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WoodMaxx SB-60




Will ship next day. An automatic discount is applied at checkout when an electric/hydraulic kit is purchased with a PTO Snow Blower. Will ship out within 5-7 business days.


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  • Premium PTO Shaft 32" Length

Product Details

WoodMaxx SB-60 (60″) PTO SNOW BLOWER


  • Mechanical, 12 Volt Electric, or Hydraulic Chute Rotation Options Available
  • Marine-Grade Stainless Steel Hardware
  • High Intensity LED Flood Light Option
  • High Density Polyethylene Discharge Chute Liner
  • Snow Shovel Included
  • Premium 32” Shear Bolt Protected PTO Shaft Included
  • Quick Hitch Compatible
  • 2 Year Parts Warranty


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62 reviews for WoodMaxx SB-60

  1. Gordon

    I have had my SB-60 for about 8 years, clearing my 1/3 mile long gravel lane with it every winter. It has been a fantastic purchase, one that I would make again today if necessary.

  2. Eric Olsen

    The SB60 is a rugged, well built machine that is working fine after 4 hours. The operator manual is complete and is well detailed except for the discharge chute install; had to remove the bearing plates (page 12) instead of just sliding them back. Also the 12 volt chute rotator motor gear did not mesh properly with the gear wheel on the chute. Had to shim between the motor and its mounting plate to ensure full contact between both gears. From a business perspective it’s unfortunate the owner has elected to support the Chinese Communist Party by having the blower made in China.

  3. Greg Hume

    I bought the SB60 from my good friend whom I work with, he was blowing gravel all over his grass. With his discouragement he sold it to me, and Happy days are here! This machine is heavy built and quiet. But you find out how well built when you back into a huge snow bank, and the growling starts and slow application of the foot peddle begins the snow flying. I first mounted the SB60 to my JD855 and it barely lifted it. Few years later purchased a Yanmar 235 nothing stops this snowblower, nothing. Last year upstate NY got 36” of snow, so much so my plow truck was pushing at an angle. So mounted up the blower and had to blow out the remaining road of 1400 feet it was slow going but it did a fantastic job I am so happy Scott sold this machine to me. Oh, and do yourselves a favor and purchase the electric chute rotator and electric deflector you will be elated in the middle of a storm reaching for the crank handle.

  4. Dennis

    WOW!!! What a well engineered then constructed piece of machinery. It works better than advertised. Installed on a L3200 Kubota tractor with 25HP at the PTO. I have to run in low range but the snow blower can take anything you put in it’s way. I’ve told my friends that taking care of my driveway will not take so long, I can actually wear Bermuda shorts, t-shirt and flip flops. I’m out there so little, I’m back in before I can get cold!!!!

    This thing was worth every penny!

  5. Christine

    I have the sb-60 I have used it twice on 2 new snowfalls so far , and goes threw snow drifts with no problems , I have it installed on a Branson 2515h , and has plenary of horsepower to run the snow blower ,and the set up was easy and comes with a great instructional manual , happy with my purchase , no issues so far.

  6. david

    Absolutely LOVE this snowblower. just used it for the first time this year (third winter with it) and it was so nice to just get the job done so easily. It is so beefy, never clogs, shoots snow so far that I can choose any direction on wide driveway. Only possible complaint is that it shoots out a fine mist from the shoot that covers me with wet crystals that melt when they hit me. Other than that, I can’t imagine a better blower.

  7. Sean

    If the blower is half as nice as the crate it was shipped in, then this is going to be a great winter. Just received it and so far very impressed

  8. Brookside Farm

    We just completed our second season with the SB-60 behind our Kubota BX-2230, and this thing remains an absolute beast at moving snow. We opted for the electric shute rotation and deflector and we have not disappointed- flick of the switch puts the snow right where we want it. This whole thing is heavy-duty. How heavy duty? We picked up and threw a 4″ rock 40′ and didn’t even dent it. I’d love to say I’d buy another one, but the truth is… This thing will probably outlive me.

    Bottom line… Awesome piece of gear and worth every single penny. The customer service from sale to delivery was flawless and painless.

  9. Anonymous

    Very heavy duty. I have not had a lot of snow to really test it, but very happy so far.

