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WoodMaxx FM-62H




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WoodMaxx FM-62H PTO Flail Mower (62″) with HYDRAULIC SIDE SHIFT

(Rear Hydraulic Remotes Required)

20-45 HP Required – Category 1 Only


  • NSK Brand Shaft Bearings
  • 65″ Overall Width
  • 59″ Cutting Width
  • Requires 20-45 hp PTO
  • 3/4″ – 3-3/4″Cutting Height
  • 1/4″ Structural Q235 Structural Side Plate
  • Optional Hammer or Reversible Double Y-Blades
  • Reverse Rotor Rotation
  • 4.25″ Rotor Tube Diameter
  • 13.5″ Rotor Swing Diameter
  • 2160 RMP Rotor Shaft Speed
  • Blade Speed 128 Ft./Sec.
  • Cat-1 Hitch Type Only
  • Hydraulic Side Shift Offset. Shifted left (36″L/29″R), shifted right (22.5″L/43″R
  • Three Total B-Series Gates Super HC Plus Vextra
  • Automatic Drive Belt Tensioner
  • Bolt-on Replaceable Skid Shoes
  • 3/8″ 6-Spline with Slip Clutch (included)
  • 2 Year Parts Warranty
  • Shipping Dims: 67x35x29 (Due to increased gas prices and size/weight of this machine, additional shipping charges may be incurred
  • Shipping Weight: 860 lbs.


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18 reviews for WoodMaxx FM-62H

  1. Matt

    Took me longer to get it out of the crate than it did to assembly it. Used it about 10 hrs so far behind my L2850 Kubota, works good for mowing slightly over grown fields. I ordered it with the hammer blades and seems to work as good on grass as it does on the 1.5″ saplings. I have damaged a couple hammers, but we have a few rocks in VT….

  2. Roy winekoff

    Totally awesome mower

  3. Roy

    62 H really great easy assembly and set up

  4. Roy T Winekoff

    62 H very nice mower easy to set up

  5. GregW

    I am loving the 62H flail mower. The hammer flails are still sharp enough to cut grass and tear through heavy brush. Great purchase. I did just lose the pto slip clutch lock pin. I just ordered several replacements from you but am wondering if you could share the specs on that pin to get a replacement in an emergency. Very hard to find other than from Woodmaxx. Thanks!

  6. Rob D

    Researched quite a few mowers before choosing the FM-62 and am very happy with it. Use it with a Kioti 3510 HST and it works great. The mower is very sturdy and solid. Use it on several acres of nasty bittersweet vines and buckthorn and it chews right through with ease, leaving a nice mulch and few clumps. The access hatch for cleaning the blades/drum/roller was a key feature in choosing the Woodmaxx (along with the thicker steel) and glad I did – makes it much easier on the cleanup. Overall build quality is very good. It arrived encased in a cage of 1.5″ angle iron, with all the joints bolted together, so a pretty straight-forward job to free up the mower from the pallet, with the bonus of a bunch of very usable angle-iron pieces when its done. Mower set-up was not difficult or too time consuming, detailed instruction booklet lays it all out well. Overall, the mower is a beast that will help me finally tame the overgrowth and all the invasive thickets.

  7. Davi Tennant

    Took me a few weeks to get it unpacked and running but it works great clearing the roadways and berry vines that stalled out a brush hog. It plows thru the thick vines and tree saplings. After a few passes learning to control the tractors speed it clears the path completely leaving a nice low cut.
    Glad to add it to my attachment group.

  8. KENNY

    Excellent mower, cut my mowing time almost in half. Well built machine.

  9. Travis Leicht

    Got the 62′ Flail mower in about two months ago. I’m running it on a Kubota B26, my tractor is at the bottom of the required power limit. Thing does an incredible job! I’ll be giving it a full review on my blog later this month.

  10. Todd Dutil

    I used my FM-62H for the first time today and I was not disappointed. The machine is being used to mow all of the big areas on a Christmas tree farm. I had been using a finish mower but with this unit I can get in closer to the tree rows doing a much better job in less time. This is my second piece of equipment from Woodmaxx and I am very satisfied with both.

  11. Alan Bacon

    I have just finished assembling the new 62H flail mower. I am very impressed with the thought to detail regarding the maintenance of the mower. Very easy to remove the PTO clutch guard for seasonal maintenance. The only thing I would mention as a caution to those of us who use a Cat 1 quick hitch is that the vertical measurement is 24″ cat 2 not the 18″ Cat 1. You will either need the floating top link or have the tower cut and top attachment point lowered inches.

    Over all I am very impressed with this machine.

  12. R Lawrence

    It has been the early ’80s since I have used a flail mower (Mott) and with that I knew that this was a good route to go by adding a flail to my business. Without question, the quality of cut after mowing down 6′ tall weeds will in itself get me more work.
    The Kubota B26TLB has no issue running the FM62H, though, if your into really tall, thick, wet grasses you will need more HP (30 PTO HP plus) to keep up efficiencies.
    Shipping and Delivery to this part of the world was no hassle and on schedule.
    Also bought the RT58 and TM86H so I’m quite happy with Woodmaxx offerings.

  13. Jim Brown

    My mower arrived about a month ago. I just hooked it up last night. It cut very well. The set up took longer than I expected., but was still doable. So far, I like your product.

  14. Dominic K

    Over the years, I’ve used many different rotary mowers on several different tractors. Late last Fall, I realized I would be needing a new mower. I placed a deposit sometime in March to hold my spot in line due to the high demand for these mowers. The unit was finally delivered to me in early May. It was crated extremely well and on delivery it’s easy to see it’s a well built piece of equipment. I’ve now ran the unit for 8 hours and have no complaints. It’s everything they profess it to be. Cleaner cut than any rotary out there, very rugged and well built. The durability of the unit remains to be seen down the road, but I have no reason to expect any issues. Overall extremely satisfied with the purchase so far. I contacted Woodmaxx customer service on four occasions using three different methods, phone, email and live support. Each time they were very accommodating, answered all my questions and were pleasant to communicate with.

  15. Bruce Tinloy

    My FM62H has arrived! First impression was very good. Heavy duty materials and construction that looks like it is built to last. Mounting it up to the tractor was easy after fabricating the hydraulic lines to fit my couplers and adjusting the PTO shaft to the proper lenght. Just missed our mowing season but a quick test pass down our road showed excellent results. So far so good. More to follow when I get more hours on the machine.

  16. Paul

    Got it last week. Was easy to put together and get going. I am using the duck feet cutters for heavy undergrowth and small saplings. So far goes through everything.

  17. Bruce Wildes

    The construction quality and design of this machine appear to be equal to or better than competitive brands and OEM attachments, at a very competitive pricing. You may have to wait for the machine to arrive on a shipping container, but in my case, it was worth the wait…I think! 🙂

  18. E C

    Ordered late August. Will arrive next week Jan. Although it is the wrong season to mow, I can hardly wait to get my new mower. Once I get it, I will do a complete review as best I can in the snow/ice. Stay tuned…..
    (WoodMaxx Response) Flail mowers are a seasonal item that sold out quickly in 2017, the delivery delay is because we shift our manufacturing focus to other seasonal items throughout the year. We look forward to your continued review after you have used the mower for a period of time.

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