What Are The Features of 3pt Snow Blowers?

When the snow begins to fly fast and thick, you need help clearing your driveway or even your road. Clearing the snow the old fashioned way with a shovel is a sure way to injure your back. WoodMaxx manufactures quality snow blowers, including two sizes of their reliable 3pt snow blower.

WoodMaxx 3pt snow blower features a category 1 or 2 3pt hitch as well as many other quality features. Choose from a cutting width of 59 inches or 72 inches. The recommended PTO horsepower for the SB 60 PTO model is 18 to 30, and the recommended PTO horsepower for the SB 72 PTO model is 25 to 65 horsepower.

Each WoodMaxx 3pt snow blower also comes equipped with a inch by 4 inch hardened steel bolted on replaceable cutting edge for maximum durability and a 15 inches in diameter, 5/16 inches thick auger. The fan is a 4 paddle open center cupped blade style featuring a fan that is 20 inches in diameter and 5/16 inches thick. The fan depth is 6 and inches.

The chutes on each PTO snow blower rotate manually, allowing you to adjust the direction in which the snow shoots out. The chute outlet diameter is 7 and inches, and the chute steel thickness is 3/16 inches.
When you need a snow blower that is durable, dependable and powerful, choose the WoodMaxx SB 60 PTO or the WoodMaxx SB 72 PTO snow blower. WoodMaxx is a forward-thinking company that offers quality wood chippers, snow blowers, and backhoes with a full line of replacement parts for each machine. You can rest assured that each of our machines is quality made and will serve your needs for many years to come.

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