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WoodMaxx MX-8600



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Product Details

WoodMaxx USA MADE MX-8600 Wood Chipper with

Patented POW-R-TORQ™ Infeed System

MX-8600 SPECS:

  • Proudly Made in the USA!
  • USA and International Patents, additional Patents Pending
  • POW-R-TORQ™(Patented Self-contained hydrostatic in-feed drive system)
  • Requires only 2 quarts of motor oil
  • 15 Minimum PTO Horsepower
  • Four (4) Made in the USA reversible chipper knives
  • Easy Knife Access
  • Chips 6″ soft wood. 4″ Hard wood
  • 8″ x 6″ infeed opening
  • 8″ Diameter Infeed Roller
  • 120lb.- 24″ diameter Dynamically Balanced Flywheel
  • 1/4″ Thick Structural Steel Blower Housing
  • Safety Stop Bar/ Speed & Direction Control Bar
  • 360 Degree Swivel Discharge Chute
  • Automatic Pump Belt Tensioner
  • High Flow Flywheel Chamber Ventilation
  • JIC Hose Fittings
  • Industrial Grade Bearings
  • High Tension Gas Springs
  • Tachometer/ Hour Meter (to ensure proper flywheel speed
  • Weight 550 lbs
  • Baked on Polyester Powder Coat Finish
  • Premium PTO Shaft Included with all MX-series Chippers
  • 90 % Assembled upon Delivery (Infeed Bin Assembly Required)
  • Assembled Dimensions: 60″ Long x 38″ Wide x 60″ tall
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Experienced (Woodmaxx is North America’s #1 PTO wood chipper supplier)
  • Spin on oil filter
  • Shipping Dims: 47x45x50
  • Shipping Weight: 747lbs.


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29 reviews for WoodMaxx MX-8600

  1. Hank Kocevar

    I bought the MX-8600 a a month ago and I am impressed. The chipper showed in a week and from the shipping crate to fabrication materials it’s a quality machine and well built machine. The fact it is veteran made in the USA is awesome! It was easy to assemble, everything lined up like it should. Customer service was more than helpful when I needed some assistance while cutting the driveshaft, actually stayed on the line with me while I got the u-joint covers off. the machine has eaten everything I’ve put into, from brush to 4″ Oak and other hardwoods. My Kubota BX2380 has no issues powering the 8600.
    It is evident the Woodmaxx engineers designed this machine for reliability and maintenance. Thanks for making quality USA built products!

  2. Darren Colbeth

    First of all, I would like to thank Woodmaxx for building such a nice machine. It is very rugged. I have used this machine now every day for the past two weeks. And it has performed very well it has eaten everything I have put into it. This thing is a beast and worth every penny I have spent on it.

  3. Sam Marmon

    I got the MX-8600 back in February and it has been an absolute beast working behind a 1023e. I’ve got about 20 hours on it and it continues to chew through stuff. My only real gripe is I’d prefer a horizontal chute for longer stuff, but the angled feed keeps things light and smaller stuff auto feeds to the infeed roller.

  4. Ben K.

    I bought the MX-8600 a few weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a quality machine and very well built. Bonus, it’s made in the USA! It came in a well built box for shipping so there was no damage when I received it. It was very easy to put together with thorough easy to understand instructions. And it has performed very well with my little Kubota BX23S tractor. I estimate that I’ve produced 5 – 10 cubic yards of chips and it’s still eating through material no problem. I’ve mostly been chipping live oak and cedar and some miscellaneous brush. It has done well with dry material, but I can tell it does have an easier time chipping green material. So there’s a little tip to anyone looking to purchase this chipper, chip the material as you go instead of letting it dry out and the machine will thank you. Thank you WoodMaxx for making quality USA built products!

  5. derek piehl

    Bought this chipper back in March and since then I have removed lots of brush and trees from my property to expand my yard. This chipper does what they say. It will eat 6inch soft wood with no problem. I have also used it to clean up a few other yards from storm damage. I have it hooked up to a yanmar sa 424 paired with a quick hitch and never had to cut the PTO shaft. Would definitely buy this again and have recommended this to several people. Thanks woodmaxx for making a quality product.

