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How to Work with PTO Wood Chippers

PTO wood chippers from WoodMaxx offer convenience and power to consumers who need to process large amounts of heavy branches and tree trunks. By attaching the wood chipper to a suitable tractor, users can easily move their unit to work sites and turn wood into chips that are easy to use, sell, or throw away. Using these chippers properly is essential to getting the most benefit from them.

Checking Compatibility with PTO Units

Before getting started with these chippers, users should verify that their PTO unit meets all pertinent requirements. Each chipper model from WoodMaxx is associated with recommended power levels that support optimal performance. In addition, hitch type must be matched between the chipper and the tractor to which it will be connected. If consumers are unsure of whether a specific chipper model will work with the tractor they already own, our personnel can offer advice on which products will best meet their needs.

Putting PTO Chippers to Work

Once consumers have connected their chippers and reviewed safety precautions, they can start processing wood. Unlike smaller chippers, PTO models can take care of much larger branches and even many tree trunks. This can save significant time and effort for landowners and professional landscapers. Adding to the ease of use is automatic feeding, which eliminates the need to manually push branches completely into the chipper bin.

PTO chippers can be one of the most powerful additions to any land management tool kit. If performance is ever interrupted during long-term heavy use, consumers can contact WoodMaxx for replacement parts. A three-year warranty ensures that clients can even get these parts for free in their first three years of owning a WoodMaxx PTO chipper.

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