What is the Difference between the Mechanical and Hydraulic Machine?

WoodMaxx Power Equipment is proud to be able to offer all of our customers some of the most affordable and efficient machines around. From snow blowers to backhoes, those that go with the WoodMaxx brand can rest assured that they are getting equipment that will stand up to use and abuse throughout the years. If you have recently been on the search for different types of wood chippers, here is a look at the differences between a mechanical and hydraulic wood chipper and some of the features of each unit.

If you are currently considering a mechanical wood chipper machine from WoodMaxx, this remains one of our most popular products and is the perfect option for a wide array of tasks. The entire power train of the machine is driven by your tractors PTO; the auto-feed rollers inside the chipper are powered by a gearbox which is powered by the PTO. This is one of the most efficient options for customers who are in need of a more robust wood chipper for larger branches and projects. Many of these options also come with industry-leading features such as dual-in feed rollers and quick hitch options.

Our hydraulic chippers are very similar to the mechanical chippers but they utilize variable speed hydraulic motors to power the in-feed rollers. Because of the hydraulic motors, the in-feed rollers are also capable of going in reverse. These units are not dependent on the tractor, because the hydraulic system is self-contained. They do also come with many of the features of our mechanical chippers including a number of components that were built right here in the United States.

If you have been on the search for a wood chipper for your personal or professional use, contact WoodMaxx today to see which of these world-class products may be right for you.

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