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WoodMaxx MX-9900




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Product Details

WoodMaxx USA MADE MX-9900 Wood Chipper

with Patented POW-R-TORQ™ Infeed System


MX-9900 SPECS:

  • Proudly Made in the USA!
  • USA and International Patents, additional Patents Pending
  • POW-R-TORQ™ (Patented Self-Contained Hydrostatic Infeed Drive System)
  • Requires only 2 quarts of Motor Oil
  • Weighs 1000lbs
  • 25 Minimum PTO Horsepower
  • Four (4) Made-in-the-USA Reversible Chipper Knives (offset)
  • Easy Knife Access
  • Clear Vinyl Chip Baffle
  • 1200 RPM Flywheel Speed
  • Fold up In-feed Bin
  • 9″ x 9″ In-feed Opening
  • 8″ Diameter In-feed Roller
  • 225 lb.- 26.5″ diameter Dynamically Balanced Flywheel
  • 1/4″ Thick Structural Steel Blower Housing
  • 5 Heavy Duty Cogged V-Belt Drive
  • Safety Stop Bar / Speed & Direction Control Bar
  • 360 Degree Swivel Discharge Chute
  • Automatic Pump Belt Tensioner
  • High Flow Flywheel Chamber Ventilation
  • JIC Hose Fittings
  • Industrial Grade Bearings
  • High Tension Gas Springs
  • Tachometer/ Hour Meter (to ensure proper flywheel speed)
  • Baked-on Polyester Powder Coat Finish
  • 3pt. Hitch Mount-Fits Cat 1 or 2, and also Cat-1 Quick Hitch
  • Premium PTO Shaft included with all MX- series chippers
  • 100% assembled upon delivery
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Spin on oil filter
  • Shipping Dims: 54x45x62
  • Shipping Weight: 1,048 lbs.


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45 reviews for WoodMaxx MX-9900

  1. Ed Mobley

    The quality shows from the moment you receive the shipment – the delivery driver even commented on the quality of the shipping container and the unique mortise and tenon like joints that hold the side panels together. Don’t worry about your product getting so much as a scratch during shipping.

    Once I opened the container I saw one high quality implement. The paint was on par with the finish you would expect on an automobile. I just wanted to look at it for a while before I started using it because it would surely get scratched up. The user guide is comprehensive and well written. The most arduous task was sizing the PTO shaft (hint – you’ll spend forever using a hacksaw. I found my die grinder worked best).

    The chipper performs flawlessly and has almost NO vibration at full operating speed. Seriously – almost no vibration. It ingested and chipped everything I threw at it. Evergreen limbs with their thick branches (those living in the Pacific Northwest will know what I’m talking about) went straight through. I’m glad I chose the larger MX-9900 model. My advice would be to purchase the largest model your tractor can handle.

    So there you have it – purchase the MX-9900 with full confidence that you will be getting an implement that you can pass down to your children…

  2. Larry Broseh

    I purchased the MX 9900 in Nov. 2022 and received in Texas within 10 days. I have a 100 H.P. John Deere w/Category II 3 point hitch, so I machined adapters to make the Category I chipper fit. I have now used it to chip twigs up to 8″-8 1/2″ post oaks and cedars. Have used it approximately 4 hours and wow!, does it ever work you out. It’s a very well thought-out and built machine. Have found no flaws in it thus far. I really appreciate the heavy duty (thickness) of the box and flywheel!

  3. Scott Romano

    Received my MX 9900 in mid-October and finally got to put some time on it. I’m very impressed with it so far. I have chipped everything from stringy vines to 8″ logs, and the chipper has handled it all. The ability to vary the infeed speed is a huge asset when chipping larger material, especially with only a mid size tractor (JD 110 TLB). I’m also impressed with the distance the chipper throws chips. It pushes much farther than I expected, and considerably farther then my old unit. Very happy I made the purchase!

  4. Christopher Devine

    Works awesome and made the crate into a shed! I am super happy with the performance and the quality of the manufacturing also.

    The MX9900 pairs well with my 3800L Kubota and added the quick change three-point hitch, makes life sooooo much better!

