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WM-8H Valve Handle

Handle for WM-8H control valve. Does not include cap and actuator.
Hydraulic Filter (WM-8H/ TM-86H)

Hydraulic filter for hydraulic oil tank.

Fits (WM-8H)
Drive Belt - Hydraulic Pump (BX43)

Drive belt for hydraulic pump.

Fits (WM-8H)
Hydraulic control lever cap (WM-8H) (2-hole)

Hydraulic control lever cap (2015 and newer)
Valve valve Spool Actuator (WM-8H)

Hydraulic Oil Tank Filler Cap (WM-8H)

Hydraulic oil tank filler cap with screen.

Fits (WM-8H)
SB-Series Snow Blower Chute Hydraulic Hose (Single)

Hydraulic hose for SB-series snow blower hydraulic rotator or deflector. Universal; works with either deflector or rotator. Price is for 1 hose
TM Valve Actuator Assembly

Hydraulic Pump Thrust adapter with Pulley (WM-8H)

Hydraulic pump thrust adapter with pulley. This assembly mounts to the frame of the chipper and holds the hydraulic pump in place to absorbs the lateral pull of the pump drive belt. There are two permanently sealed bearings that require no lubrication.
Hydraulic Pump ( WM-8H )

Hydraulic Pump