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Wood Chippers: The Best Wood Chipper For You, Guaranteed

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Wood Chippers: The Best Wood Chipper For You, Guaranteed FAQ

Where are the Wood Chippers manufactured?

All of our chippers are proudly made in the USA! Every chipper and the available accessories are made with the highest-quality materials, right here in America. Each of our wood chippers is powerful and durable. Every chipper is precisely manufactured and comes with a warranty. The ratings on our high-powered commercial and residential chippers can't be beaten.

Should I choose a Gas or Electric Wood Chipper?

The difference between electric wood chippers and a chipper that uses gas power is easily broken down into two categories, convenience, and power. An electric wood chipper requires less engine maintenance. Electric is easier to use, and the chipper doesn't put out the same fumes as a chipper with gas power. However, a gas wood chipper has the power to easily work through tougher wood and thicker branches much more quickly.

What is POW-R-TORQ?

POW-R-TORQ is an infeed system to our wood chippers that are exclusively trademarked and patented by WoodMaxx. This wood infeed system brings together our patented hydrostatic drive, our wood infeed roller, automatic tensioner, gas springs filled with Nitrogen and our American-made A8 tool steel knives. Together, this powerful system has features that make it the most efficient and precise wood infeed system available on any PTO wood chipper around. This hydrostatic wood chipper infeed system is only found on MX-Series products. The wood chippers infeed system is made of a self-contained hydrostatic pump, filter, and reservoir. Say goodbye to wood, efficiently.

What makes the WoodMaxx infeed system unique?

The power of our hydrostatic drive system is what sets it apart. Unlike a standard hydraulic system, the hydrostatic drive system on our chippers is the same type of drive system used to drive bulldozers, trains, excavators, skid steers, and even ride on lawn mowers. These hydrostatic systems produce so little heat, that they require only a small fraction of the oil as a standard hydraulic drive system.

What to do with wood: Should I choose a shredder or a chipper?

Both a shredder and a chipper are valuable but their roles are different. A shredder is meant to process the wood and green materials cut from a tree or bush, such as branches and leaves. A chipper has the power and chipping capacity to cut through the wood waste, a high-powered wood chipper can get even the toughest jobs done. If you only have a small amount of green waste, then a wood chipper is the superior choice to a shredder.


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