  10. Karl B.

    I wish I had this delivered before we had 46″ of snow in a December 2020 blizzard because I know it would have shined! When comparing the Woodmaxx SB60 to the OEM Kubota PTO snowblower, this one wins hands down! The construction is top notch and metal thickness will make for a strong long-lasting implement, and it cost about $1K less. Setup is key and I’ve found that gravel driveways will need to have the replaceable cutting edge flipped and then adjust the top link to the desired cut depth. After that, this thing will eat slush to fine snow for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Great sales support, it arrived in less than a week in great condition and no-hassle delivery with the lift gate. Thanks for making this great product!

  11. Steve Peter

    I bought my SB60 snowthrower last year and it works great. Well built piece of equipment. I had an issue with the driveline this winter but believe it was self imposed due to lack of grease. Hard to find a company these days that stands behind their product like WoodMaxx does. Kudos to a fine company!

  12. Don W.

    Wow! Weatherman said on Dec 16th, 3-6 inches of snow and we got 36 inches of snow! A real nor’easter in Upstate NY. I had just bought the SB-60 snow blower, fixed it to my Kubota b-3000 and it throws snow 30 feet from the driveway! The wing plow didn’t get me this time. Love this product, love the service, and the advice you give. Next is the sawmill!

  13. Steve

    Only one time out and still have some adjusting to do but works awesome. I have a gravel driveway 1/3 of mile long but it knock it out in relatively short order. Look forward to snow now!

  14. F Wills

    Bought this blower to put on my son’s Kubota B2601 tractor. He has a FEL on it and needs that even in the winter for the horses, so a front blower would not do. But with a 1/3 mile driveway he needed a workhorse blower to get the job done.

    I want to tell you, This is a very substantial unit. It is heavy and stout! I bought the heavier duty PTO shaft, and are happy to have the best driveline. We did need to cut it down by 3″ (1 1/2″ on each end) to fit on his little tractor. Other than that it mounted right up to his 3 point hitch and we were blowin’ Snow.

    I uploaded a video of the first use here:

  15. Stu Olson

    Cutting a 60″ wide path with the blower is no problem for my MF 1529 tractor. WoodMaxx recommends a PTO horsepower range of 18-30 HP. TractorData rates my PTO HP at 23 HP and it has no problem handling the snow I’ve used it on so far. Even when I back it into one of the snowbanks I piled up with the front end loader ealier this winter, it easily chews right into the snow…..and we all know how hard that snow can get.

    This is my first season with it so my experience is based on that. That being said, the SB-60 has met and/or exceeded my expectations. I look forward to using it the rest of this winter and for many more to come. If you are in the market for a blower, give the WoodMaxx blowers some serious considerations….you won’t be disappointed.

    If you want to read more indepth review, complete with photos and a short video, you can find it on my website at:

  16. Cabin Guy

    This is a very well built unit and the steel shipping crate was well thought out and did its job getting the blower to my house in great shape.

    I am using it to keep our 1.25 mile entrance open to our cabin. Backing up that distance is not ideal, but should only need to be done a few times a winter to maintain the road width after plowing. The unit had no issue throwing plowed snowbanks of wet snow 50′. Occasionally, it was forced to toss softball sized rocks and did so without any issue. The second stage fins are well built with at least 1/4″ steel. The outboard portion of the inside of the chute is also lined with heavy plastic, which will definitely save on damage over time as well as maintain a low friction surface for discharge.

    Being on the back of the tractor, the unit is very easy to maneuver, and I can tell already it will also be used to efficiently remove snow around the cabin as well. I believe the unit is fairly priced, and I regret not doing this sooner.

  17. Lucas

    Just received the unit this afternoon and I must say, it was very well packaged for shipping! Shipping was quick and easy.

    The blower is very well built. Very pleased with it.

  18. Thomas K

    The blower was shipped in a safe/secure metal frame. The shipping was painless, and it arrived in perfect condition. Assembly was a breeze. The blower works great, and I am impressed enough that I will continue to buy equipment from WoodMaxx in the future. (looking forward to getting the 58″ tiller!). The experience was great, I give Woodmaxx an A+

  19. Chad Viergutz

    I was finally able to go play yesterday, and oh my gosh. Smile from ear to ear. A great experience from start to finish. It arrived packed well. Set up was very easy with the nice instructions. Built better than I could have expected. Heavy steel, good welds, and nice paint. It just looks and feels like it will chew up some snow.

