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WoodMaxx SB-48



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Snow blowers are used in a sloppy, wet, and often times, harsh salt environment. Therefore, WoodMaxx SB-series snow blowers are now equipped with marine grade stainless steel hardware. Marine grade stainless steel hardware prevents corrosion and keeps your equipment looking good.


WoodMaxx SB-series snow blowers are equipped with a serrated auger. This feature allows the blower to quickly chop and pull frozen snow into the blower fan. Additionally, we have equipped the auger with a quick change shear bolt to protect the drive train if the auger was to experience a jam.


Designed in Buffalo New York (we know snow) the WoodMaxx SB and SS series snow blowers are the perfect combination of size, weight, and power. Offering features found nowhere else; these machines are built like a tank and made to last a lifetime. WoodMaxx SB-series snow blowers are manufactured using heavy formed Q-235 (American standard ASTM A-36) structural steel plate, the strongest hot rolled plate steel available. Forming allows for additional strength and rigidity. The pieces are CNC laser cut so that they fit together perfectly, and are then precisely welded. This fact combined with the structural design allows for one rugged snow removal machine.


New for 2015, we have available an optional high intensity (1140 lumen) LED work light to illuminate the work area. Exterior grade Die-Cast Aluminum Housing (Black), whose back also functions as a built-in ‘heat sink’ with 6 LED bulbs 18 total Watts (6 x 3W Diodes), polycarbonate lens, and stainless steel hardware. Designed to throw light in a 90 degree flood pattern, and positioned on the snow blower in just the right spot allows for a wide illumination angle. Only $125.00 when purchased with an SB-series snow blower. 10-30VDC (1.40A @ 12V, 0.73A @ 24V)


WoodMaxx SB-series tractor PTO snow blower comes in various widths to suite your tractor. Choose from the SB-48 (48″) SB-60 (59″) SB-72 (72″) and the (SB-84 84″) widths. When choosing a snow blower for your tractor it is a general practice to choose one that has a cutting width that is at least as wide as the distance from outside to outside of the rear tires of your tractor.


The cutting height of the SB series snow blowers range from SB-48 (25″) SB-60 (26″) SB-72 (27″) and the SB-84 (27″) high cutting capacity to match the width, auger and fan dimensions for the machine.


Offering a bolt on replaceable cutting edge as standard equipment allows for the use of hardened steel and easy replacement when the time comes. Simply unbolt the worn cutting edge and replace it easily. Some competing blowers use soft common steel cutting edges that are welded in place. Also the design of the cutting edge is such that the blade rides flat on the ground so that it acts as a skid shoe. This design prolongs the life of the cutting edge and the skid shoes. Additionally the cutting edge is capable of scraping snow clean down to the pavement, but is also more forgiving on stone driveways than angled cutting edge designs. Additionally, this design allows for snow blowing stone driveways, by simply turning the cutting edge over to reverse the beveled edge which will reduce gouging.


Standard equipment includes bolt-on and replaceable skid shoes. Because of the design of the cutting edge, these skid shoes take little wear, but are easily replaced when the time comes.


WoodMaxx SB series snow blowers offer various auger diameters to match the various size models. The SB-48 and SB-60 utilize a 15-1/2″ auger to feed snow into the fan, while the SB-72 and SB-84 use a larger 17-1/2″ auger.


The thickness of the auger blades is something to consider when choosing a snow blower. That is why we use heavy gauge 3/16″ (4.8mm) AR400 – equivalent tempered alloy steel to prevent damage to the auger blades when backing into those frozen snow piles.


The main auger is built around and supported by a tube; that is why we use heavy wall 2-7/8″ (70mm) tube as the base of our auger design. This large diameter ensures that the auger continues to run true without deforming.


SB-series snow blowers utilize a 4-blade open center cupped fan design. After countless hours of research and development in upstate NY the fan design of the WoodMaxx SB and SS snow blowers are extremely productive at scooping and discharging snow. The open center fan design allows snow to be easily pushed into the fan by the auger where it is then thrown to the outside of the housing by the 4 evenly spaced fan blades. These cup shaped blades efficiently force the snow outward to evacuate the housing.


The diameter of the fan is directly related to the fan blade tip speed and the distance at which the fan can throw snow. The fan diameter of the WoodMaxx SB-series snow blowers is sized according to the width and capability of the snow blower along with the compatible tractors. Larger HP tractors can handle larger fans. Accordingly the fans offered are SB-48 (20″ fan with 2,827 ft./min blade tip speed) SB-60 (22″ fan with 3,110 ft./min. blade tip speed) SB-72 (24″ fan with 3,393 ft./min) and the SB-84 (24″ fan with 3,393 ft./min) blade tip speed.


Fan depth on all three size SS snow blowers is 6.75″ deep to allow for heavy snow removal without plugging.


