What are the features of tractor mounted backhoes?

There are quite a few considerations to make before purchasing a tractor mounted backhoe, and that is why WoodMaxx Power Equipment is ready to help you through this process in order to find the durable tractor backhoe that you need at some of the most competitive prices. Here is a closer look at the features of these units that will help you turn any upcoming tasks into quick and easy chores.

A PTO backhoe is an extremely versatile machine and countless property owners and small businesses will need this type of machinery throughout the years. Customers that will be using this machinery commercially may want to go with slightly larger backhoes with a longer arm, more power for lifting, and a better range of movement with the add-on itself. Those that will be using this machinery around their own property may be able to go with slightly smaller backhoes with relatively less digging depth and power.

No matter how careful an operator may be, this machinery undergoes an
incredible amount of use over the years, and that is why we are proud to
offer a 2 year warranty with the option for an extended three year
warranty. With affordable factory parts at your fingertips, you can be sure that you will be able to operate your new WoodMaxx tractor backhoe attachment year after year.

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