    It didn’t disappoint either. Put it into a pile of 2 week old hard pack snow with zero problem. This blower will make quick work of what used to take quite a while with the walk behind.

    I gave it 5 stars and I stand by that judgment. Though if I had anything negative to say, it be that I would like to have seen it come with a simple stand to make hook up easier on uneven surface. With that said I would recommend this company to anyone and will be reaching out to them when it’s time to buy my wood chipper.

  20. Derek Norkoli

    I received my snowblower last week. Assembly of the chute was very easy and the owners manual had clear instructions for everything. This snow blower is the most heavy duty one I have seen. The design of everything is well thought out. Got to try it out for the first time this weekend and this snowblower will go through anything. 20 inches of heavy snow was no problem for this blower. Very pleased!!

  21. Andrew R MCKenna

    Here in southern Maine, we get an awful lot of heavy wet snow. My new sb60 passed its initial test with flying colors. We had about 11.5″ of heavy stuff, and it tore right through it. Delivery and setup was easy. I think if we got a dump of powder, I could run through it in high gear. I am very pleased.

  22. Jim Boelter

    Just received my blower yesterday. It was packed very well, so there was no damage whatsoever. I couldn’t believe how heavy duty this thing is!! Looks like it will last for a long time. Kind of hard to put together by yourself because of the weight of the parts, but that also means quality!!! Can’t wait to try it out!!

  23. Gregory Richards

    We still haven’t received enough snow to utilize the snowblower here in Idaho but I’m quite impressed with the build of the snowblower. I’ll be editing the review after use. Definitely heavy duty and easily put together.

  24. Robert Seward

    Received my new SB-60 with no issues. Shipping was timely and delivery driver was very helpful unloading the unit. Solid construction on both the steel shipping crate and the blower! Assemble was quick and easy, just need to work with the hydraulics a bit to get them fine tuned. Now I just need some snow!

  25. david jezak

    I just received my 60 in snow blower and I am already impressed with the product. The shipping crate is over the top quality. I can’t wait to assemble and try the new snow blower.

    Follow up after assembly:
    All I can say is “this thing is a BEAST”. The construction exceeded my expectations. The steel, the extra features like the vinyl lined chute, the size of the chain, the gearbox. I had a 60 in PTO snow blower from another manufacturer before and this is light years ahead of that one. every single aspect of it is solid and precise. I fired it up and ran it at 540 PTO and it was like a leaf blower, WOW. Now all I need is snow.

  26. Rock’n K bar C Ranch

    Your people in your R & D team did their home work on this snowblower. Set up and installation quick about 2 1/2 hours for the blower and electric discharge chute. I have had and older 25 year old 60 inch snowblower that I have rebuilt 3 times that had to keep the ranch and feed line open every time it snowed and that is about 1/3 of an acre every time it snows. With the over 6 feet of snow this year so far the snow has stacked up to about 10 foot tall. My old blower was just able to put more son on the side of the snow banks. This new SB 60 is throwing the snow over the top. It is so smooth when it is running I have stopped a few times so see if every thing is still running. No vibrations or harmonics at 540 PTO speed (that is about 2400 tractor rpm). This new SB 60 works so well I am able to run the tractor at 2000 rpm and the results are less fuel used and a better job done. I would like to thank the WoodMaxx crew for the excellent customer service, and a product well made.

  27. Scott F

    I recently purchased a SB-60 Snowblower. I ordered the snowblower on Wednesday and it was delivered to my shop in Iowa the following Monday afternoon. I have three ATVs with snow blades to push snow on my acreage, but with the weather this winter in Iowa the ATVs just weren?t cutting it. From the first time I used the snowblower, and every day for pretty much two weeks there after, I have enjoyed watching the snow fly. The prompt shipping and delivery saved me from hours of digging out my driveway. The SB-60 is a well built machine which I have come to expect from Woodmaxx. I highly recommend and will most likely purchase from again any product manufactured by Woodmaxx.

  28. Ron

    I purchased this snow blower for my Kioti tractor and l used it four times so far this winter. My driveway is a 1/4 mile long and gravel. The unit is an enormous time saver and moves a lot of snow. It is impressive to watch. The snow blower appears to be designed/built solid and so far l am very pleased with its performance. The only complaints l have are some cosmetic issues (paint/corrosion from shipping across the ocean), which l addressed with the service manager already. Hopefully they get this corrected for new buyers. Woodmaxx is pleasant, helpful and professional to work with. All my questions have been answered quickly. I will consider them for subsequent implements.