  6. Thomas Evans

    I have had this MX-8600 for a couple of months now and chipped a lot of wood. I use it on my JD1025R and it is a perfect combination.
    First note: If you use this on a 1025R with an iMatch Quick Hitch you do not have to cut or make any adjustments to the drive shaft. Hook up is quick and easy and one is ready to chip is about one minute.
    The chipper has taken everything that I have put in it and the power feed is great. Start a long piece and forget it while you get the next one.
    I highly recommend this great American made product.

  7. Daniel Porter

    My Woodmaxx chipper has been great so far. The shipping crate was robust and protected the machine. I was able to get it off the truck with my bucket forks. Assembly took a couple hours. I had to cut the PTO shaft slightly for my JD 4120. The first thing I ran through it was a 4 or 5 inch buckeye tree. It worked great. I have maybe 3 hours of operation and have chipped about 15 trees worth of tree canopy from recently felled trees. All hardwood cherry, hickory and maple. We’re clearing about 75 trees for a new house- this chipper has relieved a bit stress since I was running out of places to put limbs. The machine is a beast and I would make the same decision again! Looking forward to many years of chipping

  8. Anthony DePaul

    The MX-8600 has far exceeded my expectations. I use it paired with a Yanmar 324 24hp engine with 18hp at the pto. With this chippers hydrostatic, adjustable feed rate, you can really work in the max size wood the machine is rated at. Very easy to access the wheel and knives and I like that it runs on just two quarts of motor oil instead of gallons of hydraulic fluid.
    Additionally, the shipping crate it came in was very good and helped tremendously to avoid damage. And taking my time had it up and ready to go in just under two hours.

  9. Jeff Bubolz

    I had to wait 2 weeks for them to build one for me since they were out of stock so when they texted me I ordered right away. It came in about a week which surprised me. Unfortunately the belt for the hydrostatic drive was missing. Joel was wonderful and had it in the mail the next day. I finished assembly and added skids to bring the drive close to level using treated lumber and the threaded inserts from the packing skid. It was so nice to only have to start a branch in then go get the next one. I only had to assist with large branches or those with wide crotches greater than 2” thick. It handled everything with ease. With 65 hp driving the pto there was never any slow down for large material. Tractor didn’t really know it was there. So far only 45 minutes run time but it made quite a pile of chips with little effort. So far I’m very satisfied.

  10. Sam Michaud

    I looked at alot of chippers. I wanted american made at a good price. I also wanted a quality product that fit my John deere 1025r. The 8600 met all of my requirements and its a quality built product! The chipper handles everything I needed to chip and I could hardly keep up. It took about 1 hour to assemble the infeed chute. You will need to purchase some oil before you can use it. I highly recommend!!!

  11. John

    I ordered the MX8600 after looking at many other brands on the market. I liked all the features and really liked the fact it was USA made.
    Ordering was easy and shipping was fast although the shipping company never notified me and it was surprise when it came. Like others have said my shipping box was pretty much destroyed however I couldn’t find any damage to the chipper. All of the parts were attached to the shipping pallet securely.
    Assembly went well, every hole lined up perfectly and I was able to do all of the assembly by myself with the exception of mounting the infeed hopper to the chipper. I got a friend to help due to weight and bulkiness.
    I tried it out the first day with a few small limbs just to make sure it worked and everything worked great. I have now used it four times and chipped everything from very small limbs to about four inch trees. It has worked great on everything. I think it will chip anything that will fit into it.
    I made some “sled runners” out of 2″ treated wood and attached to the bottom using the existing hole where it was bolted to the pallet. I store it in a garage with concrete floor so I bolted two inexpensive furniture dollies together to set it on. It is easy to move around and it makes hooking up the 3 point hitch simple.
    I am very satisfied with ths purchase and have already recommended it to others.

