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Advantages of 3 Point Wood Chippers

Wood chippers let consumers process tree trunks and branches into chips that are easy to manage, but 3 point wood chippers offer these benefits and more. Using power supplied by a tractor, three-point wood chippers can handle larger workloads and can be ideal for commercial landscaping applications. With the variety of power levels available, users can select the chipper that best meets their requirements and current equipment. Here is more about the advantages of these machines.

Adaptability to Applications

Three-point wood chippers put versatility in the hands of users with their different power levels and mobility. Each chipper carried by WoodMaxx works best with a specific power range. Because the chipper attaches to the tractor, it can be moved between work sites as necessary.

Auto Feed Means Less Work

Auto feed, a feature of certain three-point wood chippers, can ease work significantly for users who need to process very large amounts of wood. Instead of manually pushing every branch or tree trunk into the chipper bin, users can simply push the wood into the bin until the machine grabs hold and pulls the wood the rest of the way in. Not only does this enhance workflow, but it also reduces the time needed to complete the entire job.

Thanks to superior engineering, construction, and testing, WoodMaxx three-point wood chippers represent excellent long-term value to users. If necessary, consumers can also get replacement parts from WoodMaxx later to ensure continued high performance. A three-year warranty on all wood chippers also makes these parts free early in ownership. Our personnel can help prospective buyers find the right wood chipper for their needs.

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