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WoodMaxx FM-78H




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WoodMaxx FM-78H PTO Flail Mower (78″) with HYDRAULIC SIDE SHIFT

30-65 HP Required (Rear Hydraulic Remotes Required)

Category 1 or Category 2 (with optional Bushings)


  • NSK Brand Shaft Bearings
  • 79.5″ Overall Width
  • 74″ Cutting Width
  • Requires 30-65 hp PTO
  • 3/4″ – 3-3/4″ Cutting Height
  • 1/4″ Structural Q235 Structural Side Plate
  • Optional Hammer or Reversible Double Y-Blades
  • Reverse Rotor Rotation
  • 4.25″ Rotor Tube Diameter
  • 13.5″ Rotor Swing Diameter
  • 2160 RMP Rotor Shaft Speed
  • Blade Speed 128 Ft./Sec.
  • Cat. 1 or Cat-2 (with optional bushings)
  • Three Total B-Series Gates Super HC Plus Vextra
  • Automatic Drive Belt Tensioner
  • Bolt-on Replaceable Skid Shoes
  • 1-3/8″ 6-spline w/slip clutch (included)
  • 2 Year Parts Warranty
  • Shipping Dims: 82x35x29 (Due to increased gas prices and size/weight of this machine, additional shipping charges may be incurred.
  • Shipping Weight: 900 lbs.


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24 reviews for WoodMaxx FM-78H

  1. Brad

    Great Mower! I have the FM-78H on my 2021 Kioti CK4010se with a cab. The side shift is awesome. I have 33 pto hp and this mower works great with the hammer blades. This is my first flail mower and I’m impressed

  2. Gerianne Fierro

    This flail mower is very powerful, handles crop residue with ease and is also great for mowing pasture. Great quality and customer service as well

  3. A Byars

    This is the first flail mower I’ve owned and I really like it. It’s great being able to mow the yard then raising it a little and mowing the pasture and wiping out some blackberry thickets. I like the Y knives for my use and the side shift will cut down on my string trimmer time in the orchard.

  4. David Day

    Thrilled with this purchase. The shipping was fast and delivered across the country quickly. Assembly was easy – had it on the tractor and took it out to the yard to give it a try. First time using it and it cut the grass into fine cuttings. Easy to use and does a fantastic job. Highly recommend Woodmaxx products. Great company to deal with.

  5. Tim Collins

    This is my second mowing season using my FM 78H. I installed hammer blades last year and wow what a difference. This mower is my primary mower since I mow 5 acres. I would not own a flail mower without side shift. This makes the mower so much more useful. I?m also glad I did my homework before I bought. Hands down, Woodmaxx is the best bang for your buck. Go ahead and do your homework, but you?ll come back to Woodmaxx. Makes mowing fun again! Thanks TLC in Oklahoma

  6. KENNY

    Such a nice change to receive a product that works just the way you receive it. Well thought out and works wonderfully. Using this, as the previous FM-62H on a JD 3039R, in 4′ tall growth and it does an amazing job at roughly twice the speed of my previous rotary mower/brush hog.

  7. Alfons Kuhn

    It shipped in timely manner. I find it extremely well built, rugged, durable. After setting it up I went to cut on my farm around buildings after all livestock gone and a bit overgrown on places. It works really well, leaves a nice finish, my son came by and even noticed it. I like specially the hydraulic side shift.

  8. Mark Gabala

    I mow a 20 acre fruit orchard in Michigan. I purchased for price, during initial operations I had some concerns making my rating a 3.5/5. However the outstanding attention to detail and prompt replacement of parts has earned a 5/5 rating. This mower is 1/3 the price of other orchard options I looked at. I prefer the duck foot cutter to the flail blades, (personal preference). I would and will purchase again.. Square Nail Farm, Allegan Michigan

  9. Caleb

    The first mower I ordered arrived damaged by the shipping company, The folks at Woodmaxx promptly sent me out a new unit and within 5 days it was delivered to my door. Other than some minor “orange peeling” in a small section of paint the unit was flawless. Setup was straightforward and I was mowing in the hour.
    – Take into account the the length of the hydraulic ram in regards to hose length. One hose is borderline short and the other is too long even with adjusting the fittings and re-routing hoses
    – Move the piece of angle that is aft of the roller further from roller to reduce debris entrapment
    – Protect the grease fittings on the roller, they are in a precarious spot.
    – Double check ALL fasteners
    – Side shift feature is outstanding, going around obstacles is a breeze.
    – I got the “duck foot” brush blades- they work great on brush but am very impressed how they work on grass.
    I have roughly 6 hours of mowing on the unit, and I love it so far!

