What is the Power Requirement for a 3 Point Snow Blower?

A 3 point snow blower can be invaluable for businesses as well as residential consumers who are tasked with snow removal. Presenting incredible power and easy integration with industrial vehicles, these machines are top choices for clearing accumulated snow from roadways and work areas. Here is a look at the power requirements of three-point snow blowers.
Power Requirements Vary
The amount of power required to run a three-point snow blower depends on the size of the blower itself and the amount of snow that clients need to clear. A variety of models are available from WoodMaxx, including ones that are 48, 60 and 72 inches wide. When clients choose the 48-inch three-point snow blower, they should power it with between 15 and 25 horsepower. The 60-inch model should be powered with between 18 and 30 horsepower, and the 72-inch model should be used with 25 to 65 horsepower.
Judging Requirements
Clients can consider a few factors when they shop for a three-point snow blower in relation to the power they will require. When clients already have an industrial vehicle on hand that is sufficient to power a smaller blower, they may save considerable money by avoiding larger models that would require buying another more powerful vehicle. Of course, if snow removal needs exceed what is possible with a smaller blower, the advantages of investing in both a larger blower and a vehicle to power it may well outweigh the cost. WoodMaxx specialists can help clients determine what blowers may best serve their needs and whether specific vehicles can power those blowers.
WoodMaxx offers skid steer snow blower models for clients who already have a skid steer on hand or are planning to acquire one. After purchasing a three-point snow blower from WoodMaxx, clients have access to a variety of replacement parts to keep their machine running strong even in the harshest conditions.