  29. Michael Chrastina

    The SB-60 was purchased in 2015. Since that time the winters have had progressively more snow, it seems, and the unit has performed excellently. It is solidly constructed, well balanced and a pleasure to operate even with the manual chute controls. Thank you to the men and women at WoodMaxx and the former military members for a great product and their service to this country.

  30. Joe BML

    Good Morning,
    I never write reviews until I’ve used the equipment for awhile and it’s been 2 years since I purchased the SB 60 snow blower.
    WOW !! What a piece of equipment. There is nothing that this blower can’t handle.
    Quality is outstanding and the people were the most friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. If you’re looking for a work horse and a very dependable machine, buy from them! Two years and 200 hrs on it and not one complaint!! If you’ re a veteran you’ll get the discount.
    Great people and products!!!

  31. Thomas Hadley

    WOW , Can’t believe the high quality of this product. Well constructed heavy duty machine. And the shipping container was also above and beyond anything I have ever seen used. Fine job gentlemen. I will certainly highly recommend your products to everyone I can.

  32. Bryon Sherwood

    Received the snowblower and was able to unload it with the loader on our L3200 Kubota. Took it into the garage to unpack it. I took about a day to unpack and assemble it. Everything was just as described in the manual that I downloaded online. After a few days I got a chance to try it out. I was very pleased with how well it performed. We received 18 inches of snow one night and the tractor and snowblower cut through it like butter!

  33. Anonymous

    I purchased this unit in December and have been waiting for snow to give it a workout. The latest snow storm dropped about 18″ and the unit powered thru the snow without an issue and made short work out of 200′ of driveway and at least that much in paths and other areas around my house.

    I am glad I opted for the electric controls because it made directing the snow from left-right and up-down simple and easy. Given the amount of wind and my need to keep direction snow away from object this upgrade made my life so much easier.

    I was very happy after my first use. I’m not hoping for more snow, but if it comes I know I’ll be able to clear it out and fast.

  34. Jeffrey S

    I waited two months for the orange SB-60 to ship as it was on back order. Boy was it worth the wait. This snow blower is a beast. Very well built and built to last. Comes very well packed in a steel crate and easy to uncrate. The support team is very helpful. Well worth the money spent. Thank you WoodMaxx Team.

  35. John Schaible Jr

    The SB-60 snowblower was not in stock when I ordered. It took 3 weeks to get in stock and another 2 weeks before I took delivery. When it was delivered, I was amazed how heavy the unit was. This machine is well built and it looks like it will last a life time. The steel is heavy and welds look great. I purchased it with the manual chute adjustment and that is my only concern. It seems to hang up a little at the universal joint on it. I may have to adjust it or use it a few times to get used to it. I haven’t had any snow since I mounted it on the tractor so my wife thinks we bought an anti-snow insurance policy. I will comment again when we get some snow in Upstate NY.

  36. Larry johnson

    assembly was straightforward.seems heavy duty. waiting for the first snowfall. happy so far.

  37. Elliott Arnott JR

    I was able to use this for the first time. This blower is a beast! Really happy with the performance and quality of this unit. Everything on it is heavy duty. It was a pleasure doing business with Woodmaxx. I would definitely do business with them again.

  38. Anonymous

    Just picked this blower up and never knew it was this heavy duty ! Its a beast the size of the drive chain ! And thickness of the whole unit ! Its massive ….cant wait ! I am in lower to mid. Mi. In the snow belt ! My buddys cant believe how well the construction it ! Thanks woodmaxx for a gr8 sno blower !

  39. CJ Daigle

    I have been using this for several months now. Snow blower with a tractor that has 18.7hp on the PTO works very well even with 18 inches of heavy wet snow. Easy to clean, maintain and setup. instructions for cutting PTO shaft to length are very good. My future wish list is a cutoff or stop for the chute motor so that you don’t rip out the actuator for the deflector wire. A better way to hang the deflector wire off the chute because sometimes the wire and spring get caught in the chute gear or hung up on the purchased LED light. Friendly staff and Veteran supportice,,,,5 star from me. Would order from WoodMaxx again and recommend them.

