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WoodMaxx FM-88H



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1 review for WoodMaxx FM-88H

  1. Shawn

    Unit was shipped in a steel frame, and was well packed, It also included all necessary bits and pieces (PTO shaft, hydraulic hoses, and hitch pins). All hardware was also included. Very pleased with how it was shipped, and with the quality of the unit.

    The mower itself works very well, especially in tall grass (mows 4+ foot high grass with ease), and does a fair job in brush (we got the duck-foot hammers). It follows the ground much better than I expected.

    While I am quite pleased with this unit, it doesn’t handle thin, sparse, spindly grass very well (but then, nothing really does). A higher rotor rpm might help in this department (250 rpm or so).

    Would I buy this mower again? Most definitely!!

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