promised, and my unit arrived packed in a steel crate with zero damage. This thing is heavy and obviously made with no short-cuts, the set up directions were very easy and thorough. I have looked at many different brands, the fit and finish of this machine is very nice. It runs and throws snow beautifully behind my Kubota 3240 Cab tractor (I got the hydraulic chute rotator). I also ordered another snowthrower at the same time for a buddy (SB60) and he loves his too.

  67. Daniel Condon

    Arrived in good shape, was easy to assemble, had to bolt on discharge chute and install electric rotator and deflector.
    Both which were relatively simple to install. Have already us d it once and it worked extremely well. I have been using PTO driven snowblowers for years and quite frankly this unit looks very well built and durable.

  68. David Lauber

    Easy assembly and hook up for this heavy duty piece of gear. New equipment for a price others were asking for used stuff locallly. Bring on the snow…

  69. Matthew Steffen

    In Oct 16 i moved my business from Montana to NC Wisconsin. I sold my old Allied blower in Montana before leaving. This SB-72 is on the same tractor, An LS XR3037C. With lack of snow in Northern Wisconsin & many freeze thaw cycles i only had the chance to use it a few times but all i can say is WOW!

    I got a call from a potential new client because his plow guy didn’t plow wide enough & his driveway was closing in. I had my apprehensions as it was packed & hard but wow did this thing chew through it! 2 foot deep plow berm 1/4 mile long gone in no time, thrown 40-50′ into the woods! The notched auger did the trick. My old allied would have never done the job & as a bonus with the 4 blade impeller i was able to run a gear faster without pulling the engine down! The poly lined chute never clogged up even in wet snow. The Hydraulic chute and spout are great with a cab tractor! All in all this is a PROFESSIONAL grade piece of equipment for a VERY affordable price!


    I purchased the 72 last year to go on a Kubota MX5200. The delayed review is due to no snow last year, I attribute that the new tractor and snowblower

    We are from upstate NY, the tug hill region, when the snow flies it is serious. Our area received 5′ of snow in 1.5 days. The now was very dry and the compaction was serious, plowing it would not work.

    The SB-72 was up to the challenge. One of my friends snow blowers broke so I went to help dig them out. Keep in mind they didn’t do any maintenance to the drive during the storm so I had 5+ feet to contend.

    Adjusting it to not scalp gravel or grass takes some getting used to but I’d rathe leave 1/2 of snow than scalp. It is critical to clean it out post use if you store in an unheated barn or garage, a small amount of ice in the fan will break a shear pin. I added 2 LED light pods to the corners and it works great. For small snow, less than 4″ I use an 8′ snow pusher blade on the loader and blow back the banks when done.


    I have a cabin in the U.P. of MI. My driveway is 1/2 mile long. This blower keeps it open with no problem. It is built better than more expensive brands. Very impressed with this blower after 2 seasons.

  72. michael

    I was impressed with the fabrication of this snow blower, better than the John Deere my dad purchased some years ago. I’m using it on a New Holland TC40 DA, handled 14″ snow very well. I was going to attach a hydraulic motor to rotor, no need ,turns very easily. Nice machine.

  73. Anonymous

    Last winter the SB72 worked very well although we did not get very large storms. I noticed our stone driveway got scooped up a little casting small rocks into the woods. This summer I flipped the cutting edge over so the sloped edge would ride on the stones rather than cut into them. This worked well. We have received record amounts of snow and the blower gobbles up 4′ drifts without an issue. My 30hp JD could use more power at times but overall it does just fine. I’m super happy with the Wood Maxx SB72.

  74. G. Woodzell

    I?ve assembled my WoodMax snowblower, and put it to use once so far (in our mild winter). From the moment I unpackaged the machine, I’ve been impressed by its excellent design and fine workmanship. As I worked on the machine, I kept noticing features that spoke of thorough, careful thinking, and I wondered again and again why other machines aren?t made to the same level of excellence.

    Congratulations on your outstanding product. At the moment I have no need of other equipment, but when the need arises, rest assured that I?ll be back.

    Best wishes for a successful New Year, and thanks for a fine example of engineering and workmanship.

  75. steve langley

    I have owned a lot of large and small equipment over the years. This is a very well built piece that exceeded my expectations. The fit and finish and attention to detail is excellent. Functions unbelievably. Runs very smooth and throws snow with ease. EXCELLENT VALUE.

  76. Jason Loveland

    I just received my SB-72 snowblower and it is amazingly well built, everything is very heavy gauge steel and very sturdy looking. I can’t wait until we get snow to try it out.
    I looked at a lot of different snowblowers and nothing compared to the quality of this one . The price was amazing also! Not to mention the angle iron shipping crate. Wow !!!! Don’t bother looking anywhere else just order it!!!!

  77. Dennis

    Just to let you know, the snowblower arrived (a few months ago now)… in A-1 condition. The driver from R-L was a super guy – very pleasant and helpful with the lift gate and pallet-jack. I was quite surprised at the angle iron “packaging”, very secure! With the mixture of metric and “standard” nuts and bolts assembly was a bit more time consuming than anticipated. However, all went together well, and obviously a very sturdy, well-built unit. My biggest issue was getting the top link on the 3-point hitch adjusted correctly – I either had the unit riding up over the packed snow or digging down too hard against the pavement. Finally got it right, though. As demonstrated in your videos, it does chew through the piles of frozen compacted stuff we had pushed up from the (last) storm (27 inches here). I should have done this years ago……

  78. James

    I purchased the SB-72 snowblower (in the fall). The purchasing process was smooth and the communication was great. The unit arrived very well crated and after a little assembly I was up and running. The steel is heavy gauge and and all around sturdy construction. The snowblower works great on my new 35hp TYM utility tractor. My only complaint is that all the snow skipped over the Midwest and hit the East this season. I was able to use it just enough to be confident the investment will pay off over years to come.