  40. Maxwell

    I got the SB 60 blower for my Deere 1025r. The tractor has plenty power to cut full width and height passes, but the blower is almost too heavy for it. I had to remove the quick hitch just so it would lift it. I would’ve given this 5 stars, but the skid shoes could use some work in order to make it work better over gravel. I ended up welding a longer plate on the bottom of the skid shoe to make it ski over the ground instead of dig in.

    WoodMaxx response- For stone driveways to reduce gouging we recommend to turn the cutting edge over so that the tapper is on the bottom.


    Hello fellas.

    I have the SB60 unit, Have had it for a few years now, Awesome implement. Its handled all that has been put through it.

    Thanks fellas enjoy John

  42. Bernard schwartz

    Snowblower just delivered very pleased with quality of blower HEAVY DUTY.Can’t wait for the snow to try out Hopefully I can post a review after I get to use it…People at woodmaxx great to deal with.People don’t be afraid to buy it you will be pleased

  43. Anonymous

    Ron at Woodmax was great to deal with, shipping date and delivery was even better that scheduled. Blower was in excellent condition, just waiting for the next storm to try it out! I’ve had other blowers, this one is heavier than most (good thing). Will send in another review after using.

  44. Stanford Westover

    From the online chat, to phone conversations, to delivery as promised, to quality and build of equipment, I am extremely pleased with everything about Woodmaxx. The gentleman I spoke to even took the time to make sure the SB-60 PTO blower I wanted was correct for my Kubota B2650 rather than just taking my credit card info and shipping something.
    I have had PTO blowers in the past, but none with the quality and overbuild of this product – I’m impressed
    If you’re looking for a PTO blower, look no further.
    Thanks Woodmaxx!

  45. Kirk

    This snow blower exceeded my expectations for build quality. The thickness of the metal, beautiful welds and a nice paint finish combine to make a top notch product. The design features of a chain guard, smooth manual chute gearbox, replaceable cutting edge, and simple assembly add to my satisfaction. In operation it appears to be well balanced and runs quietly. It is mounted on my 26hp Cub diesel and easily chewed through a hardened snow pile. Thanks for the fast shipping, great customer service and excellent snow blower.

  46. William Bray

    I was nervous about making such a large purchase online without being able to see the product in person, but I literally could not be more pleased. I received it within two weeks of ordering, setup/assembly was a breeze. I’ve moved tons of snow over the last two weeks with this machine and it performs flawlessly. The construction is very heavy duty, welds look awesome, and the matching paint job really makes for a good looking rig. I guess the best argument I can make is that the next time I’m looking for an implement for my tractor, you can be sure Woodmaxx will be the first place I look. Thank you Woodmaxx!!!

  47. james anglewicz

    The SB-60 snowblower works like a charm on my 25 hp Kubota tractor in snowy upper Michigan. It is a quality product. Out side of a couple of assembly bumps,( import PTO shaft didn’t fit my tractor, some toying with the chute rotation) everything worked out very well. Shipping is great. The Service Department is awesome! I would recommend the U.S. made PTO shaft for fit and ease of use. I purchased this for the price point but I would buy from Woodmaxx again knowing they have excellent support for their products.

  48. Jason M.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the fast delivery. The way you shipped this thing blew my mind – it shows (that) you make a great product. This thing looks great and was so easy to put together – it’s heavy duty. I’m very impressed – worth every dime. Thank you again and I hope to be doing more business with you. Your staff was also friendly and helpful. The shipping company was also very helpful and courteous. If I was to rate the whole ordering, shipping and receiving of this it would be a 110%. Satisfied. Thanks again – now we just got to get some more snow!

  49. Kevin Kuebler

    I just got the opportunity to use my new sb60. This was a just in time purchase. My driveway in over a 1/4 mile long and clearing 25′ of snow would have been a night mare without the SB60. I have it hanging on the back of a Kubota B7800 with 22-HP PTO. It gobbled up the 25inch snow fall with no problem. I LOVE this blower. The construction is superior to others I have looked at. The power options are great for changing discharge directions and distance. I would recommend this blower to anyone.


