WoodMaxx Chipper Shredders and their Features

Clearing brush, routine yard maintenance and storm cleanup are big jobs, but the right equipment can go a long way towards simplifying them. WoodMaxx offers a series of chipper shredder models that give you the tools you need to clear away brush, foliage and other yard waste and debris so that you can get back to enjoying the natural beauty of your property.

WoodMaxx offers a wide selection of chipper shredders, attachments and replacement parts that can keep you going year after year. We maintain consistently high quality so that our equipment is functional, reliable and rugged. We use innovative techniques, superior designs and committed workmanship to create equipment that will get the job done.

Our chipper shredder for sale has two different in-feed power systems to meet your needs. We offer a mechanical auto-feed system an upper feed roller that is driven by a gear box and drive shaft, as well as a model that features dual in-feed motors, which are powered by a self-contained hydraulic pump and reservoir. The double in-feed rollers create an extremely efficient chipping process.

A-8 tool blades feature durable high-chromium and high-carbon materials. The chippers shredders blades are attached to the flywheel using 12.9 Holo-Krome bolts with a unique design that allows them to be changed out whenever necessary in a fraction of the time other models require and by a single operator. Replacement parts are ready to ship so that you will not have to experience any unnecessary downtime.

We are confident in our chippers and offer a three-year warranty. Check out our website to read our wood chipper reviews or give us a call to learn more about your options from one of our experienced customer service representatives.

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