Because inevitably chunks of ice may pass through the fan, it is important to use heavy steel in the construction to prevent damage. Therefore the steel used for the production of the fan is 5/16″(8mm) These fans are heavy duty and act as a flywheel to keep going through heavy snow. The weight of the fan alone is SB-48 (55lbs.) SB-60 (63 lbs.) SB-72 (74 lbs.) and SB-84 (74 lbs). All WoodMaxx SB-series fan are dynamically balanced to ensure smooth running without vibration while prolonging bearing life.


The heart of the WoodMaxx SB-series snow blowers is the oil bath gear box. Built for heavy use, the sealed cast iron gear box houses precisely machined gears that are bathed in oil during use for long life.


Power is transmitted from the gear box to the auger through a shaft and heavy #60 chain and sprocket design, which incorporates an easy to adjust chain tensioning mechanism. This solid state design ensures proper auger to fan speed ratio, increases torque and is easy to maintain.


SB-series snow blowers will mount to any Category 1 or 2 three point hitch attachment, and is category 1 quick hitch ready. ***If a Quick Hitch is going to be utilized, please select the Standard PTO Shaft as the Premium PTO shaft will not be long enough.


WoodMaxx SB-series snow blowers utilize a high-density polyethylene chute liner to keep the snow moving and prevent snow from freezing on and plugging the discharge chute. This liner also provides a very slick surface for the snow to deflect off of, ultimately increasing the speed and distance at which snow is thrown out of the chute.


9″ of clear opening allows the snow to clearly and freely exit the fan housing. This keeps the snow moving to prevent freeze up and plugging.


Like every aspect of the WoodMaxx SS-series the discharge chute is no exception. The steel is heavy gauge 1/8″ (3mm) thick steel and formed to an arch that was specifically designed to throw snow as far as possible.


The WoodMaxx SB-series tractor snow blower comes standard with a unique mechanical crank positive gear and pinion crank design. Unlike worm gear designs common on competing machines that slip and require many, many cranks of the handle to rotate 180 degrees, the WoodMaxx design requires only 3 cranks of the handle to rotate the chute 180 degrees. Supported by 4 roller bearings, the chute rotates easily without slipping. The crank also mounts to the ROPS of your tractor to reduce the backward reach required to access the crank. As an upgrade we also offer a 12 volt electric chute rotation/ deflection option that comes complete with wiring harness and controls. Or if your tractor is equipped with hydraulic remotes, we offer a hydraulic chute rotation/ deflector option as well.
Either the electric or hydraulic options can be purchased and added on at a later date. (Please note that when you purchase either the electric or hydraulic chute rotation/ deflection options, then the mechanical crank system will not be included with your order). This part can be ordered separately for an additional charge.


A shear bolt torque limited PTO shaft is included with the purchase of any WoodMaxx SB-series snow blower. Shear bolts are replaceable with a 5/16″x 2-1/4″ grade 5 bolt that is easily accessible at any hardware store. For an additional $135 upgrade charge, we offer the option of a very high quality Premium PTO shaft. The Premium shaft retails for $250 if purchased separately from the machine.

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16 reviews for WoodMaxx SB-48

  1. Paul

    A few reasons for choosing Woodmaxx over others. One, the availability of electric chute rotation and deflector, two, overall built heavy duty, three, bolt on cutting edge instead of welded, four, adjustable skid shoes. I have it assembled and my first impressions are that it’s built very heavy duty and built to last. Now I’m waiting for snow!

  2. Kevin Roomsburg

    After last winter I started researching snow blowers for my 23HP tractor. After comparing the different blowers available I felt the Woodmaxx was the heaviest duty. The SB60 was pushing the limits of my PTO HP so they recommended the SB48. It has done everything I have asked of it. After using it once I decided the electric chute kit was a good idea. Woodmaxx gave me a deal on the kit due to I had just purchased the blower. The motor with the kit had issues. One call and I had a new motor in 4-5 days. Woodmaxx is a great company to deal with and would not hesitate to make future purchases from them.

  3. kenneth bates

    The blower was delivered on time, all parts included. Very well made, easy to install, great instructions. Worked great on 6″ of wet snow, moved it all easily with my sub compact tractor. I am happy with my purchase. I would buy another one of there products.

  4. Josh M

    After a rough couple weeks dealing with the delivery company. I finally got my blower, had it put together in about an hour (with a very detailed color manual) and I was on my way. I had about 3 in of hard pack snow on my paved driveway from the last snowstorm and another 3 inches of fluff on top. I left the cutting edge right on the drive way and the blower cut through it with ease. No snow chains were needed. I cant wait to get it out in some deep snow. Customer Service was top notch and I enjoyed my experience.

  5. Brian Mitchell

    Received item in great condition. Snow blower is heavy duty and built extremely well. I feel that it is built better than Land Prides blower and it is much cheaper. Plan on purchasing a wood chipper from WoodMaxx in the future.

