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WoodMaxx FM-54



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4 reviews for WoodMaxx FM-54

  1. Jeff Quick

    Received my FM-54 orange flail mower today. The metal packing crate is really nice. Assembly was easy and straightforward, and the PTO shaft did not require cutting. It took a some time to get the the lift height set, but once I found the sweet spot it worked so well. It runs super quiet, and my Kubota 26hp 19.5 pto hp runs it very well.

  2. Thomas Lloyd

    This mower does really well in long and short grass. It has far exceeded my expectations in the short amount of time I have used it. Joel in service has been awesome to work with as far as issues after the purchase and advice on maintenance. I will be looking to buy other Woodmaxx products in the future.

  3. Robert Gentry

    I’m running this flail mower on a 2018 JD 1025R. This is another great tool added to my arsenal. I have a 3 acre wooded area of my property that I keep mowed and I always dread the first cut of the year due to all the small limbs and sticks. Not anymore! I don’t have to pick everything with this beast!

  4. Andrew Stark

    I have used my FM-54 for over 25 hours now. I am extremely satisfied and impressed with it. I run the mower on a John Deere 1026R (rated 18 HP at PTO) using the hammer blades. I started by mowing the yard around the house to learn what the machine was doing and be closer to the barn for tools to make adjustments. The hammer blades provide such a good finish on lawn that I have continued to use this mower for a lot of the lawn. I have also cut moderate to tall and heavy field grass/weeds/vetch, berry cane, and young autumn olive (year old and more). In low range I have not had to slow down for anything less than very heavy growth. The cut and distribution of grass and vetch that was at the height of the tractor hood was very good. Second and subsequent cuts are pretty clean. The mower is closer to the tractor and lighter than a rotary I was using, so I can get into more places and maneuver better with far less demand on the tractor. Thanks for an outstanding product.

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