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WoodMaxx LS-34T



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WoodMaxx LS-34T


The WoodMaxx LS-34T is a powerful kinetic splitter that can split wood up to ten times faster than any conventional hydraulic splitter. The LS-34T log splitter is equipped with a professional grade Briggs & Stratton XR950 gasoline engine that boasts 6.5 HP and 9.50 ft./lbs. of torque. Alternatively, you can choose the optional highly fuel efficient Honda GX200 engine that provides 5.5 HP and 9.1 ft./lbs. of torque for only $200.00 more. Dual 75 pound flywheels spinning at 450 RPM create enough inertia to generate 34 tons of force splitting logs 24" long and up to 28" wide in under 3 seconds! This is equivalent to swinging a 150 lb splitting maul!!!!! Don't need this much power? Take a look at the WoodMaxx LS-28T (28-ton splitter). Auto ram retraction leaves your hands free to re-load quickly. Easy to maintain and hassle free. No hydraulic pumps, valves, hoses, or oil to worry about ...ever. Although the splitter weighs 507 pounds it can be easily moved around the work site with the attached tow hitch.

Check out these features:

- Standard Briggs & Stratton 208cc OHV XR950 Professional series engine, 6.5 hp. / 9.50 ft./lbs. of torque (engine meets U.S. EPA and California EXH/EVP SORE regulations) 2-yr consumer engine warranty , 1-yr commercial

- Optional ($200.00 upgrade) Honda 196cc OHV GX200, 5.5 HP / 9.1 ft./lbs. of torque (engine meets U.S. EPA and California EXH/EVP SORE regulations) 3-yr engine warranty
- Oil Guard System, automatically stop the engine if the oil level is too low.

- 28" Log Diameter Capacity

- 24" Log Length Capacity

- 8" Wedge Height

- Dual 75 lb. Flywheels (Dynamically balanced)

- Flywheel Max RPM 450

- Heavy Duty Steel Work Table

- Two Hands Control for safety

- Automatic Ram Retraction

- 3-Second Cycle Time

- Towable up to 20MPH

- Baked on powder coat finish

- 19# 7.0-8 Tires

- Weight - 507 lbs.
- Wheel base is 31" wide for easy travel through trails, fence gates, etc. If a wider wheel base is needed we offer a 12" base extension kit $50.00 (for a total 43.5")

- 2 yr. parts warranty residential; 1 yr. commercial

- 90% assembled upon delivery

- Crate dimensions L-69" x W-20" x H-35" crated weight is 600 lbs.
- FREE shipping to USA & Canada (lower 48 only, AK and HI extra
California Residents See Prop 65 WARNINGS

26 reviews for WoodMaxx LS-34T

  1. Wayne

    5 stars for customer service.Homeowner of the LS-34T for the last 2 years, splitting 3-4 cord per year.  Very pleased with the unit, but these guys shined when it came to customer service.  Had an issue with the pinion gear and another piece that broke due to some stubborn oak which was honestly my fault for continuing after multiple attempts on a knotted piece.  They shipped out the parts quickly with no question asked.  Top notch customer service.

  2. William e Rowley

    Received splitter yesterday, packaged very well, works awesome, split everything I needed in half the time compared to hydraulic. great product.

  3. Jesse Suter

    I can’t believe the difference between this splitter and my hydraulic splitter.
    It’s a solid 5 star review from me.

  4. Charles Fleming

    Packaged in a very sturdy container. Was very happy with how safe everything arrived. Keep up the excellent work woodmaxx!

  5. Bruce

    Ordered my splitter with the Honda engine and I just can’t believe how much wood I can split! I had a large pile and in a few minuets it will split as fast as you can load it.

  6. Eric

    I’ve been using my new LS-34T splitter intensively during the last two weeks and I’m very impressed!! This splitter is built very strong. I’ve ordered my splitter with the Honda engine and I just can’t believe how much wood I can split with a full tank. I’m now saving time and money…

  7. Randy Gingerich

    I am very happy with the performance and speed of this unit.
    It does exactly what Woodmaxx claims it does, truly a 2 second cycle time with seldom a second hit required, even on knotty logs.
    I did find a few loose fasteners upon it’s arrival, however this is a very minor issue when compared to the time saved to split the same amount of firewood,
    I have recommended this splitter to my friends.

  8. Ernest Sumner

    After endless searching and comparing, I decided to pull the trigger and order this splitter. Communication with the company was awesome, and before I knew it, it was here. It was like Christmas morning when I was 5! The crate showed up in great condition. This thing is heavy! Make sure you have help. Assembly was a breeze, taking around an hour. The color instruction book was awesome, but hardly needed. I have been splitting fir rounds that are 24-36 diameter and full of knots. It was all I could do to lift these onto the table (wet/green). The splitter did not flinch. In 3 hours of use, I got it to stop once on a huge knot. Just a reset on the handle, and hit it again, went right through. Showed a friend of the family this amazing machine, and now he has one on order. I cannot say enough good things about this splitter. If you are on the fence about the purchase of this machine, do not be! You will not regret it!

