What is a 3 Point Snow Blower Used for?

News of impending snow storms can strike a chill into any property owners heart. Heavy snows can block driveways, cover parking areas and obscure walkways, making it difficult or even risky to move around and complete essential tasks. WoodMaxxs 3 point snow blower can help you clear the snow and create a clean, safe surface for walking or driving.

This snow blower model is designed with a 3 point hitch that allows it to be easily attached to your category 1 tractor. The recommended horsepower for the SB60 model is 18 to 30, and the SB72 model requires 25 to 60 horsepower. Choose from a 59-inch cutting width for smaller tractors, or a 72-inch cutting width for larger tractors. The PTO blower is powered directly through your tractor for maximum convenience.

Each WoodMaxx snow blower is built to last and provide you with years of uninterrupted service. They are equipped with hardened steel bolted-on cutting edges that can be easily replaced when needed and a durable auger with a four paddle, cupped-blade, open-centered blade style. The chute is manually adjusted so that you can easily direct the snow into your preferred direction, or you can choose the electric or hydraulic chute option. Replacement parts are easy to access and use and ready to ship whenever you need them. Even after years of use, your WoodMaxx snow blower will keep going strong to clear your property and keep it safe.

If you are in need of a reliable PTO snow blower or skid steer snow blower, WoodMaxx offers a selection of snow blowers that can help you get the job done, and each snow blower they sell comes with a robust two-year warranty. Contact us today to learn more about your options, or to place your order.

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