What should be considered when purchasing a wood shredder?

If you have recently taken on the task of purchasing wood shredder that will be both affordable and reliable, WoodMaxx Power Equipment is here to help. We believe that it is important for a company to stand behind every one of its products, and that is why we focus on the smallest of details that will allow you to carry out some of the largest projects as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here is a look at a few of the key features that should be considered by all customers that are on the market for a chipper for professional or private use.

There are countless features and specifications that customers must now choose from when they look for a new chipper. This often begins with the method of powering the unit. For those that will need a PTO chipper shredder, it is important to carefully check on the horsepower of the tractor itself. Most chippers allow for a minimum and maximum horsepower, and veering from these specifications could damage the chipper or the tractor itself.

Another common feature that customers look for is a chipper that will allow the operator to quickly regulate the size of the chips that are produced. Previously, many companies claimed that this was carried out by the angle of the spinning blades, but blades at severe angles could damage the chipper itself. The speed of the blades as well as the infeed rollers is a more effective option for changing the overall size of each chip. Customers will also want to ensure that their chipper can handle all natural debris including saplings, pine, fir, harder woods, and more.

If you are ready to invest in a chipper that will work flawlessly year after year, give WoodMaxx Power Equipment a call today.

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