  9. Steve Burns

    The assembly took place easily without following the well-illustrated manual. EXCEPT, during my final stage of assembly, I dropped a 5mm nut which secures the split handle. ….. But to my surprise extra hardware was provided. What a relief and a smile came upon my being.
    I did follow the instruction for starting the engine and lubricating the rail. Started the engine and split several logs. All of this was done by myself. If I would have reviewed the instructions, I would have placed the hydraulic jack into position and removed the container bottom more efficiently. But, using the sides of the container provided a nice platform for sitting while assembling.
    I suggested another feature. This would be to have an assembly whereby one could leverage the log from the ground up to the work table. i.e. place the log into a cradle and then with a long handle titer totter the log up into position. (work like the Egyptians)

  10. Louis Jimenez Jr

    First off the reason I chose WoodMaxx is because of the customer service. The LA 34T is a BEAST. I’ve put monster size logs on here, and it rips thru them like I’m splitting a small piece of wood. Doesn’t bog down like a hydraulic splitter. First pull outa the creat and it started. I choose the Honda motor by choice, never had any problem with Honda. The price was more comparable with the hydraulic log splitters. The other kinetic log splitters were a lot higher in price which I couldn’t understand cuz the Wood Maxx one operates better than the high-dollar ones. I am very happy with my purchase with wood Maxx and I would refer this product to all of my friends.

  11. Maxwell

    This is the first log splitter I have ever purchased, and I am very happy with the performance. Assembly wasn’t too difficult, but definitely requires two people or a lift. I have split wood for 5 machine hours and already have enough wood for over a winter. The wheel extenders are a great idea for it. The only recommendations I would have are to make the wheel extensions a little longer, make the work top bigger so logs don’t fall off, and make the tongue out of thicker steel. I had the tongue break at a weld point, but WoodMaxx had a new tongue to me in just a few days. I would recommend always putting the leg down when splitting instead of letting the tongue attached to a hitch.

  12. James Beyer

    First and foremost, I am so glad I bought this piece of equipment. It is by far the fastest way to split wood. I must say though, that there are some things that should be carefully checked, while it is being assembled. Before using this machine, the pulleys and belts should be checked for proper alignment and all the nuts and bolts should be double checked for tightness. I actually replaced the bolts that hold the ram to the I-beam frame using better all steel lock nuts, because the weak plastic type don’t hold up to the impact and vibration of use and back off and cause the ram to get loose and stick at the end of it’s stroke. Other than that, I am super happy with this machine’s performance. There were a couple other minor issues, but they were quickly resolved, thanks to the friendly staff at Woodmaxx.

  13. Steve Humphrey

    Woodmaxx showed up today and spent 2.5 hours assembling. Most of that unpacking it…they could ease up a bit on the plastic wrapping.
    Went together like a breeze. Did it myself, but best if you have some help.
    Busted a couple of 20 inch oak rounds. Impressive and fast. Ninja splitter.
    Going to split about 2 cords oak and madrone tomorrow. First time I’ve ever been excited about splitting wood. Might not even sleep.

  14. Anonymous

    Pay attention to assembly, this splitter can’t be beat. Highly recommend the wheel extender kit, especially if you’re towing over uneven terrain. This is the first kinetic in use in this area; it sure is drawing attention! Out performs any hydraulic I’ve ever used. Unless you really enjoy splitting a winter’s worth of firewood with an axe, buy this splitter…you won’t be disappointed!

  15. Robert (verified owner)

    I got this splitter after a lot of research, as I went between the kinetic and hydraulic. I’m glad I made the decision to purchase this log splitter. It came securely packaged, and was not too difficult to assemble. I haven’t split a lot of wood with it yet, but what I have was a breeze, fast and easy. In my opinion its money well spent. This unit is much faster than a hydraulic unit and no messy leaks. Thanks Woodmaxx!!

  16. John (verified owner)

    I have used a couple hydraulic log splitters in the past and i was doubtful about the performance of a log splitter with a rack and pinion system. I purchased the LS-34T about a month ago and I am very impressed with its performance. The overall design of this splitter is great and it is very easy to start up and run. When I went to put the wheels on it I found one of the wheel nuts had been cross threaded and was stripped. A quick call to the guys at WoodMaxx and I had a new wheel nut in the mail in just 2 days, great customer service. I highly recommend this log splitter, the rate at which you can work through a stack will literally cut your work time in half.

  17. Bruce Reynolds

    Just received the splitter I was pleased how well the splitter was packaged as was the freight company. Set up the splitter and it worked as well as the video shows, I was able to split about 1/3 cord in an hour. Splitter is extremely fast. works well would recommend to anyone looking for a splitter.

  18. Gary (verified owner)

    I have owned a 22 ton hydraulic splitter for years, it is a good splitter but it is slow, on good wood it’s faster to split it by hand. Now with this WOODMAXX LS-34T you can not out split it. This thing is so fast it takes longer to feed wood to it then to split it. Easy to put togather , and easy to start. Now I have to go look for more wood to feed to it because it’s still hungry. Great Buy!

