What to Look for When Buying a Wood Chipper?

Wood chippers can be some of the most useful pieces of equipment for property owners. They can simplify routine landscaping or churn through storm-damaged brush and trees to speed even the toughest jobs. WoodMaxx offers durable wood chippers that are designed to complete virtually any landscaping job with ease. We pay attention to the smallest details on each stage of the manufacturing process and test each of our wood chippers to ensure consistently high quality for the farmers, ranchers and other property owners who use our equipment.

If you are looking for a wood chipper, consider your own property needs. Look for equipment that is made to meet those needs, and consider the companys track record and experience. A well-designed wood chipper will include features that allow you to get tough jobs done with minimal effort on your part, and it will last year after year through even the most rugged jobs.

A high-quality wood chipper should be able to stand up to your toughest jobs. We have a variety of chipper-shredders that are considered among the most durable and reliable machines available today. Our commitment to customer satisfaction shines through in every detail of our machines. Blades are easy to switch and change by a single operator, and in-feed rollers apply consistent pressure and steady movement as branches, leaves and other debris is pulled through the chipper and processed according to your needs. High-quality materials are used in every feature of our chippers to reduce the risk of breakage or damage. We even have consumable parts ready to ship so that you never have to experience unnecessary downtime.

Our wood chippers stand out from the competition thanks to our attention to detail, and many of the parts that go into our chippers are made in the United States. We even offer a three-year warranty on all our chippers for added peace of mind. Explore our site to learn more about available chipper shredder models or to read wood chipper reviews.

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