What do I need to know about 3pt and PTO chippers?

When you are in the market for a wood chipper, you may quickly become overwhelmed by the number of options that are available. WoodMaxx designs and manufactures several different types of high quality, durable wood chippers and shredders. Each of these types of wood chippers offers advantages and disadvantages, depending on your needs.

The 3pt wood chipper offers a number of useful features. WoodMaxx designed all of their 3pt wood chippers with its EZ-Hitch system that allows you to back the chipper in and easily attach the pins without assistance from another helper. In addition, our 3pt chippers are auto-feed, eliminating the need to manually feed them, saving you time and making them safer to operate. Our 3pt chippers are versatile as well. They will run off a number of tractor sizes and types. Finally, although we design our wood chippers to be among the most durable on the market, parts may occasionally have to be replaced with time and use. That is why we make many of our parts, such as the infeed rollers, blades, and belts easy to remove and replace.

WoodMaxx PTO chippers also have many features that make them a popular choice. Our PTO wood chipper models are equipped with two single-edged flywheel blades as well as an anvil bed blade. Each blade is high carbon, high chromium, thoroughly hardened, and heat treated for maximum durability. The infeed rollers on our PTO models are made from high quality chiseled steel, eliminating the need to precut oddly shaped branches.

Both types of WoodMaxx wood chippers are made with American parts whenever possible, and come with a robust 2 year warranty. You can rest assured that a quality WoodMaxx chipper will get even the toughest job done efficiently and effectively.

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