When to Use a Wood Chipper

Wood chippers are versatile pieces of machinery that have a number of uses for the home or business. WoodMaxx designs and manufactures three high quality models of wood chippers, allowing you to select the model that is right for your needs.

Use your 3pt tractor wood chipper when you have accumulated a lot of scrap wood and branches on your property. A wood chipper allows you to convert this wood into valuable wood chips, which can be used for mulch, for playground ground cover, and even for smoking and barbecuing meats. Best of all, the wood chips are easier and less expensive to transport than branches or scrap wood, saving you effort and money if you want to transport the wood off your property.

Another use for your wood chipper is to get rid of wood from unwanted trees and scrub. Whether you are a rancher in Texas who wants to get rid of the pesky mesquite trees that soak up the water from the land, or if you are simply clearing property for building or for transforming it into farmland, a garden, or a lawn, a chipper can help you reduce the wood into useful, easy to transport and store chips.

WoodMaxx designs and manufactures the WM-8H chipper, which is their hydraulic model of chipper; the WM-8M chipper, the mechanical model, and the WC-8N chipper, which is an economical model of auto feed chipper. All three models feature robust construction and an easy to use 3 point hitch.

Visit our website to learn more about each of our chipper models. Our user reviews testify to the strong design and easy to use operation of each of our machines. Be sure to also read about our other high quality machines: the models of backhoe, snow blower, flail mower, and rotary tiller.

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