What is a PTO Backhoe Used for?

The PTO backhoe is the key piece of machinery when your construction project involves excavation and debris removal. A quality WoodMaxx backhoe saves you time and money over competitors models, and they are affordably priced to put them within the reach of private users.

Each WoodMaxx backhoe is designed with the ease of use in mind, thus they are simple to operate. Each WoodMaxx tractor mounted backhoe is easy to hitch to a tractor. After it is attached to the tractor, the operator can quickly learn to operate the backhoe with minimal training. The easy to use levers control the arm and the bucket allowing you to easily and efficiently dig holes and remove debris to deposit the waste elsewhere. Choose between SAE or ISO compatible controls for maximum ease of operation.

Our backhoes come in three sizes with reaches from 6 to 8 feet and with digging depths of 7 to 9 feet, making excavation easy and efficient. These backhoes are designed to operate precisely allowing the operator to dig holes or trenches to the specifications needed for the construction project. WoodMaxx backhoes have varying horsepower requirements, so you can select the backhoe that is best compatible with your tractor and best suits the needs of the project.

WoodMaxx backhoes are designed to withstand heavy use during difficult projects. Each part is designed with durability and ease of operation in mind. Down to the last nut and bolt, WoodMaxx backhoes are the premiere backhoes available today.

Trust WoodMaxx Power equipment, Ltd. for all of your excavation and debris removal needs. To learn more about WoodMaxx backhoes or for assistance in selecting the right backhoe for your needs, call one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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