    I am in NH and this past February (was) one of our snowiest with over 7 feet of snow in my neighborhood. I live by a lake and there are isolated homes down roads that are usually plowed with a truck…. well this year the snowbanks got so tall that the plow trucks could not keep them open (the banks kept falling in). Well this snowblower has made me the hero of the lake. Not only have I cleared all my snow and my daughters (about 600-700ft of road plus parking areas 70ft square) but I have come to the aid of my neighbors widening roads far longer, that were impassible even with a 4 wheel drive.The machine has lived up and exceeded all my expectations!! It is built like a tank!I am so happy that I purchased it! I looked around a bit before buying and feel I made the right choice!

    At the price it is a real value!


    i’m very impressed with the quality of the unit, it has handled everything i had to do with it and then some. 26ins of snow last week , it went thorugh it like a hot knife through butter. 5 star customer service, highly recommend woodmaxx for all your needs

  52. William Messersmith

    I received my SB60 in the Fall of 2014 and we have had 2 major snow storms here in Niles, MI with the last dumping 17″ of snow. I have a 25 HP Massey F diesel compact utility tractor and the SB60 easily chewed through the 17″ of snow. I am 65 years old and for the first time in my life I look forward to clearing snow. Great product!

  53. Robert Gates

    This will be the second year for my blower, it is attached to a TYM T293. Works very well had no trouble with last years heavy snow in Connecticut. My driveway is 1400′ of recycled asphalt and I never lost a shear pin. The only issue was the crank handle, I had to replace all the 6mm worm screws with 6mm Allen bolts. Looking forward to another winter!!!

  54. Henry Klepach

    I just want to say that I am very impressed with my snowblower! It is a very solidly built, quiet operating piece of machinery. It was easy to install taking me a couple of hours mainly because of my trepidation in cutting the PTO shaft. My biggest problem was finding a place on my fender to put the chute crank. I was super impressed with the packaging and shipping was fast, arriving here in boondocks Alberta in just over a week. And FREE to boot. What more can I say? I am very impressed!!!

  55. John

    I am very pleased with my Woodmaxx SB60.
    This winter beat out last winter as the 3rd snowiest winter on record here in northern MN with 130.2 inches and our first storm of the year was 24″ s. I have a long narrow driveway and after my first use I knew I made the right decision My JD 2520, 20 hp at pto cut right through it and even the wet spring storms had no problem blowing it.
    I bought the electric chute option and am very happy with that too, very high quality and should work for years, I recommend it if you don’t have rear hydraulics,
    I looked at many others before buying the Woodmaxx and the quality, price, and buying experience could not have been better. Every time I was done using it I just smiled and said “boy I am glad I bought that!”

  56. Jeff Manz

    The new WoodMaxx Snow Blower worked great on my 30hp Kubota! As you might know this was one of the hardest winters in Northern Michigan we have faced in years, with a recorded 180?+ of snow I was glad I had the Blower. No problem going through 2? of snow that would be on the ground and it eats into the existing packed snow banks with no problem.

  57. Scott Thomas

    We are very happy with our WoodMaxx Snowblower! This last winter was harsh and the snowblower performed perfectly and saved us a lot of time. I would recommend this to everyone, great product at a great price!

  58. David Lamy

    Without a doubt my WoodMaxx snowblower is one of the best investments I have made in a long time. Solid as a rock construction and easy to follow directions made it a pleasure to set up. After the toughest winter in Northern Michigan in years I still am very impressed. The unit is extremely well built and functioned perfectly all winter.

  59. James Ducharme

    This is a solid unit that works great in both wet and dry snow. Took approx. 1 hour to setup and mount to tractor. Electric option took approx. 10-15 minutes to wire up, tuck wires, and mount the control box. Easy-Peasy.

  60. Rob

    I looked at several blowers before I bought the WoodMaxx. The construction of the machine is heavy duty. It comes standard with many features that others have available as options. Very reasonably priced with free shipping. You won’t be disappointed.

  61. Dan

    Purchased the 60″ snow blower recently, came in a very sturdy metal crate, got it mounted and adjusted to the tractor in a couple hours and tried it out on some snow banks in the yard, very impressive. A couple weeks later we got a snow storm and got to clear the whole 1000′ driveway. I am very pleased with the purchase, enough to order the WM-8H chipper.

  62. Karl

    I recently purchased a woodmaxx 60 inch snowblower from your company. I am very pleased with the product. I rate the machine as excellent as far as quality goes. It is extremely rugged and with proper care should last a lifetime. Shipping was fast and the minimal assembly was easy. My driveway is 1400 ft long and this blower handles it effortlessly. Thanks for a great product.

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