What are tractor mounted backhoes used for?

Anyone that is about to take on a lengthy outdoor project either on their personal property or with their business may benefit from purchasing a new PTO backhoe. These versatile machines are not only extremely affordable, but they could also turn lengthier projects into simple tasks that can quickly be carried out by a single operator. Here is a closer look at these cutting edge pieces of machinery and a few of the options you have when making your next purchase from WoodMaxx Power Equipment.

A tractor mounted backhoe can be used for a wide variety of projects ranging from basic debris removal to digging trenches before laying wiring or pipes. These machines draw their power directly from the tractors engine and we recommend a minimum of 18 horsepower for our smaller 6 units with a maximum of 60 horsepower for the larger 8 units with a 9 digging depth. Individuals will also have the freedom to quickly change between ISO and JIC control patterns, and this means that new operators can quickly be trained to use this machinery without the need for extensive preparation.

With simple setup and easy controls, customers will be able to use these amazing devices for a wide range of jobs and we are proud to offer free shipping throughout the United States and Canada. Those that decide to go with WoodMaxx Power Equipment can also rest assured that they are receiving some of the most durable and reliable machinery that is currently available.

If you are on the search for a new backhoe, snow blower, or chipper, feel free to contact WoodMaxx today. Our friendly staff is ready to help you find the affordable machinery that you need to carry out your next project.

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