  10. DC

    Had an issue with one of the bearings on the mower in the spring. The service tech Joel was very helpful in getting the parts to me promptly with his recommendations. They definitly stand behind their products and are eager to help. They do their absolute best to keep their customers happy. Nice to have a company that takes care of you after the sale. I would definitely recommend this Flail mower. Its built like a beast and does a great job, with great support after the sale is long over. Great job Woodsmax.

  11. Phillip Lovett

    What I have found, with the mower properly set up, it doesn’t shift to the left (from sitting in the operator’s seat) enough to cut as wide as my rear tire track which is 6 feet. It falls about 4″ short of being as wide as the outside of the left rear tire, while the right side is overlapping the tire width by 8″ or so. To help move the mower to the left more I put spacers on the side shift cylinder and cylinder rod to push it further to that side. I have pushed it as far as it can go given the length of the threads on the cylinder and rod, and I’m about an inch shy of being as wide as the left side.
    Also the operator/maintenance manual doesn’t show the manufacturing updates that have been done to this mower which added to the set up time.
    Cut very nicely in about 1 ft tall grass/weeds.
    I will update this review after I have had a chance to cut some tall grass later in the season.

  12. Steve Ligler

    Glad I waited for the WoodMaxx 78H! Running it with a JD 3046r (46 HP, 34 HP at PTO), and it handles the mower quite well. The tractor is definitely working when mowing high grass or light brush, but not more than it should.

    The good:

    – Heavy/well built
    – Nice access door to check/maintain blades
    – The hydraulic side shift is a must have!
    – Smooth running. Cuts well.
    – Steel shipping crate really protected the mower.

    The others – (all minor):

    – Hydraulic hoses could be 6″ longer.
    – The manual is outdated. Doesn’t show the correct height adjustment.
    – Process in the manual for shortening the drive shaft is either very unclear, or does not work like they think. Tried it their way – still too long (better than too short!!!). Did it my way the 2nd time and bingo.


    – Take your time and go through the whole machine. Check every bolt.
    – Absolutely get the hydraulic side shift!
    – Absolutely get a WoodMaxx over the cheaper units out there.

  13. Tom bauder

    I have this mower and just can’t believe just how well it’s built. Heavy steel, large gear box, heavy duty bearings, they did everything right. The PTO shaft is heavy duty also. Great instructions, you name it. I keep looking at it and am amazed by the high level of quality and thought that went into this implement.

  14. charles Hahn

    very nice unit cuts very even and mulches well-the delivery was done in a timely manner it seems to be matched well to my Kubota l3901 very satisfied

  15. Bob Kacalek

    So far, have mowed variety of fields, smooth and rough. Grasses to brush and berries! Performing as well as to better than expected. Side shift is well balanced, performs great, very useful. Only challenge was the inspection plug for gearbox oil was covered by safety plate mount and drilled large hole for access to remedy. Thankful the unit shipped in metal framework as frame was bent badly but unit was perfect on arrival. Feel confident this mower will provide many years of excellent service. Thank You!

  16. Tall Grass a Mowin

    I received my mower last week.
    *Sales process was easy
    *Strong shipping crate
    *Assembly was easy except for the pto shaft. I followed the measuring instructions and it was still too long. I ended making several cuts with trial fittings in between each cut.
    *After an hour’s use, everything is great. The mower is very quiet and cuts long grass very well. We purchases this as an alternative to our rotary cutter, and it works just as in the videos we watched. Our mowing speed is slower, but with 1 pass, we are very happy with the results.
    *All in all, this has been a great experience,

  17. TLC

    If youre looking for a flail mower, dont look any further. I hooked up my FM-78H yesterday to my JD 3038E. This mower is not only a quality piece of equipment, but it is so well balanced. I am very impressed on how well constructed this mower is. Im using it on my yard as my primary mower. I searched the internet for several months before I bought this mower. The side shift is awesome. You dont have to break your neck to look back to see where it is. It mows extremely well and with short grass, you can fly with this mower. The only thing I would change is where the pto shaft connects to the mowers gearbox. With the 540 shaft connection, I would use the same spring loaded pin connection on both ends, as the mower pto connection was the hardest part for me to get accomplished. Im totally satisfied with the mower. Also, WoodMaxx customers service is second to none. They are very polite and extremely knowledgeable on their equipment. Thanks Woodmaxx. Heavy duty and quality equipment.