  12. Nick Dutile

    I purchased the MX8600 to run off my John Deere 1025r. Chipper was shipped very fast after purchasing and arrived in good shape although I would have liked it shipped in plywood instead of cardboard as the cardboard didn’t hold up well. Assembly was pretty straightforward with decent instructions. I was missing a piece and had to put in a service ticket for a replacement. Woodmaxx responded right away and shipped it right out. I got it all setup and adjusted and this chipper rocks! It has taken everything I have thrown at it so far. It definitely can take a 6” log no problem, I did stall my tractor with the large logs but I slowed down the in-feeder and it had no problem. This chipper is definitely worth every penny and I very happy with my purchase.

  13. R. West

    Let me start by saying the the chipper worked great on the first pile of mesquite limbs and branches that we ran through it. No problem at all chipping them up, some up to around 3 inches even the dead and dry ones ran through with no problems. Unfortunately I did not know when this unit was going to ship so we rented a chipper back in February to grind up all the winter trimming. I will say I was impressed with the first round of chipping with this unit. I was a little peeved that there was no manual, there is a barcode to look it up on line and then an option to get a printed one for an additional $10.00. It would have been nice if they asked if I wanted a printed manual when I ordered it, I would have paid the extra to get one with the unit. That being said there was a couple of issues that I had to clean up to get the chipper running. I got it all assembled and ready to run for the first time, fired it up and the feed roller would not move, it appeared to be jammed against the side of the chute housing. Had to open up the side panel, loosen the retaining collar on the shaft and gently tap the whole thing over about an 1/8″ to get it to clear the housing. Not sure if this was something that happened during shipping or if just came in that way? Then, once I got that issue solved I could not get the hydrostatic control cable adjusted for the neutral position, roller would move when in neutral. Ran the adjustment all the way in but was unable to get it to work? Try as I may I could not get the cable to adjust to the neutral position, took a little modification to get it to work.

    With all that out of the way, my first impressions are, the chipper appears to be very well made, it ran flawlessly with very little vibration and did a nice job chipping up a bunch of dead mesquite. I did contact the technical help folks for a question on drive shaft, they were very helpful, appreciate it when you can talk to someone live that knows the product.

  14. Dave Wassenar

    Like others here, I had settled on a Woodmaxx TM-86 last year because I wanted the hydraulic infeed feature and the 15hp rating to go with my Deere 1025r. I tried to order one, and was told I’d have to wait until Spring of ’22. Last month, I was pleased to see the new MX-8600, and ordered mine as soon as I saw it available. NOTE TO SALES: I was surprised no one in sales had let me know about the availability of the new model as I’d called and emailed last year, and they had my contact info.
    Delivery was quick. It was shipped within 48 hours and arrived two days after that in MA. Assembly was pretty simple, but a couple nuts were missing from my package. When I called, Ron was helpful and offered to send them, but I just grabbed them at my local hardware store and finished up.
    I had a pretty substantial pile of brush waiting, and I could not be more pleased with this chipper’s performance. It chews through everything I put through it. It might slow just a bit at 4″ fresh hardwood, but not much. I’d been a little concerned that it wouldn’t be powerful enough, but the infeed is crazy powerful, and the chipper keeps right up with whatever I stuff in there. Thank you Woodmaxx for an excellent, well-made personal chipper. I am a happy customer!

  15. Daryl Kessler

    This thing is a BEAST well worth the wait!! Everything I throw at it gets chipped from tiny limbs to 6 inch trees, mostly fir and alder. Note it is not a big fan of pine needles but keeps going. I have it on a John Deere 2025R 18HP at the PTO and the tractor does not bog down when I throw big chunks at it. I have had for two months now and put over thirty hours on it. When you have over 5 acres of woods and trails you are always cleaning up after the wind blows. Like many others because of world situation I was on a wait list for the TM-86 but when Woodmaxx sent an e-mail saying they were making there own and made in the USA I said sign me up! Could not be more satisfied with this purchase. A couple of cons though. The shipping container was a cardboard box and it took its injuries during shipment. The safety bar fell out the bottom and got scratched up every time a forklift moved it around, nothing serious, I have added more scratches to the machine since. I contacted Woodmaxx and told them about it and they offered touch up paint for the scratches and said they were improving the shipping container to wood. Assembly was quick and straight forward. Only thing that I did not like was that the manual had to be downloaded, personnel preference I still like paper. I do not have internet out in the barn and getting the manual printed took more time than assembling. Want to throw a shout out to the sales reps for Woodmaxx, Ron Olejniczak, he answered every little stupid question I had from ordering to arrival. Once again this thing is awesome and worth every penny. Note I did add skids to the bottom of the chipper. Had some scrape pieces of trex deck and bolted on.

