What are the important features of chipper shredders?

If you are on the market for a new wood chipper, you may become overwhelmed by the number of options available to you. No matter what your needs, WoodMaxx has a wood chipper that can get the job done.

One main feature to look for when you are considering purchasing a wood chipper is whether you need a wood chipper or a wood shredder. A wood chipper is designed to take in large branches and cut them into chips. A chipper shredder, on the other hand, is made to take in smaller pieces of wood and turn them into shreds that are suitable for compost or fine mulch.

WoodMaxx offers one feature that many of our competitors lack: an EZ-hitch option for our wood chippers. This option allows one person to hitch the wood chipper to a tractor without having to force the draw arms of the tractor to meet the draw pins. Instead, you can back the tractor in and insert the pins. This makes setting up the wood chipper much easier and more efficient, allowing one person to get the job started with ease.

Another consideration is the infeed rollers on the chipper. The infeed rollers determine the size of the chips that are produced as well as the size and type of the wood debris that can be loaded into the wood chipper. Ideally, the infeed rollers should be able to handle everything from thick branches to small saplings, as well as wood of every type, from soft pine to harder oak wood.

WoodMaxx offers a full line of wood chippers. Whether you need your wood chipper for an occasional at-home job or for your business, and whether the job is large or small, we have a quality wood chipper that will meet your needs.

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