What does a Wood Chipper Attachment Do?

A wood chipper attachment is a type of wood chipper that can be attached directly to your tractor. WoodMaxx wood chipper attachments are compact and easy enough for a beginner to use, but they have been built to withstand even the heaviest commercial use. A single operator can easily attach one to any standard 3-point hitch. Two different models allow you to choose whether you want a hydraulically or mechanically powered model.

Cleaning up yard debris can be a monumental task. Snowstorms, thunderstorms, high winds and other weather-related factors can result in debris and branches all over your property. You have several options when it comes to removal. You could contact the city or your trash services provider to haul the debris away, but this can be costly. You could also burn it, but many municipalities have burn ordinances to reduce the risks to the community or to health. A wood chipper allows you to process leaves, twigs and larger branches and turn them into something more useful.

The chips the wood chipper produces can then be reused around your property. Mulch seedlings, landscape areas, use them to grill, or find other purposes for them. Each WoodMaxx tractor chipper attachment has been built to last with in-demand features and innovative designs. The dual in-feed rollers can chew through leafy debris without getting clogged thanks to the properly spaced teeth, while the smooth, even pressure allows you to process even large branches quickly and easily.

When you are in the market for a new wood chipper, wood chipper reviews can help you learn more about available options and locate the best wood chippers for your needs and budget. Give us a call today to learn more about our available wood chippers or to place your order.

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