What is a Snow Blower Attachment Used for?

Snow blower attachments can be extremely useful for anyone who lives in an area that gets snowfall. A snow blower attachment is designed to attach directly to your tractor to minimize the amount of storage space and extra equipment you need. It quickly and efficiently clears all types of snow, including dry powdery snows and thick, wet snows, to create a safe, clean environment free of hazardous drifts and slippery, packed patches.

The WoodMaxx PTO snow blower attaches to your tractor easily with its easy-hitch design that only requires one operator to control. Once your snow blower is attached securely, you can get right to work clearing snow from walkways, driveways, parking lots and other parts of your property. WoodMaxx offers several models of snow blowers to meet your specific needs, including two PTO snow blowers and two skid steer models. A 59 attachment can be used for tractors with tired widths of about 60 while the 72 models are great choices for larger tractors. Choosing the right snow blower for your needs means understanding the types of snow your area gets and the type or size of property that needs to be cleared.

The user-friendly design of WoodMaxx snow blowers has made them a favorite for property owners. Each model can be attached, adjusted and used by a single operator, and their rugged design combines durability and reliability to last year after year. Only the highest-quality materials are used in each part of the machine, and the steel cutting edges are bolted on for durability. We design our snow blowers to stand the test of time and work under the most rigorous conditions while still providing you with the reliable service you need.

We ship to Canada and the continental U.S. for no extra charge and include a robust two-year warranty for added peace of mind. Replacement and consumable parts are ready to ship when you need them. Contact our experienced customer service representatives today to learn more about various snow blower models or to place your order.

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