Why should I find a PTO Snowblower for sale?

Here at WoodMaxx Power Equipment, we built our business on the belief that it is our responsibility to offer only the most advanced products at a price that will fit nearly any budget. Offered all throughout the United States, we manufacture direct to consumer which allows us to offer superior quality at affordable prices.

If you have been on the search for a way to quickly clear out your property in the cold winter months without breaking the bank, we have exactly what you need.

There are a few things that all customers should consider before purchasing their own snow blower. Many may look toward some of the larger brands that mass produce cheaper products. While these may seem appealing at first, this could be an expensive mistake in the long run. A second-rate PTO snow blower simply will not stand up to the rigors of being used multiple times throughout the year, and this could mean costly repairs and incomplete projects. However, the benefits of picking up a quality PTO snowblower for sale will last you a lifetime!

Power Through Powder, and Packed Snow

A PTO snow blower is designed to remove both wet and dry snow. These versatile snow blowers are available in two sizes: 59 inches and 72 inches. They come standard with a manual crank handle for the chute rotation and chute deflector device but can be upgraded to the electric or hydraulic version of the chute rotation and deflector devices for an additional charge. These additional options are available at the initial purchase time, or the upgrade can be made at a later date.

The right snow blower can be used to clear accumulated snow from your personal or commercial property. Whether you have sidewalks, walkways, driveways, parking lots or other surfaces, WoodMaxx snow blowers can easily power through the heavy, wet, dry or hard-packed snow and leave the surface clean and dry for greater safety.

Durable and Long-Lasting

WoodMaxx snow blowers combine a portable lightweight size with a powerful build to get even the toughest jobs done. They are manufactured using the strongest steel plate available, a heavy-formed Q-234 structural steel plate. Each piece is laser-cut for maximum precision and a flawless fit. The design is carefully tested at each stage of the manufacturing process and allows for the perfect combination of strength and rigidity.

Whether you have extensive landscaping around your home, a farm or own a small business, a PTO snow blower can make it easier for you to maintain your property. We offer durable equipment that gives you a way to get the job done in the most efficient way possible.

With free shipping throughout the continental U.S. and Canada and an optional upgrade to a three-year warranty, there is no better time to buy your WoodMaxx snow blower than now. Contact our skilled customer service representatives today to learn more or to order your own snow blower attachment.

As lifelong Western New Yorkers, we’re all too familiar with the harsh winters and know how demanding of a job snow removal can be. Trust us, when you’re in the middle of a winter storm, you’ll be glad you picked up that PTO snowblower for sale!