  19. Stephen

    I recently received the LS-34T Kinetic Log Splitter. This splitter is awesome! I split my firewood into wrist size pieces for my homemade rocket stove. This splitter is exactly what I need. It is so fast that I have no downtime. This makes the wood splitting process constantly active with no boring standing around. I had one initial problem which was a defective drive belt that kept twisting on its own. I called Woodmaxx this morning, I had taken pictures but they said they did not need the pictures, they just immediately sent me 2 new drive belts. If they have a product I need I will definitely buy from Woodmaxx again!

  20. Todd D

    Just got the splitter in today. The hardest part of the assembly was getting it out of the packaging. The machine is rugged and well designed. Got to splitting right away and was very impressed at the speed of the splitting and ease of use.

  21. Greg H

    I recently purchased the LS-34T log splitter. I was able to pick up the splitter right in Akron, NY. The machine came assembled and ready to go. When I arrived home I rolled it off my trailer I was shocked at how easy it was to move compared to my Troy-Bilt 27 ton hydraulic splitter. I fired up the Briggs and Stratton engine wish ease and began to split wood. No matter what I dropped on the table Oak, Cherry or Ash nothing seemed to slow down this WoodMaxx LS-34T. The power and speed this machine has just doesn’t compare to any other log splitter I have ever used. I was a little unsure about purchasing this style splitter because I have never seen anything like it before, but I am extremely happy with the WoodMaxx LS-34T, and already have friends that want to try it out.

  22. Herman Elig (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this splitter for a month now. If I can get the log onto the table of it, then it will split it. I can split a lot of wood in a short time. I wheel it by hand out of the barn, split up a couple of days worth of wood and wheel it back into the barn again. This helps me because I don’t have to go through a lot of time consuming trouble to have a little firewood. This splitter is exactly what I hoped for. An easy to use(starts on the first pull) , doesn’t take up much room, and doesn’t wear me out unit. I’ve been splitting black locust with it and it has never found a log it couldn’t split, even when there is a limb connection to the log. It splits very fast and I would and do recommend it to anybody looking for an easy way to split wood.

  23. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Using a team of 4 we split close to 12 chords of wood in about 7 hours. That included a long lunch and the splitter was not in use when we were emptying our trailer. Most I ever accomplished in one day. I’ve sent videos to friends and I’m thinking for sure you will see more sales out of Wisconsin. The machine itself was unstoppable. Super product!

  24. Mike (verified owner)

    I’ve owned my 34 ton kinetic splitter for 2 months now and it’s working great! I’ve only had to hit one stump twice and it was oak with two arms on it. It’s so much faster then hydraulic that I spend less then 1/2 the time splitting wood like I used to with my old splitter!! You spend all your time moving wood instead of waiting on the splitter! The only maintenance I’ve had to do is wipe off the I beam and spray some silicone on it. Other then that it’s been great. Would buy again without a doubt.

  25. Rob O (verified owner)

    I?ve been happy with all the Woodmaxx products I have purchased (includes the SB-72 and the WM-8H). On the LS-34T; it arrived neatly packaged and was easy to assemble. The design is well thought out and the work table is a great size and really helps with efficiency. The cycle time is amazing and is a huge time saver over hydraulic models I considered. The LS-34T has split some large diameter wood, knotty wood, and done everything I have asked of it. The build quality is very high and I am pleased with the purchase.

  26. Mike (verified owner)

    I only heat with wood and have been splitting for 29 years!!! Picked up my WoodMaxx kinetic splitter on Monday and brought it home. It was in a plywood crate and looked great. If it gets damaged, you?ll know cause the crate looked that good. I unpacked the splitter and had three people there to help unload from the truck. This splitter is very heavy (606 lbs.) and it’s built heavy too. Got the instructions out and started assembling. All the bolts are in the holes that they go in so you just take them out, put the part in place and put back together. Easier then changing your oil. The parts are heavy so it was nice to have someone there holding them while you put the bolts back in. You only had to lean the splitter over to put the tires on if you have help! After we got it together we added oil and gas and it started right up. It has a gas shutoff so make sure it’s open. We let it run for about an hour to break it in and then went splitting. Before we put the first log on we sprayed the bar with silicone as recommended and then started. Let me tell you, this thing is a beast. I had always owned a hydraulic splitter (22 ton) and was afraid this wouldn’t match up. Boy, was I wrong!! I should have bought this years ago. I threw my toughest stumps at it and it doesn’t blink. This thing is powerful and you can tell as soon as you hit the first log. I split about half a cord in 20 minutes, maybe because I wasn’t watching the time. I was too busy laughing about how easy this thing was going through stuff. It?s by far the best investment I have ever made in a splitter!! I bought the 34 ton model. I am extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend to any of my neighbors. A great deal to buy! I’m splitting oak, pin oak, and walnut not that it matters to the splitter. If this doesn’t split in one whack, then your splitting your wood sideways!!

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