What is a Backhoe for Tractor?

A backhoe for tractor is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that you can own. These pieces of equipment consist of a machine that hooks onto your tractor. The machine operates a bucket that is attached to an arm. The bucket is useful for many purposes, such as digging ditches, trenches, or foundations for buildings, or for efficiently moving materials from one location to another.

WoodMaxx offers three sizes of their backhoes, allowing the customer to select the model that best suits their needs or their project. The WM-6600 is the most compact model at six feet. The WM-7600 is the mid-range, 7-foot model. Finally, the WM-8600 is the largest model, at 8 feet. Each model has different capabilities and specifications, such as a different maximum digging depth, loading height, and reach.

Each WoodMaxx backhoe attachment for sale is designed with quality and durability in mind. Each piece is CNC laser cut for precise fit from the highest quality plate steel, and then treated with rust-resistant powder coat. We specifically design each backhoe to be lightweight enough not to strain your tractors engine, but heavy enough to be durable and to get the job done.

Backhoes should be more than durable, however. They should also be easy to operate. This is why WoodMaxx uses a proprietary system that allows the operator to switch between ISO and SAE control patterns. In addition, our backhoes are designed to be simple to hitch to the tractor, allowing one operator to set up and use the backhoe with ease.

To find out more about the WoodMaxx models of backhoes, read about them on our website or call and speak to a skilled representative. In addition to backhoes, we also offer a 3pt tractor wood chipper and four models of snow blowers. Be sure to read about all of the quality WoodMaxx machines and find out why WoodMaxx is rapidly becoming an industry leader.

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