  5. John Aey

    My Woodmaxx WM-8H that I purchased in 2013 had sat unused for 3 years. Only after attaching it to my tractor and during greasing did I realize the flange on a shaft bearing had split. Having created multiple piles of brush all over the property and facing what appears to be a semi-daunting task to repair the WM-8H (which I have loved), I elected to order a new bearing as well as the MX-9900. What an upgrade. Very smooth operation. The slightly larger opening to the feed chute allowed me to feed larger branches that would have needed to be reversed out of the WM-8H and cut again. Never once failed to feed Finished all the brush piles I created in one day. The engineering is superb, very well thought out, and definitely addresses all of the slight shortcomings of the WM-8H.. I love this thing, and very happy I took the plunge. The WM-9900 truly is an awesome upgrade, and worth every penny. Now on to the winter project of disassembling the WM-8H and replacing that shaft flange bearing.

  6. Chris

    After researching and comparing different chippers I chose the Woodmaxx 9900. I wanted a PTO driven chipper to mount on my 65hp tractor. I went with the 9900 not just because of the 9” capacity, but also because of the heavy flywheel and 4 knife set-up. I also wanted a hydraulic in-feed. We were pleased with the chip size and the ease of using the chippper. We plan to compost the chips and use them for weed control/nutrient cycling in an area planted with fruit trees. Hickory or basswood- it made no difference- the chipper took it.

  7. Aaron

    I purchased the MX-9900 this past year. I researched many different brands and types of chippers (pto vs chippers with own Motor) and felt the MX-9900 was a balance between strengths of each of the different options I researched. having the pto/3pt chipper is very convenient when getting around my farm and cleaning trails, fence lines, pasture and tillable edges. I’ve run mine on a JD 4066r tractor and it runs very well. Chipping large diameter cedars and other soft woods it chews through with ease. I have also put black walnut, oak and Osage orange (hedge), and locust trees through it. You do have to take the Osage orange and black locust a little slower, but that is to be expected. The speed control lever that runs off it’s own hydrostatic pump allows you to slow the speed to match your type of wood and allows you to have a continuous feed while gathering more wood to place back on the infeed.

    I’ve been very happy with mine; others have helped me run it and were impressed by the machine as well. My suggestion is when looking at sizes get the biggest one you can afford, this has a nice infeed size, but you will find that while the branches might only be 4-5 inches at times, the branches can get hung up at times and having the 9′ infeed definitely helps it handle large volume, I only wish Woodmaxx had a larger one for me to run.

    Great machine

  8. Daniel Hill

    I used the MX-9900 to chip 2 30ft pine trees and a dead oak that was hard as a rock. took less than an hour. Used my Kubota L2800 to run the chipper. Chipped 6″ logs. Love it – makes chipping easy and quick.


  9. jdhalamka

    I used the MX-9900 shipped to Unity Farm Sanctuary in Sherborn, MA to chip 50 Christmas trees today.

    It worked perfectly with my John Deere 2032R

    Truly flawless.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

  10. Brianne

    We did alot of research before buying. Very happy with performance. Worth every penny!

  11. Lee Samuelson

    We just received our new chipper last week and it is awesome. Our family farm in Oregon was hit hard in last summer’s wildfires. We have lots to chip up as we get things back in order. The MX9900 is behind our Kubota L4240 GST tractor (40HP PTO) and it devoured dried Douglas Fir and Maple up to 4 inches easily, with some green limbs up to 5 inches. I did not try chipping anything larger. The unit arrived in excellent condition and the set up was a piece of cake. Very stout and heavy built. I appreciate the hydraulics are all well shielded. I was surprised by how small the chips are. Thanks Woodmax!

  12. Jerry Brumfield

    I have ran my MX9900 chipper now for 6 yours without any problems! I am impressed with the feeder and chipping capacity. I have chipped up to 6″ which did good just a little slow. I chipped red oak, cherry, sweet gum, poplar, maple, pin oak, and privet hedges. I fed 3″ limbs without slowing down, I am very pleased with my chipper and would recommend it to anyone!

  13. Ken M

    After we cleaned out our creek bottom here in CA central coast range location, we realized we needed to do something with the brush..which consisted of willows and sage brush material. We knew we didn’t need the 9″ machine for large wood but the mass of smaller wood would take forever using something smaller. The 9900 ate everything we fed it. No issues with plugging. The hyd infeed is the ticket. It fed the material into the machine keeping the operator at safe distance and able to grab more material to feed. The smaller material diameter material in bulk concerned me thinking it might was very fibrous also. No plugs. Ran off-and -on for two days…not a hiccup. Well built and American made! Another selling point. We are so glad we chose the 9900 and plan to feed it some oak this weekend, anticipate no probs.