  16. swbeecher

    Beautiful machine! Purchased for my Kubota B2601 (20 PTO hp). Received within 2 weeks of ordering, took 3 hours to assemble (including premium PTO shaft length adjustment). Had some extra bolts in the box, tech support responded quickly & professionally, & their online resources were very helpful.

    Could not be a more perfect machine for my 3.5 acres. I cut back our trails & field edge every year & had a lot of ugly dry, dead/dirty branches piled up. The chipper eats any branch I throw into it, even chipping some 6″ material with a reduced feed rate. Anything less than 3″ diameter it runs at full infeed speed. The chips come out uniform and well cut, even after making 13 yards of chips, & the knives are still making good cuts.

    The initial filling of the hydro infeed system took about 5 mins forward/5 mins reverse to bleed the air out of the system, & the owners manual is very detailed & easy to follow.

    Thank you Woodmaxx for a great product- my only problem is I ran out of branches to chip!

  17. Frank Steele

    Like many I had been waiting a year for a chipper and it was worth the wait. The MX-8600 was a beast and tore through all the downed limbs we had powered by my 1025R. I was surprised on how fast it ripped through everything big, long, small, and you name it. We fed it dead lodgepole, live branches, thick bark from firewood splitting, and nothing slowed it down. Very impressed and happy with the purchase.

    Oh when they shipped it they had forgotten some bolts and parts, but a quick email and ticket got me the parts sent right quick. The throttle cable was a bit tricky to get right and I still need to tweak that a bit, but all in all it was a breeze to put together.

  18. Derek Piehl

    I recently took shipment of the mx8600 from woodmax. Rite now there is still a decent amount of snow on the ground but I did get to try it out on our Christmas tree that had been just laying in your yard. It chipped it like nothing. I will be putting this to work after work and on weekends expanding my yard and helping a few neighbors thin out some trees on there property. Great product American made and very robust. Was also very pleased that I didn’t have to cut the pto shaft. I have a yanmar sa424 with a harbor freight quick hitch and it fit perfectly with no modifications. Will either edit this review or make a new one. Once I get more hours on the machine. Thank u wood max for all the help in the process of getting my chipper

  19. Mike Harnsberger

    I have had the MX 8600 over a month now and just love the way it works and so do my neighbors I have been chipping for them also what a great piece of equipment, It was well worth the wait. I would tell anyone that is looking for a tractor mount pto chipper you won’t be sorry if you purchase this machine it is the best.

  20. Sean Hunt

    Look no further for your personal chipper! This thing makes light work of brush/limbs/logs. My only complaint is that the infeed opening isn’t bigger!!! It can handle more than they say. Thanks Woodmaxx for taking your products seriously because I am seriously satisfied.

  21. Mike Harnsberger

    I received the MX 8600 chipper a couple of weeks ago put it together and mounted it on my old Yanmar 240 D. The chipper is Awesome I have trimmed limbs out of a line of Redwood and Spruce trees to start, I have the limbs about 15 feet off the ground to help with fire control, We have that problem in California, Fires that is..
    I have 5 3/4 acres up here in Redwood Country Northern California with quite a few trees on it. My job is to go around the hole property and raise the limbs up on all the trees and chip them up this new chipper makes the job a lot easier. the only problem I find and its not a big deal is the angle of the feed chute if it was flatter it would be easier to put long limbs in to it. But as I said before it’s an Awesome Machine. It was a struggle before with my little standalone chipper, The MX8600 has taken a lot of work out of it,

    I will send a short Video by e-mail

  22. Kyle Yamagata

    It was well worth the wait for this American made product. The delivery service was great, the instructions were well written, follow up was prompt. The PTO shaft had to be shortened, but that was to be expected. First run was easy and it chipped everything we threw at it. Once compete for the day, we checked the blades, they were still like new, and that was dead oak we chipped. This will make my life so much easier.

