What are the different types of snow blowers?

Whether you live in the snow belt of the Upper Midwest or New England, or if you live in an area that only receives an occasional heavy snowfall, it is important to have a reliable snow blower available to help clear your driveway. WoodMaxx designs and manufactures various types of snow blowers, including PTO snow blower and the skid steer snow blower.

WoodMaxx PTO snow blower is a type of 3pt snow blower. This snow blower attaches to a tractor for easy clearing of snow. The PTO models come equipped with several key features that make our WoodMaxx snow blowers the most durable and easy to use on the market. Choose from a cutting width of 59 inches or 72 inches. All of our PTO models feature a cutting height of 25 inches, allowing you to cut through even a heavy snowfall with ease. The chute is easily rotated by hand, allowing you to adjust the direction of the snow deposit.

For years, WoodMaxx has been one of the industry leaders in snow blowing, and for good reason. Each of our quality machines come standard with a two year warranty and an option to purchase a three year warranty. Our machines are made with durable, quality parts, many of which are bolt-on for easy replacement. We keep all of our parts in stock so you can repair your snow blower or replace a part quickly and efficiently. If you have questions about any of our snow blowers, feel free to call and speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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