  14. Larry Neal

    We got burned out in the California wildfires in August. Staring at what looked like a mountain of downed trees, I put my name on the waiting list noting my need. A couple of days later I got a call informing me they had a machine ready to ship now! In the last 2 months I’ve put about 100 hours on the machine solo and not a single hiccup. The charred wood is pretty hard on things and it’s just now showing signs of needing some attention. I’m using a quick hitch which did away with having to cut down the driveshaft and makes hookup a breeze. I did make 1 mistake. As is my custom with my tractors and implements, I hung the clip for the chute cover back on the tang so I wouldn’t lose it. It rattled loose and fell on the chute deck but I caught it in time. It goes in my pocket now. Thank you WoodMaxx!

  15. Mike

    I elected to go to the top of the list on available 3 point chippers when I bought this unit. Nothing about clearing brush or overgrown property is easy or timid. I didnt want to regret not buying a chipper that left anything on the table for the power available to me with a 50 hp PTO. Quality of this chipper is unmistakable. Beautiful welds and heavy steel throughout. Everything about this unit is built for its purpose of feeding unruly heavy brush and small trees into the hopper and creating a pile of chips. It doesnt vibrate, the RPMs stay constant through the work load and chips are thrown 20 feet away. Vines were not wrapped around the feeder despite being all over the scrub being fed . Feed was predictable and instant. Buy with confidence its a great 3 point chipper

  16. Glynn Wallace

    Finally got a chance to use this and I’m very impressed. Even though my tractor (Kubota L3400) is at the low end of the allowable horsepower range, it chipped everything I threw at it. I haven’t tried anything larger than 6 inches yet (because I use things that big for firewood), but up to that point it had no problem going through the wood I put through there. I also like the hydrostatic feed – had a lot of small trees with wide/numerous branches, but it never missed a beat pulling them through. Just regulate the feed rate to match the thickness of the wood you’re putting through it and this thing will do the job.

  17. Ben

    I bought a WM-8H from WoodMaxx last year and loved it. I put 69 hours on it behind my JD 5075e cleaning up blow down and trimming trees on my 35 acres. My neighbor also loved the WM-8H so I sold it to him for near what I originally paid and upgraded to the MX-9900. On first impression I like the indeed chute much better on the MX-9900. It is smooth with no fasteners for the branches to catch on like the WM-8H. I also like the foldable chute, garage space is always tight.
    As for the chipping it definitely seams to be faster than the WH-8H, my first thought was that I would need a helper to feed the branches fast enough. All in all it’s what I expected, a decent upgrade from the WM-8H. If you have a lot of chipping, value your time and appreciate nice machinery then you should buy the MX-9900.

  18. Jeff Burton

    20 hours on the meter. I upgraded from the DC-1260. I was a little hesitant because I liked towing a chipper behind my side-by-side, but I am so glad I did this. This saves so much manual labor, because you don’t have to hoist material into a vertical position, and most of the time you can walk away after the rollers grab the branch. 90% of what I chip is buckthorn, and this can take the entire tree, no problems. I chip up to 6″ logs. I have gotten in trouble exactly once – a big forked branch got stuck and I couldn’t back it out – but that was my fault for not limbing properly. Everything about this machine is high quality. Worth every penny. Great job, Woodmaxx.

  19. Michelangelo

    Hours upon hours of research going through all the different kinds of PTO driven chippers.This chipper topped every single chipper out there. After receiving the chipper, I went through the whole machine, and I came to the conclusion that this was a VERY well built machine. When it comes to the actual chipping portion, this machine chips wood in small, nice looking chips as well as throws the chips easily 15 to 30 feet away and that is with a John Deere 2720 Tractor. At first I was hesitate because our tractor is 31.4 HP at the ENGINE and 23.5 HP at the PTO and it says that it needs at least 25 HP at the PTO but after consulting with the representatives with WoodMaxx (very nice people), they ensured that it would be okay to use. And they were right!!! I have had no problems with it and it eats brush like nothing else. Very happy and satisfied with this chipper and I would 100% recommend this machine to anyone in the market for one. Very happy, Thank you WoodMaxx!!!