  23. Steve Tilton

    I originally was waiting for a TM-86 but that never worked out so the I decided to wait for the MX-8600. After 9 months I received the chipper quickly once they were available and it was in perfect condition and worth the wait. The assembly was easy and the instruction were easy to follow. I live on a camp road and we always have more blow downs than we can possible burn.

  24. Win & Jen C.

    We received our new chipper a few days ago and even though there is snow and ice on the ground we couldn’t resist assembling it and trying it out. We are running ours on a 20 year old Kubota BX22 tractor and it worked great. Assembly went well, the directions were fairly straight forward and is not an issue for someone with a mechanical background. We only had the opportunity to chip a small amount of our large stick pile since it is bitterly cold out but we cannot wait to get chipping in warmer weather!

  25. John Hillen

    Let me start by saying WOW! I am the envy of all my neighbors! I use a Massey Ferguson GC1720 sub compact tractor to power the chipper. I live on 2 acres (mostly wooded) and it seems I am always trimming trees. Sadly, I haven’t had a chance to put it to work, because it arrived two days before our area got hit with 12 inches of snow and our average temperature has been 20 degrees. Dealing with WoodMaxx was a pleasure. They answer emails quickly, and answer questions completely. Because of issues outside of their control (COVID 19 Pandemic) I was on a waiting list. I was kept informed of my place on the list, and they made getting it delivered a dream. I say this because I live on a private road that the local fire department has trouble traveling. WoodMaxx looked up my address using Google and saw our local fire department had a very large parking area. Great for me, because it is only a 5 minute drive from my house. If you are in need of a chipper, WoodMaxx should be your first and only place to purchase it. Great company and product!

  26. Frederick Horstkotte

    First off, I run it on a Kubota BX25 and have put quite a pile of brush and tops through it without incident. Working several days at a time approximately 2-4 hrs. each day.

    My impression after owning it for several weeks is that Woodmaxx has delivered another unbelievable machine at an excellent value! Very heavy duty steel and components, and runs flawlessly. Once unboxed, there was very little assembly needed (hood and routing cables). With the little assembly I had to do, all the bolt holes and panels lined up perfectly. Start to finish it took about 2-3 hours from unpacking until the chipper was ready to use.

    I put 3 prepped piles of 4 inch down to 2 ½” material through without any issue. Devoured the limbs (up to 2-4″) with ease. The largest material I fed the chipper was ~5” in diameter and 9’ long, chipped up into perfect sized wood chips.

    Overall, well-designed and easy to operate, I’m very pleased with the construction quality and performance. Chipper self feeds well for branches and round wood. (Birch and Pine). I recommend the product and the company.

  27. Tracy Garnett

    I received the chipper fast and it was in perfect condition. The assembly was easy and the instruction were great. I love that it works with my quick hitch. It run smooth and does a great job chipping. I highly recommend this chipper

  28. Jared Cook

    After months and months of waiting for the release of this chipper it finally arrived. I wish it would have came sooner since we have been clearing land and it rains too much here to rely on burning alone. That and we always have a use for wood chips. This thing is a beast and devours wood past what I would keep for firewood. So much so that my wife came by and started pointing out logs saying those are firewood sized logs, don’t you dare chip them! We are running this chipper behind our Yanmar SA424, never a hesitation even when I chipped through a couple of 5.5″+ alder and cherry logs just to see what would happen. The first couple of days of using this machine exceeded my expectations with a small tractor. I am really looking forward to using this on storm cleanups on our property and as we clear more of our land for the garden, orchard and vineyard. If this thing continues to perform as well as it did the first couple days of chipping, it was well worth the wait.

  29. Todd Nelson

    Received the machine as promised which was great. Only issue was that I am on a dead end road and the freight company could not deliver here which is normal. I had to meet them and unload on a trailer which worked out just fine. The machine appears very well made, and well thought out. Assembly was easy and straight forward. The instruction manual is very well done for this machine! I am anxious to start chipping but have not yet as it has been bitterly cold. I have run the machine though to bleed out the air of the hydraulics and it runs smooth.

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