What are 3pt Snow Blowers Used for?

Whether you live in an area that receives occasional, heavy snow or you live in the snow belt, you need a heavy duty snow blower able to withstand the harshest conditions. WoodMaxx Power Equipment makes the snow blowers you need to get the job done.

The WoodMaxx 3pt snow blower for sale offers many quality features that set it apart from the competition. Each of the 3pt snow blowers features the ability to connect to a category 1 or 2 tractor. In addition, you have your choice of generous cutting widths for the one that best suits your needs, 59 inches or 72 inches.

Each snow blower features a bolted on, replaceable cutting edge made from inch by 4 inch hardened steel. These cutting edges and the 15 inch by 5/16 inch thick auger provide maximum durability for even the heaviest use in tough conditions. The replaceable cutting edge makes maintenance a breeze,.

The WoodMaxx SB 60 PTO and the WoodMaxx SB 72 PTO snow blowers also feature manually rotating chutes allowing you to adjust the direction in which the snow comes out. The 7 and inch chute size allows for fast redistribution of the snow and the sturdy 3/16 inch steel construction helps guarantee that even heavy snow or snow with debris will not damage the chute, even with regular or heavy use.

Trust WoodMaxx for all of your snow blowing needs and tractor supply equipment. WoodMaxx offers the best features and the most usable designs available on any PTO snow blower. Our snow blowers come with a 2 year warranty, allowing you to buy with confidence.

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