What can I do with a backhoe?

What sets WoodMaxx Power Equipment apart from all other companies is the attention that we pay to the smallest of details on every single one of our products. We understand just how much wear and tear these machines may have to stand up to and that is why we focus our efforts on creating quality products that continue to work flawlessly year after year. If you have recently been on the search for a tractor mounted backhoe, here is a glimpse at a few of the tasks that these advanced machines can carry out.

A PTO backhoe is often one of the first machines that any company or private customer will purchase for use on their property. These versatile devices can cut down the time for any number of projects, beginning with the removable of rubble, dirt, and other forms of debris. Depending on the overall length of the arms as well as the bucket size, these machines are one of the best options for quick and painless excavation.

Here at WoodMaxx Power Equipment, we offer a number of styles and designs for backhoes including 6, 7, and 8 foot options. These devices work perfectly with a range of horsepower and the intuitive controls can be picked up in just a few moments time by any operator. Along with these useful options, operators can also remain confident with their purchase with a robust 2 year warranty on every single product that we ship.

If you have recently noticed that the maintenance of your property is becoming more of a chore than you would like, a backhoe may be the tool that you need to get the job done. Feel free to contact WoodMaxx Power Equipment today to see which of these cutting edge devices will work for your own unique needs.

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