What Features Should I Look for in a Wood Chipper?

Wood chippers can be extremely effective for creating organic compost out of branches, twigs, leaves and similar material. The material can be fed into the machine through a funnel-shaped device. Metal blades can then chip the wood, leaves and debris into small chips. Once processed, the chips will be blown back out.

Wood chippers for sale are often available in a variety of models and sizes. This allows users to get the best chipper for their personal or professional needs. Smaller one-horsepower chippers are often ideal for residential use while professional landscapers may need much larger machines that are designed to be portable or to load the processed material back onto a vehicle.

One way to identify the best chipper for the job is to determine how frequently and heavily a chipper will be used. A large yard that produces a lot of waste may need a different chipper than smaller yards with fewer trees and less brush. Commercial landscapers have completely different needs than homeowners or businesses may have. Large chippers can often handle tree branches that are several inches in diameter while smaller models may only handle small branches like those of bushes. Heavy gauge steel blades tend to be more durable and can offer you longer-lasting service.

Some wood chippers have extra features and accessories. Blowback shields can protect you from flying debris during the chipping process, and collection bags can simplify the cleanup process. These features often add convenience and ease of use, but not all are essential and, when not actually needed, can ultimately add to the price. Wood chipper reviews can help you narrow down your options and find the best chippers and accessories to meet our needs.

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