What does a Hitch Snow Blower Do?

A hitch snow blower is a type of snow blower that is designed to attach directly to your tractor. The WoodMaxx 3 point hitch snow blower is able to be powered directly through your tractor and can be connected to the three-point hitch of your tractor. This easy-to-use, versatile piece of equipment can be managed by a single operator, and you can attach it, operate it and detach it without any outside assistance.

The PTO snow blower uses the power of your tractor to pull snow in and then deflect it through the chute. The moveable chute then blows the snow out wherever you need it to go so that you can bank it, move it or distribute it far from the cleared surface. The chute comes complete with a manual crank for easy turning but can be upgraded to an electric or hydraulic rotator and deflector for your convenience. Upgrades are available at the time of purchase or can be added at a later date. Two different cutting widths are available so that you can choose the size that best meets your needs. The smaller 60-inch cutting width is ideal for smaller properties or areas that get less snow while the 72-inch cutting width can tackle larger properties or heavy, wet or densely compacted snows.

WoodMaxx stands behind its snow blowers with comprehensive two-year warranties. They offer a full line of replacement parts, including skid shoes and cutting edges that are ready to ship when you need them. Each WoodMaxx snow blower is built to last with precise, laser-cut pieces and the strongest steel plate available.

Whether you have minor landscaping needs or need a more heavy-duty snow blower to tackle large parking lots and other surfaces, WoodMaxx has a snow blower that can get the job done. Contact us today to find the best snow blower for your needs.

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