What is the difference between PTO and 3pt wood chippers?

Here at WoodMaxx Power Equipment, we are proud to be able to offer our customers some of the leading products that will stand up to years of heavy use and continue to operate flawlessly. This includes a full line of 3pt and PTO wood chippers that are ideal for personal or professional use. Here is a look at these two features as well as some of the other industry-leading options that our customers can now enjoy.

All of our WM series wood chippers are now equipped with the EZ-Hitch system that now takes the hassle out of attaching your chipper to your tractor, and you can now link your WoodMaxx wood chipper with your tractor without ever leaving the seat of your tractor. For those that are in need of 3pt wood chippers, we also provide Quick Hitch attachments that will allow operators to do nothing more than back in and attach the pins.
These auto-feed chippers can be run off a number of tractor types and engine sizes, making them ideal for a versatile, all-around wood chipper. In addition to our unique hitch system, we also want to make sure that all maintenance is both quick and affordable. This is why we utilize durable blades, belts, and infeed rollers that can often be quickly swapped out by a single operator in just a few moments time.

Our powertrain-operated 3pt chippers have been built with the customer in mind. We understand just how many choices there are out there to clear away branches and other natural debris, and that is why we are fully devoted to providing unparalleled machines at great prices. Feel free to give one of our friendly and knowledgeable specialists a call today to see which of these amazing products may be right for your personal or professional needs.

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