  6. Sam Ressler

    I looked around for quite awhile till i decided on this blower, seen the reviews and pulled the trigger. So far I am happy with the stout build of this blower compared to many others. Now just wait for winter to dump its fury…

  7. Ara Barton

    I purchased the SB-48 this fall and we had a very light snow year up until this last week. A ‘Pineapple Express’ event arrived in the Washington Cascade mountains and dumped about 5 feet of snow on us in the last 5 days. I ran the blower about once a day to keep things clear, usually between 6″ and 24″ of snow per day. It performed flawlessly. Today I cut some new paths through the dense snow and had no problems at all. Total time to clear our driveway, parking areas, and paths to barn and outbuildings is about 40 minutes. I previously spent 2-3 hours using bucket and blade. The clean lines on the driveway and no gravel being thrown onto the lawn are huge bonuses as well. Delivery, installation, and use have all been outstanding. I have a YouTube review posted here:
    And a video of blowing light snow at night is here:

  8. Michael S

    Got my Woodmaxx SB-48 just in time for our first snow. It was a 15 inch snowfall that is rare for us in mid-December. After a couple of minor adjustments to height on my gravel road, (these blowers blow gravel as easy as snow), I proceeded to open up my 3/4 mile private road in record time. My Kubota BX2360 handled this machine fine. Thanks WoodMaxx for a great product.

  9. Ed

    Tried it out today and it works great. The perfect blower for a Kubota BX. Here is a video of it working.

  10. Douglas Plansinis

    For my birthday, mother nature decided to give me 18 inches of snow. Thankfully I had the forthought to purchase my snowblower for my tractor. Last time I was using the bucket to scoop out the neighborhood. That took about 12 hours. This time I had my snow blower…WOW what a difference! I cleared the entire neighborhood in about 2 1/2 hours. I was able to direct the snow with the electric chute, which means I had no effort or discomfort. This is a wonderful, well made product. I am very happy with my purchase.

  11. Craig Zimmer

    Recieved the snowblower yesterday not to mention 3 other people in town. Took about an hour to install and wire. We purchased the electric kit and wow beefy parts! Couldn’t let it just sit so even in -22 below weather had to go out and test it. All I can say is awesomeness! This will be a great addition to my snow cleaning equipment. Customer service was great. No matter how many questions I had they answered very quickly. A+ on every level. Prices are great when looking at anything comparable. Nothing had the thickness of metal that this does.

  12. Kenneth

    My WoodMaxx SB-48 Snow Blower [HAS BEEN GREAT] through it’s first winter with very large snowfalls early season, and then light snow late season. It performed the whole season above expectations with no problems as it is built heavy duty tough. It handled the deepest, heaviest snow and even ice crusted with ease, power, and speed. Tech support was quick and informed in helping me set it up with my specific Kubota; great product, staff, and guidance.

  13. Martin

    Unfortunately, or fortunately as the case may be, the snow fall here in Ideal Township, Minnesota was far below average (last year). I only had the pleasure of using the snow blower once, for about an hour against about a 4” snow fall. I can tell you this though, what usually took me 2-3 hours with the loader, was done in around 25 minutes. The blower ran well and smoothly, delivering the snow to out of the way areas along the 1/4 mile drive from the road to the cabin. The other 35 minutes was spent on other parts of the property, that in the past I did not keep clear in the winter. The blower will definitely save me a great amount of time and wear and tear on my compact tractor. Hopefully, next year will bring me more opportunity to use the unit.

    As an aside. When I was unloading the unit from the back of the trailer it was delivered on, the unit took a four foot flop from the bucket of my loader. The fact that the unit was so well packaged, prevented it from severe damage. It withstood the four foot flop test.

  14. Kent F.

    Living in northern MN. I bought my SB 48 sight unseen. I was concerned about delivery and overall quality of the blower. The trucker dropped off the well protected blower at the end of my 300 yard driveway. I pulled it home and unpacked and was amazed at the build quality compared to the competition. My neighbor exclaimed, “This thing is a beast”. This thing is no garden tractor blower. I’ve used it this winter blowing snow from fluff to frozen banks. On the back of my 2370 Kubota its been unstoppable so far. I’m pleased.

  15. Mike

    Although I haven’t had the chance to use it in snow yet I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this product. These blowers are heavy duty and look like it would hold up well for commercial use. I bought this to work with my Kubota B2320.
    As a side note the steel crate it comes in makes for a great work bench island. 4 rollers and a few sheets of plywood and you got a mobile work space.

  16. Steve Palmer

    When I bought the SB-48 you said it probably would not arrive until mid-December and I thought it would take some time to put it together and thought that we would get snow by then. The blower arrived right when you said it would come and it took me longer to unpackage it then it took to install it!! I was amazed at how well it was packaged! So then no snow for the next 5 weeks and dying to use it. Then the snow came 127 in. of it in 4 weeks. i had a blast! My driveway is 300 ft. of cobblestone and the first storm was 33 in. The blower was amazing !!! It took me about 20 minutes to clear the driveway. The blower is nothing short of amazing! It is easy to put on the tractor and easy taking it off. The quality is amazing and it has the teflon on the inside of the shoot which was fantastic! I never once had to clear snow from the shoot. I really could go on and on about how great the blower is.


    P.S. My wife didn?t even mind me spending the money with this winter!

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