What are the Important Features of Snow Blowers?

If you live anywhere that gets a significant amount of snow, you need a reliable snow blower. Snow blowers are useful for clearing your driveway and your sidewalks, and because they are machine-powered, they save time and energy over shoveling. It is important to be aware of the important features of snow blowers before you make a purchase, however.

There are two general types of snow blowers: a 3pt snow blower and a skid steer snow blower. The kind of snow blower that is right for you depends on several factors. 3pt snow blowers hitch to a tractor, while skid steer snow blowers are operated by the hydraulic pump on a skid steer.

Other important features to consider include the cutting width and cutting height. Snow blowers come in a variety of sizes, and a variety of capabilities when it comes to the width and height of snow they are able to clear. If you are clearing a long driveway or a lot of space, a wider cutting width could be to your advantage because it allows you to clear more space in less time. Similarly, snow blowers with taller cutting heights are more appropriate for areas that receive a lot of snowfall.

Customers should also consider the capabilities of their tractor if they are purchasing a tractor-mounted snow blower. The snow blower should be compatible with the power capabilities of the tractor.

If you are considering purchasing a snow blower for your home or business, trust WoodMaxx for all of your needs. Call a WoodMaxx associate today to learn about your options and for help choosing a snow blower that is right for you.

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