  20. John Tenerowicz

    Received the chipper in February and got the first chance to use it last week. Ran it off a 3901 Kubota and I am very pleased with its performance. Fed it 6″ cottonwood with no issues. Did a great job feeding crotched branches. Had to do some chainsaw work on some limbs but that is necessary even with larger self contained chippers. This unit will do everything I have planned for it. Very pleased!

  21. Dale K

    Very well built machine, for the dollar I think it’s hard to beat. Couple scratches that needed touch up paint that was sent promptly without any problems. Handles big wood well, still need to trim some of the larger limbs but for what I am doing glad I went with the larger infeed and hydrostat.

  22. Robert Carter

    Manzanita live oak digger pine no problem.
    Better than expected. Running with Massey 1750M and premium shaft.
    Would advise to cut PTO shaft shorter than advised so it doesn’t bottom out at max 3 point elevation when elevating for travel. Love the extra capacity and hydrostatic reversible feed. Easy for this 68yo to run.

  23. Mike Shannon


  24. Ted Bumbalough

    Ordered the chipper on Wednesday and it shipped on Friday and I received it on Tuesday. Once home the machine was uncrated and parts kits removed and inventoried and everything I had ordered was there. The assembly, what little was required was completed. I found a couple bolts needing tightened but nothing major. I did find the legs did not go down far enough to get the 15 degrees needed with chipper on the ground so I will have to modify the bottom of the shipping crate to raise it enough to get the required angle. I was under the impression the feet could be lowered to get up to a 30 inch height, but I did not find that to be the case with my machine. After I got it put together ran it according to instructions and then ran some limbs through machine and it chipped them easily. So far I am extremely satisfied with the machine, the way it operates, and the ease of dealing with Woodmaxx.

  25. Jeff Woodard

    I paired my new MX-9900 with a Kubota L3901 and am VERY happy with the result. It took me a while to shorten the PTO shaft as the book instructions were for a little different style than the one I received, but once I figured it out it was quite simple. My first full day using it, it ate through a huge pile of earleaf acacia, Brazillian pepper, cabbage palm leaves, and Shefflera trees. It didn’t do a great job with a saw palmetto, trunk, as it tends to shred more than chip. I was able to make a nice, neat pile of mulch much faster than I could have stacked it on a trailer and hauled it to the curb.

  26. Howard Hall

    Awesome machine, well designed and well built. Love that it is American Made, through and through. We are chipping Olive trees, Citrus (Lime), Pepper Trees, Banyan, Eucalyptus, and coffee. The hydro static feed, the heavy flywheel, and the four cutting blades (rather than the usual two) handles the most twisty and branchy material as well as large diameter logs. Very satisfied with this purchase. We are in Hawaii and we use this WoodMaxx MX-9900 chipper year round with our Massey Ferguson 1433 tractor.

  27. Timothy Terriere

    A very nice addition to the implement shed. All the good things previously mentioned by the other raters is true. What a great machine, we are cleaning up our five acres after a wild fire, and this eats the dead trees and limbs and spits them back to the forest with speed. worth any wait . Good Job Wood Maxx

  28. Sam

    Got my 9900 up and running behind a J D 3038E.
    Had a a little problem cutting the drive line down, there wasn’t much room between the PTO and the chipper input shaft. But it worked out.
    This machine is AWESOME!
    I am chipping Manzanita that has been down for 2 plus years, it’s hard as nails. I’m chipping 4″ – 5″ branches that will dull a saw chain.
    I’m also chipping Black oak, Live Oak and Pine.
    I have run a-lot of commercial chippers.
    For the money, I would recommend the 9900 to anybody looking for a chipper with horse power to power it.
    My New Favorite Toy! Sam

  29. Stephen Cook

    This is the second chipper from Woodmaxx that I have owned. I upgraded to the MX-9900 from the MX-8800 and I am 100% pleased with the decision. Time from order to delivery was admittedly a bit long (several months), but patience is a virtue right? Good things come to those that wait in this case….the chipper was worth the wait. I was impressed with the 8800 and the 9900 is even more impressive. It is built with excellence in mind, and it performs with excellence which only speaks volumes to the design and craftsmanship of WoodMaxx products.
    The chipper arrived almost ready to go just like says on the website. If you are on the fence about which chipper to buy I would say go with the bigger size chipper. Woodmaxx products in my experience are very well built and priced very well for the quality of the product you end up getting delivered.