  79. John M.

    Sending a note about the SB-72 snow blower I bought from WoodMaxx. This is a well built piece of equipment. From order to delivery your whole crew was great. Thanks for selling a good product at a good price.

  80. Ron B.

    This is pertaining to my purchase of the SB-72 snow blower. After searching every make on the internet, I decided on the WoodMaxx SB-72. The features I was looking for were a replacable cutting edge and skid shoes on the back instead of the side. I use a hyd. top link cylinder which allows me to tip the blower back to scrap down to the asphalt, or forward riding on skid shoes lifting the cutting blade when on gravel or grass. I was impressed with how simple it was to assemble, and the quality of construction was the best that have seen on other blowers. I must say this blower is all or more than I expected. Thank you for an excellent product.

  81. Andy M.

    After years of pushing snow with a loader, and dragging it using a York rake, we decided to take the plunge and get a big snow blower. Looked around for used ? far away and old. Looked at new locally, and they seemed expensive and didn?t seem to operate well (chute rotation was awkward at best, some wouldn?t even move ? these are NEW!). Found WoodMaxx before and looked at all of the information. Price was much less than local dealers, and other reviews said it was well made, so with free shipping, I took the plunge. I ordered the 72? w/electric controls, and it all showed up in an angle iron ?crate? neatly packed and intact. Heavy ? driver said it was around 800lbs. Assembly was straight forward, with standard tools. Snow came about a week later, about 30?, so it was time for the first test. It handled that large amount of snow with no trouble! We had to use it often during the month of Feb (2015) and it just cleared the snow, even thru the very wet stuff. It cut down my clean up from 4+ hrs to about an hour. I even did the neighbor?s driveway after it having not been done for the entire winter ? just blew right thru it. I would recommend this blower to anyone asking.

  82. Craig W.

    Machine is very heavy duty & got a big workout this (past) winter. I broke two shear bolts due to my own stupidity but they were easy to replace. Maintenance (greasing, cleaning, and oiling) is very simple & easy to service. Directions say you should use 5/16″ shear bolts — too small as I used 3/8″ and it was better but not too rigid. Far tougher than Kubota, Land Pride and JohnDeere. With the chute adjusted properly and using plenty of rpm’s I can work 20″ of snow & can blow snow from hell to breakfast. I certainly made the right decision. Many thanks.

  83. J. Koenig

    Just wanted to thank the WoodMaxx team for my recent purchase of the WoodMaxx SB-72″ snowblower. Love the snow blower since I bought it!!! Great product Great price! Also customer service was friendly and very informative. Thanks again WoodMaxx!!


    I first became interested in my WoodMaxx snowblower when I discovered it on the WoodMaxx web site. I did a lot of comparative research with other snowblower products and found the WoodMaxx an excellent choice when evaluating the materials used for construction and it’s very competitive pricing. I also called the company with many questions and got prompt and Helpful responses. Now that I own and have used my snowblower I can see that it works very well and exhibits high quality fabrication. There is not a more competitive quality/cost package out there.

  85. William Halleck

    Hi, I just wanted to let the nice folks at WoodMaxx know how well the equipment is working for us. We had over 6 feet of snow this past winter and the SB72 proved to be perfectly suited to the task. I was even able to clear a lane to the wood pile through accumulated snow falls of about 30 inches.Very heavy and icy with a high water content.

  86. Chad Gallmeier

    After looking at several different snow blowers, I bought this machine in the fall of 2014. When I received it on time, I was VERY impressed with its’ quality. The snow blower was easy to put together and install. It works as it should. Thanks for selling a quality machine at a fair price!


    I went with the WoodMaxx snow blower (SB-72) over other brands because the of the lower price yet apparent better quality as the Woodmax weighs 300 lbs more than similar sized models. I was not disappointed when it arrived and found it to be very sturdy and well-constructed. I’m sure it will last a lifetime.

  88. Michael Phillips

    I ordered a blower in January and received it right in the middle of a non stop snow storm that went all during the month of February.. I am very glad that it was shipped in a metal frame since the frame work had some damage but the blower was perfect.. We were impressed that we could blow the really deep stuff and not leave a monster berm.. It is scary cutting the drive line and I measured about 6 times but the instructions showed what they were talking about.. I will say that my next purchase will be the hydraulic controls for the chute.. The manual system is a difficult at best to me.. I was surprised at how it was not that hard going backwards.. I would say the semi wet snow we got was still thrown 20 feet or more and I have now installed a wiper system on the cab due to blowing snow making visibility hard.. Not an issue if the wind is calm..

  89. Todd Montgomery

    I just wanted to say Thanks to the WoodMaxx team for making my buying experience an absolute pleasure. From the exceptional customer service and knowledge of the product was amazing. I used my 72 inch snow blower all winter and we had plenty of snow here in Minnesota. Our driveway is approximately 250 yards long and it the snow blower made keeping it clean a breeze. The snow blower was easy to set up and mount on my tractor. Thanks again for a wonderful product WoodMaxx.

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