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WoodMaxx FM-78




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WoodMaxx FM-78 PTO Flail Mower (78″)

30-65 HP Required

Category 1 OR CATEGORY 2 (with optional bushings)


  • NSK Brand Shaft Bearings
  • 79.5″ Overall Width
  • 74″ Cutting Width
  • Requires 30-65 hp PTO
  • 3/4″ – 3-3/4″ Cutting Height
  • 1/4″ Structural Q235 Structural Side Plate
  • Optional Hammer or Reversible Double Y-Blades
  • Reverse Rotor Rotation
  • 4.25″ Rotor Tube Diameter
  • 13.5″ Rotor Swing Diameter
  • 2160 RMP Rotor Shaft Speed
  • Blade Speed 128 Ft./Sec.
  • Cat. 1 or Cat-2 (with optional bushings)
  • Three Total B-Series Gates Super HC Plus Vextra
  • Automatic Drive Belt Tensioner
  • Bolt-on Replaceable Skid Shoes
  • 1-3/8″ 6-Spline with Slip Clutch (included)
  • 2 Year Parts Warranty
  • Shipping Dims: 82x35x29 (Due to increased gas prices and size/weight of this machine, additional shipping charges may be incurred.
  • Shipping Weight: 900 lbs.


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10 reviews for WoodMaxx FM-78

  1. Aaron Martinez

    Thanks for the mower! It works great! Had a few bolts come loose and lost but replaced all good 👍🏼 Good quality mower!

  2. Michael Russell

    Just received my mower. It was really easy to assemble. Looks to be very well made. I got the hammers. Due to the brush cutting that i normally do. I cut my overgrown field today and was impressed with the cut quality. Looks like i cut it with a lawn mower.

  3. Richard D.

    The FM 78 is a quality machine through out. Heavy duty construction. It handled a field that I had let get to the hood of the tractor with ease. I am very well pleased.

  4. Steve R

    A few weeks ago I took delivery of the FM-78 Flail mower and I can honestly say that I LOVE THIS THING!!! I was concerned about Chinese quality but Woodmaxx definitely got those guys producing a quality product. I do wish it was made in America so we kept the jobs here but it is what it is. But yeah, this machine really gets it done and it’s a pleasure to use. Mind you, I own a Ferrari and I’m uncertain which is more fun to use/drive! My orchard looks like a manicured park and now all the vines and old plants coming out of my vegetable garden can be dumped in the orchard rows and almost instantly converted to mulch. I love my Woodmaxx flail mower, great product, amazing price, you guys rock!

  5. Tyler

    So far I am impressed at the quality of this mower for the cost. Overall construction is heavy duty. The mounts for the hitch points to the tractor are robust. The structure that bolts on and supports the top link mount has been a weak point for me on other mowers. This one is no thicker, but has three construction features I think will help: 8 bolts instead of 4, a small weldment across the crease at the bottom where the bolts are, and an arch welded across the rear of the structure. In previous experience with flail mowers that used a folded steel design, the steel will actually shear over time with vibration when carrying the mower in the raised position. I’m hopeful the little weld that forms a small triangle will be enough to stop this.

    The rear roller is a good size, unlike some competitors. It should roll well and not become clogged and stop turning against the scraper. The driveshaft does have a slip clutch. I like the belt tensioner mechanism. The paint / finish are nice.

  6. D. McNelley

    I received my flail mower in late july/early august of 2018 and have used it in various applications from hay fields to the yard. It has proven to be very effective in all uses with the exception that it does not compost leaves well (this is a joke of course).

    If you are going to purchase, the hydraulic shift is priceless.

  7. Timothy Cox

    I was very skeptical about the purchase of a flail mower to start, being that it is so different from the traditional rotary mower. My pasture was well overgrown from the lack of attention. The flail mower did a very good job shredding the material very fine.The quality of the machine looks very good. So far I have mowed about 8 acres with it and I am very pleased with the performance of the WoodMaxx FM-78. I was actually surprised at the quality of finish the mower produces with the hammer blades.

  8. Doug Reeves

    So, I have mowed my pastures for years with a brush hog. 3 solid days of Texas heat listening to my little 35 hp tractor suffer through the process. So one fateful day as I was surfing the web a flail mower popped up. Never heard of such a thing. So after finding one made in the USA I watched 6000 videos over the course of a year. Well, I finally decided that I would give it a spin so I purchased the FM-78. At first, even before it was delivered, buyers remorse set in. I thought about my poor little 35 hp workhorse and what I was about to subject it to. I mean, 29 hp. at the PTO… hello, she just a baby. So the mower showed up all shiny and new and so I sucked it up, cut the PTO shaft (no going back now) and hooked this monster up. Well, this ridiculous mower BLASTED through these pastures in one day!!! BOOM! And on top it that my little 35 hp. powerhouse took it like a champ! Thanks Woodmaxx for such an AWESOME product!

  9. Paul Badour

    After much research in the flail mower market, I decided on the Woodmaxx FM-78. It seemed to have all the features of the more mainstream brands but at a much more palatable price point. It arrived in a sturdy metal shipping crate and the only assembly required was attaching the top link bracket with 8 bolts, cutting the PTO shaft to length and attaching it to the gearbox. It was greased, oiled, and ready to use. I hooked it up to my JD 4500 (39hp) and proceeded to mow a 3′ tall hayfield. It cut through the Michigan grasses easily and left a trail of mulch. This mower is performing to my expectations and I consider it a good purchase.

  10. Anonymous

    Wanted to switch to a flail mower in place of my finish mower & brush hog so I didn’t have to switch back & forth. Had made up my mind to buy a Caroni, but learned that they were out of stock until January (4-5 months?) Did additional research & learned that WoodMaxx was now offering a flail. I know their reputation on chippers & snowblowers, so after thinking it over I placed the order for an FM78. I got excellent support and clear communications in the order & delivery process, and within 3 weeks had the new mower delivered, assembled (minor assembly), and running. I’ve only run it for a few hours but am very impressed with the construction quality and the performance. The offset is very handy and the belt tensioning system is excellent vs. competitive models. Thanks to Amanda and the rest of the staff at Woodmaxx for a great product and just as importantly, for making the order & delivery process very easy. Looking forward to putting a lot more hours on this in the future.

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