  30. Patrick Student

    The chipper arrived in perfect condition, chipper and packaging. Easy to set up, though I walleyed the holes on the skid so I could use 1/2″ bent pins instead of the furnished bolts as it has to be collapsed for storage.

    Have been using it for little over a month and have about 40 hours on it. So far it has handled nearly everything I’ve fed it, refusing only 2 pieces about 7″ diameter, though it has handled almost 9″ logs.

    The selling points are its compact design, fold up feed chute (Has share a garage with other equipment), the clear baffle rather than black on all the chippers I’ve rented, and the positive locking discharge chute, appears to lock at 30 degree intervals.

    I’ve chipped a mixture of freshly cut trees to dead elm (about 50%). Inspection of the blades shows essentially no wear, with only a wire edge on one blade which a few stroke with a medium grit diamond file removed.

    Would definitely recommend it to a friend.

  31. robert raper

    I have put 6 hrs on this machine and have had no issues. I am very happy that I decided to go with the MX-9900. The quality on the machine is 100%. Nice to see great things are still made in the USA.

  32. John Vasas

    The chipper was delivered to my house in perfect condition. I unpacked the chipper and connected to my John Deere 3032E tractor and put it to a test. The chipper worked perfectly with my tractor. The tractor handled the chipper with ease using different sizes of branches and logs. I was impressed by the chipper’s smooth operation with little vibration. The chipper is built very rugged and I expect to receive many years of service from the product.

  33. Dave Osland

    The MX-9900 is working good so far. Mainly use to chip oak branches 3″ and smaller.
    I like the variable speed feed- slow for big stuff, fast for small.
    like many tools, get something bigger than something just (big enough). Though a 9 inch opening, you’d never try something that large- maybe 5 inch max in my opinion.
    I Have not noticed any loosening bolts as some have reported.
    I like made in USA, free shipping, and standard parts that are available.

  34. Deane Rapp

    I collect storm damaged/unwanted trees for lumber and have been in need of a rugged, well-built yet affordable chipper. After much research and discussion with Wood Maxx folks I decided to purchase the MX-9900. It arrived yesterday in excellent shape considering holiday and severe weather delays. Today, I used this fantastic machine for several hours chipping slabs from the sawmill and branches from trees neighbors had me remove. I am very impressed with its performance. The native hickory and oak trees do not have straight branches, yet the MX-9900 did not stop feeding them to the knives and there were no snags in the hopper! I could start a slab or branch and turn away to get the next piece to chip without worry and develop a steady work flow. The clam-shell access to the knives is impressive as well as the straight forward design of the machine overall. I refuse to burn and am very confident I will have many happy hours producing chips as an end product.

  35. Anonymous

    My first impression was that the unit was smaller than I expected but during my walk around inspection and set up, it’s exactly what it needs to be and was proven during operation. My tractor PTO is 37 hp and was more than adequate to handle anything that would fit in the unit. With that said the hydro-static feed is a very nice feature on this model to adjust the feed roller when you work with larger diameter wood. My hat is off to the Woodmaxx team for making an excellent chipper for tractors under 70 hp. Thank you!

  36. Mark Swanson

    I have 4 hours on the machine and so far it has performed as advertised. I have 26 acres that has invasive honeysuckle and grapvine on it. The machine has been keeping up with us without a problem. Rountine maintenace looks like it should be no problem. I have inspected the blades and they are still in excellent condition.

  37. Norman

    The MX-9900 wood chipper was delivered as promised. Set up was easy and the instructions for cutting the PTO shaft was very straight forward. I bought a PTO driven cement mixer from a different manufacture and the instructions for sizing the PTO shaft was very poor, I only had time to try the MX-9900 wood chipper for a short time, but so far I’m pleased with the construction and attention to detail. Seems to be a robust machine. I will follow up with a longer review after I use it for a longer period of time.

  38. Tim Lucas / Richmond VA

    I’ve used the chipper now for 3 hours. It continues to perform exactly as I had hoped. No problem with large oak branches or 15 ft pine branches. I cut a lot of trees each year and the biggest problem has always been the transport and disposal of the limbs. Now I just leave them in a finely chipped layer in the woods and just haul off the logs. EXTREMELY pleased with this purchase. So confident in this company I’ve already placed an order for a pto snow blower.11/17 Have now used the chipper about 8 hours/5 different times. Works perfectly every time. Would highly recommend this product and company.

