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WoodMaxx RT-58



Product Details


– 20 hp min. required
– 3-pt. hitch mount – fits category 1 or category 2 (also cat-1 quick hitch)
– Weight 667 lbs.
– 53″ working width and 58″ overall width
– Offset 5″ to the right of center
– Forward rotation
– 8″ deep adjustable side runners
– 6 flanges for precision and efficiency
– 30 tines to maximize down pressure.
– Self-sharpening C-shaped blades made of .25″ 60SI2MN spring steel
– Rotor Diameter-3″ diameter 5/16″ wall tube
– Rotor Swing Diameter- 19-1/2″
– Rotor Shaft Speed- 540 RPM
– Deck Material- Shaped & formed 5/32″,.16″, 8-gauge structural steel plate
– Side Plate Material- 5/16″, .32″, heavy Q-235 structural steel plate
– Rear Deflector
– Gear Ratio is 1:52:1
– Slip Clutch Protected. PTO Shaft Included.
– Parking stand
– Baked on powder coat finish
– 2 yr. parts warranty
– 100% assembled upon delivery

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7 reviews for WoodMaxx RT-58

  1. Larry Skaines

    Breaking ground that has not been plowed for 10+ years with a maximum depth setting, behind a 2019 John Deere 3025E tractor. WoodMaxx
    thought I should not buy the RT-58 because my tractor was a little short of their specifications. But, John Deere said my 3025E would handle the RT-58 as Deere’s comparable tiller has the same specifications as the RT-58. My 3025E Engine/Power Take Off has a little more power than earlier versions of the 3025E.
    Verdict: Tilled 2 acres just fine. Tilling should never be rushed, especially on virgin ground, so I set the PTO at 540 rpm, and used PTO rpm’s to control my forward speed. My tractor & tiller did their jobs very well. I had a few jams with unexpected roots and one buried rock, but the slip clutch did its job. No harm to equipment. Thanks, WoodMax! That thicker steel does give the extra strength and weight, as promised. Also, thank you for your honest feedback!
    Semper Fi!

  2. Jeff Shuster

    Was so impressed with the SB-60 snowblower I purchased the RT-58 tiller. Great machine!!

  3. Norman

    The RT-58 tiller arrived and took a leisurely hour and a half to assemble. The extra dough for lift gate service took the drama out of unloading. It weighs well over 100 pounds more than its similar sized competition, important for long term durability and ground penetration. Note that some of the other guys list their weight as shipping weight, not field weight. It’s what a tiller should be. If I could teach it to weed the taters, it would be near perfect.

  4. Reid Bond

    Tiller came well packaged and in excellent condition. Appears very rugged and assembly was minimal.

  5. Anonymous

    Have used this machine to create food plots on my property. Once you have adjusted the slip clutch to your tractors PTO this baby goes to town. I’m working in the woods so you can imagine the roots. This machine chews them up and spits them out well as long as you are reasonable in your approach to the process. Have re-tilled several areas previously cleaned up,limed and fertilized and the end product was a thing of beauty and smooth due the weight and easy rear gate adjustment. As my 2nd piece of equipment from Woodmaxx I will tell you that you will NOT be disappointed and can buy with confidence! The quality and service are top shelf, the way it used to be!
    M. Klema

  6. Anonymous

    It is a beast. I bought it based on the other review that said it handled rocks well. Boy, does it ever. We used it to break new ground on a very large garden, and a small grain plot. It was regularly pulling up softball size rocks and spitting them out, occasionally larger. I only had it bind once when a rock got stuck between tines. Knocked it out, and off we went again.

    For those who are scratching their head like I was over whether or not to get this one, or the next size up, for a compact tractor, I run a JD 3032E (30HP, 25HP @PTO), and the tiller was perfectly sized. Tractor handled it with no problems, but I am glad I did not go larger.

    The rear door is dinged up a bit from rocks being hurled at it. To be expected with that type of use, I guess, but a couple of the dings were pronounced enough to chip the paint.

    Otherwise, a very, very sturdy implement, and worth the money. Head and shoulders above KK and other mainstream competitors, if they could even be called that.

  7. Robert Shipley (verified owner)

    The RT-58 Rotary Tiller is hands down the best and toughest tiller that I have ever owned. I live in North Central Arkansas which is known for 3 things rocks, hard rocks and BIG Hard Rocks. This tiller handles them all very well. We are starting a new 5+ acre garden this year and with this tiller my life just got better. The extra weight in this unit works great for holding the ground contact. And all that steel and cast iron makes this one tough unit. I have just over 2 of the 5 acres cleared and tilled and no problems.
    I love a company that over delivers on their promise.

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