What are skid steer snow blowers used for?

If are currently considering purchasing a new snow blower, WoodMaxx Power Equipment has a number of options available to customers that would like to enjoy the many benefits of some of the most durable machinery on the market. Our skid steer snow blowers are one of the leading options to quickly clear away snow from properties of any size with minimal time and energy. Here is a look at these amazing devices and a few of the features that could make your next project easier than ever.

Unlike other PTO snow blowers, a skid steer snow blower is powered by a hydraulic unit that turns the blades and a 12v electrical motor for the chute rotation. This machinery is attached directly to a skid steer or other similar vehicle in order to provide movement. With a cutting width of up to 72, operators can quickly clear away large swaths of snow from their own private land or commercial property. Our snow blowers also have height of up to 25 allowing you operate this machinery in lengthy winter storms.

As always, we are proud to ship these products free of charge throughout the lower 48 states and Canada. Along with options for a 3 year warranty, you can rest assured that these units will work flawlessly season after season. For customers that will be operating their machinery alone, our 3pt snow blowers can quickly be attached to many of the most common tractor styles in just a few moments, dramatically cutting down on the overall time needed for each projects.

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