    Update: I now have 26 hours on this machine. It has worked flawlessly the entire time. Couldn’t be happier.

  39. Thomas Parmiter

    I was blessed with the opportunity of purchasing the very first WoodMaxx MX9900 off the production line. As a result I have gotten to know the owner of WoodMaxx and the engineer who designed it; as both were adamant in ensuring the MX9900 lived up to its expectations. I cannot say enough good things about both these gentlemen and the company as a whole. They are truly committed to putting the best product forward they can.

    I am a certified arborist and have worked with a wide variety of chippers. This is without a doubt the best chipper I have used of this size. Moreover, if you look at it from a value perspective (AKA ?bang for the buck?) no other chipper even comes close. This is the only chipper I have for my business and have run it literally all day long for multiple days straight. I am well into the hundreds of hours and counting with no significant issues. If you know you are planning to use it extensively then be sure to purchase a second set of chipper knives.

  40. Robert P.

    We took delivery of our new MX-9900 wood chipper last Thanksgiving, but due to the early snow, weren’t able to use it until April of this year. The chipper worked very well during its first weekend of use though we weren’t surprised. Just by uncrating it we knew we had made the right choice. Near Memorial Day, we used it for 3-4 hours every day for about five days. This is where we really began to appreciate it. Everything had been very well thought out. The ease of access to the blades for sharpening and the ease of adjustments were clearly planned into the design. The unit is heavy and quite solid. It isn’t scary to operate. We have 15 overgrown acres of most every type of tree out there and really enjoy how quickly it turns limbs into chips. No longer do we have to deal with the burn pile, especially with such fire danger all around us. Safety was obviously of utmost importance in the MX-9000’s design, from the design of the safety bar to the distance from the back of the machine to the feed rollers. We are very satisfied with the MX-9900!

  41. Gregg

    Myself and my partner spent a considerable amount of time researching chippers. We settled on a Woodmaxx 9900. We’re very pleased. It chips trees larger than I thought it would, with ease. The main feature that we found appealing and the deciding factor to buy a Woodmaxx was the hydro feed. We’ve used it hard and it has lived up to our expectations. The entire order, payment, and shipping process was easy to navigate. I would recommend the product to family and friends.

  42. Glenn

    We researched chippers extensively. We wanted a heavy duty unit as we have worn out two decent but underbuilt machines. We were intrigued by the Woodmaxx offering and have visited the factory. One look at this unit and you know you have found something unique and exceptional. It is built to be used. We hooked it up to a Kubota M and had at it. The flywheel and multiple knives handle everything we have thrown at them so far. The operation of the feed is smooth and effortless.
    The setup is easy and quick. The operation of the unit has been flawless. The price is reasonable, and when you look at the quality of the construction, from the design and engineering through the welding and assembly the value for the price is unmatched by anything we found while searching.
    If you would like to discuss the machine or take a look at it please feel free to contact me anytime. For privacy reasons I would rather not list my contact info, but Woodmaxx will provide it to you if you are interested.

  43. John Olson

    This machine is awesome and delivers the advertised results. I’ve fed everything from Yaupon brush to 8″ diameter 20+ foot trees and it reduces it all to a pile of chips quickly and easily.

  44. Paul M

    I have been operating my MX9900 about 3 weeks now and have 40 hours on it. I did not want to write a review on it until I put it to the test. Needless to say, I am totally impressed. Everything that is described about this chipper on the website is accurate. I have put everything from small limbs by the armful to 8″ trees through it and it eats it all with ease. It was easy to setup and I really like the fact that it has a two quart oil reservoir to operate hydrostatic motor on the feed roller instead of hydraulic lines attached to the tractor. My tractor is 25 PTO HP and it runs this chipper with ease. This chipper is built for heavy use and is easy to service. In my search for a chipper, I didn’t find one that comes close to this for the price. You will not be disappointed in a purchase of this unit for sure!

    One thing that Woodmaxx might consider is selling the made in USA pto shaft with the unit and offer the imported shaft as a discounted version.

  45. Chris A.

    The MX-9900 has been a joy to work with. Easy set up, little to no vibration and the 9″ capacity has been a plus. Hardwood, softwood, does not make a difference. The hydraulic in feed has made it simple to use being the in feed is self regulating, load the branches and limbs in and move off for another load, no worry with stalling.
    Best investment in power equipment I have ever made…………..

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