What are the Advantages of Tractor Backhoes?

When it comes to choosing a quality backhoe for your home or business, WoodMaxx has exactly what you need. A backhoe for tractor is lightweight and easy to store yet powerful enough to dig foundations, move debris, or perform any other task you may require.

WoodMaxx backhoes are designed to be easily hitched onto your tractor. Our three point hitch system is simple to use and can be operated by just one single user. This contrasts with many of the competitions models that require two or more operators to set up the subframe mount to the tractor.

In addition, backhoes that hitch to the tractor allow you to store the tractor backhoe attachments when they are not in use. This frees up room in your yard as well as allows you to use your tractor for other purposes, such as to hitch to a quality WoodMaxx wood chipper.

WoodMaxx manufactures three different models of a tractor mounted backhoe. Choose from our WM-6600, which is our 6-foot model; the WM-7600, our highly durable 7foot model, or the WM-8600, the high capacity 8-foot model. Each model differs in size as well as other capabilities, such as the maximum digging depth, bucket cylinder digging force, loading height, and more. These options allow you to select the model that is right for your needs.

Each WoodMaxx backhoe is designed to be durable yet easy to operate. WoodMaxx backhoes are manufactures from high quality plate steel and all parts are CNC laser cut for precise fit and maximum ease of movement. Choose from the SAE or ISO control patterns to properly control your backhoe with precision and ease. This proprietary system is unique to WoodMaxx backhoes, and allows even novice operators or operators with different control pattern preferences to use the backhoe.

Review all three models of WoodMaxx backhoes on our website or call for more information. Our skilled sales representatives are glad to answer any questions you may have about our backhoes, or any of our other quality machines such as our chipper shredders or snow blowers.

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