  18. Anonymous

    I was immediately impressed with the strength in the shipping crate, which was 1-1/2×1-1/2 steel angle. It took awhile to disassemble the unit from the crating, but everything was in good shape, with no damage from common carrier shipping. Fit and finish is excellent. The assembly took a couple hours, but everything went together nicely, and the unit started up with no problems. I am very pleased with the quality of cut I’m getting. My pastures range from mostly grass to heavy weeds and a few small saplings. I got the duckfoot blades installed, with a set of y-blades also. No question about recommending the product. It’s sturdy and well built, and my pastures look great. The only tiny knock is that Woodmaxx puts a plastic cylinder with a screw-on lid on the mower deck to hold the instruction manual. The lid got knocked off at the first heavy brush and limbs I went through. No big loss, just seems unnecessary. Overall, a very satisfied customer.

  19. Jeffrey Baker

    First Flail mower i have used has performed great have used it with Y blades and Ducks foot
    blades both work great,had one set of Y blades come off (my fault should have re tightened them
    after first time per manual ) no damage except to nut and bolt (ez fix) I do use lock tight red when changing blades to make sure they stay tight !
    The folks at Woodmax went out of their way to get my order to me as fast as they could and answered all my questions before and after I bought it ! READ LUBE CHART on page 19 and 20 not much lube needed at all,I got to 25 HRs and called because I thought that was the time to grease everything and was told only the PTO shaft needed it ! If you want your lawn to look like it was mowed with a reel mower but without the the problems buy their Flail mower ! The side shift works great also,unit is heavy and well built I am running a
    Mahindra 3616 HST with no problems at all .
    Will buy from them again !

  20. Paul G

    Honestly, after pricing and looking at other mfgr flail mowers, I was concerned that WoodMaxx might mot be producing a quality product – simply based on the price differences.
    I was wrong. This unit is well built and works great. I bought it with the Y blades because most of what I’ll cut is grass field, with the occasional small sapling that always seem to crop up. On 2-3′ hay, this cut without a hitch and left a cut as good as a finish mower. It didn’t even notice the small saplings, and left the cuttings evenly distributed. The grass was finely chopped up and without clumps, and decays nicely. Went right over a raised rock (that I forgot about) that would have been sent flying and probably damaged my bush hog.
    So much more maneuverable and able to get into tighter areas than my bush hog, too.
    The hydraulic offset was very handy when cutting close to the fence and woods lines, so glad I got that feature.
    WoodMaxx, thanks!

  21. Dan

    Ordered with Duck Foot hammers. Arrived undamaged. Only used for a couple hours so far to test how it cuts different types of growth. Cuts 2-4″ grass cleaner than my 72″ finish mower, Cuts 2′ pasture grass better than bush hog without windrows or uncut tire tracks. Mulches 1-2″ saplings that bush hog left laying on ground. Cuts 2 year growth in pasture with 3′ tall grass and weeds with 1″ sumac and black cherry saplings at same speed as 5′ bush hog on same tractor but leaves much better finish. Has mulched several 2-4″ branches that have fallen from trees. Hit couple low lying stumps and no damage found. Long term durability to be determined, but so far this thing is tough and leaves very nice finish. Bought it to replace finish mower and bush hog. Very pleased with it so far.
    UPDATE: Nuts holding flails loosen on their own. Need better lock nuts Gland Nut in end of hydraulic cylinder came loose and had to be re-installed. Otherwise still holding up well and would buy again.

  22. Padraic

    The FM 78-H is a tough machine. It ate up 1″ and larger willows if I drove slowly, and went through smaller brush as if it weren’t there. My 65hp tractor was sufficient to run it, although if you’re consistently cutting larger saplings, I would use a more powerful tractor. The finish and materials on the flail are great and look as though they’ll hold up for many years. The hydraulic shift is well worth the small added cost if you ever intend to mow around obstacles like fences, large rocks, posts, etc. I found the duckfoot blades to be the right choice for the kinds of rough cutting I wanted to do on larger brush and woody plants.

    A few small details could be improved to make this machine great: the document holder, hydraulic line routing, and hanger for the PTO could all be better.

    None of these details would stop me from buying the machine if you need a sturdy, affordable flail, but fixing them would take it from good to great.

  23. Daryl in central Wi

    Mower works great, mows down tall weeds and grass with ease and in one pass , even where the tractor wheels drive over what you are going to mow .The hydraulic side shift is a nice option, mower appears to be built well. I was going to buy a brush mower but it would take too much room to turn around, glad I purchased this mower instead. I would recommend this product to anyone.

  24. Gene P.

    Just writing you to let you know how I like my flail mower. I received it in the spring and have roughly 20 hours on it. It works great, I am very satisfied. I use it for my wooded trails, grassy lanes, horse pasture and under fences. The hydraulic slide feature is awesome. I was a little worried about rocks with a flail mower, but it handles them well. It does a great job at mowing grass and small brush.

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